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Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
08/08/2019 07:50:03

Hi. Ray yes, you are getting on when you start fitting out.

Just checked the wieght of my hull 350 grams, I need to finish a couple of dumb barges and a log boom for my tug before I do much more to my Cossack.



07/08/2019 07:52:52

Hi. Ray, that's some journey in one day, 2 1/2 hours to Broadstairsis enough for me these days.

The ballast will be inside on my boat,so will check how much and where it is needed before fitting the deck and after fitting the motors.

I am looking forward to Herne Bay, my room is booked at Broadstairs smiley.



06/08/2019 20:47:56

Hi. Ray, a good excuse for a break from driving, do you do the the trip in one day or two?

I have a friend at Boston and he knows Holbeach well.

I will be getting my motors and prop shafts next week, are you going to fit water proof ones or ordinary ones?

As you suggest it will be easier to fit them at this stage, I will give the inside a coat of resin first and use some tissue on the planking, I may then coat the outside with resin and glass before I fit the shafts, but then having said that it would be better to have the deck in place before the hull is glassedindecision, so maybe fit the shafts temporarily then the motors and fit the shafts after glassing the hull.

Hey-Ho decisions decisions.

The cat is looking good, quite different.



Edited By Eddie Lancaster on 06/08/2019 20:51:09

06/08/2019 15:19:36

Hi.All, had a problem this morning, I sanded through the hull bottom at the bow!


But it was soon fixed with a couple of pieces shaped to fit inside the hull, and then off to Dunelm for a coffee and bacon bap while the glue driedsmiley.dscf3607.jpg

Finished sanding the rest of the hull using the hull profiles to get the right shape, I hope,


It's ready for some filler now were the planks are not quite aligned with each other.

As you say Ray very satisfying building from scratch, even with a vacuum cleaner full of balsa wood dustfrown.



03/08/2019 13:22:40

Hi. Ray, I am just finishing the planking on my Cossack, between replacing the curtain track in my bedroom and some gardening plus other jobs that crop up from time to time.

I have just changed my Mocha for a Vauxhall combo life, 4'8" wide 5' 8" long and 7' diaganally with the third row seats removed and the second row folded down and with plenty of headroom.

But still not big enough for you Victorioussad.



02/08/2019 13:52:20

Hi. All, not sure if I am lucky or not,but I only have one grandson,I can't get him to make anything but he does come with me boating, using his own speed boat that I had to make for him. He becomes a teenager next week so will have to see what happens thendevilorangel.



31/07/2019 07:55:53

Hi, Both, yes congratulations Roger, grandkids are great, you hand them back after a day, I have mine tomorrow.

Had problems with the internet over the last few days, but hope we are now up and running again.

I have nearly finished planking my hull, but have some other, non boat jobs, to do.

Yours is looking good Ray.



25/07/2019 20:47:08

Hi. Ray, I guess you used 1/8" thick balsa then? I now have the benefit of your experiancesmiley.



25/07/2019 12:20:42

Hi. All, some photo's of my freinds Cossack on the water.




She is quite stable, running through the waves created by other boats, and steers very well with the large single rudder.



22/07/2019 12:20:18

Hi.All, some photo's of my friends Deans Marine Cossack to 1/96 scale.


The rudder perhaps over scale at 1 3/4" long X 1 1/2" deep, but it works well, the shape is correct as it was taken from an original blue print.


The rear gun deck.


The mid section, the red areas are raised walkways for the crew for when the decks are awash in heavy seas.


The bridge.


The bows and fore deck.

I hope these are of some use to you all.



20/07/2019 22:15:42

Hi. Ray, I am at about the same stage as you, I hadn't thought about taking out the centre of the frames though.

I have put the false deck in place at the stern and will cut an access hole through it and fit some sort of hatch over the top.

The Deans Marine version has a single rudder with twin props and that works fine, I will post a photo of it next week as I am going down to Broadstairs tomorrow for the week.



18/07/2019 21:13:39

Thanks Colin, will dosmiley.


18/07/2019 19:23:11

I will have to look out those old 56 Lb weights from the time when spuds came in 1 cwt.hessian sacks, and the old railway sacks full of wheat came in at 2 1/2 cwt.face 7.

Any way back to the job in hand.


Ready for the frames,or do I start to shape the bottom of the hull?


Edited By Eddie Lancaster on 18/07/2019 19:25:36

18/07/2019 14:46:35

Nah, you can't have too many weightslaugh.



Edited By Eddie Lancaster on 18/07/2019 14:47:44

17/07/2019 12:45:27

Hi. Colin, I have gone with your method of a thin'ish 5/16" bottom plank to finish at 1/4" thick then two layers of 1/2" to round the bilge, as per the plan,with the top up to deck level plank on frame as shown on the plans, the hull can then be finished, the internals fitted and then ballast fitted allowing an amount for the top works.



16/07/2019 12:25:54


Frames and hull profiles, the bottom of the frames are extended by 1/2".


36" planks of 1/2"and 5/16" balsa scarf joined to get the length required for the hull bottom section, back to the barges now until the glue has dried.


15/07/2019 22:23:05

Hi. again, I have made a small section of the hull, from frame 1/2 to frame 1 and there appears to be enough wood to get the correct hull form.


This at No.1 frame


I might go to 5/16" for the bottom plank just to be sure.


15/07/2019 20:09:27

Hi.Ray,thanks for that, I have already cut the hull sections from thick card ready to shape the hull, I will then make up a small section of the hull to see if I can get the full shape. I am still finishing the dumb barges so I am in no hurry.



14/07/2019 21:48:44

Hi Ray, Nice to see your build, I had thought of making the base 1/4" thick with two pairs of 1/2" thick side pieces and then extending the bottom of the frames by 1/2" to reach the bottom, this will enable me to put any ballast required low down on the inside of the hull, what do you think?

Will you be increasing the width of the frames to compensate for the extra thickness of planking, around 1/64"? or let the resin and glass fibre make up the difference?



13/07/2019 21:48:58

Hi.Ray, nice to see a start being made, I had a sheet of 1/8" balsa in the stores so I have the frames cut and sanded to size, i will be over to Huntingdon next week to get the rest of the materials then i can start the build whilst waiting for paint to dry on the dumb barges, keep us posted on your build please.



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