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Thread: Liverpool class lifeboat and tractor/carriage build
17/04/2021 15:39:10

To heck with the wheels and track I like the paw print background laugh.


Thread: IOM Boxkite
17/04/2021 10:44:32

The drawings are very comprehensive, with all the dimensions needed, even the position of the keel from the quarter chord position just above the bulb, to both stem and stern, this was not shown on either of the other two drawings.

There is one sheet with the shadows drawn full size, so just cut them out and stick them onto a piece of light ply and your good to go.

The hull form is very similar to the Nimbus, but only 61/2” wide, my boats have gone from 11” beam to 8” and now 61/2” in three boats and less than two years.

The foot of the mainsail is shown 40mm below the foot of the jib, so not sure how that is going to effect the sails at the top of the mast.


17/04/2021 08:45:28

Hi. Tim, the drawings show a half round hole across the mast box bottom, a half round plug in the bottom of the mast fits into that. allowing the mast to pivot back and forth but stopped it from rotating.

My mast measures 75mm from the lower band to the deck and a further 100mm to the bottom of the mast.

BTW I had the drawings for Elipsis printed yesterday.



Thread: Chez-When - 34" Sailing Cruiser
15/04/2021 20:04:58

Looking good Ray.



Thread: A couple of IOM yachts
15/04/2021 13:59:18

Had a good mornings sailing today, the boat was very slow and sluggish to begin with, but things started to improve as I tweaked various things, I have made a new jib boom so that I have finer control of the slot, I have also put some pre- bend into the mast, for some reason it was not needed on the Boxkite, but it created diagonal creases in the mainsail, but I did manage to eliminate most of them after some more tuning/fiddling, after that things got better and she was as fast as the other IOM on the water, so mission accomplished smiley.

The next job is to make a new mast from lightweight Ali tube, the current one is made from tube bought from B&Q and is very heavy, the total A rig weighs nearly 400 grams.



Edited By Eddie Lancaster on 15/04/2021 14:00:32

Thread: IOM Boxkite
14/04/2021 15:15:46

Very neat and and tidy.

I do wish this phone would stop changing my typing to gobble de gookangry.


Thread: A couple of IOM yachts
14/04/2021 13:11:30

Thanks George I will check them out.

Tim the drawings allow 3mm on the shadows for planking.


13/04/2021 21:30:06

Hi. Tim, there are only two of us that sail IOMs at our club, but we do sail a set course and keep an eye on each other to make sure no markers are missed, and it is the only way that I know if either I or my boat is improving.

Having built the Boxkite, a twenty year old design and the Nimbus, almost as old, I wanted something more up to date, and the Elipsis fits that criteria and is a woody, as building gives me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction.

What are you going to use to plank yours with? I was thinking either hard Balsa or Obechi.



13/04/2021 17:50:33

Thanks Ray, the Spruce hull with servos, battery and receiver but without the keel and rudder weighed 1.36 kilograms, the balsa hull fitted out the same weighed 1.120 kilograms, not a lot of difference, but the balsa hull has more glass fibre and resin, the thickness of both is 1/8” I suppose I could have used 2mm for the Spruce one, Lunt then it was never intended to be a racing boat.



Thread: IOM Boxkite
13/04/2021 13:00:00

Again Tim; some more great tips for mere mortals like myself to follow, I hadn’t thought of leaving a tab or marking permanently the position of the patches.

I am now waiting for your rig building ideas.


Thread: A couple of IOM yachts
12/04/2021 21:15:32

Hi. Tim, yes I was very happy with it today, I have looked at YouTube videos and read various articles on tuning and they all seem to have different ideas of what are the correct settings, I suppose each boat, even to the same design is going to be different.

This boat was never meant to be a racing boat, I just liked the hull shape and the fact that it was easy to plank, the first one with balsa and this one in spruce just for the looks.

The balsa hull will have racing scrim sails and thin walled lightweight aluminium for the mast so hopefully will be a lot lighter, I may have to put a faster winch servo in it as well, the Hitec is a bit slow.

Another thing I need to make is a tool to get the pre-bend of the mast right.

I will keep you posted on progress.


12/04/2021 16:23:01

As it was a fine day with light winds,I had to take the boat out again to see if the alterations I had made had improved her sailing. she appeared to be better but I will know more on Thursday when I can sail against another IOM.




Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
11/04/2021 21:46:50

It’s a nice feeling when all that work comes together in a successful sail, even when it needs a few more tweaks, looking forward to seeing the pictures.



Thread: A couple of IOM yachts
11/04/2021 21:39:42

Thanks Tim.


11/04/2021 19:27:11

Thanks George, I did have her on the water today and it looks promising, need to put a bit more pre-bend in the mast as the leach of the mainsail is binding on the mast, I also have to lengthen the jib sheet, I hadn’t enough adjustment to give a wide enough slot, so get those fixed and we should be on our way to a fairly fast boat.



10/04/2021 19:06:41

That’s the same winch that I am using, I have now got the mast and sails rigged, using the endpoints I’m down to less than 50 percent of total travel giving nearly 290mm, I will see how she sails tomorrow.


10/04/2021 15:40:31

The lead bulb has been cast, but not in a closed mold as I was plannimg, it would not hold the moulten lead,it all ended in the baking tray that the mold was in,so it was back to my usual method of casting in two halves and joining them together with epoxy, a bit more work but I still get a lead bulb.


The gauging rings are the ones that I made to finish the pattern to size, the bulbs as cast came in at just over 2.5 kilos, so had to be pared down to allow for the weight of the fin.

I use a small Surform to remove the excess lead,it shaves it off in small pieces of swarf, and leaves a good finish, I always wear gloves and a face mask when doing this job and get a coat of primer onto the raw lead as soon as possible.

The spruce built hull has now had all the deck fittings put on and the closed winch line fitted,I have left the spare line on until the mast and sails have been rigged as I am not sure how much travel will be needed and I may be able to shorten the lines and get a longer piece of elastic to tension the lines.




Thread: IOM Boxkite
10/04/2021 15:02:18

Hi. Tim, thanks for that, but on the older drawings it does show the bumper as part of the 1 metre lengh,ie.the hull is 1980mm and the bumper 20mm.

I have not started Elipsis yet, I am still finishing the two Nimbus 3's, plus my printer insists on printing the A4 drawings 3mm short,no matter what I try,but hopefully the print shop will be able to open on Monday so I will get the printing done there.

I hope to be able to give my first Nimbus, the Spruce one, its maiden voyage this Sunday.


10/04/2021 12:41:06

Hi. Tim, do you know what length of bumper is allowed? Looking at the rule book it says 10mm. But the two drawings I have for Boxkite and Nimbus, both older designs, but the drawings for Frank Russell’s Ellipsis show it as 11mm, confusing.



Thread: Fly Sky FS i6
09/04/2021 18:19:48

Run them at 90deg. to each other.


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