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Thread: Spanish Fishing Boat Designed by JP
15/12/2017 20:57:59

Hi Folks, it's nice to read your comments about how you set about building and what you use, very helpfull to a newby boat builder.

As I am still house bound and having finished the construction work on my Grandsons boat, (it just needs painting) I have started to look at my next project, the Ardent, I have put together an order with SLEC, thanks for that Ray.

The next job will be to get the frame drawings onto the ply, having looked at all the usual methods I have come up with the following,and any comments would be gratefully received.

The frames are drawn half section so they would have to be flipped over to get the full frame. This hull has a double chine and all the lines between the keel and the first chine is a straight line as are all the other lines on the outside of the hull frames, the only curves being the top of the cabin, which I can get from the roof frames, and the cutouts to the inside of the frames.

As the frames are drawn with a centre line and a water line at 90 deg. I intend to use these as vertical and horizontal datum lines and to take measurements from these and draw directly onto the ply all the points of the frames and then simply connect the points with a straight edge,at the same time extending the frames up to a another datum parallel with the water line so that I can attach them to a building board upside down, as you have done Ray.

Can anyone see any flaws in this that I may have missed?

Regards Eddie

Thread: What to build next?
11/12/2017 16:54:58

Hi. Dave, Ididn't want to go on for too long but in fact I have got the plans for my next two builds! Ardent from Sarik and Duet plans given to me br a Ramsgate member.

You are right I do like building from plans rather than kits, tends to keep the grey matter stirred, two of my last steamers were also built from scratch using illustrations from Burrells of thetford and my latest that I am working on I had a hand in the design a few years ago.


11/12/2017 13:12:35

Having had a hip replaced in May this year I had to abandon my current model project, a half size traction engine, so recovering with my friends down at Broadstairs and getting bored I purchased a copy of Model Boats, the one with Varmint in. The plans were emailed to me as a pdf. a visit to the local print shop and I had two copies of the plan, one to use in my friends shed and the other to cut out the frame drawings to stick onto the balsa, using photo mount adhesive. My next stop was the local model shop for most of the materials and then back to the shed to start the build.

This was a satisfying return to boat building, as this is where I started my modelling activities over 40 years ago, This boat was soon finished and trialled at the Ramsgate club pond with one of their experienced members sailing it for me and then giving me instructions.

What Next? With Sarik not having their plans site up and running a quick look on the internet turned up the Racing Sparrow from New Zealand, A boat I liked the look of. By this time I was back home and mobile again, so a visit to my local print shop and model shop and a bit of online shopping and my second boat was well under way.

In the meantime I took Varmint out with my 11 year old Grandson to the local boating lake, this was fine but he could not get to grips with having to sail according to the wind instead of pointing the boat in the direction that he wanted it to go! So, what next?

A visit to the the Model Dockyard website found the late Vic Smeed's Moonglow plan and the same routine was followed with all the materials being delivered to my Daughter's as I was due back in hospital for my second hip replacement! 6 weeks later the hull is nearly finished ready for painting and all the hardware is ready to install.

Within less than 6 months I have gone from a happy steam modeller to an even happier steam and boat modeller with 2 radio sets ( one for my Grandson) and another hobby to fit into my busy retirement schedule.

What next?

Thread: Varmint keel weight
01/09/2017 13:55:36

Hi. again, my last problem seems to have drawn a blank! but after trawling through the internet (sorry about that) I finally found the weight for the alloy bulb for the DF65 is about 550 grams. I have solved my problem by using one of my lead weights bonded to one of the wooden patterns, the wood being on top of the lead weight and the wooden half is bonded to the keel, this combination gives me the correct weight of 495 grams I hope this might be of help to others if you get the same problem.


31/08/2017 16:08:41

Hi. All,

I have just cast the keel weights for varmint,I turned the former on the lathe to be as close as possible to the drawing, one weight after cleaning up weighs 500 grams, as much as the two should weigh, so, is 500 grams the correct weight for this size of boat or mine at 1 kg?

Many thanks for any help you can give me.


Thread: Varmint plans
31/08/2017 15:52:17

Hi. All

I have just cast the 2 lead weights for the keel bulb for Varmint, I turned the plug on the lathe to a close copy as drawn on the plan, but my problem is, that one side, after cleaning up, weighs in at 500 grams- the weight that both pieces should be, so, is 500 grams the correct weight for this size of boat or mine at double the weight?

Once again many thanks for any help you can give me.


23/08/2017 07:16:09

Hi Ray, first my apologies for calling you John, another senior moment, they seem to be getting more frequent these days!

Yes I had wondered what the elastic cord was for in the spares list for the DF65, I will be fitting one.

Thanks for your help, I now know where I am going with this build and everything is on order to complete my boat.

Regards Eddie

22/08/2017 15:04:20

Thanks John, I agree the article is good and the photos show a lot, I have just looked at the drawings again, your right the positions of the eyes etc. are there, just a lot fewer than the Dragon Force boats!

Many thanks


22/08/2017 13:27:05

Hi all, I have just returned to model boats after around 35 years (I got hooked on the engineering side after building a steam plant to power a model of Cervia.)

Having just had a hip replacement and waiting for another I decided I needed something a bit lighter to handle than lumps of cast iron for a half size traction engine! so having spotted the picture of Varmint on the cover of M.B. I went for it, Paul from MB kindly sent me the pdf of the plan that I had printed off but it is only one sheet of the hull plan, side elevation and the frames but no dimensions. This has not been a problem so far, the hull is now nearly finished but I will need measurements for all the sail fixings etc. on the deck, can anyone help?

Thanks Eddie.

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