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Thread: Dragonforce 65 Ordered
08/05/2021 13:14:36

Hi. Steven, your battery usage appears to be roughly in line with mine.


Thread: Sound Units
08/05/2021 13:08:13

The noisy thing sound unit is very good, using a real recording of a steam engine, mlne has been with Componantshop since last September for re- setting, they have told me that they are made in-house.


Thread: Dragonforce 65 Ordered
06/05/2021 19:32:06

Had my boat on the water for the first time today. In the morning at Wicksteed Park, there was no wind to speak of and I didn't take a photo, sailed at my new club at Emberton Park in the afternoon, a lot more wind with some very strong gusts that took everyone by suprise.img_1120.jpg

Mine is the centre boat.img_1126.jpg

A lot more water and boats to what I am used to.

I am using a 5 cell AAA NIMH 750 mah battery and the two sailing sessions today totalled 5 hours and used 450 mah, I did recharge the battery betweeen sailings.


05/05/2021 18:29:49

Yes totally wrong, I do like the Joysway bowsies but they do have to be threaded the right way round.


05/05/2021 15:38:18

I have registered my boat with the DF Racing UK Class Association and the letter that came with my number says “you should use the last two or three digits of the number, unless you have a personal number through the MYA” So do you pay your money and take your choice?

I thought somewhere it said it only takes a couple of hours to get it ready for the water, but after eight hours of total build time I now have a boat ready to sail. So Wicksteed Park tomorrow morning for a practice sail and then over to Emberton Park for my first race????


Thread: Chez-When - 34" Sailing Cruiser
02/05/2021 20:18:21

Hi. Ray, I recognise that shot of the water, and it looks likes a good day to try the Cossack, not too much wind.


Thread: Dragonforce 65 Ordered
02/05/2021 08:46:40

Yes, looks good Chris, moving nicely with very little wind, I know what you mean about trying to sail and photograph a fast moving boat.

My boat is in irons at the Northampton postal depot, I suppose until Tuesday.

At the recommendation of the people I met last Thursday I have ordered the Soch sails A+ set as well as the standard A set,


01/05/2021 08:02:01

Hi Chris, I have seen a video somewhere that with some dyneema it is difficult to adjust the bowsies.

I am looking forward to hearing about your first sail with the new boat and some pictures.


30/04/2021 16:32:17

Hi. Chris, yes they do race, but like your club in a friendly leisurely way, I intend to race with them as it will be the only way I may be able to improve my skills as a helmsman. As I see it with everyone using the same boat it is only the sail setting and how you sail that affects what position you cross the finishing line, plus some luck.


30/04/2021 12:48:03

My DF65 is in the post, ordered at 9-05 this morning, may arrive tomorrow but certainly by Monday.

I visited a local club that sails 65’s yesterday and they all use soch sails A+ rigs nearly all the time, most of them also change the wire forestay with a dyneema cord, they say it gives a softer jib luff and makes for better sailing in lighter winds. Looking forward to an out of the box build for a change.


Thread: IOM Boxkite
27/04/2021 14:19:41

I have yet to experience racing, and have only once used my No. two rig.


Thread: Dragonforce 65 Ordered
27/04/2021 14:12:35

Looking good Chris, talking to my one of our club members on Sunday he had the same problem with the jib sheet getting trapped under the foot of the mast.

I have also been watching a YouTube video recommending that you replace the top and bottom O rings on the fin box with a silicone bead to give a better seal.


Thread: IOM Boxkite
27/04/2021 07:56:05

Hi. Tim, I have put a nylock nut on each of my rigging screws so that I can easily reset the tension and keep the mast vertical side to side. I put my hooks the other way round giving less chance of snagging other boats.

It is interesting the different thoughts people have for doing the same job.


Thread: A couple of IOM yachts
25/04/2021 21:37:21

Had another good morning boating, over three hour’s, I have now got the pre-bend the right way round, facing forwards, but I do have to put a lot of pressure on with the backstay to get the mast to match the mainsail luff, the boat was nicely balanced, sailing on it’s own without having to use the rudder until the next tack, just need to keep sailing now to improve my skills and to tweak the boat.


Thread: Dragonforce 65 Ordered
25/04/2021 07:55:13

Hi.Chris, I am also looking at a DF65, I think our water will be full of weed again by the end of June, so the only way to go sailing will be to join another club that does not have a weed problem but, they sail DFs on a Wednesday morning, I was going to build one, but at £150-00 it will be a lot easier and cost no more.
I still have an IOM to finish and another one to start, so have plenty to keep me busy.



Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
23/04/2021 09:34:37

What a great atmospheric shot Ray.


Thread: A couple of IOM yachts
21/04/2021 15:48:45

I was right to be worried about my mast pre-bend, I have now found and downloaded an idiots guide to rig tuning, it gives a full description of the correct mast pre-bend which means I have to do something about my mast.

Luckily this boat is only for fun so no real harm done, and I have l learnt some more along the way before I tackle the Elipsis.


20/04/2021 21:17:24

You had me a bit worried there Tim, I had to look at some more information I have, written by an American sail maker, he says “success in sail setting requires an understanding of the match between the flexible sail and its mounting componant, for mainsails, the mast shape must be matched to the shape of the mainsail luff”. He doesn’t mention pre-bend though. All very interesting stuff.


20/04/2021 17:44:38

Hi. Tim, thanks for your kind comments, the mast is bent back to suit the luff of the mainsail and is only bent from the middle mark down about 400mm. the top of the mast from the middle band is straight and the bottom is left straight, I was sailing In very light winds with no tension on the backstay and the mast upright and relaxed. The sails that I am using have around 8mm luff allowance.

If you go onto Frank Russell’s website he has a free downloadable information sheet with a lot of tips on setting up the Elipsis.



20/04/2021 09:01:49

I have now made a set of rolls to put the pre-bend into the mast.


The mast has 14mm. of pre-bend and follows the luff of the mainsail, it is only fixed at the top and bottom at the moment , there are no luff rings fitted.


On the water with very light winds and the sails are setting much better than they did.





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