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Thread: A Tug of two halfs
20/09/2019 15:17:05

Just got back from Aldi's, found this label printer for £14.99, over £10.00 less than from the online shop.

I might now be able to keep track of what is in each draw and cubby hole.

May also be able to make name plates etc. with its different fonts and sizes using the clear tape that is available.

dscf3653 (2).jpg


Thread: Fairly new to boats.
17/09/2019 12:44:04

Hi. Mark, Welcome and I agree with you that sailing using wind power only is more fun,but this last few weeks have shown me I have a lot to learn.



Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
17/09/2019 08:29:44

Hi. Tom, nice to hear from you again, I have my sails rigged as you suggest,it is my sailing technique that I need to improve. Sailing alongside others with similar boats soon shows up your own deficiencies.



16/09/2019 20:37:12

Hi. Gents, thanks for your help, I think I will try to improve my sailing with the boat as it is, other than reducing drag, I will then try another servo to control the sprit.

Thanks for your help.



Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
16/09/2019 15:40:10

If I was to build a similar hull I would use liteply for the frames, but keep every thing else the same.



Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
16/09/2019 15:33:08

Hi. Ray nice photo of the two boats, sorry about the caption of you three skippers, couln't resist itcheeky.

Management is going to hairdressers tomorrow that means Roger and I can go to Hearne Bay for a mornings sail, then to Ramsgate on Thur. with the Tug, and a final morning at Ramsgate on Sunday morning before travelling home.

Going across the wind the boat just goes sideways, I cannot get any foward drive to get the keel working, anyone any suggestions? even if it's the cr - -p helmsmanblush.



Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
15/09/2019 17:53:59

That's good Brian, get some sailing while you can,you can catch up with building during the winter.


Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
15/09/2019 17:46:29


Three wise men, or Last of the Summer Winelaugh.

Peter Simmonds nearest the camera, Richard Chesney and Ray Wood on the end, racing in the 30" TSB class at Bluewater today, Ray came away with a handfull of prizes. I came last in all my races but it was still a good day, very warm with light winds and good company.


Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
13/09/2019 17:28:37

Hi. Ray, yes looking forward to Sunday again, weather should be warm but not sure about wind strength.

The motors have already been in place, as you say had to cut into the bottom side planks to fit them but all seems fine.



13/09/2019 15:11:43


The hull with it's fisrt coat of primer filler sanded down showing the umps, and ollers that will need more filler primer and finally filler to get a smooth finish.


The electrics/ electronics connected and tested ready for fitting.


Thread: A Tug of two halfs
12/09/2019 19:02:08

Hi.Tim it's Boxkite a design by Graham Bantock around 2001, there was also an article in the February 2002 Marine Modelling, but that just confuses the issues of material sizes and the construction,however I will press on. I will also be refering to your build blogs.


12/09/2019 15:25:39

Hi. Tim I am away next week so no work on IOM, but I will be looking hard at the plans and I think the questions will start comingfrown.

I will start a new thread so the build will all be in the same place.



11/09/2019 15:09:44

Hi. Ray, I new you wouldn't let me down, not as many as you on the go at one time,i think two will be enough for me.

I've got a couple of days before Bluewater, so cut out the shadows from the plans and fix to some liteply, ready to cut out.

Cossack is coming along, should have battery and Esc by Friday, motors already wired up and checked using the battery and esc from the tug, the prop tubes are fitted and ready for the motors and electrics.



11/09/2019 12:52:35

The second barge has just been delivered.


As soon as the crew have finished their inspection and the fisrt one is unloaded they will be off to collect another load of timber, maybe some oak beams for a restoration project up river.

Now the barges are finished I only have Cossack on the building board, so do I start my next project, the IOM yacht, or do I stick with just one at a time?indecision.


Thread: Fairey Huntsman 28
10/09/2019 07:53:00

Hi. Chris, very neat and tidy smiley.


Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
07/09/2019 18:13:34

Hi. All, thanks John,duly printed offsmiley it will help no end with the pictures I have posted.

My hull with a covering of glass cloth and three coats of epoxy resin,the fisrt two thinned with approx. 25% meths.


The prop shafts and motors have been dry fitted but removed to put the glass and resin on,I then cut the glass away from the holes while the resin was still green.




05/09/2019 19:47:10

Hi. All, that sounds good to me Brian, you neen to try TSB racing, I was lapped in all the races I sailed in by Ray,but it was still a good daysmiley.

Back to Cossack, here are the pictures of Cossac I mentioned ealier.




This last picture is across the centre of the book so is distorted, but all the pictures should give an idea of the layout and position of all the deck elements.



04/09/2019 14:43:05

Hi. Cossacks, I have now copied the pictures of Cossack and they show a lot of detail in both plan and side elevation, I think you would get the best information from them if you had a copy rather than me post them on here, if any one would like a copy please PM me you address and I will send them to you.



04/09/2019 07:28:18

Hi.Ray I agree, the more you look at pictures of the full size the more confuseing it becomes,I have been looking at the pictures in The Enclopedia of the worlds Warships and they look different again, I will try to get a picture of it onto here for us.



03/09/2019 14:48:27

Hi. Cossacks, further to the above photos here are some of a Deans Marine 1/96 Cosack.

dscf3584 2.jpg

The rear hatch over the rudder stock.

dscf3585 2.jpg

Rear upper gun and blast shield.dscf3591 2.jpg

Torpedo tubes amidships.

dscf3596 2.jpg

Forward upper gun.

dscf3597 2.jpg

Forward blast shield.

dscf3602 2.jpg

Anchor winches.

Hope these are of some help, I have more of the superstructure if they will help.

Regards to all.


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