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Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
21/10/2019 19:39:49

Hi.Cossacks, a bit more work done on the bridge, there is a lot more detailthat can be added,how far are we going to go?


Ray I have been trying to get on to John Haynes site, but all I am getting is an error message, have you tried it lately?



20/10/2019 20:55:52

Hi.Roger, I will be there on Sunday along with my Tug and two dumb barges on the Wickstead pak MBC,next to the boating pool.

It will be nice to meet up with you.



17/10/2019 15:40:45

dscf3687 (2).jpg

A bit of progress on Cossack this week, foredeck fitted and other bits and pieces made ready to fit when painted.



Thread: Galileo - A resurrection
12/10/2019 21:31:19

Hi. Tim, yes I have got more than enough to keep me occupied while the plaster dries, that is one reason for doing that bit first,I have also got the old roasting tin ready, I have made half bulbs in an open mould before and had no problems so I am going to try and keep it that way.


Thread: Fairey Huntsman 28
12/10/2019 21:21:25

I think it will have to be the Huntsman 28. and I agree with your thoughts that the paint would bleed into the grooves.


Thread: Galileo - A resurrection
12/10/2019 18:22:23

Hi. Tim, as usual a simple explanation of what seems like a complicated procedure, thank you.

I have spent the last week down in Kent with my friends, but I have not been idle, I had made the pattern for the keel bulb for my IOM, that came with me so that I could produce the plaster of paris mould while down here, I now have the mould ready to produce the lead weight, as soon as it has dried out.

Thanks to you and your detailed explanation of the techniques you used, I couldn't have done without your help.



Thread: Fairey Huntsman 28
12/10/2019 14:57:19

The Fairey will have to be after the Cossack and the IOM yaght that is next onto the dining room table!


12/10/2019 10:56:42

Hi.Chris, both boats looking good, I do like the high gloss finish on the deck, even if it is not typical of the prototype.

I am getting a feeling that I might have to put a Fairey on my build list.



Thread: Chantry Model Boat Club
06/10/2019 21:30:53

Hi. Ray I missed you at Bluewater today, I see from one of your other posts that you had a wet day, we had a good day with the barges, although I couldn't control that big barge.

I followed the rain down from Northants it was then fine from 9-00 till 3-00 when I got to Broadstairs.



03/10/2019 08:11:19

Hi. Ray, yes I am still on track for Sunday, see you there with Cossack.

Regards. Eddie.

Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
02/10/2019 12:56:37

Hi. Roger, I have gone with the 400 siize motors and Raboesch 25mm3 blade handed scale props with the fine line 10" M2 prop shafts.



01/10/2019 21:01:41

Hi. Ray, looking good, I have fitted the bilge keels today and,after a visit to the model shop, I have cut the rear deck and started to mark that out for all the superstructure, there's a lot going on in that area.



30/09/2019 21:40:02

Work? what's that?


30/09/2019 16:14:18

Hi. Cossacks, we now have power to the props, and steerage, she has been on the water and ballasted to the water line, it has taken 3.9 kilos spread throughout the hull,but with largest amount, 1.640 kilos in the centre section, I will keep back around 500 grams until all the topworks are complete.


The foredeckis now ready for fitting.




27/09/2019 17:19:01

Sounds good to me,are you sure you haven't sneaked a bit of modeling into the boot?,have a good weekend.


27/09/2019 13:38:35

Hi. Ray, it is brass, the way the light has caught makes it look silvery.I am doing somehing similar with my decks,

Will keep you updated after the weekend.



26/09/2019 21:21:01

dscf3672 2.jpg

Have now got the rudder made and fitted. The dining room is now a no go area for modelling until after the weekend.


Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
26/09/2019 13:14:08

Go on,you know you want tolaugh.


Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
25/09/2019 09:08:06

Good morning Cossacks, Have done a bit moreon the hull this week after a break down in broadstairs.

I found a problem with the shape of the hull at the after end when I was rubbing down the first coats of primer,that has now been fixed with a bit of filler, and she now looks ship shape.


She now has a stand and the waterline marked and the electrics are all ready to go in, it's then into the pond to see how much ballast is required.


That will have to wait until next week now as I have to clear the dining table ready for visiting relatives this weekend.

Regards to all.


Thread: boiler bushing
24/09/2019 18:59:38

Hi.Charlie, personally I wouldn't use stainless on the steam side of a boiler, at higher pressures and temperature it is too unpredictable. Stainless is not allowed on full size engines or larger scale models either as fixings or steam fittings.

These days you need a good quality gun metal, a zinc free brass.

Hope this helps.


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