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Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
28/11/2019 18:47:37

Hi.again, yes when I was building steam engines I always made all the fittings that you needed before you could steam it as they seemed to take forever to make, and that was OK as long as you could remember where you had put them when you wanted to fit them!

My next build will the IOM yacht Boxkite.

How are your builds going?



28/11/2019 16:47:25

Hi. Tim. thank you, I suppose it just shows that I have nothing better to do, but there are a lot more little bits to make and add to it, it may never be copletely finised, i have already remade some bits because I wasn't happy with them, but when you are scratch building that is what you do!



28/11/2019 13:58:34

Hi. Cossacks, my Cossack had her fisrt sea trilals today, she is not finished yet except for the hull.

She sailed well but needs some of the ballast that I kept back fron the initial ballasting to establish the water line,

some of that will be used to correct her bows down attitude and a slight list to starboard,but apart from that I was pleased with how she handled, turninging in a little under three lengths.





Thread: Model Boats and Dementia
27/11/2019 15:19:16

Reading the article in the current issue of MB I wondered if our hobby could be put forward for NHS funding? and second I thought the heading photo could have been taken from Waiting for Godlaugh.


Thread: White Marlin
26/11/2019 20:45:52

Hi. Ray, the White Marlin build is around 3 or 4 on the list at the moment,but it could get moved up the list.

I'm not sure were the problem is this time,but if MB are not getting the service they are payimg for then they need to know.



26/11/2019 12:17:40

Hi. Ray, have just had a look at your White Marlin, it has got to go on my build listsmiley for three reasons, 1. I built a double diagonal planked Thornycroft hull years ago and want to do another, 2 I like the shape of Thornycroft hulls and 3 you have retained the shape of the hull in your model design,so what's not to like?



Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
20/11/2019 20:36:38

Hi, Ray,yes I looked at that colour sceme, and I have seen another model painted in those colours,I quite like it, but I don't think she would have been like that on the Russian convoy duties.

The below waterline colour is Revell 331 purple red, the hull and topsides are Tamiya XF80 royal light grey, the deck is Tamiya XF 53 neutral grey all are water based acrylic, when the decals are on I will finish it off with a coat of matt varnish.

I have used a fine wire mesh in front of the anchor capstans.



20/11/2019 14:06:48

Hi.All, much more progress on Cossack this last week, the hull is now painted, I am just waiting for some decal paper to arrive for the No. L03,I have a couple of sheets some where in a safe place, but I haven't found the safe place yetsad.

The 'portholes' are all fitted on the hull and some of the railings on the upper works, not sure which is the most fun,cutting dozens of little black plastic dots or drilling dozens of 1mm. holes for stanchionslaugh.



This could be a long time to finish if all the lockers and deck hatches are added, but they can be made and fitted after all the main structure is done.



Thread: James P Woods 1/35 PDF Plan (J P Woods)
14/11/2019 13:30:05

Hi. Bill.welcome to the forum, a couple of us have built the James P.Woods,if you look at the Tug of two halves you may get some help from that.

The boat is nice and makes a good stable towing vessel in the larger size.

The two issues of MB contain info on the running gear and radio layout in No 824, No. 823 refers to covering the hull with resin and glass fibre, construction of the lifeboat and making transfers, plus rudder construction.

Keep us informed of your progress and any problems you may have we will try to help you with.

Best wishes from a very wet UK early winter.


Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
10/11/2019 18:25:26

Hi. Chris, that's a shame that I missed you,I was at the show all day.


09/11/2019 21:50:27

Hi.again Ray,have found John again at it would appear that his fittings are still avaiable from him.

Your build is coming along well, I will post pictures of mine later next week, I have my Broadstairs friends here this week so the dining table has had to be returned to its proper function!


09/11/2019 21:06:29

Hi. Ray and other Cossacks,I have just found John Haynes fittings for 1/96 warships at the problem is they are in America so not sure of shipping costs to get them back here, and because of the exchange rate there is a 10% surcharge before we start.



01/11/2019 13:32:08

Hi. Ray and Tim, yes but this steam plant is much easier, 30mil.of water in the tank switch on the battery and instant 'steam' and it's cold, but it's nice to see something coming up and out of the funnel.

The Babcock boilers are no problem, I have drawings in the book by K.N. Harris from way back, the turbines would be more of a problem.

I am finding I can only keep one plate spinning at a time these days, but your build diary is full to overflowing Tim.

The last five steamers that I built were all own design, just following on from Charles Burrell and Ruston Proctor,

Boats are something totally different to design, especially yachts, I will leave that to others, I have more than enough to cope with sailing the darn things, just ask Ray.

The IOM that I have started on is a twenty year old design and so is now outdated,but then I enjoy the build as much as the sailing, and with that boat it will be for my own enjoyment rather than racing.



31/10/2019 15:04:42

Hi. Ray, main 'boiler' under test.




Edited By Eddie Lancaster on 31/10/2019 15:06:40

29/10/2019 17:48:04

Hi. Ray, that;s a very pretty little boat, I know how much stanchions cost, I had to buy some for my Tug,but when you have spent so much time and effort in producing a fine model like that a few pounds is well spent.

I do like your black spots, I think I will do that on the hull of Cossack, the portholes that I bought are brass eyelets so with some 2mm. brass washers they will go into the sails for Cambria.

The Carley Floats are finished now,they just need sanding sealer and painting, then they can be put to oneside until needed.

As I have got space underneath the main funnel I am looking to fit a small 6 volt smoke generator that I have in stock, it just means having to be able to remove the deck and funnel in that area to service it.



29/10/2019 13:40:51

Hi.Ray, I have started to put a bit of paint on the foredeck, between making other bits.


The other bits are the Carley floats, not needed yet but will be there when I am ready to fit them.dscf3696.jpg

Only four need to be full proflie as the other four are stacked behind.

Funnels are also done ready for finishing fittings and paint, made in Blue Peter style from toilet roll cardboard tubes and balsa top and bottom to get the profile.




Thread: White Marlin
23/10/2019 13:14:54

Hi.Ray,I am looking forward to next months MB with White Marlin drawings, was she ever based at Ramsgate?



Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
22/10/2019 20:17:49

Hi. All, food for thought there,thanks for your help,

Roger, my problem is I will be at the Fosse on Friday to deliver my boats and then I need to be there on Sunday to collect them,I also have my friends up from Broadstairs that weekend, so my time is not my own!



22/10/2019 18:35:17

Hi.Ray, just found 3.5mm. and 2.5mm.o/d brass portholes on The Model Dockyard site by Amati,.£7.18 per 100.

I think the 2.5mm will be the size we need, what do you think?Although the drawing shows them at 3mm.


21/10/2019 20:41:05

That,s a shame about John, he had all the rght fittings for our Cossacks, Deans marine have an etched brass sheet for destroyers at £20-00 I will give that a try.

You are right about the build, otherwise we could be building for several yearssad.

Bits and Bobs,are you talking Cossackor TSB's now?laugh.



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