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Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
01/03/2020 21:35:25

Looking good Ray,



Thread: Huntsman 30"
24/02/2020 12:15:09

Looks good Harry, and a fast turn round, I’m glad that your crew don’t sail on our water.



Thread: New Year Quiz
10/02/2020 21:09:04

Hi. Ray, you certainly have 'got away with it' what a suberb job, if there were any mistakes the camera would have shown them up, and what a beutiful boat and a such a quick build.



Thread: 2020 Southern Model Show Cancelled
06/02/2020 20:48:33

Hi.Ray, I must get the final details put on my Cossack and get her final sea trials done.


05/02/2020 16:54:58

Hi.Ray, I won’t be at Silvermere, it’s a bit too far, but I hope to be at the Bluewater events.



05/02/2020 10:03:10

That is sad news,I enjoyed that show.


Thread: Merry Christmas!
24/12/2019 17:33:00

Happy Christmas to you all and may your boats never sink.


Thread: Plank on frame - Sparrow
20/12/2019 12:13:54

Hi. Tim,you are right about the pinched bows of the Sparrow and it does want to behave like a submarine running before a strong wind.

I built mine as per the plan and used a fairly hard balsa and got a well shapeed hull, it was the second boat that I built, the first was Varmint a DF65.



Thread: Advice and idea's needed please
20/12/2019 11:59:54

Hi.Dave, it sails well enough, but not like a racing yacht.


18/12/2019 19:46:25

Hi. John, is this of any help, it's a boat I refurbished for a friend, it came as a hull without a keel or mast and sails,

These sails are just the paper patterns, the hatches are my addition for access to the radio and steering.dscf3331.jpg

This is it on the water after being fitted with radio.

Swallow pond yacht

Regards and good luck wwith your refurb.


Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
18/12/2019 12:11:08

and a long cable from the mainslaugh


16/12/2019 23:06:43

HI. Ray Roger, I have volume 1 of the current boiler test code 2018, but this only deals with boilers from 3 to 1100 bar litres, volume 2 is for boilers upto 3 bar litres and I do not have a copy of that, so you would need to see a copy of that to check the current requirements for small boilers and gas tanks.

As Roger says a compressed air can will only run that engine for a very short time, even at only 30 psi through a regulator.



16/12/2019 17:18:59

Hi. Ray, yet another build on your list? plus the steam plant.



16/12/2019 13:54:16


Cossack with the reduced Pertram drawings.

Regards to all.


15/12/2019 14:19:48

Hi,. Ashley, the only problem I had with the gun turrets is that they are more angular than shown on the drawing, so I had to make them twice!

Ray, just got back from a morning sail, wind was quite strong and cold but gave some good sailing, although my Racing Sparrow acted more like a submarine running down wind, a hot soup and coffee in the on site cafe soon got the circulation going again, plus a slice of home made ginger cake from one of our ladies makes it all worth while.



14/12/2019 19:10:28

Hi. Roger/ Ray, not sure that I can show enyone how it's done, the number of times I have to keep remaking bitsindecision as I see a better way of doing it or a different picture turns up giving more information.

Ray there is nothing like being thrown in at the deep endsurprise, but I have been giving your suggestion some thought,

I think there can be only two builds to complement our Cossacks,they are a Vic or a Tramp steamer, the first at 1/96 would be too small so the only one left is the Tramp,, and that has been offered to us on a plate, well in MB January this year,' Pertram,' scale it down to 1/96 gives us a model 28.5 inches long by 4.5 inch beam, and the build is very similar to Cossack, so three or four of those in convoy and away we gosmiley.

I will take my drawings to the copy shop on Monday to see how they turn out and will let you know.

Regards to all.


11/12/2019 15:59:33

Hi. All, an update on my Cossack build,dscf3734.jpg All of the large items are made and fitted, I only need the ladders and the railings for the hull, I will get these this weekend at Ron Deans open day.


All the main parts have been scratch built with balsa, ply, bamboo skewers and cocktail sticks, the only bought in items are the brass etched railings and the ladders.


She has been back on the water ( the fish pond) to sought the ballast out to bring her onto an even keel, she needs another kilo to bring her down to the waterline, I'm not sure of her all up weight as my kitchen scales only go up to 3 Kilos.

If the weather is kind to us tomorrow she will be backout for further running trials.



Edited By Eddie Lancaster on 11/12/2019 16:01:13

30/11/2019 09:25:47

Hi. Bri, yes I was pleased with the first time out on the water under power, as you say I like to finish the major bits of construction and make sure every thing is working, I can then finish off all the other bits at my leisure, and perhaps start the next project, I always then have some interesting construction to work on.



29/11/2019 16:14:48

Hi. Tim,it looks as if you are getting things done despite having to go to w--k!

I have gone away from winches and am planning to use a servo with an arm for my IOM, although it shows a winch on the drawings

.My Veronica is now fitted with one and so far has worked well with no glitches or foul ups since fitting it.

I will be setting up the frames on the building board for the IOM when I get back from a week down in Kent.



28/11/2019 21:11:39

Hi. Ray, I didn’t’ try any high speed turns at this stage, I want to get the ballast right first, maybe next time, we had some light rain here but not enough to stop us.



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