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Thread: Tx modify from dry cell to rechargeable battery pack
18/06/2020 20:47:16

Thanks to everyone for the comments, the rechargeable cells I ordered will not go to waste we have loads of battery items and the grandchildren's electric toys. I have already ordered a stock of Vapex batteries so hope they are as good as stated.

I think we now draw a line under this forum entry.


18/06/2020 14:59:45

Hi everyone.

First of all would like to apologise if my question and response has cause offence, this is something I would never want to do.

Let me start at the beginning, I have anyways had transmitters with rechargeable battery packs, just plugging in a charger when returning home and never worrying about them being flat. I always steered clear of ordinary batteries as they were expensive, didn't last long and had a problem with leaking and causing damage to the unit.

I have been given this new Futaba outfit and the first thing that struck me was that it takes ordinary dry cell batteries and was wondering if it was possible to fit a battery charger socket and battery pack. The cost of quality dry cell batteries is still expensive compared with the initial cost of rechargeable battery pack, the dry cell battery is thrown away as soon as exhausted whereas the rechargeable packl can last for many, many years. I thought the suggestion of using simple rechargeable cells made sense, so saving having to modify the transmitter. The comment from John that rechargeable cells don't work in the outfit is worrying, so I could be back to actual dry cells.

I am sorry if I have caused any offence, but I was only asking for advice which I thought the forum was for, I won't bother in future.

Best regards and stay safe.


17/06/2020 18:33:15

Sorry for the delay getting back to everyone, Thank you so much for all the comments and I am going to use good quality rechargeable batteries, already ordered. It makes absolute sense.

It just proves that if you ask the question, you get the right advice.

Thanks again and all stay safe.


08/06/2020 21:23:28

Thank you everyone, I really had not thought it through and rechargeable cells makes absolute sense. Cost is as cheap as quality dry cells, but reusable dozens of times. I already have the specialist chargers, so no cost there. Looking forward to getting the new system up and running and getting back on the water once it reopens. Best regards everyone and stay safe. Ian

08/06/2020 20:03:33

Hi, I have been given a brand new Futaba 6TL Sport 2.4 radio set and would like to get rid of the Tx dry cells and have a rechargeable battery pack. Has anyone done this and even, is it possible. I would use the outfit in model boats, changing from my old very reliable Futaba 40 meg outfits.

Thanks all and stay safe.


Thread: For sale operational built Bugsier Tug
05/05/2020 20:47:25

This model has been sold. I cannot seem to be able to find out how to delete the advert. Best regards and stay safe.

13/09/2019 16:35:08

Built many years ago but never sailed, just tested in the bath - over the last couple of years has been sorted and brought up to date.
Complete with modern brushed motor and electronic speed controller and a new 6v NiMh battery.
Working LED mast lights front and rear and LED floodlights to illuminate the decks front and rear.
Working radar scanner - lights and radar all switchable via the Action switcher. Complete with the necessary battery boxes
Crew members all present and correct and has hand made tow ropes.
It just needs the ballast adjusting so that the boat rides level, all in the hull and ready to sort.

Futaba 8 channel 40 mg Receiver and Transmitter available separately if required for £150.00

All parts in excellent/mint condition and another in this sort of condition and finish must be very difficult to find. It was purchased many years ago. It was originally started by my brother who died last year, but he never completed the model because of many years of illness I have finished it recently.

Cost £495.00. Photos are in an album - Bugsier.   Located near Nottingham.

Edited By Ian Harrison 4 on 13/09/2019 16:52:51

Thread: Action P44 Twinlatch switcher
06/05/2019 19:14:35

I would like to thank everyone for the help and information that I have received, This website has got to be the best when requesting help and assistance on any modelling problem.

I have hopefully managed to get everything sorted out.

Thank you all again.


04/05/2019 19:39:19

Thanks Dave, That is a shock, my old age is catching up on me. If someone does have a set of very early instructions I would be extremely grateful. It would appear that I will have to get a new unit from Action when they have some stock available, Component Shop don't have any in stock either. Otherwise can anyone suggest another make of two channel switcher?



04/05/2019 17:35:24

Hi all

Can anyone help me, please. I have an Action P44 Universal Twinlatch Switcher kit, brought a while ago and I have lost the build instructions, I printed off what is supposed to be P44 switcher instructions and it does not bear any relationship to my kit, My kit has two chips in it , the printed off instructions only show one chip, could this be a P44A instruction sheet - a possible upgraded kit? I have emailed Action in Wales, but of course being Bank Holiday there will be no reply until next week. Just trying to save time and want to get building.

Best regards Ian

Thread: Crash Tender mast
08/07/2018 15:33:24

I have made some enquiries and the curator of the Air Sea Rescue section is David Wright, usally ther Tuesday and Sunday and contactable via the museum. I hope that helps.


02/07/2018 18:54:06

Hi all, did you know that there is a small museum attached to The Flixton Aviation Museum, Nr Bungay, Suffolk dedicated to the Air Sea Rescue Service and run by a great guy who is in his 80's and was a member of a crew operating out of Gorleston, he usually is in attendance on Sundays and Tuesdays.. Loads of photos, information and models on show. We donated an early 1950's " Victory Models" Mighty Midget Powered Air Sea Rescue Launch in its original box and some 1940's war department maps, a model he had not got in the collection. He also has some very interesting information booklets available. The actual Aviation Museum contains dozens of full size aircraft, missiles, engines and anything connected with flight. You need a good 2 to 3 hrs to see it all, well worth a visit if in the area. The full museum does not open on a Friday or Saturday unless for a special occasion.

Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum, The Street, Flixton, Bungay, NR35 1NZ. Tel: 01986 896644.

The museum was started many years ago by Commander Wallis of Autgyro "Little Nellie" fame

Best regards


Thread: Old fashioned Prop shaft skeg
09/05/2018 19:08:11

Thanks so much for all your help and advice, That specially made P bracket looks superb quality, I will place an enquiry, however I think it looks far too much for me.

I will most likely end up making one from brass tube and brass supports, I can make the angles exactly suit the set up I am trying to restore. Will keep you all informed. Thanks again.

08/05/2018 20:57:38

Cheers, for the input, the P bracket looks good but I would need one to take the 10mm prop shaft. I think a piece of brass tube and some brass strip looks the way to go. Yes totally agree much cheaper via mail order, still nice to look up close. I don't know if I am lucky but I have a Blue Badge so free to park at the meters.


08/05/2018 17:41:37

Hi all, can anyone point me in the direction of where I can get one of the old fashioned brass formed prop shaft skeg support. The very simple one that goes over the shaft and is fastened to the underneath of the hull. I am restoring an old Norstar "Wave Princess" and the old fitted shaft sticks out under the hull rather a long way without any support. I have looked round and can seem to only find some very sophsticated skegs that incorporate a support for the inner shaft itself, far too clever for me. I know we can get everything off the internet, but is there any good model boat etc. shop still around Notts/Derby/Lincs besides good old Gee Dee in Nottingham.

Best regards


Thread: RC Equipment
31/01/2018 17:03:05

Thanks Harry. All your information is very much appreciated, I just hope I can do the mods and understand it all when I receive it. I may be back for guidance.

Thanks again to everyone.


29/01/2018 11:40:18

Well, thank you so much for your replies, they have been a great help and show what a great forum this is for information. I believe now that I will have to get a set, the features are amazing and the prices attractive. I will get the centering conversion kit as I do like that facility on both sticks. Banggood seem to be a comprehensive supplier, so will give them a go on next pension day. My laptop goes in later today for up-dating so if any messages left I will acknowledge as soon as possible - they will not be ignored.

Many thanks again, Ian.

28/01/2018 16:11:06

Cheers Dave, It is the price that appeals, I cannot believe that you get so much for the cost. I am perhaps being to old and cynical, I just remember the old saying, "you get what you pay for". I look forward to getting feedback from the users.

All the best.

28/01/2018 13:50:53

Hi all, back again with another query - is there any feedback anywhere on the "Flysky" equipment, it seems extremely good value but before splashing out wondered what it is like?. I have always used "Futaba" FM 40Mhz equipment which I still use without any problems, just wondered if I should get 2.4Ghz to be "with it" Ian

Thread: Advice Sought
11/10/2017 18:55:15

Thank you Ashley, good advice and an interesting point about the brushless motor. I put a 777 motor in my Crash Tender because I was not able to get any proper information from the model shops, it was a case of trial and error, but at the serious costs that is not really possible. So any answers to this question would be interesting.

Thanks to all and best regards.

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