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Thread: A Tug of two halfs
16/05/2019 17:52:50

Hi Eddie, I've cut out the sides, bottom and bulkheads using his measurements plus cut to fit and got some of the support battens glued on so I'll start making the box this weekend, photos later this evening.

You know that Perkasa (correct spelling this time smiley) that I was on about?



It berthed at 16:30 this evening, and no I didn't drive up there to get it either. It must have been deemed to be right by Poseidon because it turned out that his daughter and husband were coming to Hereford today so there you have it, I have my MTB, comes with all the running gear, batteries for drive, radar and nav lights, just requires tx & rx and good to go. Needs a bit of tlc and I shall look to build it on so happy chappy. smiley

Time to scare some duckys devil



15/05/2019 19:46:58

Haha, yes but I think SWIMBO would be on an MTB sad with live torpedos!!!

15/05/2019 18:38:40

Hi Eddie, slept like a log but didn't feel any better for itsad, never mind laugh.

Hadn't thought of including pics of the build, I'll get some up later this week, that'll confuse some who come looking for a tug laugh.

Just tried to buy a Percasa on Mayhem but the guy won't post and a 300 mile round trip is a bit too much for me to do in a day, very disappointed as I think I live in a black hole as far as like minded boaters are concerned, I had the same problem when doing Ho and On30 model railway as well.

My paint arrived today so should be back to my wheelhouse subject to SWIMBO's requirements devil

Got a few more bits to end on Ebay tonight so hoping for a bidding frenzy......not smiley.



14/05/2019 23:08:05

Hi Eddie, Looks strange with nowt on top, kinda bald headed smiley. You're a bit out of your patch aren't you? holiday?

I've been waiting for some paint and bits for the wheelhouse so have started on the dumb barge but should be back to the tug by the end of this week.

I should be getting my Veronica stuff this week hopefully so getting a bit excited. Got rid of a load of model railway bits this week so might look out for a pre-loved vessel of some description just so that I can go boating and have some fun, anyways beddy time now.

Bye for now


Thread: Cheap cordless drill
14/05/2019 20:19:56

Hmmm, just followed the link and it says £39.99!!!!


Thread: A Tug of two halfs
09/05/2019 22:07:05

Eddie, I think I might shelve the sound or go with the P110 "Noisy Thing II", anything less than 'real' sound will be too toy like for me. I had an almost instant reply back from mr-rcworld and they are not dynamic just a looped playback, good sound otherwise. I'll be interested if you get a sound sample of the other module.



09/05/2019 21:59:14

Hi Ray, The crew could be singing shanties laugh



09/05/2019 17:59:34

Yeah I know what you mean Eddie, a catch 22 situation, realism of sound or realism of acceleration etc. or spend out a big wad on the Harbor model.

I'm sure there's something lurking out there to suit though, must be. If they can make them for railways then should be able to make them for boats.



Edited By Roger Clark on 09/05/2019 18:01:40

09/05/2019 16:11:34

Have a listen to the 2 tracks here Crosshead & Puffer engines, also there is another sound module here that could be useful.

I'm going to contact them and see if they can tie in with prop speed.



09/05/2019 14:12:24

Hi Ray, haha we'll make it 'the list' then, I'll just go and put in a request to extend my lifespan to 150 laugh.

Hi Eddie, congratulations I'm really made up for you....... and jealous too cheeky but I am glad everything went ok and be careful with this excitement thing, you never know what might happen! Shame about the sound, could you add an amp into the mix? Is the quality of the sound worth the added expense?



Edited By Roger Clark on 09/05/2019 14:14:38

09/05/2019 13:28:44

Hi Ray, I hope you mean your list laugh



09/05/2019 13:06:20

Hi all, Found another site with tugboats: Steam, some interesting stuff on there.



08/05/2019 21:54:17

Hi Ray,

Yes you're absolutely right there.

I agree that is the way to go but I wanted to make sure that I had a good accurate frame to start with, the tug hull showed up the discrepancies in my frame cutting so I thought I would make sure that bit would be right to start with.

Sorry to hear that, I have my Speedy and Simplex up on Ebay at the moment, no bids but 40 and 25 watching currently so here's hoping that 2 turn into bids, I'd be ok with 1 on each more would be nice smiley



08/05/2019 21:33:06

Hi Ray, That's a lovely boat, beautiful lines and yes I can believe the work is in the topsides, big learning curve for me.

This is the barge for sale:


Looks to be a good build but what do I know? I know you said that is expensive but if the initial purchase was £100 for the cnc and plans, then add what another £50 for the rest of wood, paint etc. so what would you expect a fair price to be? Not accussing, I just don't know how much is a fair price.



08/05/2019 20:01:00

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the comments and encouragement. I haven't seen Ray's Wild Duck (sounds kinda rude said like that laugh) but I'll go and have a gander if I can find it! Strangely I was having a trawl through my usual places on the net for some bits and lo and behold thar she rises not 10 miles from me, a built Veronica hull for 275 notes! What a coincidence? Do I or don't I that is the question!!!! Oh with plans as well.,



08/05/2019 16:38:46

Hi all, I'm pleased to see the response even if it is off my 'usual posters', don't get me wrong I love to see them and would miss you guys but with the number of views I've had on this one I'm surprised that there haven't been others who have an idea/ comment good or bad tosay but it is what it is and onward we go. smiley

I did sit and read through Geoffs blog and very interesting read it was but it is an old one with the issues there were. I thought if I do a current one then it will be with the current plans and cnc cut formers and keel and I regard this one to be another step towards a sloop or sqaure rigger of some type if I feel so inclined. laugh

Eddie, I did think that a switch in a suitable position on the upper deck/bridge would be most accesible in case of emergencies. wink

Ray, which facebook group is that?



08/05/2019 13:35:04

Looking very neat and tidy Eddie, I approve smiley Are you mounting the on/off switch for external access?

I've done a coat of wood stain on the decking and 3 coats of lacquer, it's okish but not perfect but I'll put up with it. Should have gone with separate stain as I know where I am with that, never mind lesson number 364 stashed away for reference if I can remember where I put it!!! laugh

I've started the dumb barge, cut the main ply, might interject that with the tug build.

I've also ordered the full pack for Veronica as I think that's my next build, Would like some feedback from the forum as to whether I document this as it will be a lot more considered build. I would like to go with spruce or lime for the planking, get it trimmed and tight, use the packing tape method to epoxy and get it watertight. It won't be a racing barge as I'm too far away from any venues and I'm not really the competitive type (because I'm rubbish laugh).

So if I document the build is it a blog or a scratch build?

The decisin is yours cheeky



07/05/2019 11:24:16

Ahoy shipmates laughMy new crew arrived today:

my crew.jpg

They were in bits when they saw their new boat:

in bits.jpg

I shall have a think about their new persona and roles on the tug. Could be interesting.... Could be a Roger made disaster laugh

I'll have fun

Roger and out.

Edited By Roger Clark on 07/05/2019 12:48:30

07/05/2019 10:34:17

Haha, Eddie you do yourself a disservice, how many boats have you built? I reckon at least 4, currently that's 4 more than me so you have had at least 4 more chances of learning from your mistakeslaugh so in my eyes you are more 'expert' than me!

I love logic, you can prove anythingwink



06/05/2019 21:31:16

Hi Ray, I have ordered the dvd from Sarik, along with some other stuff, that was 3 weeks ago, giving it another week and then I'll start chasing. But I do like the lines of the barge and quite fancy the build, especially as I have come to know a couple of very knowledgeable experts...... Ray, Eddie wink



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