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Thread: Perkasa
04/06/2019 22:59:50

Hi John, I have a Perkasa that's about 40 odd inches long and is 1/24th so would guess yours is 1/35th, no doubt others will confirm or correct. smiley.



Thread: A Tug of two halfs
29/05/2019 22:40:30

Hi Ray, his offer was over my asking price so what can I say!

I honestly thought you were already retired, my apologies sir.

I used to drive professionally worked out about 1.7m miles, not much fun during my last few years on the road, packed it in in the last century. ooh I sound so old but I retired three years ago manipulated into it by my last employers when I said I wanted to go down to three days a week.

Never mind, I can make ends meet... just and I am enjoying my life again, no stress, no worries about meeting targets, no boss pressuring me to do what shouldn't be done. I love my life. laugh



29/05/2019 20:47:56

Hi Ray,

Yes I suppose with your 6,000 boats and building the next 1:1 scale HMS Belfast.... Hey just had an idea Ray..... Put the boiler in HMS Belfast!!! Good idea? Great idea laugh

Deposit paid on the Simplex, just got to wait for him to come over from Gedser Denmark! surprise. He does have a sister in Maidstone so only another 160 ish miles more to come here, glad it's him and not me.



Edited By Roger Clark on 29/05/2019 20:55:18

29/05/2019 10:24:30

Hi both,

I guess I'll have to 'bodge' it as I go then, thanks Eddie those pics would be appreciated.

Oh Ray, you should have said, I could have given you a special price, a very special price indeed. laugh

Kind regards


28/05/2019 22:41:21

Hi all,

Today has been a good day, sold the Simplex subject to payment, bought the Soling for less than I expected and the Fiesta was chucked in foc, yes today has been a good day indeed. smiley The Fiesta needs a rewire and a bit of tlc but the Soling is good to go. The controller is a Futaba running on 40Meg, I will probably

Must get back to the jobs in hand now, Tug and dumb barge, although I must confess I have started to set up the board for the Veronica build, only because I now have less confidence in the dimensions of the hull frames. I have sent Sarik an email.

Anyway time for my beauty sleep (up to 10hrs a day now but still not helping laugh)



27/05/2019 16:26:36

Hi Eddie, s/he is looking good, must concentrate on getting mine finished, too many diversions currently. frown.

Glad you met John, he is a nice guy.



Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
25/05/2019 23:21:42

Hi Eddie, looks like a good time had by all smiley I'm feeling a bit jealous!

Talking about barges did either you (or anyone building from Sariks' plans and kit) have any issues with frame 3? I laid out the frames against the plan and frame 3 does not fit to the drawing, frame 5 was also looking a bit rough but nothing a bit of fettling won't cure.

Also have either of you done an additional items list? That is what is required in the way of deadeyes, pulley blocks etc.? Just to save me trying to add it all up. As I'm not planning to race it I shall go for the big rig initaly and then the working rig. See any issues there?

I'm hoping to get to the tall ships at Gloucester docks tomorrow or Monday, I'll post some pics if SWIMBO lets me out to play. laugh

Bye for now


Thread: A Tug of two halfs
24/05/2019 17:55:50

Hi Eddie, good to hear from you smiley, you got a wig for your yug? That's a bit over the top sirlaugh. I've finished planking the wheelhouse now, just need to sand, fill and seal and that'll be another bit ticked off, seems to be going slower now but I'm trying to make a good job of it and not rush.

Interesting battery life we'll see what I get out of mine.

Two barges? bulk transfer of coal to Wales?

Yeah I'm looking forward to getting either the Soling or, if the price is right, the Fiesta as well. Only other purchase might be a Micro Magic but that will be it. The Veronice has to be built.

If this Mayhem is the Wicksteed one say hello to John Vynal, he's the chap that I bought the Perkasa off.

Have a great weekend



23/05/2019 21:55:44

Just found a chap who's selling a Soling and a Fiesta not too far from me so going over on Tuesday morning to have a look.

Thanks for the tip on CD cases, got a few of them kicking around, task will be to find some without scratchs. smiley



Edited By Roger Clark on 23/05/2019 22:25:06

23/05/2019 21:00:44

"I hope your going to glaze you captains wheelhouse ?" Of course Ray, how could you even think that I would leave my leader open to the elements sir? Hah the very thought!!!

I've looked at both of those, and it may well be that I get a micro as the club I've just joined, Gloucester & District, race those on a weekly basis. and I like the size of the Victorias. I don't really want to get into racing just sail for fun, I've looked on Ebay and there's plenty on there and at reasonable prices but soooo far away though, very frustrating. sad



23/05/2019 19:28:27

Hi All, started to plank the wheelhouse but I'm a bit worried about the captain,he was all in bits laugh but I had a chat with him and he's sticking with it now laugh. :-



Still some to do to him yet, a bit of filling out and a bit of paint and then he's on station for ever!!!

Trying to decide on a sailing boat to get some practice in but just going round in circles at the moment. sad

How's yours coming along Eddie?

Started that tub yet Ray?



21/05/2019 10:01:30

Hi Eddie, that must have been frustrating, must have driven you quackers sad.

I've been waiting for certain bits for the tug, most is here now so I'll work them both. Now I have the Perkasa I have something to run, still work to do on it though, an oerlikon gun kit for the stern and fettle the superstructure to fit the deck better, just a bit nervous that it'll come off at full bore.



20/05/2019 19:50:12

Yes and find a very big lake Eddie laugh Mines coming together, how's about yours? cheeky

Being a Railroad tug I only need 2 max smiley



Edited By Roger Clark on 20/05/2019 19:59:23

19/05/2019 21:31:48

Another interesting bit of Tug history and source of inspiration:-

Nice bit of history too.

18/05/2019 21:48:08

Haha, if only Raylaugh

Thanks, looking forward to it, once I have the rest completed frown

No nothing on the Simplex, just an offer of 300 refused of course.


Roger (Lady Ellie) Wood.

18/05/2019 16:45:53

Ok Ray,

lets take it from the top laugh

May take 5 years - And?

Too long for my current car - 5 years time you'll have changed your car wink

Having spent £300 on bits - cheapster

What do you do with it - Have fun

Where do I keep it - Garage - leave the new car outside.

So having agreed it's a total waste of time, I will follow your instruction and start cutting the bulkhead 😀 - That's the way, positive forward thinking. laugh

Just have a cat & aeroplane to finish first - Leave the furry feline alone and what do you want another plane for? Have you crashed all the others?

Have a great weekend



18/05/2019 09:29:41

Now that would be a project and a half, sooo many options for FX and sound and reality. Go for it, do it NOW laugh



17/05/2019 22:16:58

Ummm you've completed 30, selling 6, that leaves 24!!! Is the medication and/or counselling not working Ray? laugh



17/05/2019 21:51:51

Hi Eddie, Yes it does take over a bit, never mind eh smiley,

I've made myself a promise that I will complete the Tug and Barge and have the Perkasa seaworthy before I start..... honest darling surprisecheekylaugh.

Here's some further work on the barge:



A little booboo on the bulkheads, I didn't allow for the deck support rails, I'll notch out the bulkheads tomorrow.



17/05/2019 19:56:19

Got some more done on the barge today, started gluing up the assembly:


Not much to see really, even though I'm sorting the workshop and making space it seems to get sucked up by stuff:



ooh whats this then? Another lady in my life? laugh

I've done a little bit more on the tug, mainly painting bits that are going in the wheelhouse so that I can panel the outside and finish that part off.

Tested out the Perkasa and running gear seems ok slowly identifying bits to be done before I get her bottom wet.

Anyway, I think that's all for now.



PS had to watch the Veronice DVD.... sails and rigging looks easy peasy smileyfrowncheeky

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