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Thread: A Tug of two halfs
23/06/2019 18:57:52

Paddle board? PADDLE BOARD??? I'm hurt , and whats more my barge is hurt and he's dumb!!! crying

23/06/2019 17:39:03

I thought I could build the sides up and get more cargo in thinkinglaugh


23/06/2019 14:24:22


You were only supposed to fill the bleeding holes up!!!! laugh

Thread: Flying Eagle Steam Tug
23/06/2019 12:09:41

Hi Ash,

Yes, lucky to find one at reasonable cost and only the other end of the county at Hay-on-Wye, I could float home from there laugh



Thread: Vernon Damien Stantug - looking for a home
22/06/2019 10:01:22

Rob, have sent you a message.


Thread: Flying Eagle Steam Tug
20/06/2019 22:24:22

Hi Neil, I have been able to find out that Kingston Mouldings made a hull and had plans for this tug, they are still available through Models By Design and Loyalhanna Dockyard. Exactly where this model came from is still unknown as I would need to compare photos against my model to confirm it was a semi/kit.

There are plans in British Steam Tugs by P.N. Thomas and I have located a copy and await it's docking in my harbour. smiley



Thread: New Projects for 2019 ??
19/06/2019 21:20:12

I recycled nearly 200 ties to local charity shops when I retired, strange what you amass during the working life!


Thread: A Tug of two halfs
16/06/2019 22:43:20

Hi Eddie,

Yes you have done a great job on the tug, looks really great.


Welcome back from your sun seeking, haven't had much luck with it here. The reason I moved on with the superstructure was because I needed to mull over what I was going to do with the hull and my worst trait is a knee jerk reaction which would end up starting over so I've cut back some of the bulwark support and will rebuild that and then bring the hull closer to finished shape then another layer of glass and resin and complete.

I was rushing because I wanted to finish for our July big steam up when all and sundry bring their engines, boats, hot rods et al to Hereford for 3 days. But instaed I will have my Soling for windy days and my Flying Eagle for all weathers.



Thread: Admirals Barge
16/06/2019 14:09:41

Thanks Colin,

The barge is 45' long and these are the original plans used to build the model from 1952:

admirals barge - aug (3).jpg

The only 'major' difference being the wheelhouse/cockpit. Gives me a bit of a problem, do I change it re the photos or restore it as per the Model Maker plans?

Views would be welcome. smiley


15/06/2019 22:25:24

Hi all,

I've created this thread to document the restoration of an Admirals Barge that I was given as a 'doer upper' by John Vynal. This is a continuation of the 'What boat is this?' as we now know what it is.

admirals barge.jpg

If anyone has photos of the full sized barge, colour if possible please post them here and if you have info about them as well that would be very helpful.



Thread: What boat is this?
15/06/2019 22:00:52

Has anyone got any photos of this style of barge please? If there are any restored 1 to 1 scale Admirals Barges in original colour schemes that would be great.

I think I will create a new thread titled Admirals Barge, it might catch the eyes of those with information on it.



Thread: A Tug of two halfs
15/06/2019 15:33:29

Hmmm, just had a recount,

JPW, Dumb Barge, Veronica, Perkasa, Fiesta, Soling, Admirals Barge, Weser, Flying Eagle, that's it in think so that's umm nine in total..... ooops blush. Am planning for a tenth though, possibly a warship of some description.

My excuse is that you guys started earlier than me so i had to play catch-up quickly laugh.

Why the change of servo winch?



15/06/2019 10:58:33

Hi Eddie, good to hear from you, I was getting worried. I saw John on Wednesday to pick up the Flying Eagle and what I now is the Admirals barge, had a coffee and a chat and then back home.

I have to get order into my life, getting too many projects on the go and none finished. I have kept going on the jpw but not at the rate I need to. I have got two 6v 3.2ah batteries for it and so all the sparks are ready to install but I must get the hull right before fitting.

The barge is waiting for the big hole to be cut, fitted and boxed in and will be in parallel with jpw. The Veronica is now able to come off the jig so frees up space for building.

The Perkasa has new motors to be fitted, just waiting for ESCs to arrive.

The Admirals barge will wait till I decide how I will restore it then the fiesta sailer needs repairs and the Weser needs completing.

But I do have the Soling and Flying Eagle to get wet. smiley



14/06/2019 16:47:33

Hi all,

I'm aware that I haven't posted any progress for a while,mainly because. I got more involved with my other boats. I have done a bit but partly a step back as I wasn't happy with the.way the hull is shaping up. It's something that I need to sort out to my satisfaction first. sad


'Progress' so far.



Thread: What boat is this?
13/06/2019 22:35:01

Just realised, I would have been celebrating my first birthday when that article was published, it would be amazing if that boat had been started at that time, that would make it 67 years old, a true vintage model and deserving to be restored and back on the water.


13/06/2019 22:24:25

Bingo, thanks Tony, if you could email them to me I'd be really grateful. I'll send you a message now.



12/06/2019 21:14:05

Hi Andy,

That was my initial thoughts, either an Admirals barge or a Captains gig but the layout with the cockpit in front of the helmsmans position, which is also enclosed permanently which is wrong, at least for any navy boat I've seen.

I think this is a sixties or seventies kit, all solid plywood and brass bits including rudder and prop, although I think it has been remotored.

I do like to find out the origins of the boats I acquire, it's like having the final page in the book and finding the rest of the story.


12/06/2019 18:52:54

Hi Paul,

I'm confused, which isn't difficult these days, I put Royal Barge (1964) into Giggle and all I got was pics and links to Gloriana!!!

Roger (very confused) dont know

Thread: Flying Eagle Steam Tug
12/06/2019 14:33:43

Hi all, just bought this lovely little tug.


Anyone know what kit this was please? I like to find out a bit of the history of the kit, I already know it's full size history but can't find anything about this model be it a kit or scratch built.



Thread: What boat is this?
12/06/2019 14:26:58

Anyone recognise what kit this was?


This is a doer upper given to me by John Vynal, think it will be a remotor job plus paint and minor repairs.

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