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Thread: A Tug of two halfs
03/07/2019 16:28:29

Watcha trying to say Eddie?


I've got mine blushlaugh


02/07/2019 22:11:05

Yeah, keep going Ray frown, I do have an oscillating engine part built and makings for a boiler and a 1/96th tanker should be big enough for live steam, but I guess we'll need a cruiser or two as well, oh and a fleet carrier, 3 or 4 corvettes....... ummm am I missing anything? laugh


Edited By Roger Clark on 02/07/2019 22:30:08

02/07/2019 17:44:10

Hi Eddie et al, I am getting better slowly, I felt well enough to go to a club auction today for a deceased members lifetimes collection of workshop stuff, quite sad really. Came back with a carload to be sorted.

That's a good way of doing it, I did mine the other way but used some roof sealing compound that remains flexible to seal it all, Coated the bottom and sides then dropped the lid on with a thick coat on and that's never going to leak. I plan to glass the hull and deck then red oxide all of it and the matt black for the hull, not sure for the deck though.



Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
30/06/2019 20:01:57

Doh! crying

30/06/2019 15:45:34


HMCS Haida, last remaining Tribal class destroyer preserved at Hamilton Ontario.

Anyone want to pay for me to go and take photos for the good of the Cossack group build???? wink


30/06/2019 14:14:48

Tim C, Bigger workshop = more space = room for a Cossack smiley

You know it makes sense laugh


30/06/2019 14:11:43

Hmmm yes current count including repairs/upgrades = 7!, oh plus the Cossack but does include the Veron Damen Stan tug freebie I collected last week, feeling frustrated crying and evil devil as I can't stand up.


30/06/2019 13:31:24

Plan ordered smiley

Original plans of the Tribal class destroyer: Booklet of general plans, circa 1941. Courtesy of the Historic Naval Ships Association. Might be slow to open (big file)



Edited By Roger Clark on 30/06/2019 13:34:08

30/06/2019 10:51:50

Flippin' eck nobody can call you steady Eddie wink, better put my order in then, Sarick will wonder what's going on!!!

Roger (still crook and in plenty paincrying)

Thread: A Tug of two halfs
29/06/2019 22:38:37

That's looking good Eddie, you've overtaken mesad, it's difficult to judge the foam right so it fills the space but not overflow too much. Can't make out whch bit that is though?


Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
29/06/2019 19:46:27

Ooer it's a bit empty in here, kinda echoey. I'm up for it but you mentioned enlarging to 1/96th and I'm not very good at that kind of thing so will there be help offered?


Thread: A Tug of two halfs
29/06/2019 18:48:50

Oooh 'eck, I'm going threadbare!!!! laughsad

29/06/2019 18:41:06

Or lack of!!wink

29/06/2019 17:15:58

Apologies accepted Tim, this time! laugh

You could put your own slant on it - rich git buys off navy and converts it as a play toy, de-gunned of course surprise

And thanks, I am having words with the unions involved in getting back to work according to MY plans, I'm making progress, slooow progress, strange how when I'm crook the guys stop work, just not on. sad


Thread: August 2019 (digital) issue- text on top of photos?
29/06/2019 10:56:47

Just had a scan through on my 22" screen and all looks fine to me.


Thread: A Tug of two halfs
28/06/2019 23:02:50

HMS Cossack was one of the destroyers I built as a young impressionable teenager, did a good job of it as well. smiley my problem is if I build a warship it has to be to 1/96 th scale, this would give me the latitude for the kind of electronics I would want to equip it with. That would probably mean going to cruiser class with it's wide beam or something similar, got to be WW2 though.

But still Vic's might be good practise.... and fun laugh, who's up for it?


28/06/2019 19:02:06
Posted by Ray Wood 2 on 28/06/2019 18:37:50:

We should consider a Mass boat Build as the R,C,M&E runs via the Model Flying website ?I

We could build a battle group wink


28/06/2019 18:59:42

Tim R..... so rude laugh

Eddie, cheers, if I was a boat they would say broke it's back but as I'm hoooman (allegedly) I will get better.....ish.

Ray, Hi, due to the above, not, but will be working on the hull as soon as I can.smiley

I have now got a small forge for casting parts via the ceramic shell process, will prove useful, I hope. wink


27/06/2019 18:39:36

'Ere we go, first signs of good weather and I stuff my back up, crying. I didn't even make it out of the bedroom, and no I wasn't doing any kind of exercise, cheekydevil, just bent over to tidy my pillow and now I'm stuffed for at least a week..... buggersad

Ah well, books, youtube and computery things I guess!!!


23/06/2019 22:21:53

Hi Ray,

He'll be fine, receiving counselling at the moment wink. The trigger stuck on so all I could do was keep the foam where it was, I hadn't fixed the deck on yet so I'll slice off the excess tomorrow once it's hardened.



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