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Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
01/09/2019 17:56:08

Any of you closet cossackers going to the International Model Boat Show at Warwick in November? I'll be going on the Saturday, would be good to have a meet.



31/08/2019 22:25:20

Go on Brian, you know it makes sense devil, besides I'm feeling all alone here as my shipmates haven cast off without me crying

I have tidied up the workshop somewhat and I no longer have to restrain myself from strangling my grandson as he's back to school next week angel 2 woo hoo.

Here's to the winter and central heating in my shed wink


Thread: Suspended activities
26/08/2019 19:48:43

My thoughts are with you Bob,

After a lifetime of eye problems and 7 operations including cataracts at 52 I know what it's like, being type 2 diabetic doesn't help either. My wife has a serious inherited defect with her one eye where the lens has ridges in it so has spent most of her life with the issue and now she has dry macular degeneration, it's getting close to the stage where she will be classed as blind but meaning that she has no clear vision so we're now looking at the options for coping in the future and have just ordered an Echo Dot so that I can set up the house for remote control of lights etc.

Anyway good luck with he op, I'm sure it will be successful wink

Roger (Cataracts done x 5)

Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
19/08/2019 21:45:06

Good evening fellow cossackers, but iffy with the weather today but strolled the town with eyes open for fishy (read boaty) bargains, everyone thinks that if they put a sailing boat on display and say that it can be sailed then it's worth £650!!!!? It was certainly not as good or as big or detailed as our Thames barges.

Took advantage of the high tide and good weather this evening to sail my Flying Eagle on the high seas, very enjoyable, sorry no photos, too busy having fun. laugh

Sleep well peeps


19/08/2019 09:49:08

Hi Ray, so much for taking a month off! cheeky

Don't think I I want to go home, too nice here.

Regards Roger

17/08/2019 16:27:52

Well, it's so hard having to be on holiday



View from our balcony 😛



Thread: A Tug of two halfs
15/08/2019 14:26:05

Looking very business like Eddie yes



Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
13/08/2019 20:40:31

No need to be sorry, I'm easily confused sad, 1/72nd would work well cheeky.

I gave a feeling that if I take the drawings on holiday it might clash with all the plans that the missus has worked hard for weeks to cover sun, rain and even snow, ummm did I miss anything darling? Only certain thing is I'll need a holiday when I come back. laugh I have been allowed to take my Flying Eagle though smiley



13/08/2019 19:27:28

Hi Ray,

I'm confused (which is easily done sad) Cossack is 377 feet and a Castle Class Corvette is 252 feet, thought that would be an appreciable difference in length?



13/08/2019 18:18:57

Hi John, yes definitely traitor, you could have put some big motors in the Tribal class and really put his nose out, never mind as long as you promise it's next. wink.

I've only just started so haven't seen that one sad


13/08/2019 16:58:37

Looking good Ray,

Can't wait to clear the decks and start mine, I might go down the route of ply frames and 0.8 ply skin for the hull and lose that half inch, any thoughts gentlemen?



Thread: A Tug of two halfs
10/08/2019 16:26:45

I assume you're building a working mill as well Eddie? smiley

Regards Roger

Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
03/08/2019 23:06:14

I'm beginning to feel like an also ran in a horse race crying

03/08/2019 19:21:29

Ding, ah yes of course, Dumbo here was thinking boats! Duh!!

I think I built one from an Airfix kit many many moons ago.


03/08/2019 16:19:18

Hi Ray,

Put a pair of wheels on the stern and a tow hitch on the bows, sorted! laugh

Umm what's a walrus? other than something that lives of fish before anyone makes a quip. cheeky

Regards Roger

02/08/2019 22:47:39

So that would make H M S Vic how long Ray?

02/08/2019 19:30:43

Hand up everyone, time to be counted laugh, I'm afraid I'll be a rear gunner blush, oops that's plane talk laugh.

Once my hols are out of the way full steam ahead, oops, train talk


02/08/2019 16:55:20

My books from Brian arrived today, think that's my week in Falmouth sorted, Flying Eagle for calm, Soling for windy, books for too wet or too hot, I love it when a plan comes together. devillaugh

Many thanks Brian.

Regards Roger

01/08/2019 11:02:43

Ian, you deserve a medal angel this grandson of mine just winds me up, the other two were fine, unless it's me twenty years on.


sent you a pm, plans arrived today, woo hoo, would get cracking other than the fact I'm detailed to prison officer for no 3 grandson. devil, love him to bits though wink


31/07/2019 22:50:10
Posted by Ray Wood 2 on 31/07/2019 20:48:42:

Hi Roger,

Cracking books, you may have added 2 years to your build 😀 plans in the post

Regards Ray

Thanks Ray, look forward to receiving them. And thanks to you and Eddie for your congrats. I agree, grandkids are great but 2 hours max with our 5 year old though, attention span of a gnat! Doctors said I'm not to eat a whole one now sad shame!

when the books arrive I'll be able to keep you and Eddie in line now, make sure everything is in it's place. wink

Only 2 weeks to my hols so I'm taking the books with me for any wet days. laugh We're going to Falmouth.... or if it's a wet week Foulmouth. devil


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