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Thread: Wanted - ME mag vol 90 issue 2228 (1944)
19/06/2020 11:20:48

Hi, looking for this magazine or specifically a pdf scan of the Ships Modeller item on the TBD HMS Javelin for a build I'm about to do.



Thread: J, K, N Class Destroyer
19/06/2020 11:16:15

Hi All,

I've decided to build this as HMS Kelly, same design but with a longer aft housing which will give me wriggle room for the engine.

I am after a copy of ME vol 90 issue 2228 or a scan of the 'Ships Modeller corner' about HMS Javelin, this would complete the build description as it stands.

I'll create a topic for the build log for probably HMS Kelly but it might be Jervis or Napier as these were the flotilla leaders with the extra accommodation aft.

I'll do a wanted post for the ME mag as well.



07/06/2020 20:09:32

Hi Ray, yes that's the plan as the Javelin has 2 15" water tanks each side of the boiler hence having the longer in steam time.

The D10 is £194 + vat for diy or a hefty £877.20 (ex. VAT) if you're rich & lazy (I'm definitely not in the rich category laugh)

If I don't build the boiler I might go for the Clevedon Libra Horizontal Boiler @ £405 but not making a decision on that for a while, I'll start the build thread and the actual build and take it from there.



07/06/2020 18:55:10

I have a few options, I have a couple of twin v oscillators, one part built and one kit, both self-starting and reversing, just need to check whether they will run 2" props and assess how steam thirsty they'll be, or how messy they'll be! The boiler will probably be a 4" x 10" with cross tubes for fast steaming, not sure if I'll buy or build.

I do want to get an hours steaming if possible but will have to look for help from them that knows. smiley



07/06/2020 16:32:09

Hi Eddie, The double 10 would probably be the biggest I could shoehorne in as I do have superstructure above the planned location for it, again the boiler size width and length is fine but I can't picture the boiler as I have a Stuart 504 factory recon boiler which is giiiiinormous. Why do you know someone who has one for sale cheap? winkdevil

Just spent today adding a kitchen extractor fan (I replaced it with a new one + points with SWMBO angel) to my spray booth for extra suck. laugh, knackered now crying.

Roll on when I can go boating.



07/06/2020 11:17:13

Hi Eddie, have been following along with everyone's builds with interest. I have been more involved with repairing my decking as some joists had gone rotten along with a couple of decking planks, problem is they don't make that profile anymore so needs must, missus will have a planter now. smiley. My workshop roof stated leaking over the winter and as I couldn't get/afford to pay for labour and with the lockdown couldn't have any family to help I had to do it myself over a couple of weeks during our recent sunny period smile d, just managed to complete it before the rain come. Now to tidy the shop back up where I moved stuff away from the wet area.

The build will be an extended one as I need to consider whether to buy or build the power plant, what size it needs to be to drive the destroyer at a decent rate of knots without running out of puff, what to use for the decking and for the superstructure. Might try my resin printer for some of the parts devil.

I won a little steamer at a bereaved auction just before the lockdown and can't wait to collect it, soon hopefully. laugh

steam launch .jpg

Yo ho ho.


06/06/2020 12:02:52

Hi all,

The information is gradually coming together Have now got most of the M E mags concerning the main build of HMS Javelin and it was designed to be built at 1" to 5ft which I believe is 1:60, and the hull would be correct at 70" long. Obviously the beam is greater to give stability at 8".

Once I start repairing the hull and start the build I will do it in a new thread, will let you know when I'm ready to go. devil

All the best, stay safe.



11/05/2020 13:13:25

Hi Ray,

I know it was originally intended to be HMS Javelin but what I don't get is the missing 19" in it's length for a scale of 1/4" to the foot or 1:48?

The scale comes out at 1:61 for the length and 1:53 for the beam.

And as for too narrow for the Towny, the scale comes out at 1:105 for length and 1:97 for the beam, doesn't seem to be a great difference but I can't visualise the scale of things and I don't understand how you can lose 19" of length from a destroyer, it'll look all wrong to my eye?



Edited By Roger Clark on 11/05/2020 13:19:57

11/05/2020 12:15:57

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I'd pop up the periscope and update you all, I have taken ownership of this hull with the intent of fitting it out with steam as originally planned by Davids' father.

The plans were drawn up by Norman Ough in 1956 at 1/8" to the foot giving a scale of 1:96? I think. The hull measures out at 70" x 8" beam and 1:48 would give 89" x 8.9" but it those hull dimensions scales at 1:61 x 1:53 respectively! I guess I could extend the hull by the 18" missing but that would be a heck of an undertaking so what I'm asking for are your thoughts on the scaling and what I could do.

The alternative is to look at another class ad the only one I have found that's closer in the length x beam ratio is the Daring class, that would scale out at 1:67 for the length and 1:64.5 for the beam, possibly close enough to 1:72 to 'look' ok.

So what do you think? original plans and 'lose' 18" somehow or Daring class or something else?

Looking forward to your comments laugh


Or a  Town-class light cruiser would come out  just slightly over the 1:96 scale if the hull shape was close enough!? devil

Edited By Roger Clark on 11/05/2020 12:26:09

Thread: Coronavirus
17/04/2020 14:26:45

I think for us wrinklies the lockdown will continue in some form until we get a vaccine so at least into Autumn/Winter time, a whole seasons' boating gone forever crying

To make it worse for me I bent down to pick up some dog poo yesterday morning and had the familiar elastic band snapping across my lower back (not the first by a very long way) so now in plenty pain and immobile for a while. To top it off my 4" x 2" timber joists arrived in the afternoon for repairs to my decking, so not going to happen now. face 14 And then I have a delivery of roofing stuff coming a week Friday to repair my workshop so that I can put it back to useable state

I'm carless now as it failed the MOT and will cost more than it's worth to repair, hmmm does that make three or more bad things?

Oh well, one good one kind of, I bought something that I've really wanted for a long time:

steam launch .jpg

It brings together my love of steam and boating, only issue is it's in Weston-Super-Mare and I'm in lockdown and no car ho hum. smiley

Something to look forward to once I work out a way of getting it.

Keep your peckers up peeps.


Thread: My Time Media. Model Boats Magazine.
11/04/2020 17:37:16

Ummm Doctor who? devil

11/04/2020 14:37:43

Quick bit of research and it's a shop in/by Loch Lomond that is a reseller. Trying it on a bit it seems. All the prices seem high, covering postage plus a bit of extra profit.



Edited By Roger Clark on 11/04/2020 14:40:39

11/04/2020 10:53:00

Posties seem to be working normally in my area, HR9, but not got my mag yet, also not on Pocketmags either, which is unusual!


Thread: Who will test my boat’s steam plant?
03/03/2020 22:17:50

That's chuffing great Tony, glad you're sorted out and you'll have great fun with your steamer. yeslaugh



Thread: Sails and ropes
26/02/2020 18:15:17

The shots at the sails were attempts to bring the masts down and the shots into the hull were to disable the guns, those battles were for sea supremacy and control of commerce, much the same as recent wars and flag waving really.



Thread: Who will test my boat’s steam plant?
21/02/2020 10:24:44

Let us know what the outcome is Tony.



19/02/2020 16:32:09

Try searching for model engineers derbyshire, brought up lots of possibles, look for one's that have a track and you'll find boiler inspectors who might be able to help.



Thread: Huntress 1/8 scale kit - Motor, ESC, LiPo etc for sale
10/02/2020 18:34:34

Sank on maiden voyage devillaugh


Thread: 3D Printer
10/01/2020 22:54:33

Hi Paul,

Looks a nice printer, pics of parts made please laugh. I've just bought a resin printer but won't be using it yet until I've made some room and a heated box with extraction to take the fumes outside, having ideas of printing small stuff and then casting in metal such as brass, bronze, ally etc.


Thread: Merry Christmas!
24/12/2019 19:14:36

Merry Christmas to one and all, may your glue stick to all the right bits and not the flesh bits laugh



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