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Thread: So what could I do with these?
08/04/2019 18:38:20

That looks more like an origami boat Paullaugh


08/04/2019 16:54:40

So I was having a re-arrange of some kit boxes and found these.


They were spares for a drone that I built, the motors are outrunners and I still have a battery pack as well.

Sooo methinks hard chine hull smiley, possibly mtb et al but if so what size? I do have 6 more motors plus 3 more esc's so could do a triple prop jobby!!!! devil

Would they be good enough? What do my esteemed learned colleagues think?

I await with interest smiley

Thread: A Tug of two halfs
08/04/2019 10:36:30

Aaaw heck Ray, I thought they were all shades of grey, I've gone colour blind crying I'm spoilt for choice now!!!

Not sure how I'm going to do the stanchions though, have to look for ready made as I don't want to spoil the look.

Oh well onward and downward.

Hi Eddie, how's yours doing?


Edited By Roger Clark on 08/04/2019 10:37:38

07/04/2019 15:32:22

I'm trundling on slowly, found a video of railroad tug pics extracted from a web site, quite interesting for any closet tuggers lurking out there. wink

The website the photos come from is

Further info available from Tugboats Enthusiasts Society, these are US tugs of all different types and sizes

Quick question, is the Gorilla foaming glue of any use in modelling?


04/04/2019 14:15:27

Haha, I'll have to look into my stock, I suspect my brass stock is a mite larger than that, need to get some smaller gauge wire anyway. Ooh I might be able to borrow a bit from my Löschkreuzer Weser kit.



03/04/2019 21:56:19

Hi Ray,

Thanks, I'm hoping to have my battery pack, once I know what to get size and type, and then I can test out placement before marrying up the 2 halves. Theres only one frame that could be opened up but there would be little space in there.

What's usually used for the control wires for the rudder? wire in tube? if so what size do I need as it will be a big rudder?

It seems ages since the last mag, I have taken out subs but don't know if we get the mag through the door earlier than they come out in the shops.



03/04/2019 19:45:57

Well, at risk of being told I'm rubbish here's a photo of progress so far frown


Didn't do a great job on the first half but I'll see how the second half goes and maybe try a couple of tins of car filleryes and see how it looks then, might save on lead for displacement!!, and it's Christmas laugh, kind of.


a couple of motors courtesy of Ray, Thank you Ray, a 261mm propshaft, 55mm prop and a water intake/outlet kit, just to look good wink. Ordered a 1 x 2M piece of fiberglass from the site we all know and love and got a 1M2 piece, not happy, waiting to see what they want to do, refund or send part 2. I'm assuming that Deluxe Products brand are the usual suppliers for this product (they weren't the seelers by the way).

Need to get some more bits yet, 20amp motor controller, uj, battery plus other leccys.



02/04/2019 10:09:51

Thanks Eddie,

Looking great smiley


01/04/2019 19:30:33

Hi Eddie,

Have you got a photo of the bow shape of the hull please? Just having a little bit of difficulty getting the shape right.



29/03/2019 10:25:29

Hi Dave,

Thanks I'll put it on the list.

Hi Eddie,

Good idea, should act as a sound board, I think I'll concentrate on getting a serviceable boat first before adding the 'bells and whistles' so to speak. I have a number of raspberry pies and arduinos so might add in WiFi to drive the afformentioned.devil



Edited By Roger Clark 1 on 29/03/2019 10:26:00

Edited By Roger Clark 1 on 29/03/2019 10:27:03

28/03/2019 22:17:47

Hi Eddie, Are you following the designers method for building the superstructure? I'm thinking of using ply with planking on top but with a more hollow inside but I'm open to advice.

Like you I plan to cover the hull the same as you but will need to order the glass and epoxy, I'm thinking on 24gsm cloth and Zap Z-Poxy 12oz Epoxy Finishing Resin PT40, again open to advice from anyone smiley

I assume the Thames barge will be to the same scale as the tug?

I notice you said that the propshaft could have been shorter, would you have gone for the 261mm then?



28/03/2019 17:59:37

Ha ha, yes Eddie I'm building the 1/35 version, just need to start looking for 1/35 tugboat men now. Have you finished the superstructure now? Must be getting close to paint. laugh

I am have nervous thought about upscaling a second version big enough for steam.

I will post some pprogress soon, been busy outside with this summer we're having. Trouble is my hands and knees are knackered after so can't get into the dockyard but do intend to be complete and sailing by July.

Also have a 'BEE' to complete, it's a close to half scale hot air engine from the early 1900's



Edited By Roger Clark 1 on 28/03/2019 18:00:52

Thread: Cornwall Model Boats
27/03/2019 19:32:12

Must be me but this is what I'm getting


Yes, very wierd, ok on my phone!!!!

Edited By Roger Clark 1 on 27/03/2019 19:38:13

27/03/2019 18:59:28

Anyone having issues accessing their website? I haven't been able to for a couple of days now


Thread: Tug power pack
27/03/2019 17:21:52

Hi Ray,

I've pm'd you, I live in Ross-on-Wye in ?Herefordshire

Hmm 20lbs of ballast! have to check out a few roofs I think smiley


26/03/2019 22:45:49

Hi all, at the risk of creating a conglomeration of everything under the sun I am looking for advice on kitting out my J P Woods tug with motive power, i.e. motor prop, battery.

I do have tx and rx suitable for the tug but just want to test the water as they say on what range i should be looking at. be it geared motor, nimh or sla or lipo (which I have) and a prop so c'mon guys and gals wot you got smiley


Thread: A Tug of two halfs
26/03/2019 21:23:21

drill press.jpg

26/03/2019 20:37:51

Is that the 0-6-0 T?

My last 15 years of work was data preparation for various companies and meant I was working away from home for 5-6 days a week, didn't do a lot for recreation or for home life, if I had my time again would never do it whatever the salary was. for what I earned my pensions got stuffed up anyway so I make ends meet and have enough left to dabble in my hobbies.

I built my workshop up by buying tatty machines and restoring them, my last was a 1938 Denham Junior MkII lathe with little wear but looked like it had been repainted by a colour blind person with a whitewash brush. Just picked up a sensitive drill press at a local auction tonight for £28. It comes to those who wait. smiley



Edited By Roger Clark 1 on 26/03/2019 20:40:10

26/03/2019 19:38:32

Eddie, now I'm retired I thought yippee now I can spend my time in the workshop, then reality kicked in, rather the missus did, so now I'm working on the 10 year plan I started 30 years ago. crying Oh how I hate decorating!!!

I will get more info before I make any decisions re lipo batteries.

Ray, I had a look in your album but went boat blind laugh It is the way I'm working it's just me being a bit nervous about messing up, it's a whole new world to me.



26/03/2019 10:23:16

Wow Eddie, do they call you Rocketman?wink I'm still getting my head round the best way to plank at the moment.

I have some lipo battery packs, any reason not to use them?

What size propeller would be suitable?



Edited By Roger Clark 1 on 26/03/2019 10:25:07

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