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Thread: A Tug of two halfs
23/04/2019 14:22:32

Looking good, like the colour wink, I'm getting on with the planking today between family and friends interruptions, over half way on the deck now so downhill from now on smiley.

I will get the ESC and sound module plus speaker, oh and probably a servo if I can't find mine.



22/04/2019 22:32:44

Eddie, what make is your sound module? I was looking at the Action one but don't know if it will work with 50A Marine Boat ESC Electric Speed Controller from Howes.



22/04/2019 21:02:44

Hi Eddie, thanks, I wasn't sure at first but it has grown on me now. Once I have the decking completed I'll primer fill and undercoat the hull then build the bulwarks and the superstructure.

Now that my steel line has finally turned up I will machine the quadrants and set up the rudder. I still need to make a bracket for the motor and am thinking it will have to be a wrap round, I don't think the screws holding the gearbox on would take the pressure somehow.



22/04/2019 16:38:52

Hi Eddie, hard bit? the hard bit is motivating my planking team, flippin wasters wink


I decided to edge with planks as well, don't like seeing the ends of planks exposed. also steam bent the first Bulwark support, I'll finish planking this half then start the other side, phew!

A bit of brasswork for a change:


Not fixed in yet, a little bit of fettling to do to tidy it up but getting there.

Have to finish for the day now, back's playing me up big time. sad but a productive day. Looking at the deck I should have gone with wider planking but that was all I had. The walls are going to be ply and I'm going with a different style of roof light just because I can.smiley

Regards Roger

Edited By Roger Clark on 22/04/2019 17:14:34

20/04/2019 21:03:27

Cheers Tim, trying to learn all I can from my peers. smiley

20/04/2019 16:48:55

Cheers Eddie, yours looks cracking, if mine ends up anywhere nears yours I'll be really pleased. smiley

Regards Roger

20/04/2019 15:05:33

What a lovely day for getting glassed!!! smiley





I'll do a light sanding and then a coat of primer, then I can see it needs a bit of filler.

Went relatively well for a first fiberglassing job, Eze-Kote did make it easier but still had to slice some dry areas and restick but all in all I'm quite pleased with the result.

Time for a beverage I think.

Regards Roger

19/04/2019 18:47:11

Thanks Eddie, looks like tomorrow is a poxing day then seeing as I can't play boats 'cause I haven't got one yet sniff sniff crying. I'm using Eze-kote it shouldn't take too long.

What sanding sealer and varnish do you use Eddie?

Regards Roger

19/04/2019 16:32:21

Hi all, the hull is about as good as it gets at this stage:



img_20190419_154548.jpgI've beefed up the keel with a couple of strips of basswood and tidied up with a 'little' bit of filler, the bottom rudder 'hinge' will be fashioned out of brass extending back along the keel to firm it all up. I need to tidy up around the prop area and then it's time for epoxy and glass, not sure whether to add that strip along the hull for bulwark support first, if I do then I'll plank the deck first as I'll take the planking right to the edge rather than leave the ply exposed.

I'm not sure that tugs of the 1930's had varnish decking! Methinks it was more likely painted for ease of maintenance.

Onwards & upwards smiley

Regards Roger

Thread: New Projects for 2019 ??
19/04/2019 15:22:03

Eddie, best build a model boatyard with multiple slips first then laugh

Regards Roger

19/04/2019 11:42:55

It's a flatiron gunboat

hms crane.jpg

Built in the 1870s, it was the first naval vessel type to not have sails but rely on steam with 2 reciprocating engines. Also had this 10" gun which was on a platform that could be raised and lowered. I've ordered the Saric kit for the 24" HMS Crane but strangely there is no documentation for a Crane in the Ant class, or any gunboat for that matter. They were all on the same lines though, 'bout 24 built.

I do want to build the HMS Kite as well though, with 36" length at 1/32nd scale it has a 10" beam! Reckon a steam plant with 2 hinjuns'll fit in there. wink

Regards Roger

19/04/2019 10:10:48

Hi Ray,

I do have plans to start a HMS Crane and or HMS Kite but having difficulty finding the build episodes for the Kite that were In the April to ?August 2001, any thoughts?

Regards Roger

Thread: A Tug of two halfs
15/04/2019 16:47:07

A marriage of convenience!!!!

Were married.jpg

Had to put the pressure on smiley

I was under pressure.jpg

It was a tight squeeze laugh

Had to put the squeeze on.jpg

Got a tight backend blush

And let no-one put asunder, it aint coming apart now.

Stanchions came today, looking good, think the 30mm will be fine.



Edited By Roger Clark on 15/04/2019 16:47:42

14/04/2019 22:26:08

Hi Eddie, I've now released the halves from the board and am doing initial rubbing down and filling (hiding all my cockups laugh). The build is far from perfect and even though it's my first build I have to admit to being a mite disappointed as to how it's going but that's not to say I'm disillusioned, I will continue and make good as I move forward and no doubt will get better as time goes on.

I will go with Rays' setup but think I will keep the mechanism inboard, being the easier route. I measured the stanchions on the plan and they are 30mm approx so am going with that size.

I have ordered some water foggers from China and will make up smoke units with those, £50 each is just too much. I am experimenting with the system used for vaping, my son builds his own cloud chasers and those would be enough to set up smoke screens for ww2 ships!!!

I'm already thinking about my next 2 builds, would like a fast boat, probably an mtb type and then maybe a sailer, something like a Thames barge (I blame you and Ray) or a Gloucester fishing schooner (beautiful lines), don't know if there are kits/hulls for them or if it'll be scratch build again.

I'll put up some photos tomorrow of my tug so far and wait for the laughing to die down. cheeky



12/04/2019 13:24:11

Hi Eddie,

Where are you going to ballast to? The current waterline looks way too low for a tug but I don't know if it can be raised to just below the bulwark in the lowest place without compromising the water tightness of it?



10/04/2019 22:56:26

Ah right see what you mean, are the 2 other pulleys sail type ones?



BTW nice work smiley

10/04/2019 22:34:28

Hi Ray, I did look at Cullamix, once I found it (really need to do some sorting) laugh. Couldn't see any of the tiller though.

There's no way that the tiller will go under the deck, it's 'solid' balsa so it will have to hide under the grating. I guess I will have to take some copper tube through the frames and and up through the deck and then connect to the tiller as in crossing the 'T'. That should give me enough movement for 30 degrees each way. Have to order up some trace wire, 120lb do ok Ray?



10/04/2019 21:28:41

Thanks Ray, do you have a photo of the top part of the rudder setup please? What do you use for the cables, is the rod linkage @ hobbies the one?

've got 1/8th brass and some suitable brass tubing and 1/8th brass rod, it'll go the full length of the rudder and be strapped and silver soldered as I don't think soft solder would take the strain.

Sorry for all the questions but I don't want muck up on this and I'm not really finding clear answers on't interweb.

The article seems to use a lot of 0.5 mm material, both ply and strip, I've not seen any of this around, most of the stripwood seems to start at 1.5/6 mm. It's not really a problem as I can steam and bent 1.6 easily.

I'm of a mind to use either basswood or spruce on the decking, any thoughts anybody?



Edited By Roger Clark on 10/04/2019 21:35:15

10/04/2019 16:40:41

It's looking really good Eddie, I think I will vary the design just to be different smiley, might still be a mix from various tugs though, as they are steamers I think some big vents are required and I might change the rubbing strakes as well.

Are you going to buy or build the stanchions? Does seem a bit of a hassle to try to make them as per the article.

Are you building the rudder from wood then? I thought of making mine from brass shaped and wood bonded on possibly with a brass edging for protection or is that going too far?

I'm thinking of building the funnel out of copper tube with brass strapping and capping, will be painted of course.

I've just finished planking the 2 halves and am rubbing down, I'll post some piccies once they've been to the altar and been marriedlaugh



Thread: So what could I do with these?
09/04/2019 12:42:11

Thanks guys, keep them coming smiley, would I have temperature issues?

Is there a PT or MTB design about that size Harry?


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