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Thread: A Tug of two halfs
06/05/2019 20:35:51

I didn't realize she was one of the little people laugh

How difficult, or easy are they to build Ray? The model I meansmiley



06/05/2019 19:53:00

Lovely photo Ray, is that Gertrude or Veronica?



05/05/2019 22:29:02

Hi Eddie, it could be the drink you know laugh or just old age!!!! If I build a puffer it has to be big enough for live steam, I have 2 twin oscillator kits, one part built so stop start and reversing not a problem.

The scale...ish figures I've bought are the Italeri PT boat crew, firstly they are yanks, secondly they have good poses and reasonable dress to pass as tug boat crew, well I think they have possibilities.



05/05/2019 21:02:57

Hi Eddie, I know yours is looking really good but posting it twice??? laugh I see you've used the same idea I've got in mind with 1/8th copper tube for the leadout but I think I'll try and machine some brass pulleys, I'll get a piece of hacksaw blade and profile the end and put it in my parting off tool, that might just be big enough to create the channel in the pulley.

I got some Rustins light oak woodstain so hope that'll do for the decking

I think I've settled on a name for her now, I'm going to call her Miss Ellie, this is after my first rescue Scottie, she was a breeding bitch in one of those puppy farms and not at all well treated. I have another rescue Scottie, Robbie, he's from a broken home and we had him from 11 months old, he's daddies boy wink so I guess a Clyde Puffer has to go on the list laugh, that's after the barge for the tug, a sailer of some kind, oh did I mention HMS Crane? Ooh I need something for the missus, guess that'll have to be a fairy something after Ray's comment frown, that might actually be a kit.. Oh I need a bigger workshop!!!

Anyway I think I've wittered on enough nowlaugh



04/05/2019 20:12:15

Hi All, a little bit more done today, firstly a coat of sanding sealer on the deck and then some port holing in the superstructure sides prior to sealer, sanding and a coat of primer.




I think it's coming together now, did have to do a mod to the bridge, the back had too much rake on it when 'leveling' the boat to the waterline so that's fixed....ish, well looks a bit better. smiley Had a delivery from Mobile Marine Models today of a ships wheel, binnacle and telegraph to furnish the bridge just waiting for a cap'n and crew to turn up now.wink see what kind of wasters I end up with!!

Isn't there anybody with some experience of sound modules that can advise me?

Constructive comments would be very welcome by the way. laugh



03/05/2019 22:23:00

My father was an engineer, worked on the Gloster Javelin but like me was late getting a lathe, mainly to build bits for his hobby of Lapidary, sadly passed before savouring too much of his hobby.

I do have my static engines that I'm building and am comfortable with those but really do enjoy my boat building, used to do planes, my first was a Super 60 back when I was still at school, had an ED racer and radio control but then found drink and women.... not necessarily in that orderlaugh Also found real boating, Only in the small stuff though, Enterprises, Wayfairers and a 'C' class catamaran and then bought a small speedboat that I towed behind my MGB, Aah those were the days, then I got married frown

I find my hand eye brain co-ordination lets me down a bit now which precludes flying planes and find chuffing steamers around are no longer any fun for me.



03/05/2019 21:35:02

And there was me thinking they ate a heavy meal beforehand laugh, don't ask me how they come back up though devil.

I'm in need of a bit of advice guys, I haven't been able to decide on a sound module yet, I've listened to the Forge one and have to say I'm not impressed, it just sounds like white noise to me! I like the Harbor module but way too expensive for me, there's one at Mr RC World that sounds really good but it doesn't match to engine speed. I just don't know what to do. It might be that I wait and look at building a solution round an Arduino or Raspberry Pi and a single sound snip.

Ray, are you giving up on locos as well now?



03/05/2019 19:08:06

Hi Ray, Well someone had to, he's got so many laugh. I bought Speedy as it is, the intent being to complete it but it was going to be too much of a project for me and my skills. I bought it at the right price and have put a test certificate for double working pressure on it so any future purchaser can be confident on it's condition.

I am making my own boilers, couple of verticals and possibly 2 or 3 horizontals depending on what I build in boats.

Which is your ad then? The Maidstone ad?



03/05/2019 16:38:38

Hi Eddie, just looks like a load of balls laugh, sorry had to say it!!! Didn't know you could still buy lead shot with all the associated risks of lead poisoning. Hmmm must check on the wife's insurance wink. My plan is to take plugs of the ballast areas and create sand moulds to cast them.

Made my Porthole borer today:

Porthole borer.jpg

It's a touch too big but should be fine, done a bit more to the topsides but nothing worth uploading at the mo, just been sorting out my Speedy 5" gauge loco ready to sell.

Model Boat came ashore today, had a quick glance, the Barge looks about the right size for us but J P Woods hasn't really caught up with where we /you are currently cheeky.

Have a great weekend (any boating?)



02/05/2019 10:45:41

Aaaw guys, what am I going to do now? I can't name it after MY grandson.... Master Charlie.... that sounds like a right Charlie wink I could name it 'Maggie May', Maggie is my sons partners name and May just goes with it. Or I could name it after my other son....'Desperate Dan', I'm making no further comment on that one or after his wife 'Miss Ellie', now she's one that I don't really get on with, nor the rest of the family.

A Riva launch Ray??? My list is getting longer by the day laugh. I think my next builds will be a barge for the tug, then I'd like to tackle a sailer, either a Thames barge or Bristol type cutter then things get a bit hazy, would like an MTB type or frigate/corvette, who knows. smiley



01/05/2019 23:11:51

Hi Eddie, They look great, how did you make them?

Yes I have got a name for mine, it will be Lady Barbara, a nod to my wife, after all she 'tugs' my heart strings, pulls my wallet out and pushes me out shopping so what better? laugh



01/05/2019 10:19:57

Hi Eddie, thanks, it is frustrating when you're on a roll and you have to wait for stuff to take its time, even when you're working on two different parts of the build.

Why mk.ll?



30/04/2019 19:46:58

A bit more progress made, filled and rubbed down the hull and another coat of filler primer and some more work on the superduper-structure:


Funnel is just spot glued to get correct rake:



Gone with a different version rooflight:


As the speaker underneath will be a waterproof one I might leave the little porthole vents with no glazing.

Really enjoying this part of the build smiley

Think I've settled on the colour scheme, red lower hull, black upper hull and primer colour for topsides, I do have a precedent smiley

tug no 16.jpg

That's it for now folks, going to concentrate on the wheelhouse next.

See you soon


Edited By Roger Clark on 30/04/2019 19:49:54

28/04/2019 22:05:30

Hi Eddie, OK that's it I'll glue it up and run as is laugh

28/04/2019 16:40:05

Hi Eddie, thanks, I only realised today that I started this build just over a month ago,seems like I've been doing it forever!

I've done a mock-up to try and get perspective of the final build, been using Invincible as part of the style:


And this is my mock-up, Cowl vents to be added smiley:


So any thoughts, comments, advice anyone? (Other than my grandson could draw better laugh)



27/04/2019 16:56:38

Hi All, another entry in the build, put a coat of primer on the hull, not too displeased with the fiinish, some areas need attention but not as much as I feared.Thought I'd bash on with the superstructure for a change. smiley


Got it clamped up while gluing smiley


The view from the stern


and a full broadside, I decided to stray from the plan on the topside, it's surprising how accessible the inside is with the sides on, just might make all this permanent or semi-permanent and just have the top deck removable, we'll decide later on, any comments on this guys, oh and gals. laugh

I found that American white oak was often used for the main deck on tugs of this era so I think that is what I shall go for, also I think I will use two 6 volt 3.2 Ah or 6 Ah batteries depending on what will fit without disturbing the C O G too much. I'll make up boxes containing lead to the relevant sizes when I'm ready for ballasting and do some roll recovery tests.

Hey I'm sounding like a pro here laugh, It's only from reading and taking onboard advice from you allwink.



25/04/2019 20:46:05

Hi Ray, thanks for the warning, saves me a bit of work then wink, but teak?, Burmese Teak!!!! What do you think my little tugger cap'n earns? He can only just afford to have his barnacles cleaned off and a coat of paint every 5 or so years!

Truth be told I don't know what timber they would have used?



25/04/2019 16:03:11

Well, another milestone (knotstone?) has been reached today smiley


The decking is complete!!


A second one just to show how ropey it is crying

I do intend to weather the decking as befits a working vessel but I did have an element of bleed from the paper used for the caulking but that's how we learn. I'll do a coat of sanding sealer which will stiffen up the wood and paper fibres and give it a quick rub down and the some weather stain (it silvers up the wood) and then another coat or two of sanding sealer then some satin varnish rubbed down with very fine paper to take the shine off.

Anyway sit and relax and let the backpain go away. smiley



24/04/2019 22:12:17

Hi Eddie, glad to hear your boat didn't sink without a trace and you found the leak. It'll be interesting how close my tug comes to your ballasting, I'm still of a mind to make mine sit lower in the water though,but we will see.

SWIMBO had other ideas for my time today, plus it's been a wet one over here in Herefordshire but not enough to float anything significant though. I did manage to get another batch of planks cut and caulked ready for tomorrow so hopefully I'll complete the decking of the hull.

The outline of your hull looks great smiley even if it is hanging off a washing line laugh



Edited By Roger Clark on 24/04/2019 22:13:48

23/04/2019 22:15:05

I must admit Eddie Those colours are growing on me smiley, my problem is I have bought yellow primer, red undercoat, satin black and lacquer top coat and feel I'm in danger of being a copy cat!!! but yours is coming on finelaugh.

Had a welcome donation of over 20Kgs of lead this evening, very welcome indeed.

The plan tomorrow is to complete the planking and maybe to get a coat of primer onto the hull and see how much filler I will need. sad. lets see if the weather will be favourable.



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