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Thread: Wanted - Veron Dolphin
15/07/2020 18:31:23
Posted by Dave Milbourn on 14/07/2020 18:54:02:


You probably already know that this kit was introduced in 1952 and that Veron ceased to trade in the early 80's so the chances of finding a kit are round about zero. However Phil Smith's son does have an archive of many of his Dad's designs and he might be able to supply a plan. Here's a link Vintage Models

Dave M

Sorry to drop in on this thread but thanks Dave smiley, I now have the plans for my part built Damen Stantug coming yippee laugh, yet another missing link for my part-built donations ticked off.



Thread: Lady Jan steam tug
05/07/2020 10:51:13

Hi Mark, Lovely boat, you should be proud of your dad smiley. Like Bob and Ray said you absolutely must join a club, make sure they have a boiler tester, commercial testers will cost you much money, and being in a club will benefit you with knowledge, experience and third party insurance which you must have if you float your boat anywhere that the public has access to.

If you give your location there may be some who can advise on a suitable club, not all model boat clubs have boiler inspectors but model engineering clubs generally do and some have a boating fraternity as well.

I would be surprised if a condenser tank wasn't on board, they are used to extract the steam oil before the steam goes up the chimney and into the environment, some clubs require this. In saying this the pipework looks quite complex and your dad would not be returning exhaust steam back into a water tank as you wouldn't want oil going into the boiler. Needs further investigation.



Edited By Roger Clark on 05/07/2020 11:00:28

Thread: Look what's just docked!
28/06/2020 11:01:10

Yes, definitely not a mantelpiece job, would need the nest of tables that we have and her flowers have that reserved. sad


28/06/2020 10:12:07

I'll answer the second question first Ashley...... NO smiley

As to the first I didn't know that pirates dressed like that as most of the historical features I've seen he could be anyone in period dress, i.e. a merchant or captain or anybody who wishes to dress like that.

It's just a bit of fun Ashley

It is well detailed, some of the trunks hold servos, He's put an ACTION unit in for a whistle, the lantern has an led in it. The last job to do is to add a mini servo to operate his drinking arm devil

The idea of displaying it in house has been torpedoed, hit the rocks, crashed and burned, sank without trace, not having that smelly thing in my house and that's final (wife's logical discussion with me laugh)! crying



Edited By Roger Clark on 28/06/2020 10:22:20

25/06/2020 19:01:05

No Ashley, I carry those to fend off the unwashed!devillaugh



25/06/2020 11:27:26

As my wife is 70 today I have a very valid argument for using her name Ray, she's always huffing and puffing and letting off steam devillaugh.

Jolly Roger would elicit too many comments that I would prefer not to hear, most of them from my wife.crying



Edited By Roger Clark on 25/06/2020 11:30:08

24/06/2020 19:31:23

Hi Eddie, Hmmmm 'Lady Barbara' has a nice ring to it angel, not sure that will quite swing it though but nice try Eddie wink


24/06/2020 19:02:01

Hi Chris , thanks, it'll be a while before she steams up as the certificate runs out this month so I might leave it until next year before I retest and float my boat. Display? yes good idea smiley, any suggestions as to broaching it with SWMBO as to replacing some of her beloved ornaments with a smelly dirty (her words) boat will be gratefully received, names and contact numbers required devil



24/06/2020 14:25:01

Finally had the Steam Launch delivered that I bought in early April smiley

hannah louise 3.jpg

Hannah Louise is the name and it's a scale boat originally electric powered then converted to steam.

hannah louise 2.jpg


hannah louise 1.jpg

The gentleman, now deceased, who built it has paid incredible attention to detailing it and making a scene of it rather than just a steam launch, I feel privileged to look after it for my time here. devil



Edited By Roger Clark on 24/06/2020 14:26:23

Thread: What boat is this?
22/06/2020 17:46:53

Hi Tim,

Are you sure you have posted this on the correct thread?

This barge had no mast for sails, the only mast was a short one on the top of the cabin and as far as I can tell was not wired. All the articles from Model Maker are in my album of the same name



Edited By Roger Clark on 22/06/2020 17:50:16

Thread: Wanted - ME mag vol 90 issue 2228 (1944)
19/06/2020 22:03:36

Hi Ray,

I've got all the rest of the mags that the build was in and they're like a jigsaw so just want it to check I'm not missing anything. It is just a basic generic description of the build, not like what we do wink, my concern is that the plans are faded and quite difficult to read so just gathering every bit of writing Andrew Bowness did on this boat like finding that the 'portholes' were 9" dia, it all adds up to getting it right.

It's not tinplate it's brass and I'm sure it's watertight but will be testing once I clean it up and do some repairs to it, nothing serious just a couple of frames have sprung.



19/06/2020 19:23:50

Thanks, I know about that one but it's a bit more than I want to pay for for a couple of pages of writing unless I really have to, I've got it in my watch list just in case.

19/06/2020 18:18:04

Yep tried there sad, think I'll pop an add on the MM forum.


Edited By Roger Clark on 19/06/2020 18:19:43

19/06/2020 11:20:48

Hi, looking for this magazine or specifically a pdf scan of the Ships Modeller item on the TBD HMS Javelin for a build I'm about to do.



Thread: J, K, N Class Destroyer
19/06/2020 11:16:15

Hi All,

I've decided to build this as HMS Kelly, same design but with a longer aft housing which will give me wriggle room for the engine.

I am after a copy of ME vol 90 issue 2228 or a scan of the 'Ships Modeller corner' about HMS Javelin, this would complete the build description as it stands.

I'll create a topic for the build log for probably HMS Kelly but it might be Jervis or Napier as these were the flotilla leaders with the extra accommodation aft.

I'll do a wanted post for the ME mag as well.



07/06/2020 20:09:32

Hi Ray, yes that's the plan as the Javelin has 2 15" water tanks each side of the boiler hence having the longer in steam time.

The D10 is £194 + vat for diy or a hefty £877.20 (ex. VAT) if you're rich & lazy (I'm definitely not in the rich category laugh)

If I don't build the boiler I might go for the Clevedon Libra Horizontal Boiler @ £405 but not making a decision on that for a while, I'll start the build thread and the actual build and take it from there.



07/06/2020 18:55:10

I have a few options, I have a couple of twin v oscillators, one part built and one kit, both self-starting and reversing, just need to check whether they will run 2" props and assess how steam thirsty they'll be, or how messy they'll be! The boiler will probably be a 4" x 10" with cross tubes for fast steaming, not sure if I'll buy or build.

I do want to get an hours steaming if possible but will have to look for help from them that knows. smiley



07/06/2020 16:32:09

Hi Eddie, The double 10 would probably be the biggest I could shoehorne in as I do have superstructure above the planned location for it, again the boiler size width and length is fine but I can't picture the boiler as I have a Stuart 504 factory recon boiler which is giiiiinormous. Why do you know someone who has one for sale cheap? winkdevil

Just spent today adding a kitchen extractor fan (I replaced it with a new one + points with SWMBO angel) to my spray booth for extra suck. laugh, knackered now crying.

Roll on when I can go boating.



07/06/2020 11:17:13

Hi Eddie, have been following along with everyone's builds with interest. I have been more involved with repairing my decking as some joists had gone rotten along with a couple of decking planks, problem is they don't make that profile anymore so needs must, missus will have a planter now. smiley. My workshop roof stated leaking over the winter and as I couldn't get/afford to pay for labour and with the lockdown couldn't have any family to help I had to do it myself over a couple of weeks during our recent sunny period smile d, just managed to complete it before the rain come. Now to tidy the shop back up where I moved stuff away from the wet area.

The build will be an extended one as I need to consider whether to buy or build the power plant, what size it needs to be to drive the destroyer at a decent rate of knots without running out of puff, what to use for the decking and for the superstructure. Might try my resin printer for some of the parts devil.

I won a little steamer at a bereaved auction just before the lockdown and can't wait to collect it, soon hopefully. laugh

steam launch .jpg

Yo ho ho.


06/06/2020 12:02:52

Hi all,

The information is gradually coming together Have now got most of the M E mags concerning the main build of HMS Javelin and it was designed to be built at 1" to 5ft which I believe is 1:60, and the hull would be correct at 70" long. Obviously the beam is greater to give stability at 8".

Once I start repairing the hull and start the build I will do it in a new thread, will let you know when I'm ready to go. devil

All the best, stay safe.



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