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Thread: Model Boats November 2020
27/10/2020 12:08:10

It's there now!


Thread: MOD police launch
26/10/2020 14:38:13

Being fairly new to this hobby I went straight into brushless. Have to admit though that now having a couple of boats with brushed motors I'm pretty impressed with how well they go.

First choice is still for brushless though just for the nice engineering!


Thread: Fairey Swordsman 33
26/10/2020 14:27:04


That part is clean and tidy! It's actually the small bedroom so certainly have access to a shiny kettle and fresh milk!

It's pretty rammed in there at the moment as still got boxes and other stuff to sort out but No. 2 son has been with us since February due to Covid and I want to move some of the books etc. into his room.


Edited By Chris Fellows on 26/10/2020 14:32:17

Thread: Model Boats November 2020
26/10/2020 14:24:05

I had a look earlier and it wasn't there then.


Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
22/10/2020 17:29:57

Thanks Ray

Yes, that does make sense. I forgot that you had the details of the full-size boat.

I did get a copy for interest but couldn't find a Fairey in it! smiley


Thread: Fairey Swordsman 33
21/10/2020 22:12:18

They were identical posts timed a second apart, even included the photo. I then changed the duplicate.


21/10/2020 18:04:30

Ended up with duplicate posts for some reason!

Edited By Chris Fellows on 21/10/2020 18:10:56

21/10/2020 18:04:29

Well before the actual planking I've had to produce a sub-base for each side out of 0.8mm birch ply. The planking is glued to this sub-base off the model and therefore needs to fit as accurately as you can make make it within the mahogany edging.

I made use of the bow detail drawing as part of the paper template. This was then drawn around, slightly oversize, onto the ply and cut out with a Stanley knife. It was then gradually sanded back with a PermaGrit block to ensure a good fit. I'd made life easier for myself by leaving off the coaming around the inside of the hull so could simply sand back to the inside rather than have to do more fitting. The photo shows one side finished and the other about to be sanded to the inside edges.

I'm going to try Titebond III for the planking and whilst waiting for it to be delivered will get on with the sub-bases for the other two hulls.


Sub base

Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
20/10/2020 21:52:55

Hi Ray

Just been reading back through your build. How do you decide on the number of bulkheads to use? I assume it's based on the shape of the hull and the number required to achieve it and smooth curves? 


Edited By Chris Fellows on 20/10/2020 21:56:52

19/10/2020 22:55:59

Blimey, you'll have another model built by then! smiley

Thread: Guidance
19/10/2020 16:38:35

Was it Byrnes Model Machines Dave? I remember reading a forum post about someone who had bought one. Expensive but lovely quality.


Thread: Huntress 23 Long Cabin Version
18/10/2020 18:26:53

Today I finished off the edging by fitting the side pieces and that to the transom.


Edge detail 2

Edge detail 3

Thread: SG&K Gentlemans Runabout Mk2
18/10/2020 11:29:36

Looks very good on the water Harry.


Thread: Huntress 23 Long Cabin Version
17/10/2020 21:07:00

Well, I couldn't leave the baby of the fleet out could I!

So I've started fitting the mahogany edging to the Huntress as well in readiness for planking. A veritable Fairey production line!


Edge detail 1

Thread: Fairey Swordsman 33
17/10/2020 20:53:01

The procedure for the edging at the transom followed that of the bow but rather than screw into balsa I used double sided tape. Before gluing, the ends were cut and sanded to ensure a snug fit between the side pieces.

All ready for planking now.


Edge detail 5

17/10/2020 20:44:22

The deck edgings were then produced by cutting out a card template as shown in the last photo, transferred to some more sheet and cut out over-size. The pieces were then clamped in place and as before sanded back to the deck edge, removed and again a 5mm (one plank width at 1:12) width marked down the sides, dots joined up and then cut out on the scroll saw, glad when I reached the end! Sanded and glued in place.

Edge detail 4

Edge detail 3

17/10/2020 19:49:21

This was the first build that I started and stalled because I wanted to plank the deck and until that was done I couldn't start the superstructure. To put off the day of reckoning I started other builds but they got to the same stage as well!

I then decided to get the deck planking laser etched and started pursuing this but whilst doing so a chap on Mahem started a Huntsman 31 build and used a method for planking off the hull. It looks the biz and a method that appealed to me and sparked my enthusiasm to get on with my builds again. Joe's build is called Hunters Moon and has resulted in a lovely model.

After my last posting the lightweight cloth and Eze-Kote resin was applied and then set aside whilst household stuff and other builds were undertaken.

hull cloth and resin completed.jpg

The sub-deck then required some filling with P38 where there were low spots at the joints and where the 0.8mm ply had "sagged" slightly between the supports for the camber on the bow. This was because I ran them fore and aft unlike on a later build where they are side to side and the ply follows a nice curve and is better supported.

Next day was a rare dry and sunny one (well it was when I started) so I carried out the messy job of sanding the P38 down outside. Just finished when the rain started!

The deck was then ready to start the planking process which first required a bow detail (edging and kingplank) and side and transom edgings to be fitted inside which the planking would fit.

That for the Huntsman was carried out after the Swordsman, though overlapped, and has already been posted, but for completeness the process will be included here.

The edgings etc. are produced from 1.5 x 100mm mahogany sheet. The bow detail as I'm calling it was started by screwing 2 pieces of the sheet to the deck (unlike with the Huntsman there aren't big holes in the breast hook), the bow was then drawn around and the pieces removed and cut over-size. They were again screwed to the deck and the edges sanded to the deck edge.

Bow detail 2

A drawing had been produced to see what the bow looked like and for transferring to the mahogany but this wasn't used in the end.

Bow detail 1

The sheets were then removed again and the king plank and edges were marked out - edges done by marking a 5mm width at intervals and joining the dots with a big plastic curved rule. Then cut out carefully on the scroll saw and carefully sanded. Scarf joints were then cut and sanded and the two parts were then glued in place with Slo Zap.

Bow detail 4

Thread: Fairey Huntsman 31
17/10/2020 18:12:41

Got on with the piece of edging at the transom this morning. Same process as for the bow; held the mahogany sheet in place by hand and drew around the transom, cut slightly oversize and held in place temporarily with double sided tape, sanded to the transom edge and then removed. Ends were cut and sanded to fit between the side pieces and then glued in place.

Ready to have a bash at the planking now.


Edge detail 3

Edge detail 5

17/10/2020 11:34:51

Just had a look Dave and the Ferex Ray is reffering to at £149 is another band saw but is showing as sold out.

It was either a scroll or band saw for me and decided on the former. Was thinking about a band saw at some point for planks etc. but may not bother now for the use it will get. The scroll saw has been brilliant and has had quite a bit of use and for less than £120 was good value.

Still fancy a pillar drill though, but don't have the space at the moment.


Edited By Chris Fellows on 17/10/2020 11:36:59

Thread: Todays Boating
17/10/2020 11:15:03

I'd get more done if I worked during the evening but I prefer having some natural light and after tea a bottle of red starts calling me. Not every night mind, just the extended weekend!

What are these skimmers or are they on the secret list? wink


Edited By Chris Fellows on 17/10/2020 11:16:49

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