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Thread: Solent Spear - A Fairey, but not a Fairey
07/11/2020 17:06:44

Hi Will

Never say never, but I think it unlikely. Most modellers tend to build the classic Faireys that were timber rather than the later GRP. A lack of drawings doesn't help.

I do like some of the later designs, revivals and boats built on Fairey or similar hulls but I've got enough on my plate with the classic stuff!

Have you seen UKMikes build on Mahem for a Huntsman Aft Cabin Becomes a Sports Fisherman?


Thread: MV Oldenburg 1/48th scale
05/11/2020 21:44:42

Certainly different to your other builds, unlike mine! smiley

Good stuff.

Will be interested to see how you do the balsa planking.


Thread: Huntress 23 Long Cabin Version
04/11/2020 19:41:23

Thanks Ray, we're never completely happy with our building though are we!


04/11/2020 15:34:30

After my experience with the other two hulls I had my doubts as to whether I could dry bend the planks all the way to the prow. I nearly straightened out the curve to the bow area but decided to go for it.

Had 3 or 4 breakages which meant removing the offending plank, difficult with CA, but I got there in the end. One side is better than the other. Looked at it this morning when the glue had fully dried and there were undulations to the bow area and I thought about scrapping it and planking it in the traditional way, but that would require me to get some thicker planks and delay.

After a quick sanding with 240 grit it looked better (as per the photo) and with more sanding it will just about look Ok. Got to be careful though with 0.5mm thick planks.

You'd think letting in the the two fore and aft planks to the bow would be the easy part wouldn't you? But no I managed to cut out about 1.5mm too wide, what the!! Thoughts were to cut down another length of plank to fill the gap, but then thought I've got some 2mm square mahogany, so the gap was opened up a tad and the mahogany glued in. I quite like it (happy cock up!) and as none of these particular Huntresses were ever built, no problem!

I've been putting off building the stands but that needs to be done now to make fitting the rubbing strips etc. easier.





Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
04/11/2020 10:53:21

Had what will probably be our last days racing on Monday abiding by the max. 6 rule. Committee have now issued new rules on no more than 2.

Lake is on private land, a farm, so no leeway.

Just bought another race boat as well. So, back to building for now.


Thread: Todays Boating
04/11/2020 10:41:56

Was going to say could you adapt the fins at the back of the roof as rudders and then thought stupid boy! Not enough coffee yet!

A rudder on the bottom would be no worse than additional/bigger keels on sailing boats or extra bits on record breaking type boats.

Or what about using a jet drive? Edit: I see you've already thought of that - sounds ideal to me.



Edited By Chris Fellows on 04/11/2020 10:46:01

Edited By Chris Fellows on 04/11/2020 10:47:37

03/11/2020 22:38:26
Posted by Ray Wood 2 on 03/11/2020 09:33:39:

What should we do now Troy ??

And Marina is keeping stump! smiley


Thread: Fairey Swordsman 33
02/11/2020 01:02:31

As per that for the Huntsman 31 the planking has been completed for the bow and sides of the deck. With the experience gained and lessons learnt it was carried out more quickly, more easily and with less stress! With it being another job I didn't fancy crossed off the list it will be something that I can tackle with more confidence with regard to future builds.

Just needs sanding of the edges and top to be completed and it is ready for gluing down. I shall add the rubbing strips before that and make a stand.


planking 1

planking 2

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
31/10/2020 18:15:02

Bloomin' heck Neil! Don't open any doors or windows when it's windy!


Thread: Fairey Huntsman 31
31/10/2020 12:21:36

Before starting on the second side it was prudent to do some marking out so that the planks on each would meet the king plank symmetrically. Having done this I planked the rear two thirds of the second side to where the joints are and then added the sixth plank which was the point I'd I'd got to on the first side, along the line marked out. This was a bit of a risk as I would be fitting planks both inside and outside this plank.

I then fitted planks alternately to both sides, approaching the king plank, checking measurements as I went. The last thing you want is a marked difference in size of the last small triangular plank as the eye will be drawn to it. They ended up smaller than drawn out and less than a plank width but at least they are pretty much the same size. This part was definitely the hardest part!

I then added the planks to the outside and thankfully the outermost plank fitted nicely to the outside edge of the ply sub-base. The oversailing planking was then sanded back to the edge of the sub-base and the top given a preliminary sanding. As said, not perfect, but will look nice once varnished and contrasted with the mahogany.

Got the Swordsman to do now and maybe the Huntress!


planking 3

planking 4

planking 5

Thread: Winter 2020 Magazine
31/10/2020 11:58:25

As has been mentioned in previous discussions on this, there are much greater things to worry about and thankfully production of the magazine has started again but as seems likely then, there will be no Winter Edition then that means I will be only getting 12 rather than the 13 that is stated in the subscribe link unless an extra one is added to this years subscription along with the delayed ones?

I'll drop an email and ask the question.

I'm not really that bothered more interested really, but it's raining and apart from building there's not much else I can do. Though I suppose I could finish reading the last mag!


31/10/2020 01:25:38

I should think so. Two reasons, if taking out a subscription it says you will receive 13 magazines per year and we were told that the missed magazines would be added to the subscription, as one would expect, so contractually there should be one.

I'm also wondering what is going to happen to the digital editions. I subscribe to those and am already having problems accessing archived ones again and am wondering what effect that Flash Player not being supported after December is going to have?



Edited By Chris Fellows on 31/10/2020 01:36:56

Thread: Fairey Huntsman 31
30/10/2020 00:05:42

Absolutely Ray! But after taking the easy option on Huntsman 28 by just varnishing the birch ply I wanted to have a go at planking.

With the Huntress the planks need to curve all the way to the bow but from this experience I think I'm going to have to get some thicker planks and do it the usual way by bending the planks and gluing straight to the deck.


Edited By Chris Fellows on 30/10/2020 00:19:57

29/10/2020 18:15:14

It's been one of those two steps forward and one step back days today which most of us have from time to time. I started on the second plank and had difficulty getting it to lay flat where it curves towards the bow and not helped by a slight weakness in the plank due to a branch or similar. I got it flat but the plank started to splinter. Gave it a sand and it didn't look too bad so carried on. I made sure with the third plank that there weren't any defects at that point but still had trouble, not helped by the curve getting tighter as more planks were fitted.

To be honest I wasn't completely happy anyway; in the previous photos you can see that the first plank isn't a nice smooth curve, so the decision was made to remove some of the planking. As you can imagine this was a bit of a pig to do having used CA but using a variety of sharp tools I got it done. No way was I going to remove the full length of the planks so I introduced joints just back from the front of the cabin, which I think looks better anyway, and cut some false joints with the Stanley knife further back to effectively cut the planks into thirds. Another hiccup was with one of the planks near the stern which had ridden up on the adjacent plank and the CA had grabbed before I noticed. So this was cut out and replaced.

With the replacement planks at the bow I've straightened out the curve sooner so that they meet the edging sooner which makes fitting the planks easier. Not exactly like the real thing but still much better than straight planking. Was hoping to get both sides done today but with the problems that didn't happen. I shall start the second side before finishing the first incase I have to make any adjustments to get it symmetrical.



planking 2

28/10/2020 20:31:54

Hi Ray

The king plank and edging and the planking is being done with reference to photos of the real thing. They do vary a bit from boat to boat as many have had the decks replaced. The outermost plank doesn't go round that final bend to the bow but finishes as shown.

The second plank was quicker and easier to glue in position as you have the first one to push up against.

Photo attached of the Swordsman Tireur showing the bow detail which I'm using for the Huntsman and Swordsman builds.


Tireur bow



Edited By Chris Fellows on 28/10/2020 20:42:36

28/10/2020 18:12:02

Just started the planking and got the first one fitted. Even using 0.5mm thick planks they obviously bend upwards going round a curve particularly at the bow where they are tightest.

So decided to use thin CA in the end rather than Titebond so that I could do a short section at a time and not have to wait for it to dry. Fiddly process but the subsequent planks should be easier to do.

Not perfect by any means but once sanded and varnished it should be look Ok. Timber is Tananyka which looks like teak when varnished.


Planking started

First plank completed

Thread: Huntress 23 Long Cabin Version
27/10/2020 22:26:26

They do have advantages Paul but as with outboards they do have one disadvantage at very slow speeds of a lack of steering.

We used to have a cabin cruiser many years ago with an outboard and when going into locks and moorings etc. at very slow speed it was difficult to control. Couldn't use a blip of the throttle as that would increase speed when you didn't want it!

Our answer was to bolt a plate onto the outboard which worked really well as long as you had some forward motion faster than the current.


Thread: Fairey Huntsman 31
27/10/2020 17:48:35

Hi Ray

That's like asking which is your favourite child!

I like them all for different reasons. The Huntsman Sport may have become a favourite but that is no more!

So maybe the River Cruiser and Huntress.

Watch this space though! smiley


Thread: Huntress 23 Long Cabin Version
27/10/2020 17:24:03

Whilst it will be easier to plank the deck in the more traditional way than for the other two models, i.e. gluing the planks straight onto the deck, due to it being a smaller hull and a pointed prow, I decided I'd do it in the same way as the other two and so again a sub-base was required.

I must admit that by the time I was finishing that for the Huntsman it was becoming a little tedious and time consuming in having to sand bit by bit to the correct shape but I was determined to do all three before I started planking. Serves me right for having three hull builds on the go at once! I'm sure that my small PermaGrit block is now showing signs of wear after all the birch ply that it's sanded since I started building models!

As I only had off-cuts of 0.8mm ply left now I had to make the sub-base out of three pieces. Paper templates were made for the bow and side pieces, drawn around on the ply and then cut out. They were then sanded to fit within the mahogany edging and flush with where the internal coaming will sit. Finally I glued the joins between the pieces with Slo Zap and added some temporary reinforcing pieces of 3 x 3mm bass with a/resin which will be removed once planking commences.


Sub base

Thread: Fairey Huntsman 31
27/10/2020 16:55:00

As for the Swordsman I've had to cut out and fit the sub-base from 0.8mm birch ply. Again a paper template was produced first then drawn around oversize on the ply. This was then cut out with the Stanley knife and sanded back to fit inside the mahogany king plank and edgings and flush to where the internal coaming will sit.


Sub base

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