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Thread: Fairey Swordsman 33
13/01/2021 23:06:09

The top of the front window was sanded down flush with the sides and small section bass was glued to the top of the sides to provide additional support and gluing area for the planking.

Planking was then carried out using my usual method (as advocated by DM) of 3 x 9mm obechi planks glued at the supports (rear cabin former, roof beam and window) with slow cure CA and a/resin along the sides. Unfortunately I don't have enough timber to finish the roof so have ordered more from SLEC along with ply and mahogany to replenish stocks. I've kept the superstructure clamped down continuously to the upstand this time as on a previous build I removed the clamps before the glue had completely dried, though well bonded, and it twisted the superstructure slightly leaving gaps at the deck joint which took some rectifying. By the time I've finished all my builds I might have this model making lark sussed!





10/01/2021 17:23:20

Drawings were then produced for the roof beam and front window. The roof beam was cut from 3mm ply and then glued and clamped in place. This helped to pull in the sides and make fitting the window easier.

I'd had a right game with fitting the Huntsman 28 window as once the a/resin was applied it kept slipping and the clamps kept falling off - the Deluxe Materials I use now does grab better though. I tried CA as well but the surfaces had been contaminated and I had to add some small pieces of timber between the window and sides before it held.

So lesson learnt, I glued in 2 x 2mm timbers first to provide additional gluing area and to act as a guide to position the window and get it at the right angle. Another lesson learnt is not to cut out the window aperture straight away. I'd done this before and by the time the window had been cut and sanded to fit, the frame was too narrow in places and I had to make another one!

This time I cut out a blank, cut and sanded the bottom to match the camber of the deck and with the front of the side pieces lightly clamped it was just then a simple case of sanding the edges a bit at a time until the blank dropped into place. The top of the window (which will support the roof planks) and the window aperture were then drawn on and then cut and sanded - the top being left slightly proud for final sanding. The window was then glued in place with a/resin and didn't need any clamps and was a doddle this time!





10/01/2021 16:39:01

2mm birch ply was chosen for the the cabin sides/coamings and oversize pieces were cut out. The bottom edge of each piece was then offered up to the deck along the upstands and areas identified where sanding was required to account for the deck camber, unsurprisingly this was at the front and rear ends. Once sanded and an acceptable fit obtained the drawings were transferred to the ply and cut out on the scroll saw.

The cabin box was then fitted in the hull and the cabin sides/coamings were then glued to the sides of the box at the front and rear.



Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
10/01/2021 16:21:13

Adding the lights was a good decision George. It really lifts the model, especially as you have interior detail.


Thread: 2021 Builds during lockdowns
07/01/2021 12:02:09

Hi All

I don't think it will come as any surprise that I'm carrying on with my Fairey builds. The three underway will be progressed to the painting stage to join the other two for a mass spraying in the spring.

Then for something a bit different I shall make a start on the Faun river cruiser and Fisherman motor sailer (both Faireys of course!) which are plank on frame.

When I was young in the 1960s my father had built a large Hornby 00 layout in the roof of the shop my parents had at the time and I had a great time playing with it. Unfortunately when we moved to a house it was dismantled and built into two smaller layouts which weren't as good. The trains etc. are still at my mother's house unless my brother has spirited them away!


Thread: Fairey Swordsman 33
04/01/2021 17:46:20

The formers for the rear of the front cabin and front of the rear cabin were transferred to 3mm birch ply and the base and sides drawn out and then all parts cut out on the scroll saw and sanded to the lines with my PermaGrit blocks. Once this was done they were glued together with a/resin to form the box for the cockpit area.

A trial fit of the paper cabin sides/coamings found that the bulkhead/front of the rear cabin didn't line up, even though curvature of the sides had been allowed for, and so an adjustment was made to the drawing and printed out again and this time lined up Ok.






Thread: Todays Boating
31/12/2020 12:43:31

Doubt you'll be allowed to use it? Our lake has been shut down completely now.


Thread: Fairey Swordsman 33
30/12/2020 16:29:36

Well it's been quite a few weeks since I've done any building as I've been doing exciting stuff like fitting a support bracket in the roof space for the vertical boiler flue before the next service as it was picked up last time. This should have been fitted by the "professional" installers years ago when the heating was replaced but obviously they couldn't be bothered!

Anyway the first job was carried out so that Ray could sleep at night! This was the upstand along each side against which the superstructure would be built and to locate it in place and of course to keep the wet stuff out!

After this I drew up the parts for the superstructure so I'm all ready to get going again. I've had to evict the spiders from the work room though first!


upstands fitted

superstructure parts

Edited By Chris Fellows on 30/12/2020 16:31:33

Thread: Model Boat Mayhem Trojan 15:15 2020.12.28????
28/12/2020 23:28:38

I've visited a few times today, including just now and no problems. Another Norton user.


Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
27/12/2020 10:18:31


Yes, a misunderstanding, please accept my apologies.

I'll stick to Faireys!


24/12/2020 13:14:45


So what you said about looking everywhere and not finding them wasn't true and then fellow members wasted their time in tracking them down to where you had already ordered them from!

Not impressed! no

Thread: Digital Archive Not Accessible
18/12/2020 14:56:49

Hmmm, part of the reason for me subscribing to Print + Digital was for accessing old editions!


18/12/2020 11:56:11

That's good news. I did mention this awhile back on another thread but got no response. It shouldn't really be subscribers who have to highlight this type of technical issue. As said it's been known about for sometime. Problems due to Covid accepted.


Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
17/12/2020 22:06:21

Looking really good George. It's the details that really make the difference.


Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
17/12/2020 21:55:59

Ray - One of our sons has been back with us since the start of the lockdown which meant that my ARTR yacht and Club 500 race boat moved out of his bedroom and into the lounge. They were then evicted to make room for the Christmas tree and are now in the guest bedroom along with two more race boat aquisitions and were joined by the River Cruiser and Huntsman 28 builds. Sometimes the bed also enjoys the company of the Huntsman 31 and Swordsman when space is required on the building board. The management hasn't said anything so far (apart from the odd sigh and glare!) but give it time! The immortal words "and where's that one going?" have been uttered though on more than one occasion when either another build starts or a large parcel arrives!

One of DM's Huntresses did take up residence in the lounge on top of the bookcase about 2 years ago and seems to have made it itself a home there!

Eddie - good to hear from you again, not heard much from you on here for awhile.


guest bedroom.jpg



Edited By Chris Fellows on 17/12/2020 22:02:02

17/12/2020 13:33:14

Hi Ray

Yeah, neat cradle.

I shall be using Nylet for when I need sails.


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
10/12/2020 13:13:47

Nice work on the railings and airbags Neil.

I bet it's a bit nerve wracking working on top of that lovely paintwork!


Thread: MV Oldenburg 1/48th scale
24/11/2020 20:23:51

As Ray says timber is always well packaged from SLEC so no problem there. Problem for me though is that I have to make up a sizeable order to make the postage viable and my work room is like an offshoot of SLEC! The number of times I think I've thought of everything I need and then find I haven't! I need to put another order together really but have spent a lot recently, not just on timber.

Mind you the Winter Fuel Allowance is payable soon, or as I call it the Winter Wine Allowance! smiley


Thread: Todays Boating
24/11/2020 20:01:21

Film on the One Show this evening about the deer including one going through the water. You have a lovely venue there.


Thread: MV Oldenburg 1/48th scale
24/11/2020 17:20:09

Hi Ray

Paint the bottom green and call it Kermit! laugh

Making good progress as usual.


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