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Thread: Problem Accessing Digital Editions
19/09/2020 11:12:50

Sorted it. What I'm having to do is go into the browser settings for the older copies and allow access.

I'm guessing this has to do with the various browsers stopping support for Flash Player soon and that the more recent copies use different software to read them?

Certainly confusing!


19/09/2020 10:46:53


Just tried accessing some of the digital copies of the magazine.

Recent ones open fine but further back than March 2019 I get the message: You need to upgrade your Flash Player etc....Click below to download the latest version.

Tried that and I get a message to say the plugin is blocked.

I'm having a look at my settings but am confused as to why some open and not others? Anyone else experienced this problem?


Thread: Aeronaut Spitfire
10/09/2020 21:15:27

Having had a look I see that the transom is very shallow and so the prop is near the surface of the water. Even the boats going well generate a lot of white water from the prop once on the plane but not too much when getting there.

It's probably pretty borderline as to whether the boat works or not and as has been said by Harry and Ray you need to get the prop lower. I'd try it without the bow weight as the stern will come up when on the plane.

The kV of the motor and a small prop and a shallow draught is a recipe for generating a lot of aeration and no go!


10/09/2020 20:48:05

Hi Peter

Interesting what you say about the alignment of the prop. When I was researching the position of the stern-drive for my Huntress build I read that the prop, or most of it, should be positioned below the bottom of the hull so that it gets a good, clean flow of water.

Yours probably isn't cavitating but aerating (I think that's the term) resulting from sucking air from the surface. The prop is effectively running in air bubbles and isn't providing enough drive to get the boat on the plane and if it did the problem would be worse as a significant part of the prop would be out of the water.

I'll have a look on YouTube to see what the boat looks like.


Thread: todays boating
06/09/2020 21:57:49

I popped down to the club today for an hour or so to check out the Club 500 in readiness for tomorrow's racing. Hadn't been there for weeks for various reasons and the last time I went the fun stopped when the elastic bands holding the motor in place broke.

As well as replacing those I replaced the rubber hose coupling which was a bit short. Boat ran well and it was good to do a few laps as I was rusty. Annoyingly hit the furthermost bouy a couple of times and launched the boat.

Batteries now fully charged and all set to go.


Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
04/09/2020 23:14:39

Hi Ray

Cracking on as usual and looking good.


Thread: Huntress 23 Long Cabin Version
04/09/2020 19:05:54

Transom skin left to dry overnight as I do with all the skins and anything else that is going to be attacked with a saw and PermaGrit blocks and files etc! Removed the parcel tape and clamps and was pleased to see they had done their job well and the joint to the whole of the perimeter of the transom was nice and close.

Removed some of the overlap with my razor saw and then sanded flush with the deck, sides and bottom with the sanding block. The recess for the stern-drive was sanded flush using a PermaGrit file.

Balsa blocks were then roughly cut to shape and glued in place.


Transom skinned

Balsa blocks2

03/09/2020 20:39:10

Bottom and side skins now fitted and sanded at edges to deck and adjacent skins. I always get a lot of satisfaction at this point as the hull, well looks like a hull and hopefully the joints are tight and follow a nice line at the chine. The Huntress has a pretty looking little hull and one thing I like about it is that it only requires two small blocks of balsa (one each side) at the bow bottom. One thing I don't particularly like doing is sanding large chunks of balsa like I did on the Swordsman for instance.

Now ready for the transom to be skinned and as a template I used that for the last bulkhead and added about 5mm all round. I have only used aliphatic resin glue so far and again this was used for the transom. The ply skin was held tight to the transom with parcel tape at the abutment with the bottom skins and clamps along the deck - I think I used enough clamps!


Hull skinned except transom

Transom ready for skin

Used as transom template

Transom glued and clamped

Thread: todays boating
03/09/2020 19:01:54

It's in the Sports section!


02/09/2020 12:36:00

Yes, I had to wait sometime before all three were heads down at the same time.


01/09/2020 19:09:58

Yes, haven't done much photography lately, but when I have a day out I'm happy if I get 2 or 3 good shots. Not helped with one of my interests being birds.

Ashley, you will have to wait until the swans at Bushey do this for your Mintanic shot!


Upended swans

Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
30/08/2020 18:28:47

Hi Ray

Coming along nicely. What, if any, control are you going have for the sails?


Thread: Huntress 23 Long Cabin Version
30/08/2020 18:10:37

What are you saying Harry! blush smiley

Good turn out of folks at the canal. Pity about the one that almost sank, did he get all the bits?

Sun was shining this morning so booked a slot at the club to take the yacht and the Club 500. But then clouded over and looked like rain so I fitted the other bottom skin instead. Weather here has been very poor of late.


Edited By Chris Fellows on 30/08/2020 18:11:53

Thread: todays boating
30/08/2020 17:03:37

As usual it's horses for courses. I use the DSLR for on water shots but I find the compact is best for build shots. Just grab it to take a couple of shots and with its wide angle lens usually everything that needs to be is in focus. And if it gets a bit dusty with saw dust I don't worry.

My wife and son take some decent shots on their phones.


Thread: Huntress 23 Long Cabin Version
29/08/2020 18:59:47

The balsa blocks at the outside of the transom have been sanded to shape. A card template was then made of the first of the bottom skins and then traced around on 1.5mm birch ply. It was then cut out with a Stanley knife and then glued in place and held with screws and clamps.


Transom blocks sanded

1st hull skin cut out

1st skin fixed

Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
28/08/2020 19:17:43
Posted by gecon on 25/08/2020 07:06:51:

Hi Chris, I'm not yet sure if it's 'clever' but it's getting complicated -I'm sure of that.

I must admit that my lack of experience is the reason for the complexity of this project. Had I worked out the cost and complexity vs user-enjoyment equation prior to starting I would have simplified the build. I would however not 'learned my lesson'. I have no regrets though, my grey cells have been put into action and I am more pleased with the results as each hurdle is crossed.

The Fisher 34 to me is a sort of 'labour of love'. So I hope there will not be a 'divorce' before she's launched! Neither from the Fisher nor the Admiralty!

I have sailed the Comtesse yacht a few times during the summer and my experiences with that indicate to me that some form of sail control is more or less essential. The wind often changes in strength and direction over the lake and I would say that it's deffinately desireable to have - at least the largest sail on board- controlable.

A free 'working jib' and mizzen sail -if fitted- would be OK tethered by round elastic but it think but a large mainsail needs to have a winch on it to give some user participation! You will need a good motor and a large rudder if you're going to be able to overcome the the power in the sails if the wind picks up.

Regards, George

Thanks George, I will need to do some thinking when the time comes!


Thread: Huntress 23 Long Cabin Version
28/08/2020 15:16:52

Bit more done this morning. Finished off the recess in the transom by fitting the horizontal piece of ply. Sanded down the side pieces flush and glued in balsa blocks to provide support for the hull skins at the corners. I like to have a bit more to rely on than just the joint between the side and transom skins!


Transom recess

Transom recess 2

Stern drive 7

Edited By Chris Fellows on 28/08/2020 15:17:42

Thread: Returning modeller
28/08/2020 15:08:58

Well done Colin. Usually something simple and staring you in the face in the end.

If I click on the 3 photos under Jim's avatar I go straight to his album and can view his photos.

Impressive looking boat Jim.


Thread: Huntress 23 Long Cabin Version
27/08/2020 22:21:38

When doing the trial fit I found out that the bulkhead needs to be a bit thicker as when the coupling is fed all the way onto the flexi-drive and the motor shaft the motor sits a couple of mm away from the mounting. Some motors have a shorter shaft and so it wouldn't be a problem. I'm not brave enough to cut the motor shaft down or reposition it and risk damage to that lovely piece of engineering and it's easier to make a packer which will also have the benefit of beefing up the bulkhead where the drive and motor are mounted. With hindsight and if I'd taken the drive apart before I would have made the bulkhead out of thicker ply.

I drew up the packer and the side pieces for the recess that the drive sits in and cut them out of 3mm ply. The packer was clamped to the bulkhead and the various holes drilled through it. It was then removed and then glued and clamped in place.

After being left for a while for the glue to take hold I started assembling the pieces to form the angled and curved transom and the sides of the recess for the stern-drive.


Transom parts

Transom packer

Transom packer 2

Transom being formed

Edited By Chris Fellows on 27/08/2020 22:23:05

Thread: Returning modeller
27/08/2020 21:28:06

Just had another look. It's weird that your showing as having 5 photos but I can't find them anywhere.

Anyway, when you were adding additional photos did you go to Albums and then click on Add New Photos and then on Create a Photo Album? If so that will create a new album each time.

What you need to do (sorry if you are doing this) is once you have formed an album go to it and click on Edit Photos followed by Add New Photos and this will add more photos to that particular album. As has been said by others, the new photo(s) and existing ones will appear in a vertical line and then you go to the bottom and click save changes.

When adding photos to one of your existing albums you need to go via Albums in the grey bar at the top and not Albums in the blue bar as the former route will take you straight to your album(s) and shows the Edit Photos option etc. inside each album.



Edited By Chris Fellows on 27/08/2020 21:54:16

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