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Thread: Sea Urchin 28
29/07/2022 13:22:04
Posted by Tim Rowe on 21/07/2022 17:50:11:

Hi Ray

International Yacht Enamel is nice to use and has a lovely smell. You may find you need to use their undercoats as well to get good coverage.

I am using Interprotect, which is two-pack epoxy primer on the Thames Barge Kimberley. It was a bit expensive but goes a long way. It is amazing how it hardens up balsa and is very easy to sand. The shelf life is good so it will last for many models and hopefully end up being good value.

I have been mainly lurking for quite a while but watching with interest the various projects underway.

Tim R

That's good to know Tim, I might even get away with using it in the house if needs be!

Yes, I bought their white and blue ONE UP undercoats.


Thread: 61' Barnett class lifeboat
28/07/2022 18:08:59

Yes, I've got one as well. Been used a lot over the years (I think it was one of my first "tools" as well) but has had an easier life than some!

They are a heavy old piece of kit though and I did buy one of the lighter and simpler ones as I needed two for planing doors down etc. which gets more use nowadays.


Thread: Colin Archer 1:15 scale
25/07/2022 21:39:59

Look forward to the photos and film George.


Thread: Scale speed
19/07/2022 21:32:49
Posted by Colin Bishop on 18/07/2022 15:27:40:

You'll be telling me Thunderbirds wasn't real next!

Of course they were Richard, just like Bill & Ben the Flowerpot Men*. Doesn't everyone have to tie on their strings when they get up in the morning, surely it's not just me?

* I could never quite understand their relationship with Little Weed...


Something to do with square roots I think? smiley


Thread: Second ever build - airboat
16/07/2022 21:09:31

You could fit a seat and figure in there.


Thread: Scale speed
16/07/2022 21:03:27

Applying maths is fine but after calculating the scale speed most folks aren't going to measure what their model is actually achieving. I'm firmly in the camp of if it looks right it is right.

It's usually fairly obvious when a model is going well over its scale speed. As has been said though, it's good to have a bit in hand to take evasive action but only use it when needed.


Thread: What paint??
13/07/2022 21:45:28

Maroon and white should look nice as the maroon is a dark and classy colour. The model that does grate with me is the one painted in bright red and white which I come across now and then on the web. surprise


08/07/2022 20:57:42

It's too hot Ray! smile d

08/07/2022 17:53:19

Next stage has been reached!



Thread: Altair Sailing Yacht
08/07/2022 10:37:28

Hi Brian

For a model 1200mm in length 1mm frames seem very thin to me, what are their spacing and is it plank on frame?

Liteply, as you have probably found out, is available in 2mm and that won't weigh very much.

I see it was featured in MM in September 1996.


Edited By Chris Fellows on 08/07/2022 10:40:31

Thread: Server Upgrade and Site Functionality Issues
04/07/2022 14:55:38

Thanks for dealing with the issues Darren and to Colin for forwarding them.

I've got no problem with the security of the site, just that I have to go through a couple more screen presses each time I access the forum and post. It's a hard life! smiley


Edited By Chris Fellows on 04/07/2022 14:58:33

02/07/2022 09:23:54


Is that the links to all the various articles via the Home Page. If so I appear to be able to see them Ok?


02/07/2022 09:16:35

The link/icon to the Digital Issues also needs updating or removing as it just throws up a 404 error.

I still can't access the forum without proceeding as if it's an unsafe site. This is the only forum of many that I visit where I'm getting this.


Thread: Converting small scale plastic model kits to RC
30/06/2022 11:11:28

Hi Andy

ModelBoatBits do 3/16 brass prop tubes with 2mm shafts advertised as ideal for plastic model conversions.


Ignore me, that is over 4mm! They do 20mm M2 brass props though that would be easier to file down than plastic.

Edited By Chris Fellows on 30/06/2022 11:20:09

Thread: Sailboat electronics cutting out while running after changing servos
26/06/2022 12:00:14

I don't know if that one can be bound with multiple Rx? Many can but not all. Though you might not be worried about that at the moment?


26/06/2022 11:16:46

Hi Ed - our posts overlapped. I think it tends to be the more expensive "computerised" Tx I mentioned that have a rechargeable battery as standard though someone may be able to suggest one that does.

Nothing wrong with the Tx using AA cells. I have a Tx with them and the batteries last all year! Be wary of replacing the AA with rechargeable AA though as the voltage can be too low as 1.2v per cell rather than 1.5v.


26/06/2022 11:05:50

Hi Ed

One thing to know when buying another transmitter/Tx (and hopefully my esteemed forumites concur with this) is that you don't need a Tx with a memory for a number of different models when you add to the fleet as the receiver/Rx can be bound with each.

That assumes that each model is basically the same and just needs throttle and rudder. Tx with memory for multiple models tend to be more complicated (and designed primarily for aircraft) and are useful for different sorts of models e.g. power and yachts, as the parameters for different things can be set and saved for each model.

Many of us to have more than one Tx and you could get 2 or 3 basic Tx, which is all you need for most boats, for the cost of one for multiple models.


Thread: What paint??
25/06/2022 14:13:02

Hi Colin

Looks right online doesn't it but must admit when I opened the box and saw the colour on the top of the tin I thought hmmmm! It looks lighter than on the colour chart I have as well but of course it won't have the requisite number of undercoats and top coats that will be applied to the models and is probably just painted straight onto the silver of the tin which lightens it.

I'll do a test beforehand and if I do need to go darker I'll get some Oxford which I very nearly did. I can always use the Sapphire as a first coat.

When decorating we always seem to have difficulty in getting the colours that we want and often they are quite a bit different to the colour charts.


25/06/2022 11:46:44

Cardboard box has just arrived with paint and thinners. As I've got at least 5 Faireys to paint I've gone for the 750ml tins rather than 375ml as more readily available and a better price pro-rota.

Oxford Blue is probably the closest to that used on many full-sized Faireys but it is a little dark for my liking on a model and so have gone for Sapphire Blue which is a shade lighter. Hopefully I haven't made a mistake!

Having said that there are posts and various views on the Fairey Owners Club forum about colours from which I don't think there is a definitive colour so I'm happy with going with what I like. For the white I'm going for Snow White.

Just need to get some of the recommended brushes and I can make a start.


Edited By Chris Fellows on 25/06/2022 11:49:10

Thread: Chez-When - 34" Sailing Cruiser
25/06/2022 11:15:20

Looks lovely Ray and should sail as well as it looks.

You're right about the longing to be back on water again. Only last night I booked a few days in a little hotel alongside the Norfolk Broads. Last time we went was many years ago with some friends and hired a boat. It will be great just being near the water again and looking at the boats and maybe renting one for the day or taking a trip of some sort.


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