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Thread: The return of the Model Engineering Exhibition at Doncaster MES
20/03/2019 15:45:49

I have been attending the MEX over many years and the big issues often quoted from those living up North , has been the distances involved travelling down to the South East and having to spend three or more days at the event. Over the years many voiced the opinion that the MEE as it was known should be held in the North .Well now is your chance it's going to be in the North . Although this is short notice and there is also a Model Boat Show at Doncaster three weeks later . There is only one MEE/MEX it still remains the event to enter .

Dave Wooley yes

18/03/2019 17:49:27

It has been announced that the National Model Engineering Show at Doncaster Race course will be hosting the 2019 MEX competition better known as the Model Engineering Exhibition between the 10th 12th of May.. This will include all the usual categories of model boat classes. Details and entry form is available from the Doncaster Model Engineering Show . For those who have missed out in the past from entering because of location then now is your chance . Since 1907 the MEX has been the UKs premier event.

Dave Wooley

Thread: The passing of a great model maker
28/10/2018 11:34:00

I have the sad news of the passing of Jimmy Woods an exceptionally gifted model maker and gentlemen .

Dave Wooley

Thread: Esso tanker plans
11/12/2017 18:44:12

Hi Melvin I may be able to help .There is a French model boat plans catalogue called MRB Le Modele Reduit de Bateaux . .Included in their listing are a number of tankers to the scale of 1:100 -1;200 from the immediate post war period through to the 1970s including ESSO tankers . How accurate the drawings are I can't say but it may be worth investigating .The plans references are 258 , 879 . There are many more including bulkers and general cargo vessels from that period. I trust this may be of assistance


Dave Wooley

Thread: HMS Queen Elizabeth
18/08/2017 10:48:27


From past experience your comments regarding the practicalities of storage of large models is spot on . The other major difficulty in building any model over 5ft is the complication of turning the model through 190 if like me your model ship building facility is a small 8x4 shed at the bottom of the garden with most of the airbrushings undertaken out of doors on a very calm day , which is no bad thing .


I completely endorse what you say regards the use of a small scale injection model to build a larger scale replica . This I did to some extent when I built the Soviet helicopter carrier Moskva . Although I had a very basic set of modellers draughts and some excellent photos of the full size vessel the old 1:350 Airfix model was a big asset .

17/08/2017 20:11:40

img_1896.jpgHi Paul and Ashley Looking at the size of QE it's not that much smaller than the Nimitz class of US carriers . Keeping that in mind it reminds me of the 1:144 scale carriers built by Paul Bannon and how he has solved some of the issues raised here regarding a working model of the QE.

1 For transport Paul Bannon has divided his hull of just under 7ft into two manageable sections which can be transported in specially constructed cradles that slot into the rear of his vehicle with room to spare.

2 For lifting his USS Harry S Truman Paul uses the simple but effective expedient of a small aluminium ladder

For a single piece hull then even the relatively small scale of 1:144 can become a transport problem .Perhaps 1:192 would be more suitable giving a model of around 5ft in length a size Ashly made mention of. Of course that still leaves the problem of modellers draughts . The underwater detail is partly known as there are plenty of pictures out there on the net but it's refining those pictures to give a suitable hull form that a model make can interpret .



17/08/2017 10:50:54

Hi Tony yes I recall taking a few pictures of the Airfix model of QE at the IPMS Scale Model World Telford .back in 2013. I asked then if such a model was on the cards ,the reply was possibly but only when the full size vessel is commissioned. With Gerry Hitch of Jecabin no longer producing good working modellers draughts of RN warships that does limit the availability of a good representative drawings . I do hope there is some one out their ready to have a go but Gerry Hitch was a past master and even with the limited information of the hull form could turn to a produce a drawing which was hard to beat. Jecabin drawings of course are still available.

16/08/2017 23:49:33

I was in Portsmouth last week for 3 days but just couldn't extend my stay . Great shots Colin and I would have loved to have been there .I'll have to wait till QE comes to Liverpool . I just wonder how long it will be before we see a working model or static model .

Thread: Looking for Stephen Heptonstall
29/07/2016 21:33:07

Hi Michael please check your personal messages some information that may help in your search..

Dave Wooley

Thread: Novice Modeller
15/04/2016 20:47:08

I have been reading all what has been said and perhaps I can offer some thoughts on the subject of performance hulls in model form . Colin mentioned that I was involved in high speed work some years ago and at that time experimentation was par for the course excuse the pun . I had a book published way back in 1980 under the title Radio Control Fast Electric Power Boats and was involved in three quite separate spheres of experimentation . I'll explain. The first was to build very high speed steering boats for the international competition F3 the purpose of this type of performance hull was to get a model to stick lick glue to the water and turn on a sixpence all flat out . This required a short but proportionally wide ratio hull with moderate V forward to a shallow V aft then increase the spray rail to form a moderate tunnel effect so the boat had a controllable slide but in its own length and accelerate out of the turn with out turning over . The second was to design a very high speed design for what was called F1 that also required some of the attributes of the F3 boats but as these machines where being designed to travel from one point on a triangular course to another then turn 360 degrees on the bottom of the course to repeat the course in the opposite direction with straight line speeds touching 50 MPH . This was seat on the pants stuff and to increase the lift and reduce the wetted area beneath the hull rails were added and the angle of each rail was critical to stability . Yet the standard theory of the C of G should be as low as possible and slightly ahead of the centre of lift when planning .stability becomes critical when the moment between C of G and the centre line in excessive . . . The third type of design was for multi boat racing FSR here the boats required a hull that gave both speed and the best possible stability .Attributes from the first type could to some degree be joined with those of the design built for speed as the requirement was to be able to sustain a relatively long period on the water with other boats .here the V form increased at the bow and at the transom with more pronounced spray rails this design survived better than the design which provided less wetted area. I have only scratched the surface of high performance hulls for models, there are of course other factors, power out put, shape and size of propeller is critical as is the shaft angle and its position .also the use of wedges beneath the hull at the transom or controllable trim tabs even dagger plates .These can be all factored in but essentially it is the hull design and what you wish to achieve with that design . Lastly I would like to mention what was the old records days in which boats traveled from point to point over a measured distance . here the design was more fluid as the direction was linear , no abrupt turns . As such American designs that were shaped like delta wings reduced V forward and a flat transom these could reach speeds of 100 mph in a straight line in perfect conditions .these used a step design in the hull with the shaft and prop as a out rigger aft of the transom . Lastly water conditions are also a major factor , for speed only flat calm would suffice . I spend many years racing in all three and didn't do too badly but that's another episode. To sum up the chosen design reflected its requirements all the other factors were down to experimentation trial and a few errors but in 1960s -70s we just happened to be at the cutting edge of model power boat design .

Thread: Brian King Model Sale
18/03/2016 17:57:12

I really hope Brian is pleased with the results considering it is almost a life times work and being in possession of a Brian King ship model is an awesome responsibility they are the very best of what a model maker can achieve ..

Dave Wooley

Thread: Seen on my afternoon walk
24/02/2016 17:59:41

My Walk today worked out well with the tide, the sun and the ship I wanted to see. For the last time the RFA Support Tanker Orangeleaf was departing the Mersey on it's final voyage being towed to Turkey for scrap . A sad end but this is a single hulled tanker and no longer viable as a support tanker for the RN.






Dave Wooley

23/02/2016 22:15:06

Hi Peter good to hear from you . The only problem is getting the tides to coincide with the blue clear sky's . There is one real difference between my shots taken today and those that would be taken in Australia , the temperature .


Dave Wooley

23/02/2016 18:29:48

Todays walk worked well with the tide and as usual about 1 hour before high tide the traffic really starts to move .

Entering the approaches to the Mersey and In bound from la Havre was the 40972 ton container ship OOCL Belgium . My first shot was more accidental but could be seen as a little and large. The second shot was taken at extreme distance and shows how close the pilot boat was to the bow. Another interesting vessel was the out bound LPG tanker the Dorothea Schulte out bound from Stanlow whilst inbound was an unusual general cargo vessel Nofit .







Dave Wooley

23/02/2016 17:59:21

Hi Bob good to hear from you and I shall be looking out for you at the Ellesmere Port show. lets hope the weather is on our side .

Dave Wooley

22/02/2016 12:06:17

It was a busy day when the Atlantic Star arrived . I just missed a good close up of the Vidar a jack up vessel for wind farm construction . But a reasonable shot bathed in winter sun of the inbound bulker Ultra Tolhuaca just about to enter the Mersey . Working on the new Liverpool 2 berth was the cutter suction dredger Artemis .What a model that would make .




Dave Wooley

14/02/2016 18:32:26

Today on my walk the weather was cold but with perfect light conditions and for the second time this year the world largest Con-Ro vessel the brand new Atlantic star entered the river Mersey in bound from Hamburg and docking at Seaforth container terminal . The Atlantic star is 296m in length by 38m in beam and the official term for this 81600ton vessel is a Fully Cellular with Ro-Ro .







Dave Wooley

Thread: Sad News
12/01/2016 17:57:10

I have been informed today at the passing of John Lambert . John was best known for his warship plans and his superbly detailed drawings of naval weapons . His passing will certainly leave a huge gap as his ability and knowledge was always in demand . My condolences to his family . .

Dave Wooley

Thread: Mersey Ferry PS Claughton
10/12/2015 11:59:26

One of the concept builders models of 1854 was the Clyde Ferry PS Alliance which was built and did function as a ferry but was this type of propulsion used , if so then perhaps , this method appears to be some sort of compromise ,as Paul has mentioned to reduce paddle damage . rather than try to conceal the paddles for protection a paddle which could move through 180 degrees ,

PS Alliance

Dave Wooley

09/12/2015 11:13:54

Hi Paul your research is bearing fruit . On the same tack but to show that the system did work successfully I seemed to recall that the inboard paddle system was used by the US Navy back in 1812 with the building of the steam powered warship Demologas a Robert Fulton design . a fully working model was at the Blackpool show back in 09. The difference being is the single paddle wheel was mounted in the centre in what appeares to be twin hulls .



Dave Wooley

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