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Thread: ESC 110a
03/04/2008 20:21:00

hiya david

have you run your 110 a  speed controller  yet i  have one but i have one

but not tried  it yet  have you just thought i would ask thanks mick

Thread: Perkasa fittings
03/04/2008 20:05:00

  hiya fred 

there is a gentleman on ebay that makes perkasa guns lockers  and torpedo s in

made form these are not kits  i have had fitting s from this man and all you have

to tell him the scale and what you require  the gentle man goes by the handle of

boatman wales  hope this is of some help  mick  

Thread: Speed Controllers
27/03/2008 20:16:00

 hiya manxman

they come from hong kong i have not tried mine yet but will let you know how they

go for future builds  i am going to use it on my 60 s  launch to power an 850 mfa

motor which is water cooled working off a 12v 7amp battery what other forums

have youread  about these esc please  thanks mick 

27/03/2008 17:31:00

hiya bernard

i have just bought a esc from ebay for about 20 quid its 110a forward and 40a backward

it does the business  for me and it came with a deans connecter and shrink sleeve

the only thing i  found wrong was it had the old type tamiya plugs on the must be cheap

overseas  you have to wait a week but the wait was worth it  hope this helps mick 

Thread: Huntsman
27/03/2008 17:09:00

hiya neil

i always put figures on my models i get them from various sources ie car boots and with

a bit of modellings clay or milliput and a bit of paint they usually look right i dont always

go on scales if they look right by eye they will do for me thanks lads mick

and i realy like the boat its a cracker  and the decking looks great 

Thread: Bob board
16/03/2008 20:35:00

hiya gordon

the bobs board can be purchased from

www.scalehobbies. net  telephone 01695 732800  he has the different anp rateing

or if he has non he can stillget them  hope this helps mick 

Thread: Lakes & Waters being closed
12/03/2008 19:35:00

hiya neil

keep up the pressure all the best mick 

10/03/2008 17:12:00

hiya paul

nobody in the club seem  bothered as an founding member of the club  the new members

dont seem bothered as long as we have a sailing water there is only two original members

left so they are not bothered now thanks for your time mick as i have only just rejoined after

two or three years so you can see my predicament  

09/03/2008 22:09:00

hiya paul

 the council would not let us know it was probably  de -listed behind closed doors  you

know the score but when we brought this up they suddenly said they might fund the lake?

they want to find  out if there is a covenant on there lake from way back might be a way to go

thanks again  mick 

09/03/2008 20:41:00

hiya neil

i have visited your lake years ago and that lake like ours yours was a institution like

are own they filled in we latter found out it was listed bit late ? keep up the fight

you have to keep it in the local papers as much as possible and harrass the

local mp and local councillers and try to get a meetingswith the local council

we never let up keep up the fight mate mick

08/03/2008 21:57:00

hiya paul

 our own local authority did it about five years ago at southport merseyside they

let the developers fill our pond in for a car park for retail units if we had not kicked up

about this and said that we were loseing a modelling boat lake that brings in tourists

and locals alike after a lot of wrangling they agreeed to build a new one but they skimped

on the materials ie instead of a concrete base they used a pond liner which we just dont

know how long it will last well thanks for your time mick

Thread: Motor Selection
07/03/2008 21:04:00

i found the telephone number for model motors direct  and alistair was

very helpful thanks  they worked out at 12pound with p+p and they are

9v to 24  i will be useing 12v so its ok  

Thread: Prop tube grease
03/03/2008 21:31:00

i have bought some grease from  pandan models it is a robbie product  but it

does the job for me hope this of some help lads  mick 

Thread: Motor Selection
26/02/2008 22:09:00

i am after two 555 motors from model motors direct  but dont know the address

or price of these motors  can anybody help please dont know if he has a

telephone number to ask these questions and payment +p+p thanks lads

happy modelling  are these motor s 6 or 12v  as well mick 

Thread: Veron Kits
26/02/2008 20:34:00

hiya keith i am still on old xp at the moment all my mates have had

a load of trouble with vista as like you some of the downloads are not

compatible so i will wait till Microsoft iron out all the bugs before changing

i am not all that good on computers but i can handle Picasa photos ok

nice to see u took my advice on the figures they are multipose figures

so that helps the airfix ones mick

Thread: Fitting out hull
24/02/2008 20:39:00

hiya paul  you made me think and i have mfa mechanical controller i might  use

that instead dont wont to blow the esc although  it is fused at 15 amps  thanks

again mick 

23/02/2008 20:36:00

hiya paul

the amp load that mfa say is supposed  to pull 11amp max  but i will check just i case

thanks for mentioning  it  never thought about  that  i was just  going  what was stated thanks


23/02/2008 17:48:00

to jake knight i have changed tack on twin shafts decided to put a 12v motor in

i am useing mfa 850 with a water cooling coil on and a 12v 7amp hr battery

and a 55 twin bladed prop with an electonize 15amp esc do you think this should

be ok look on my photos its the boat i was trying to find the name of i have decided

to modify it to look like a chris craft boat thanks for the input mick

Thread: Veron Kits
20/02/2008 17:40:00

to make my photos  smaller i resize my pictures  through microsoft or picasso google hope

this helps mick 

18/02/2008 19:31:00

hiya keith payne  mick here check out my figures on my asrlaunch for help with figures

it also might help 

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