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Thread: Glass fibre matting
18/08/2008 20:45:00

hiya john

try glasplies in southport merseyside  ask for a brochure

www.glasplies hope this of help  mick

Thread: Model boat Robbie pt.15
18/07/2008 21:16:00

hiya  dicky d

thanks for the info i  found your model on the other site very good build giude very helpful

i can get the bits up here in southport but thanks for the

info redbank models of blackpool have a online shop and  scale models of skemersdale

have a good selections mick

17/07/2008 21:02:00

hiya john

i was given the kit myself i usually  build my own models the water cooling bit is new to me

 dicky d said the kestal motor was water cooled on deans marine site it doesnt  mention

a cooling coil or do i have to buy one separate  i have heard the horn of the robbe foghorn and i

agree with you its terrible sounding  the speed controller he said to use looks the same as one on

ebay at half the cost?  i have not bought the motor or e s c  yet i just wanted feedback thanks lads

have you put any figures on yet as i like to think it is not finished til then just my opinion i was going to

modify some 1/35  airfix eight army multipose figures to or us multipose figures decide which are best

well thanks lads you are a great help just hope i can do it justice like you lads


15/07/2008 20:46:00

hiya  dickyd

  is your kestral water cooled ?  and where your instructions in english or german/ AND IS

that a speaker in the front for a foghorn ?is the prop brass or plastic thanks for your input

     mick  it looks impressive on the plane and were did you get your speed controller from

never heard of the overlander  e s c ? 

Thread: Adding figures to model boats.
06/07/2008 16:13:00

hi andy

try ships. com  they used to be simar model ship fittings they used to do a full leander kit

they also go under www.  or call 01744850975 they are very helpful

hope this helps mick 

Thread: Model boat Robbie pt.15
06/07/2008 15:47:00

i have just got a pt 15 robbie  i wondered if anybody had had one just want to know

what  motor or motors to use the instructions say a navy compack  and 6 to 9.6v  battery

just  wondered what any of the other members thought or should i double motor and

shaft it ? the plans are in german and i have no manual on the build  

Thread: Fishing nets at 1/24th
24/05/2008 20:57:00

hiya neil

united utilities have just spent a fortune capping the tanks in southport  to stop the smell to the

surrounding area  because of the complaints they make me sick keep up the pressure


Thread: Help identifying porthole/window frame part (first post)
24/05/2008 20:27:00

hiya michael delamar

i like to see something a bit different try he does windows

in different scales for model life boats he might have something to help with your model

hope this helps mick  and happy modelling

Thread: Fishing nets at 1/24th
24/05/2008 20:03:00

hiya neil

glad to hear there is always good place to get decent stuff i might try the place myself  nice to

have some in stock hows the boat club getting on with the council ?

speak soon mick 

24/05/2008 11:42:00

 hiya alan i used a cam net off one of r/c tank range

hope this of help or £1 shop kids fishing net  mick 

Thread: Unidentified hull
24/05/2008 11:31:00

to the fat controller

great subject and it would look good  as you said with mods  it would look great and i always


something different good choice as usual  mick 

23/05/2008 18:14:00

you could probably  make one of the  overseas  lifeboats ie a french or Germany or Swedish lifeboat

or pilot boat  just check  around  and get some pics off  the net  thats what i would  do nice project

hope this helps would look better than an ordinary  work-boat or pleasure craft  

Thread: Find out about a boat
23/05/2008 17:58:00

hiya jr

 the boat has a open back  like you mentioned and i thought it might be a old vernon boat  as

i have seen photographs of something similar in an old model boat magazine from the 70s

thanks for your input but not knowing at the time i have extended the top cabin roof  left the hull

planked the deck put hardwood edges on and painted thecabin in white and sides just varnished

 i will put a few pictures of the finished boat in due course for the lads approva thanks for your

input  mickl

Thread: Monoperm motor
20/05/2008 21:06:00

hiya allan

i find the only benefits i have found with the monoperm is the running  time is better but the 550

is more for a fast boat it is also a lot more thirsty on the battery i run to boats on monoperms

they are very reliable on 6v  550s can run on higher voltages hope this helps mick 

Thread: MTB
30/04/2008 23:03:00

hiya barry most of the m t b i have worked on are twin motors twin shafts as you said you had

twin rudders the range of motors is depends on the speed and the battery setup plus what room

you have in the hull i have seen them with all sorts of motor and battery setup s but keep up

the good my m tb has twin 545 motors running on a single e sc and a 6v 4amp battery

but if you use bigger batterys and bigger motors hope this helps mick keep asking the

members as they will have all sorts of ideas  

30/04/2008 21:21:00

hiya barry mick here

first you want to decide if you want a single motor setup or twin shafts twin rudders and twin

electric motors and if you want to use 6v or 12v setup  the differeent motor setup will be

decided on this ? there are a lot of motors out there so it should be no problem

hope this of help mick  

Thread: Italeri Elco 80' PT Boat 596
14/04/2008 20:18:00

hiya adrian

if you require somemore  figures  try mountford minatures  paul bacon diecasts

they do 7 man crew for a ship mounted bofors gun in u s garb bit expensive but

they look nice when finished just another set  i try to help  mick 

13/04/2008 22:59:00

 hiya kevin the  difference in the scale is minimal

when you try  these on a models i have modelled in both  scales  and they  both

look  good on various models  i agree different manufacturers  seem to make

them a bit larger  than the scale they quote but different moulds i suppose

well  let me know  if you disagree but if you want 1/35 scale try military miniatures

u s gun+mortar team  set  from tamiya  you could modify these hope this helps


13/04/2008 22:18:00

i  have made a couple of sets for club members  and sold a couple  of sets

on e bay  but if you want to do your own try useing  the airfix 1/32 multi pose

u s marines  1941 -45  if you modify these i used the soft hat on one of the

figures because there was not enough tin hats without camo on hope this helps

happy modelling  mick 

Thread: Perkasa fittings
04/04/2008 18:00:00

hiya fred

try if you need anymore info just let me know hope this helps mick

also look on ebay for 40mm single barrel bofors gun on mk9 mounting for picture of his

model fittings  

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