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Thread: motors
16/12/2008 15:49:00

 hiya hugh

it depends on the set up you require you can  get a single  speed controller now  that does the twin 

motors i think astec electronics do it not sure of the price i  do a couple of my boats on twin shafts 

and twin motors but run them on single speed  controller  but this depends on the setup you require

i have other boat s on twin esc but that is on 3 or four channel setup  as i said its all about price 

you are willing to spend and different motors esc and radio you are useing if you go to your local 

model shop they will advise you or better still your local boat they  are always happy to help if you ask 

the members hope this helps mick

15/12/2008 20:14:00

hiya hugh

what sort of space have you got in your hull because i was looking at one in u s a  same boat i 

think  there is not a lot of room  in the hull you will probably have to put the small servos in and

check on the set up for room for esc  and batterys  i would double rudder it as you said

hope this helps mick

Thread: veron vosper
12/12/2008 18:35:00

if you  want to know about vernon kits

contact phil smith (formerly vernons vintage plans designer) tel 01202 433431 for a plans list 

which he  still does  32 verwood cresent southbourne bournemouth dorset bh6 4je hope this 

of help mick

Thread: painting
18/11/2008 20:46:00

 hiya  sean i use  halfords primer  all the time found a good  source £1 a can

if the colour is wrong for you  i have sprayed  humbrol enamal  over it with no adverse 

reaction  to the primer  hope this helps mick just finished mine in the gallery

Thread: hmsscimitar3.jpg
17/11/2008 18:02:00

hiya ashley

i agree with you on the torpedos i presume they would have to drop two a once as they went

over the side of the boat they probably  had to line up the boat  as well  in the direction of the 

target  speak soon mick

16/11/2008 17:46:00

hiya ashley

just put the pictures of  the perkasa  in the gallery  just the  flag and  figures to go  on 

hope you like it   just  got too try it yet  it should look better with some figures  on 


13/11/2008 21:15:00

i am  just  finishing a perkasa  at the moment  i will post 

pictures of the finished 1/32 perkasa soon  mick

Thread: 1/32 perkasa plan
10/11/2008 17:33:00

malcolm  i built the model from the plans i got from  hendon  files i received

the model plan you want is from  phil smith they are the plans you require 

sorry for  misleading you the vernon plans show all the hull formers  you require

i scratch build  so i tend to forget   that  they where line plans that i built off mick

07/11/2008 20:10:00

hiya malcolm

 i have the line plans from r a f hendon that they sent me with all the fitting on  and cabin 

arrangement there are 5 plans  leading paticulars i would have to get them photocopied if you 

are interested  hope this is of some help mick i beleive there are other plans out there

but i built from these plansa kit  of 2749 by vernon the old kits i think you  can still get the

plans from phil smith vintage plans  32 verwood cresent southbourne bournemouth 

dorset bh6 4je  telephone 01202 433431

Thread: Adhesive advice please.
30/10/2008 22:39:00

hiya roy parkes

 i deal with a firm up north  they are very helpful they even sell odourless superglue

 try starloc five star adhesives fmk in  runcorn  they do mail order or if you live near 

you can pick up  they are on ebay as wgrhglshp  hope this helps mick

i usually  use car filler p38 on shafts but its a different  thing for  others

Thread: 1/32 perkasa plan
02/10/2008 20:11:00

hiya ashlely

thanks i will do that this week thanks for the help mick

30/09/2008 17:16:00

hiya ashley

the plan i got is approx  24"   and should be 37"    long  i am not very good with scales i am building for a mate that 

cant build to save his life  i have just finished my rttl vosper in 1/24 and refubished my original

p 28 vietnam boat kingston mouldings uses the picture on his web site  built from his hull +plans 

well thanks for your time mick

29/09/2008 22:32:00

i am building  the 1/32 perkasa patrol boat  the plan is not to scale

can anybody tell me what scale the plan is so i can get it blown up to the 

full size  model  to help with construction  of this model boat as this 

is not well detailed in the instructions thanks lads

Thread: Perkasa class 32"hull
21/09/2008 14:24:00

hiya ashley

the marlin motor was the forerunner of the mfa 850  and i usually deal with component shop

for my batteries bit cheaper than maplins and very helpful if you need packs building up or 

need different end putting on thanks for the input  about the rails i think 25 mm might be a good scale

to use for rail s like you said i will see what is best for prop battery setup once the boat is nearer 

finished  thanks again mick

14/09/2008 12:53:00

 i am going to finish a  perkassa 1/32 scale as the plan is not too scale what size rails do you

lads  suggest  and it had a12v marlin with it what battery and prop setup do you suggest

and what e s c or the mfa mechanical speed controller does 12v i believe the cost is a 

bit  of a issue as i am on a fixed income so please help lads

well thanks for your time mick

Thread: want to run two motors 1 esc
09/09/2008 22:35:00

hiya  jc uknz 

i have solved the problem  i found another speed controller i took  out  another  boat 

so i now have two speed controllers in the boat  so i am running the motors of each off

one 7.2v battery  i will see what running time out of them if not  enough power i will 

step up the batterys to 9.6v  just got to try the boat now thanks lads for all your help 


07/09/2008 22:01:00

i bought this boat with twin shafts fitted there is not a lot of room in the hull

so i thought i could keep the weight  down  as this is a fast planeing boat a 

rttl a s r l vosper at 1/24 scale  i have put  two 777 in  and have double rudders  a 

old mfa 12v  esc  but i was just asking about 2 7.2v packs in  but going by the feedback

i will use one maybe uprate the amphr thanks lads mick

06/09/2008 15:01:00

 thanks lads  i get the point i will just run it on one but a better amp rateing

that way i cant get into trouble thanks again mick

31/08/2008 23:01:00

i just wondered if i want to run two motors on one esc can i run the batterys running to the

esc without blowing it ? not very tech minded  be happy  to here your veiws 

thanks mick got two 777 motors and 6 to 12v esc and two 7.2v batterys

Thread: 1/16th or 1/24th scale weapons
31/08/2008 22:52:00

hiya daniel

try deans marine they do nice guns  try hslmouldings for figures nautical marine models also 

do guns hope this helps mick most are in 1/24 scale only 1/16 scale you will have to modify

dragon figures to suit 

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