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Thread: Bob's boards?
17/03/2009 20:39:41
hiya ashley
the speed boards you are thinking of were  for model cars  like you said  
i think they were made by mardave but  like you said the resistors  used too
glow a bit  as i was into model cars when they first came out  hope this helps
clears up the bobs boards as i have used both in boats they work well
Thread: lcm 3 landing craft
12/03/2009 19:24:01
hiya chris marine modelling plans &contructionalspecial
they do a plan of a lct mk5 it is in 1/72 scale but you could double the 
size of the plan to the picture  shows 4 tanks on the deck  so this might
be a way round  your problem  hope this helps  mick
Thread: batterys for rx
04/03/2009 21:01:21
hiya 60 watt
i get the idea now thanks it was a two channel futaba rx so that is what i needed too know 
thanks for your input you answered the question nicely thanks mick
03/03/2009 20:51:12
hiya ashley 
i got another 6v pack the other was 4.8v which was supplied with the set  thats
why i was asking  not being r/c minded i didnt know if this would blow the rx 
thats why i asked thanks for your input lads mick 
28/02/2009 21:58:13
i just wondered can you just plug a 6v rx pack straight in too a 
receiver or do you have too put in something in line ie a resistor 
of sorts as i am not r/c minded i would be obliged of the help
Thread: 1:40 Scale crew figures
08/02/2009 23:27:17
just spotted  some w w 2 german  flak crew on  e bay check them out 
not much to do to them  hope this helps mick
08/02/2009 19:09:02
they are on ebay  nearly every  week old  but still available  also 
i beleive they are makeing them again hope this helps mick
also look out for 88m ack ack crew they have overclothes on but
i think they are tamiya figures at 1/35 scale
Thread: amphicar
08/02/2009 19:03:24
hiya keepon trucking 
i  have some plans if an amphicar i got off ebay  you make the running gear up from mecharno bits and bobs ply body  the steering and the mechanical speed controller
work on the same servo   i looks like a 540 buggy motor and scratch build the rest
if your interested let me know i will get some printed up ok hope this helps mick
Thread: the seal class sea otter from 1969
02/02/2009 12:21:55
hiya paul 
i have the ten pages from the berwick shipyard archives  quite a few pictures  but 
no line plans so i will keep on trying thanks for your time mick
Thread: 1:40 Scale crew figures
01/02/2009 19:34:44
hiya gordon they may not be true scale but when on the boat they look right
hope this is of helps
Thread: the seal class sea otter from 1969
01/02/2009 19:30:27
i am after plans for the seal class long range recovery and support  craft from the 1969 /70 era just wanted to know if any of the lads out there could help me with this project i  just like the look of it but cannot get much information at the moment on this set of ships hope somebody  can help thanks mick
Thread: 1:40 Scale crew figures
31/01/2009 13:09:42
 i would use some 1/32  airfix multipose figures german army   modifyed with miliput 
they  do the job they  looked good on my wesiel  fast patrol boat  that  was 1/40 scale ?
hope this helps mick
Thread: rudderless control
25/01/2009 22:52:50
i got the plan a bit ago for a scratch build  amphicar off ebay  built  with ply and 
mecharno parts  spelt wrong  but you get my drift  the part  from building set 
from the 70s  has a 540 motor and the steering and rudder on one channel
if you want to know more please ask can always get the plans photo copyed at 
what it  cost to copy and sent  hope this helps as for the ducted props tryed dont work to well  but good idea  hope this helps mick
Thread: Veron Kits
22/01/2009 18:44:57
hiya keith the uniforms on the figures varys i used the r a f blue for the crew but the 
officers i put duffle coats on with a bit of milliput i put sea boots in black and life jackets on the crew in matt yellow toned down with matt varnish hope this helps mick
Thread: speed controller graupner? old but not used
18/01/2009 14:54:10
i have a mechanical speed controller i think  came with a 12v marlin electric 
motor i am not sure if i could run a 12v motor  off this speed controller
it has two wires coming off the outer edges  one black and one red i
dont if these go to the motor or the battery  the two wires in the middle of the 
speed controller are also red +black again not sure if these go to the motor
or battery  pleased of the help lads
Thread: Crew for US Coastguard boat
08/01/2009 21:08:00

 hiya  campell

the same figures are also available from redbank models blackpool and on ebay by the same seller

there is also another way ? try the tamiya pit racing team in 1/20 scale 

they have four figures in the set with a bit of modifying  they could be 

made to look the way you require  hope this helps mick look on my

model of vietnam boat they were the 1/20 pit racing team figures

Thread: Paddler at Ellesmere
23/12/2008 18:32:00

the fella who built the paddler was called bill?

he was in the old old wigan boat club  before joining the southport club the paddle wheels 

were powered with two 12v bill got from the scrapyard most of the model was made from cardboard

tomato boxes and what was donated to his project he always said  why spend a fortune when you 

can do it  on  a shoestring but he was one of the best modellers   i have seen  but eccentric  was


Thread: 1/9 or 1/10 scale figures
19/12/2008 18:07:00

try the  tamiya pit  raceing team  they are  1/12  scale  they  are making them again can be

modifyed to suit   what they are in different poses   if look on e bay they did sitting figures for

1/12 motor bikes in sitting poses hope this helps mick

Thread: motors
17/12/2008 18:31:00

hiya hugh

if you have twin motors look up the p94 mixer at the www.action - electronics it is a 

two to three channel mixer check it out  hope this is of help mick

17/12/2008 17:46:00

hiya hugh

i am glad you are getting on ok  and hope your build goes ok  what motors areyou going to 

use in the boat the originals or different  just being nosey let us know how it all goes mick

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