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Here is a list of all the postings mick has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: Vic Smeed
06/01/2011 19:32:41
i have over the years  made quite a few of his plans  of different boats
he will be sadly missed every plan a classic 
Thread: Superglue
16/12/2010 21:31:49
have a  look on the  shop4  they are based in runcorn  in uk 
they do there own super glues  with they do glues  with no odour  i  have
used  there glues and they dont effect me like other super glues 
check out there website  hope this helps neil
Thread: Dark Biter
05/11/2010 20:28:46
look on nautical marine boat he is  doing a kit  at the moment hope this helps
Thread: password keeps dropping out?
04/05/2010 20:59:26
thanks colin i have done all your surgestions  but the problem
keeps happening  thanks mick
04/05/2010 20:22:13
hiya neil does this does this include the non rnli station at southport
that is soley funded by local funds in southport  coast they also help 
out the  r n l i  if needed in the past so dont forget us please
Thread: password keeps dropping out?
04/05/2010 20:11:46
if i leave the model boats website for over a week my password
drops out ?
Thread: passwod keeps dropping out ?
09/02/2010 21:25:12
my password keeps dropping out every  couple of weeks
just wondered if anybody else is having the same problem ?
i reported it before but still keeps happening
Thread: miami air sea rescue boat
08/02/2010 19:32:35
just  wondered  if the members  knew the colour  of  the miami  air sea
rescue boat  in w w 2  just  thought  somebody  might  know 
Thread: my password
12/01/2010 21:44:29
my password keeps dropping out every couple of months
just keep having  update my password to log onto the site ?
just wondered if this is a security thing  ?
well thanks for your time  mick
Thread: Complete Novice needs advice
03/09/2009 17:34:29
hiya micheal
when i started i bought a hull with the plans from  kingston moulding 
this way i could  pick the motors the batterys and fitting s as i went  along
i got some realy good advice from my local boat club members and model 
shop hope this helps  mick
Thread: Sculpture
06/08/2009 17:35:11
  is it saying something about the only gay shoe in the
harbour  te he
Thread: Sensitised to Superglue
27/07/2009 20:58:06
hiya mick
  look on ebay under wgrhglshp a power seller if you cant try starloc five star 
adhesives fmk  they are based in runcorn  give them a ring they make there own
superglue they are realy helpful  plus the super has a 7 yr  shelf life 
hope this helps mick
Thread: Should models boats include the crew?
06/06/2009 15:20:21
 in my opinion  like the other members i hate to see a finished model ?
without figures large or small  there are loads out there to be modifyed 
to suite most boats  its great to see a finished warship or tug with crew
on deck i never have a boat without  figures 
Thread: Adamcraft Seaplane Tender (c. 1955, rare!)
25/05/2009 20:42:02
what is the lenght of the boat the motor i have put in mine is 600 graupner
which i have water cooled i have put a 25amp speed controller in running
off a 7.2v buggy pack works for me hope this helps mick
Thread: 1:40 Scale crew figures
20/05/2009 16:57:45
hiya  r gordon 
i did a 1/40 scale graupner  weisel fast patrol boat  i used the tamiya  ww2
flak crew  they have the one piece suits on like the all weather suits they
would have used in bad weather they are 1/35 scale but they looked ok 
hope this is of help mick 
Thread: Vosper air sea rescue
05/05/2009 15:29:14
just look on albums i have put my boat on is this what you
are looking for hope this helps mick
30/04/2009 18:28:48
as a ex military man myself i have fought with these men they could watch
my back any time more than i could say about brown and  his cronies
what a joke they are  mick
Thread: Billings Boats
30/04/2009 18:21:02
i built a couple of graupner kits they are useally  good kits but  most  are  not 
for the beginners  the plans are good but the write up in the instructions leave 
a bit to be desired probaly  because they are a german company i have done
four or five over the years  ie paul denker  tina and a nordcap they make good kits
but maybe they have changed  i would the model shop to show you the instruction first
or ask what the rateing for kit ie beginner  or some modelling  experiance needed
hope this helps mick

Edited By mick on 30/04/2009 18:21:45

Thread: my new model i am converting
11/04/2009 23:09:48
hiya ashley 
its is all done shaft was fitted sorted i put in a 600 motor and a two bladed prop40
just finished the well deck and mast  the boat was crossed planked and was built
for ic use had to fill in holes in the hull but all done i am going to run it on 7.2v 
buggy packs two in parallel and a esc but still work in progress check the latest
photos mick
10/04/2009 20:41:25
i bought this boat on ebay and i am converting it to a r a f sea plane tender
pictures on albums site i will update as it goes on

Edited By mick on 10/04/2009 20:59:56

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