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Thread: 1/40 scale KD Perkasa
22/07/2020 14:10:32

It's like the Faireys. The basic kit will give you something better than near scale and more ambitious builders can add enhancements to improve the realism even further.

You could never really do that with an Aerokit, good as they were.


Edited By Colin Bishop on 22/07/2020 14:15:24

21/07/2020 20:15:39

Deck looks about right to me.


Thread: My Time Media. Model Boats Magazine.
20/07/2020 18:15:00

You can now view a selection of contents from the forthcoming August issue on the website front page.


Thread: return of modelboats magazine
20/07/2020 18:11:26

You can see sample contents of the August issue on the website front page.


Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
19/07/2020 19:46:22

It's nice to have the choice, there are lots of attractive alternative colour combinations. Personally I think that a boot topping diividing the topsides from the underwater body makes for an attractive colour scheme and breaks up the 'bulbousness' of a typical yacht hull very well. Let us know what you decide,


Thread: Mintanic
19/07/2020 18:54:34


It was a common practice to convert the after hold hatch into a swimming pool. Sometimes it was just a temporary canvas thing but more permanant arrangements were also made.

Looks nice anyway!


Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
19/07/2020 15:45:57

My 1:1 scale yacht had the usual white hull with light blue underwater antifouling and a royal blue boot topping , a colour scheme which I thought was quite smart.

The boat also had a narrow dark blue  'pinstripe' round the hull just below deck level to accentuate the sheer of the hull.



Edited By Colin Bishop on 19/07/2020 15:53:41

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
18/07/2020 20:16:56

Wormholes might provide extra space Paul but if all your modelling disappears into a black hole then you are stuffed!


Thread: 3 Motors RC Boat
14/07/2020 20:33:16

I would agree with Ashley One motor would give you all the perfornance you need and far cheaper.


Edited By Colin Bishop on 14/07/2020 20:33:53

Thread: Huntress 23 Long Cabin Version
12/07/2020 21:35:18


Yes, I see what you mean, it certainly looks like a nice piece of kit. and very realistic.

I see what you mean about recessing the mounting box into the transom, it would look better if you can do it that way.

I think we will all be very interested in seeing how it installs and performs in due course. You don't seem to see many scale Z drives on models. Must be quite a tight bend for the flexi drive and I see that they don't recommend putting too much power in reverse, otherwise it locks up.

Congrats on doing something a bit different.


12/07/2020 19:47:25


I can't make out where it pivots from looking at the Bauer images. None of them show this


Nor does the data sheet:


I must be missing something.


Edited By Colin Bishop on 12/07/2020 19:47:53

12/07/2020 18:58:21

How do you steer it? I've had a look on the Bauer site and it isn't obvious. Aroound £85!


Thread: Mintanic
08/07/2020 10:11:33

Deck mounted cowl vents can normally be turned to catch the wind at the appropriate angle, I imagine the ones on derricks are the same.

Smaller vents often had handles on the side so they could be turned bodily, bigger ones had spur gear arangements of varous types with winding handles. These could sometimes be turned from below deck using vertical shafting.


07/07/2020 18:34:06

Cartridge paper or thin card can also be used to simulate plating and has the advantage that it can be stuck on with something like Deluxe Eze Kote which effectively bonds it into the underlying hull as it soaks into both surfaces.


Thread: twin screw control
07/07/2020 11:02:31

Sorry, I should have made it clear in my earlier post. My method entails swapping the signal wire as per the rough diagram below., not switching on and off power to the ESCs. However I was told that simp[ly interrupting the signal can cause a reset.

(Not sure why the pic is sideways!


tank-group circuit.jpg

Edited By Colin Bishop on 07/07/2020 11:03:07

Thread: Mintanic
06/07/2020 10:45:13

Time you made some more hulls in different colours Ashley, then you could REALLY ring the changes!


05/07/2020 19:29:14

At last you are getting some boating Ashley, unlike most of us.


Thread: Returning modeller
05/07/2020 19:26:02

You could use the ligheter LiPo batteries but you will beed the right pack and the correct charger. They also need a bit more care and maintenance than NiMH batteries.


Thread: twin screw control
05/07/2020 15:02:06

It used to be quite easy to do this until the latest speed controllers came along! My Fishery cruiser model uses the undercarriage switch on the TX to operate an electronic switch on the RX to swap control from one to two sticks using a Y lead from one of the speed controllers. These older Astec units could be swiitched on and off without problems but most modern ones need to do a reset when the power is interrupted which takes several seconds and you lose control during that period.

The stock answer is to get an ACTion P94 of the required rating:


If you download the data sheet you will see that there are two mixer options, one of which allows a model to be spun on its axis. The unit isn't cheap but it does include two speed controllers plus a mixer.

Some TXs do provide inbuilt mixer facilities, usually known as V tail I think, but these are geared to aircraft use and you may not be able to assign the mixing to the two vertical stick channels.

I'm sure someone else can do a better job explaining this as the subject has come up before.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
05/07/2020 09:58:31

That's a clever idea Bob.


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