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Thread: A decent kit for a beginner
13/08/2020 18:24:55

I agree with Dave, Aziz problably needs a bit more experience, In particular you need to ensure that the hatch in that big flat after deck doesn't let in water if the conditions become a bit bumpy. I have a classic set of photos of an Aziz sinking in those conditions!

Loyal would be an excellent choice to literally test the water. A very attractive and practical model plus choice of colour schemes. What's not to like?


Thread: Precautions during this hot spell
13/08/2020 16:51:48

Sensible advice. In my case the workshop hasn't exceeded 90F and the garage, where all the rattle cans are is a good 10 degrees cooler.

A car can get a heck of a lot hotter than that in blazing sunshine.


PS - Just had a look at a Halfords rattle can and they say do not heat beyond 122F.

Edited By Colin Bishop on 13/08/2020 16:54:51

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
11/08/2020 18:46:31

The 3D printing is amazing stuff but slightly depressing as it totally trumps traditional scratchbuilding skills.

Quite where this leaves traditional modelmaking remains to be seen. The phrase 'nail in the coffin' springs to mind.

Meanwhile I will just soldier on with balsa and ply. It might not produce the same results but at least I did it with hand tools.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
11/08/2020 18:37:59

The same way as full ships traditionally launch Bob, except a bit faster maybe...wink


Thread: A decent kit for a beginner
11/08/2020 18:35:18

Model Slipway are certainly very good and the kits go together well but you haven't said what sort of preference you have as there are a vast range of subjects.

If you are going to put a fair bit of effort into a build, and more power to your elbow, then you need to find a subject which appeals to you.

A kit is an excellent introduction to boat modelling as the manufacturer has done all the design work and if you build to the instructions then you are virtually guaranteed to have a good model that performs well. And the experience will stand you in good stead for future projects.

If the Model Slipway subjects appeal to you then you will have seen their home page which makes recommendations for beginners or modellers with experience in other fields. Advice worth following.


All very good advice and you will get excellent after sales support if needed. People on this forum will be happy to offer additional advice if asked.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
10/08/2020 22:03:59

The radiant heaters in the control room look most impressive.


Thread: Pond Yacht
08/08/2020 20:01:45

That's a lovely boat Paul.


Thread: todays boating
08/08/2020 19:18:30

Unicorns are away with the Faireys Ashley.


Thread: Sea Breeze - Vintage Model Boat Company
08/08/2020 18:25:44

Nice to see you back Graham!

And glad you haven't forgotten us.


Thread: Airbrushing - glossy fininsh?
06/08/2020 21:46:00

I hope you get it sorted George, Getting a decent gloss finish can be trickier than one might expect as I have found out myself recently. In one instance I resorted to brush painting!


06/08/2020 19:19:58

If you just need a decent satin finish then try Halfords Satin Lacquer

The solvent does't appear to affect acrylic paints although don't use it over enamel.

It gives a really good finish - but always try on a test piece first.

Whilst car polish might give you a decent shine it is doubtful if you will ever be able to recoat it again afterwards shoulld you need to.


Thread: Edwardian Steam Launch
05/08/2020 11:48:11

Well that's opened up a can of worms!


Thread: todays boating
04/08/2020 21:00:17

Try painting 'Save the NHS' on the sails then...


Thread: Adhesive
04/08/2020 09:02:22

David yes the website is accepting orders but when I tried to buy some glue last week a notice came up saying they are unable to post to the UK at the moment.


03/08/2020 22:56:01

Shop4glue are not selling to the UK at the moment. I think they are based in Bulgaria.

I agree that Aliphatic is now the best for wood construction and the Deluxe Materials version is very good. They also sell Superphatic which is a sort of super glue alternative for wood with water cleanup, it is excellent stuff.

Plasticard is favoured by many people these days and works well but I still prefer to use birch ply myself.


Thread: Boat decking
31/07/2020 09:06:51

The one on what passes for the bow looks like the Imperial Russian Naval Jack.


Thread: Covid update
29/07/2020 17:10:21

The majority of those people on the beach at Bournemouth were from outside the area. It was reported that many came from as far away as Birmingham and all points in between. So any upsurge in cases will have been spread around Southern England up to the south Midlands.

The locals were appalled at the invasion.


Edited By Colin Bishop on 30/07/2020 15:08:21

29/07/2020 14:17:36

Northern hospitality?


Thread: British Aviator
29/07/2020 11:26:06

My first job was with Furness Ship Management in Leadenhall Street, London, and I initially worked in the payroll department. I used to be involved with payments to the officers of the ships which included Sagamore.


Thread: boat electrics
24/07/2020 12:43:06


If you've not already seen it, have a lok at Dave's article here:


Mainly about the electrics rather than the radio side but lots of useful info.


Edited By Colin Bishop on 24/07/2020 12:43:34

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