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Thread: Maybe a bit ambitious?
12/09/2020 17:27:43

That looks like a nice balanced design plus you have lots of choice for colour schemes if you look around online.


Thread: todays boating
11/09/2020 20:18:41

I took a couple of boats along myself, both Deans Marine kits, the tug tender Sir Walter Raleigh and my steam yacht Vectis based on the Deans Medea kit. They both performed very well.


album l bushy september 2020 (1).jpg

album l bushy september 2020 (22).jpg

11/09/2020 17:57:26

Photos seem to have come out OK, some need a bit of cropping etc. I will send them to Ashley and he can decide which ones are secret...

You do wonder about the general public sometimes. Mostly people come to admire the boats, ask questions and chat but some people seem to be unable to read. There are signs all over the park forbidding feeding of the deer, birds and any other animals. Boaters use the designated boating lake so it's a bit annoying when, as happened this morning two little old ladies commenced casting their bread upon the waters while later on two mothers with kids were encouraging their offspring to throw food to the birdies.. In both cases from the hard standing where boaters were operating and within a few feet of a 'don't feed the wildlife' sign.

The inevitable result was the immediate arrival of literally hundreds of birds of all shapes and sizes looking for crumbs and fighting each oither enthusiastically. Impossible to launch or retrieve while all this was going on and of course the importuning avians then decided to hang about to see if there was any prospect of dessert.

Perhaps a change of menu to short sighted ancients plus the odd toddler as garnish might improve behaviour..


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
02/09/2020 18:29:25

Sorry to hear about Paul.

Hope he is OK,


Thread: TEV Wahine 1/35 Build
02/09/2020 09:00:52

There is certainly an increase in modelling going on but when virtually all the newsagent shops that sell magazines were shut for a considerable time, sales and revenue plummeted which caused a lot of problems as it has of course elsewhere.


01/09/2020 11:26:12

That probably explains it. There was no editor for quite a while this year when the magazine was suspended and the email was unattended. The company was also badly affected by the virus situation and there were staff reductions.

Not sure why things have suddenly started working again though. If it should happen again, create a new registration and post the problem on the Forum. At the moment I am the only person looking after it on an unpaid basis!


01/09/2020 09:51:05

I got no messages Rich - who did you send them to?


Thread: Motors/prop for model warship
01/09/2020 09:47:44

These 385s from Component Shop are excellent..



Thread: todays boating
30/08/2020 11:43:57

I think people are just as capable of composing poor and badly lit shots whether they are using cameras or mobile phones. It's just that everybody is now taking photos willy nilly on a point, shoot and hope for the best basis when previously they might not have owned a camera or carried one about with them all the time.

Some of the latest phones are capable of taking amazing shots with their tiny lenses. It's the person pressing the button that counts, you need an eye for a picture. However a proper camera is much easier to use than a mobile phone with touch screen controls held several inches away from the eye.

The following two shots were taken with my mobile in Crete last year on the way back from a Taverna, I didn't take my DSLR to dinner but did have the phone with me!


crete 2019 (10).jpg

crete 2019 (9).jpg

Thread: Returning modeller
28/08/2020 12:47:24

Me again, the album is now publically viewable! You can log back in again now Jim.


28/08/2020 11:53:06


If you would logout I will have a look and see what I can find.


28/08/2020 10:22:42


It could be a software glitch especially if you have made sevearl attempts.

If you are still having problems I can send you my email address and you can email the photos to me. I should then be able to put them on for you.


26/08/2020 21:31:32


Not sure what's happend there. When you created the album did you click on the save button at the foot of the page?

Also did you make sure the images were not too large.? The software on the forun is a bit old so files should not ideally be bigger than 1000kb. The images from cameras are usually much bigger than that these days and need to be reduced in size using a resizing program.


Thread: Aronaut Caribic - What Adhesive?
20/08/2020 19:00:09

I have various liquid plastic adhesives and they all seem to perform differently on different plastics so it is a bit if a minefield in some respects.

At a guess I'd say pipe weld is the best bet. Not too expensive so if the remainder goes off then not much lost.


Thread: Ship Repair
20/08/2020 14:22:38

I think Roger's suggestion of glueing and pinning the existing mast back together would be simplest, superglue might do the job well enough.

Otherwise, for replacement, a cheap and cheerful solution is to buy an inexpensive set of artists brushes, something like this from The Works for example:


They are already tapered and varnished and you can often find one the right size.


Thread: Aronaut Caribic - What Adhesive?
19/08/2020 16:52:22


If you can scan the instructions into a PDF file then it may be possible to use Google Translate to convert them to English using cut and paste.


Thread: Boat?
16/08/2020 20:42:07

Richard, you really do need to give us some idea of what sort of boat you are looking for, size, type etc. as mentioned above. We are not mind readers!


Thread: Plans
15/08/2020 11:41:17

The issue is available on EBay together with plan:


Sarik Hobbies have three RG65 plans on sale.





Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
13/08/2020 19:47:56

No, things seem OK now. Sympathise with you re Windows, Microsoft just seem to want to take over something you think you hav paid for. It makes me really cross.


13/08/2020 19:11:28

Bob, you have repeated your last post 10 times! Please stop it! I can't keep up with the deletions.


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