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Thread: Stanchions
17/05/2022 13:48:54

I think they are all pretty much th same but some trader prices are a bit cheaper than others.


17/05/2022 10:45:36



James Lane had a set of jigs for modifying split pins to make stanchions at variou sizes. These were relatively cheap. Nobody seems to know what happened to them.

You can get stanchions in various sizes easily enough but they cost around 65p each depending on size.

I recently bought some Caldercraft ones from Howes Models:


If you Google Model Boat Stanchions, various other suppliers come up at similar prices.


Edited By Colin Bishop on 17/05/2022 15:10:26

Thread: Todays Boating
15/05/2022 20:42:56

You might need to be a bit careful if spraying spectators as too many people are aware of the nasties in pond water! Great fun for the kids but maybe not so much for their parents.


Thread: Tramp Steamer - 1929
13/05/2022 19:06:10

Those winches look great Bob. I have lots to make for my 1:150 scale projects.

A bit off topic Ray,

I only just remember steam on the main line and I'm 66

We spent most of this week on the Isle of Wight and visited the steam railway, great fun. One of the engines there used to be in steam when we spent our holidays there back in the late 50s, early 60s. It pulled us around a few times back then!


Thread: Scale Sailing Ships wanted for Filming
12/05/2022 15:15:35

Editor Lindsey has had a request to see if we can help locate some suitable models for a film adaptation of Great Expectations - see below.

If anyone has anything suitable, please PM me and I will send you the contact details



I am working on another adaptation of Great Expectations. I have been asked if it would be possible to film with some model boats. ( larger the better). The idea is to build up a CGI (computer generated image) picture. To this end we need a traditional Thames sailing barge and a square rig tall ship that can float and be as authentic as possible.

The production is well funded and will be well worth getting involved.

Would any of your members be interested? The production is London based but if the right model is further away then travel and accommodation can be arranged.

Many thanks


Richard Carless

Marine Film Services Ltd

Thread: Tramp Steamer - 1929
07/05/2022 19:35:45


Yes, I know you have built some real beauties, I just wonder if the response you get online is to some extent dictated by which the subject appeals to the viewers. Your present project is of course built to the same standard as the ones illustrated above but it isn't so easy on the eye.

Just my personal opinion, you will of course only build what appeals to you.

You say you 'happen' to be building a tramp steamer but what is it about the subject that prompted you to start construction compared with what some people might have found to be a visually more attractive subject?

In my case the subject has to have something special about it visually for me to commit the effort to build it. It needs to stand out from it's contemporaries.


07/05/2022 18:56:39

I can recommend Bob's online books .Lots of interesting techniques which are applicable to other scales as well such as using stiff wire to reproduce funnel stays - so much better then knotted thread!

However Bob, I wonder if sometimes the choice of prototype discourages interest to some extent. Your tramp steamer models are beautifully rendered but just how many people really find the designs attractive?

Something like St Sunniva stirs the imagination with her elegant looks which is a contrast to a plodding freighter.



Edited By Colin Bishop on 07/05/2022 18:57:40

Thread: Model Boats June 2022
06/05/2022 15:15:13

In the June 2022 issue of Model Boats magazine, you can look forward to:

* WARSHIP 2022: your chance to WIN the latest edition from the publishers of this celebrated annual naval review

* The Larsen Aqua Aircar: taking on the challenge of making a flawed 1:1 concept vessel actually work on water in model form

* Empress of Canada: the first instalment in a three-part guide to building this classic transatlantic passenger liner

* Small-scale sail: the tricky art of sizing down ‘sea-worthy’ square riggers

* Keil Kraft’s little EeZeBilts: a nostalgic look back at the trio of kits in KK’s range which were designed specifically with the novice in mind

* Oberons Down Under: the success story of this submarine class in Royal Australian Navy service and some interesting opportunities for scale modellers flagged up

* Controlling two shafts: the various options explained and considered

* LCT 7074: Part 2 of the build brief for those of you wishing to complete the mission rolled out with last month’s free pull-out plan

* Boiler Room: the first of four instalments that document a build undertaken with the express object of testing out some innovative and exciting new equipment

  • A round up of the latest hobby-related news
  • Your Models: from honouring family history to junk modelling Jules Verne’s Nautilus – prepare to be wowed by the work of your fellow readers
  • Your Letters: views aired, info shared and help/advice sought

Lindsey Amrani


Thread: Russian Logins
04/05/2022 21:33:12

Just for information, we are currently being bombarded with false registrations on the site from apparently Russian sites.

Every day I have to delete at least 10 or more spam registrations,

It has always been the case to some extent but has really ramped up since the Russians invaded Ukraine.


Edited By Colin Bishop on 05/05/2022 09:21:35

Thread: Mountfleet Models
01/05/2022 19:15:30

Quite right Andrew. Things can and do go wrong but putting things right is the measure of service and inspires confidence for future orders.


Thread: New Owner for Model Boats
25/04/2022 21:33:04

Good news, thanks Chris.


Thread: Pins for construction
25/04/2022 10:48:30

Unless you are bending something that really doesn't want to be bent, masking tape can be effective at holding joints fogether if stretched tightly at 90 degrees to the glue line.


Thread: Nautical Marine Models M12
24/04/2022 18:59:27

Dave's review of the Watercat can be seen here:


Dave is retired and living in Malta and no longer active in model boating.


Thread: New Owner for Model Boats
24/04/2022 13:25:11

I suspect that the digital archive may be a standalone application which could simply be moved to a new server.. It's not so long ago that all the files were converted when Flashplayer was shut down.


24/04/2022 11:42:33

Although Model Flying has now moved to a new software platform, the same procedure is still in place for accessing their digital archive.


Thread: Todays Boating
18/04/2022 18:52:42


Don't feel you need to keep up with Ashley! Just enjoy what he does.

Us lesser mortals simply need to find something that interests us and proceed at whatever pace we are comfortable with.

I am currently enjoying a paddler build which provides a nice combination of relatively simple hull and upperworks but is giving me a lot of satisfaction in working out the propulsion and associated electronic arrangements. I am documenting it as a possible future article but progress is at a rate which keeps me happy and it will take as long as it takes so no pressure.

At our age you have nothing to prove!



Thread: New Owner for Model Boats
18/04/2022 14:11:40

The transfer is almost certainly being done in stages as most MTM functions such as subscriptions, accounts, printing etc. are on outsourced contracts which presumably Mortons will need to take over or terminate if they want them brought back in house so it could all take a little while. Many of the MTM staff including Editors are self employed freelancers too. The IT side is still in house at MTM I think though.


Thread: Todays Boating
17/04/2022 15:32:39

Thanks for washing my car Ashley.....


Thread: New Owner for Model Boats
17/04/2022 10:13:32

I think Richard is right that much of the value here is in a friendly community of like minded people as opposed to an online reference facility. Whilst a lot of old material remains valuable much of it quickly goes out of date such as where to buy specific items etc. I suppose it is a balance really.

The Model Flying and Model Engineer forums are much more active than this one and closing them down would impact on magazine sales I think.

However, it should also be remembered that Military Modelling magazine ceased publication because the forum was hosting all the interesting material and too few people were actually buying the magazine. The tail was wagging the dog but when the magazine stopped the forum was closed down too.


Thread: Todays Boating
16/04/2022 20:26:19


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