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Thread: Best budget esc for 6 volt 7 amp Decaperm geared motor
21/10/2021 22:01:52

The Viper 15 instruction sheet stipulates an input between 6v & 12v. so it is possible that a partially discharged 6v gel cell might affect the BEC voltage to the RX. Mine is being used with a 7.2v NiMH pack which has a flatter discharge curve than a lead acid so hopefully it will work OK.


21/10/2021 21:18:29

The Viper 15 is currently over 30% off at Howes Models. I've just bought one. Came the next day.



Thread: Basic filler,sealing and primer question from a newbie
17/10/2021 18:34:56

Hi Neil,

Welcome to the forum. Yes, do the filling and get the hull smooth before using the Sand 'n Seal. Then use primer.


Thread: Titanic
17/10/2021 18:20:31

Hi Anna,

Very sorry to hear about your Dad. It's not an uncommon situation unfortunately.

Your best bet is to use EBay which is where most people look for these things.



Thread: Model Boats November 2021
14/10/2021 13:33:00

The cover and contents of the November 2021 issue can now be viewed on the website home page.

In the November 2021 issue of Model Boats magazine, don’t miss:
* A FREE PLAN: plus, a guide to the construction of this super little jet-powered small fast ferry model designed by Glynn Guest

* HMS Invincible: a fascinating account, packed full of tips and tricks, of the all guns blazing approach taken when building the incredible model that is this month’s cover star

* ADHD, modelling & me: an honest, open and insightful explanation of how the hobby benefits our general well-being, as told from a neurodiverse perspective

* ‘Midget’ Nuclear Sub: an exciting recycling project that can be as simple or as complex as you decide to make it

* Dean’s Marine Open Weekend: a photo report from this popular annual showcase, which includes display and demo shots of the splendid models built from the latest kits in the range

* The 2021 MPB Fast Electric Speed Records Day: highlights of the thrills and spills of this SAWs event

* Rescue remedy: how to create a nifty, simple to put together and operate model boat retrieval device

* Adding figures: time to man up!

* Westmoreland woes: a humorous tale of the lengths one modeller went to in order to avoid a bit of argy-bargy with an old friend

* Black Park MBC Open Day: an overview of September’s spectacular event

* The 1955 Mebourne All Models Exhibition: a reflection on how the hobby was promoted Down Under in the post-war period

* Boiler Room: the first of a two-parter documenting a quick and easy working steam launch project


  • A round up of the latest hobby-related news
  • Your Letters: memories aired and info both
    sought and shared
  • Your Models: stunning work showcased

Lindsey Amrani

Thread: Model Railways
13/10/2021 20:11:04

I like the 3650 loco. Very realistic.


13/10/2021 19:32:38

Leave it there please.


12/10/2021 19:50:37

I think a lot of the WW1 military narrow gauge track ended up with UK narrow gauge railways. There are actually a lot of them around the UK such as Ravenglass, Ronmey, Hythe & Dymchurch and the Welsh lines. I'm not sure how many of these benefited from the WW1 surplus though but Mrs B and I have very much enjoyed our various trips on them around England.

There is a novel about the use of these narrow gauge lines in WW1 which is worth a read.



Thread: Model Boats - Classified Adverts
12/10/2021 17:32:08

Yes, indeed worth mentioning and it may still come to pass. I don't know for sure but when I used to do my Special Issues I was given a budget per issue and it was up to me how long I spent on it. (and how much I spent on contributors). Lindsey may be in the same boat (sic) I think when Martyn was editor he had other jobs on the go at the same time. You'll never make your fortune editing a niche interest magazine I'm afraid.


12/10/2021 16:16:25


Lindsey has taken this on board and said she would discuss with some of the other editors. Personally I rather doubt if bringing back the free ads would have any significant effect on circulation - after all, just how many people do buy and sell models and how regularly? Collating them does add to the editorial worklload as I have already said.

I am not aware that there have been any requests for their return other than the few posts on here.

So, yes it is being considered but not I think as a priority at the moment.


11/10/2021 10:08:58

There is lots of information about the ship online with detail drawings, books etc.

The Amati kit plans can apparently be used to scratch build a model of HMS Victory.


Some idea of the complexity of the kit version can be seen here:


In itself this would be a very complex project requiring plenty of previous experience.

To build a radio controlled working model would be very ambitious indeed.

What were you expecting?


Thread: Portsmouth Dockyard October 2021
08/10/2021 19:38:16

Some information on the design history here:


Airflow over the deck would have been factored in. Fixed wing launches are via the ski jump and recovery is usually by sideslip hover if unloaded or by a rolling recovery if weapons are stil aboard the aircraft.

The ship might be a bit Lego like but it is a case that form follows function. They are pretty impressive vessels.


07/10/2021 10:34:05

Ashley, they are offering 20 minute trips round the harbour in the little LCI for a tenner. I might have taken it up if was a fiver but the main Harbour cruise is free with the annual dockyard ticket to all attractions on both sides of the harbour which costs £38 for oldies and includes the Mary Rose again.


06/10/2021 19:48:05

As it was a nice sunny day, I visited Portsmouth Dockyard using my annual ticket and took the harbour cruise. As is often the case there was a variety of shipping on view including HMS Prince of Wales testing her emergency evacuation chutes. The photos in my album are a selection of the vessels I saw. Definitely 'a good day out'.



Prince of Wales bow view

HDML Medusa

Edited By Colin Bishop on 06/10/2021 20:01:19

Thread: Puzzling Pond Yacht
05/10/2021 10:07:46

If no one on here can help you could try the Vintage Model Yacht Group.


Edited By Colin Bishop on 05/10/2021 10:08:15

Thread: Robbe receiver
03/10/2021 13:48:01

Charls is right, trying to integrate a bunch of components that were never designed to work with each other is quite likely to be both frustrating and expensive.

There is no particular virtue in trying to restore a 27MHz system that isn't working.

I have a couple of boats still on Futaba 27 MHz but if a fault does develop I will replace with 2.4GHz gear.


Thread: Model Boats - Current Issue
01/10/2021 10:10:03

Like Richard, I have always photographed progress on my models whether I intended to write an article or not. My fishery cruiser Brenda which was featured a while back sat on the shelf for 20 years after the initial hull construction as I lost interest but I did take initial (film) photos at the time and was able to scan the prints in to compile a comprehensive build article when I finally completed it. I am documenting my current liner and paddle steamer projects in the same way. No idea when either will be finished but there will be the photos if I do an article (and there is still a magazine to publish it).

Incidentally, this forum is dependent on the mgazine continuing, if it doesn't then all the forum material will be lost as it uses bespoke software and the publishers will have no incentive to convert the data structures.


30/09/2021 20:56:13

I appreciate that some readers prefer to pick & mix depending on the individual issue contents but that doesn't much help keep the magazine in circulation.

Overall, if the annual contents are essentially interesting then a subscription is the best way of keeping the publication afloat. OK some articles will not be of interest to you and that is inevitable but if on average the content is of interest then a subscription is the way forward to keep the magazine in production.

As always, the rule is 'use it or lose it'. If you decide to cherry pick on individual isues then the latter may well come true.

On here we are trying to keep the magazine afloat in a very difficult financial situation. Subscriptions are the best way of doing this. Yes, some issues will be of more interest thn others to individual readers but hopefully things will even out.. The same applies to all magazines.

If you do prefer to cherry pick individual issues then do not be surprised if the magazine is withdrawn as it cannot financially survive on that basis.


Edited By Colin Bishop on 01/10/2021 09:26:11

Thread: GRAUPNER RAU IX Whaler
28/09/2021 19:44:44

Let's leave it there.


27/09/2021 19:40:17

I'm amazed they recognised it as a whale catcher Neil. Most people seem to think that every boat on a pond is the Titanic.


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