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Thread: Steel hull
25/01/2021 11:03:27

David tells me it is 1/48 scale so the suggestions above are all good.


25/01/2021 10:19:22

Hi David,

Welcome to the Forum. Methods or representing plating with riveting rather depend on what scale you are building to so give us a bit more info please.


Thread: Switches and speed controllers
24/01/2021 19:15:36

I agree with the comments about plugging and unplugging fuses.

As far as a switch is concerned the Halford's types are big chunky things and rather crude. It's worth doing a bit of research on whether you can get something smaller that will handle the continuous current drawn from the battery. It is often possible to conceal a switch somewhere on deck within a box or a fitting of some kind that lifts off. I do this with most of my models so I don't need to remove the superstructure at the pond which tends to lead to things breaking off!

Component Shop do a ranges of switches which may be worth looking at but there are other sources.


If the toggle on a toggle switch is too long you can shorten it with a saw!


Thread: Paul Freshney R.I.P
17/01/2021 18:25:55

Details of Paul's funeral have now been announced. I have emailed many of his close friends and associates directly but you can see them here:


They include a link to a Just Giving page for the RNLI in memory of Paul for anyone who would like to make a contribution.


Edited By Colin Bishop on 17/01/2021 18:27:28

Thread: depron hull and 'tights'
16/01/2021 11:47:57

Support tights then Chris?


16/01/2021 10:59:17

Back in the early 80s I used tissue nappy liners and shellac.. Best if liners were not secondhand of course.. Lovely smooth finish - just like a baby's bottom.


Thread: Fairey Swordsman 33
15/01/2021 16:07:06

Except when you trip over it... smiley


15/01/2021 14:35:14

Yes, one often agonizes over something that 'isn't quite right' when building a particular part of the model but minor defects often just blend into the background on the completed model, you hardly notice them yourself and nobody else does. And after a while you forget about them completely - time is a great healer as they say...


Thread: depron hull and 'tights'
15/01/2021 10:41:30

To be honest, while tights are better than nothing, it would be more effective to use proper glassfibre cloth with the epoxy. When saturated it will follow the shape of the hull much better and provide a stronger skin to the Depron.



Thread: Tank steering
15/01/2021 09:34:46


When you are operating a full size twin screw boat you are probably operating the two throttle levers with one hand and the rudder with the other so it is relatively easy to adjust the engines independently.

With a model boat setup you are using one hand each for the morors and one of those hands has to double for the rudder as well.

A Robbe Navy Twin Stick TX does have both motor controls on the left hand of the set so you can replicate the full size setup.



Thread: What model is this please
14/01/2021 17:19:19

Aerokits actually, but yes, almost certainly a Sea Commander. Look it up on Google and there are lots of images.

The one that went across the Channel was the Sea Queen, a similar but larger design.


Edited By Colin Bishop on 14/01/2021 18:09:00

14/01/2021 16:28:25

You may need to put the image into a PC and rotate and resave it.. It all depends on how the image has been encoded. and the software displaying the image. I don't have any problems but I use a camera. I know that people using hand held communications devices can experience difficulty.

If you can only post it sideways I guess we can crick our necks...


14/01/2021 14:25:30

It is Vic Smeed's Sea Rider design as you stated yourself in your own post on 2nd January. Why are you making this post?



Thread: Tank steering
14/01/2021 10:56:49


I can't help with the programming of the ESCs although somebody else might .(I use a different ESC). However I think you can check whether the TX is working OK by connecting each ESC channel to a spare servo or even the rudder to see if it responds normally with the servo centre position matching the stick centre position. If that is OK then the problem would seem to be with the ESC programming. There seem to be some videos online although I've not looked at them.


14/01/2021 10:26:19

Sounds like the radio is set up OK, it is the ESCs that need programming. Lots of info online but much easier if you have a programming card.

As an aside, tank steering on a performance boat could be tricky.


Thread: Veron Vosper Patrol boat
13/01/2021 14:58:28


Just click on photos on the left had side of the person's post under thgeir name and it will show you all their albums.


Thread: Digital Archive Not Accessible
12/01/2021 18:19:15

Yes, quite! No spare resources at MTM but at least they are still going.


Thread: Free to good home - Model Thames Sailing Barge
12/01/2021 15:18:41

Yes, as Kip says, assume that you have to pack it securely enough to withstand being dropped, tossed around or crushed under other packages. Impossible really. Also insurance is useless as if it does get damaged, who will mend it? All you would get is a nominal payout.

Much better to wait until you can deliver it yourself.


Thread: Digital Archive Not Accessible
12/01/2021 14:59:18

Just a quick update. Poor Beth is working her socks off - she does have a day job in subscriptions. I quote:

It’s a very slow process where I have to process each issue for each year, adapt the files to the new system and then re-upload. And as I’ve got years to do for each magazine, it’s just taking its time. I’ve roped in Sam and we’re getting there. In short, they will be up shortly and I’m going as fast as I can - Beth

Patience is a virtue.


Thread: Free to good home - Model Thames Sailing Barge
12/01/2021 11:59:01

Safely packing and delivering a model like that by courier would be very risky.


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