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Thread: HMS Belfast
04/12/2018 19:07:47

if this thread has changed to naval targets, I would be very grateful if they would just lob a few over Newington and the Thames into a rather large building on the north bank. I’m sure that would unite the country at this present time.

In keeping with the finest artillery tradition, someone could perhaps chalk on ‘Love from Nicola’. devil

Thread: Iron barque completed
30/10/2018 15:06:36

Bob, I loved the model from day one and was jealous of the purchaser, but with each passing post began to feel that you were mirroring my boyhood hero, IKB, and his effort with Great Eastern.

Different scale but in life some things are more a test of endurance than skill. Completing the task rather than looking for the bin is testament to your determination.



Thread: Boaty McBoatface
14/07/2018 18:39:53

I noted from the press blurb that it can cut through a metre of ice and makes almost no noise.

Our new ferry, the Loch Seaforth, is also very quiet and leaves almost no wake. As I regularly row in the vicinity of Stornoway harbour this is very noticeable. In fact a passing small trawler leaves much more swell in its wake.

Can one of you learned gentlemen tell me how this is achieved and if it’s possible to replicate this in a model without just running very slowly? Is there a design feature or is it just down to speed?


Thread: Spot the missing workshop
30/06/2018 16:29:41

Ah....the body. I wondered why the hatch in the floor that leads to the storm drain took up so much of the discussion. It’s all clear to me now. Don’t think I would accept the invitation to the grand opening if I was you Paul. Not after the load of stick you’ve given ‘im.

29/06/2018 17:52:03

I wouldn’t worry too much about insulation either Dave, as my daughters even larger cabin is comfortable in both summer and winter. The advice I would give you though is to think about rainwater from the roof bouncing on the slabs and introducing dampness 18” above ground. I reseal hers every three years but still found I had to put up gutters to direct the amazing amount of roof water into butts and then controlled it away. The ‘bounce’ hasn’t damaged the cabin but it does allow mould to form on the dull side and looks unsightly.

Thread: ET0422 PHOTON 2.1FW SYSTEM W/11.0R 3450KV MOTOR/60A ESC
19/03/2018 14:34:23

This has been a very informative little chat, even if I do feel a bit sorry for Jonathan. Like being told to go and stand in the corner.

Nevertheless, I have just been building eezybuilts for my granddaughters and sailing unpowered yachts so far. Now thinking about moving into radio and building bigger models so the comments have really made the point. I suppose my comparison would be like going into some ‘refurbished’ houses and seeing wiring that is just waiting to blow up!

Memo to self: Must re-read DMs article.

Cheers, Steve (and good luck Jonathan, takes a bit of moral fibre to go back to the drawing board)

Thread: Brutus
21/04/2017 18:58:20

I agree with you Dave. Following PaulT's link I looked up the Golden Supersport, then checked out the builders and sellers websites and was horrified to discover that I would have to part with $30million to buy one to hold 12 of us. I can get more folk than that into and old caravan I have. A couple of old oil barrels, a decent outboard and my caravan would win a beauty contest. Looks like the builders had the plan upside down.

I would go even further back than you in the beauty stakes. Take one tea clipper, 50hrs of Bob Wilsons time and hey presto.....something you would want to own. Build it, crew it with 50 old salts and still have enough money left over to buy a few bottles of JD to consume as you circle the globe appreciating global warming.

Thread: HMS Illustrious Departure
08/12/2016 19:18:46

I agree with Tim and Paul.

I was at USS Yorktown berthed in Charleston a few weeks ago and have to admit that naval history and a visitor experience is something the US just seems to do better. A whole day isn't enough to explore but they have a knack of mooring their vessels near so many other historical sites, in the above case Fort Sumter. There were volunteers or paid staff at every point keen to tell you the background or interesting anecdotes. At our sites you'd have to be able to read signs in size 12 font.

Chatham and HMS Belfast are good but I really think we've missed the boat in so many respects. Have to face it, not enough folk care.

Thread: Illustration of driveshaft vibration
27/11/2016 18:14:49

Very interesting, DG. Not so much for my small fleet of your balsa models, but for the power takeoff on my MF35.

Thread: Mas500
22/07/2016 21:24:12

Robin, I'm afraid I have no idea what a mas500 is but your post has brightened up my Friday evening! Cheers, Steve

Thread: Spider J
20/06/2016 16:19:29

This build is scaring the living day lights out of me. Like so many build threads on the forum it has convinced me that I will only ever be a builder of toy boats but it doesn't diminish my admiration of the 6 or 8 of you who have left me open-mouthed at the quality of your work. And it won't stop me puddling away......

Regards Steve.

Thread: My Triton Build
16/06/2016 13:15:45

Just as suggested by DG above, I used insulation from ring main cable. My granddaughters played with their Tritons for the whole Easter hols with not a hint of trouble. I found it a good tight fit and as long as the motor and prop shafts were carefully aligned can't envisage any problem. They sailed them up and down a shallow river at the side of the croft so no need for RC. I found they sailed true even in the slight current and the girls so got the hang of where to point them to get the longest run. In fact they had a hoot!

Would the complication of a dagger board on such a small model as the Triton not just be avoided by adding a bit onto the keel? What are your thoughts DG, as I am thinking about building another for the summer holidays to replace the one they squashed? Regards, Steve.

Thread: Not a beginner but new to the forum
09/06/2016 13:24:26

Must be something in the highland water.

If you need some motivation to finish your model then here it is: I am a beginner but found the plans and the correct MB mags at a sale and have started to build a Sangsetia. Mine is a scratch build and I have just built the hull, it's not finished but you can tell it's a hull! I thought I would like to have it built by September which is the 30th anniversary of the mags publication. I have had a lot of good pointers from Dave Milbourn but would be interested in how yours is powered and if it has reached the stage of having been in the water.

I previously stayed in Elgin but didn't model boats then. I would have been going to millbuies park or somewhere like that on a week day rather than the cooper park or to one of the stills where they have on site fire reservoirs. Anything in bught park? Or some of the wee lochans out Dores way?

I see also that Peter is planning to build a Sangsetia so it will be interesting to see how everyone fares. My problem will be granddaughters for the school holidays and postage to the Western Isles, rather than lack of desire.

Good luck, Steve

Thread: Sangsetia
08/06/2016 15:10:01

Thanks for the suggestions Dave. Armed with some positive ideas I'm now off to re-read some of your other papers on voltages and maH's to try and work out where I'm going with this hobby and decide which might be best or at least most versatile. At this stage I also note what you say about the different types of build and the speed v ballast point. I will need to give some thought to what sort of model I favour. I have had so much fun with the granddaughters and DG's EeZebilts that I'm going to have to choose between quick and cheerful sailing or spending time on a more substantial build.

Anyway that's straying away from the point so back to the research....

Cheers, Steve

08/06/2016 12:08:42

image.jpgimage.jpegThanks for that Dave, good starter for me.

The model is 44" X 9" and he suggests using 2 X 13" X 4BA (?) prop shafts with 2 1/2" props which he changed to Navy (?) type. I have attached photos of the relevant bits of the plans and a cover picture of what I'm aiming for. My double diagonal hull is more or less complete but before I go further I'm wondering what would be best to use now, ie 30 years after the plans were published.

Any handy tips on fitting the shafts so they are parallel would be welcomed too.


07/06/2016 19:13:04

Hello everyone,

After several builds of DG's models, including Sea Princess, I have decided to go for something bigger and have plumped for the Sangsetia PX boat - because I found plans with the relevant magazines. It is a David Metcalf design which featured in MB in 1986. I have started the 'double diagonal' hull and intend following the instructions in the mag.

However I would like some early advice on power plants. In the article it says that he wanted to fit Falcons but couldn't as they were no longer available. It doesn't say what he did fit only that they were ' similar to 540's but use less amps under load'. He powered them with twin electric speed controllers and 5 1.2v 7.5 NiCads and used 4 blade props which he subsequently upgraded to 'Navy' style to give the scale speed of 25knots.

Can someone tell me what this turns into 30 years later?

As a beginner I am a bit nervous about the twin prop idea, but am keen to give it a go, however I would like to get the appropriate bits early so that I can make any adjustments that might be needed to fit modern products. Does anyone have any other suggestions, not about what to build, but how to make sure I do it justice?

Thanks, Steve

Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
16/05/2016 20:11:11

As a beginner I am enjoying watching the build too, especially the realisation that lateral thinking and improvisation are useful skills.

But I'm most enjoying the fact that your workbench looks like mine! It's given me no end of confidence. Cheers Bob.

PS have you found that peg board clamp thing in the last pic useful over the years. I got offered one by a 'retired' plane builder the other day, minus the clamps which I believe I can buy, but wasn't sure if I would ever need one.

Regards, Steve

Thread: Plan Drawing
14/05/2016 18:11:11

I don't want to sound as if I'm snivelling Bob but I think, mostly from the content of previous posts, that you're up against a preconception on the part of most viewers that this was something done in 2 minutes on a computer. Like so many other areas these days the work of a craftsman has been overtaken by computing.

Just think how 3D printing is going to change the way today's kids view the production of almost anything from fine model ship fittings to guns or artificial limbs. It's amazing but there will always be someone to admire the ability required to produce one from scratch. They won't know the difference until a giant sunburst wipes out all our satellites and computers...oh dear.....we're doomed, doomed I tell you......

Thread: Plywood supplies
13/05/2016 14:10:41

Thanks for this Tony. Next time I am down I will have a tootle along to Bury and/or Heywood and say hello. Hope the first cup of tea is free for visitors! Regards, Steve

13/05/2016 08:51:05

Thanks for this Tony. I'm off to Edinburgh on Sunday and couldn't really find anything definitive there, either.

It looks like rather than waste time and fuel looking on the 'off chance', I would be just as well going back to my postal supplier as recommended by Dave M, Dodgy and others. Living on a small island, I was under the impression that their would still be fully stocked model shops in every times have changed. I suppose that's a consequence of PRC and the relative cheapness of on line product. I know that SLEC sent me good quality stuff so I will just consolidate my orders and stick with them.

On a slightly different note, if you know the area, is there a boating pond in the Heywood area that I can take my granddaughters to, or anywhere else within 10 miles for that matter

Regards, Steve

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