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Thread: Electrics?
02/09/2007 19:27:00


You got to watch some of those johnston motors that don't have numbers on them. I had a 600 in a Bilge hull and it was drawing 17amps in the bath. I didn't know that till I tested it, cause it got too warm running on the bench. I was later informed that they use these motors in power thanks. The electronize ESC got hot but handled it. I now use mark up motors ie Graupner  400,500E,600. or 777, or 555. MFA ranges and the likes. You know what your getting when you buy named motors.

Thats not to say Johnson's motors are a bad motor. Just I know what I prefer to use.

Good Luck 

Thread: Ships plans?
02/09/2007 15:26:00


The National Maritime Museum is pretty expensive to buy plans from x amount per sheet plus postage and the more sheets the more the postage. I gave up and went else where

Good Luck

Thread: Icebreaker Polarstern
02/09/2007 15:20:00

Hi all

Anybody got any iformantion on this boat.

I know the company's site. But looking to get plans or small plastic kit if available.

Thread: Digifleet
29/07/2007 21:25:00
I heard sometime ago that they are only making Txs at the mo but the Rx were having a little prob with tunning ?? but don't quote me
try a Google on Digifleet. Your going back in time now.
Good Luck
Thread: Welcome back
29/07/2007 21:14:00
Hi Vinnie
Is there a members list available ?

Thread: Old MB site?
25/06/2007 12:52:00
Hi all
I prefer the old site. but ....
Thread: Can any body help?
24/06/2007 19:15:00
sorry mate lost the correct link ....
Thread: Propellor thrust
18/06/2007 08:51:00
I still say it is going to be trial and error to get what you require.

My rule is high speed=large pitch with a motor powerful enough to turn it.The diameter of prop 35mm-45mm/30 inch model is also inportant and you may not have much torque with this setup

Slow speed = small pitch moderate revs probable a largeish prop 45mm-55mm 70 inch model to me this has more torque which is more power/thrust.

Can I enquire what the bow thruster will be used in and the length of model and your motor voltage gearing arrangement.

There are ducted fan books on the aeroplane side of the hobby but I beleive (unless things have changed since my day more like jets nowadays)these had to be high reving glow plug engines.Usaully around the Rossi Engines.

Referring to bow thruster I was reading the other day that a modeller was useing awaterpump with tubes where the bow truster exit was, causeing a good jet of water to turn the boat with very good success.can't remeber where it was or what book

17/06/2007 19:29:00
You could go this way but many modellers like myself find that it it a case of suck it and see. My last model, it took an hour and 10 different pitches/diameters of propellers to get the boat running right.

This might be of assistance??
Thread: Decal sets
12/06/2007 20:34:00
Hi merlin
Thanks I'll have a good look at their site cheers

01/06/2007 15:17:00
Cheers Barry
Seems to be a tricky subject as most people always have some trouble of some kind making them.However I'll keep on looking
Thread: Welcome to Model Boats!
30/05/2007 16:02:00
Yes. Always refer to the plan if you have got one.Both the distance and angle from the hull is important.Also size of prop and engine too.The angle is obtained by fitting the correct engine mount and the distance by the correct size of shaft. some scratch built model just won't accept exact prop/rudder positioning in a model.Experiment or ask somebody with the same model.The layout of radio/ fuel tank or batteries to trim the boat is paramount as is wieght of the above.
If your running an i.c. engine the water scoop behind the prop it to has to be correctly position in the wash of the prop to assist in pushing the cool water through the pipe work.
Various books available an old Vic Smeed one may suit
Lets know how you get on
28/05/2007 19:38:00
Welcome aboard Quinn
Hopefully it will grow to what it use to be
Thread: Decal sets
27/05/2007 15:55:00
Any member make their own decals using the computer/printer/camera /
Any information would be appreciated.
Thread: Welcome to Model Boats!
26/05/2007 15:29:00
E-bay or Google search for model shops or the Model Boats in the magazine directory or try Westbourne Model Centre Bournemouth 01202763480 they have a web site. Lots to try
Thread: old but not vintage
26/04/2007 07:24:00

Here is my very old cabin cruiser from early 1970
Thread: Beware On-line Subscription Renewals
25/04/2007 14:05:00
o.k. mate
24/04/2007 12:06:00
yes mate please
Thread: Old MB site?
24/04/2007 11:56:00
fingers crossed
23/04/2007 11:44:00
Was there any software saved or able to be retrieved from this old site

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