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Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
30/04/2020 21:57:53

Hi Ray

Another fascinating project. Where do you find them all? What else is hiding under your bench?

I must look the boat up on the web.


Tim R

Thread: K40 Laser
30/04/2020 19:34:23

Paul - Suggestion

You could post in Soapbox in which anything goes except if it breaks the rules.

Maybe Colin would be happy with the concept that you are making a flying boat as supposed to a sea or float plane. I am building a Sealane from a SIG kit and it very definitely has a hull, rudder in the water and it will have to get on the plane before it goes flying and it behaves like a boat until it makes that transition.

If Ashley was brave enough to put some decent power in his "not so flying boat" and fit some elevators he would soon be airborne.

There are lots of cross-overs in the modelling disciplines and without wishing to stretch or bend the rules here, I think there is considerable benefit in introducing aero build techniques especially if reaching for high speeds or high stability.

This is a nice sedate forum and easy to follow al the threads (I do) whereas in the other place it is very busy and easy for threads to get drowned. My vote says that if it has a hull it's a boat. If it has wings as well or anything else for that matter it's still a boat.

And you haven't been told off yet wink

Tim R (Got the bits for a CL415 Fire Fighting aircraft - oops Boat!)

30/04/2020 17:04:54

Tapered wings, downwind leg, big input of up elevator perhaps to stop height loss instead of increasing power = classic tips stall syndrome. Nasty crash but not in the same league as this one. Click here
I was only a couple of miles away at the time.

With Ray about keeping the tanks in the nacelles.

The expression goes:

CG too far forward, plane flies badly
CG too far aft, planes flies once!

The risk of a too nose heavy planes is that you can run out of elevator particularly when flaring for landing.

I would practice fast taxying on the step before going to the next stage or airborne.

Must get some pictures up of My Sig Sealane

Tim R

Thread: Bow Thruster advice please.
28/04/2020 16:40:48

Echo Chris E 1

It's the same on full size boats and ships. Even dead slow will render a bow thruster ineffective. You will need another solution like Ray says and maybe even a bow rudder.

Tim R

Thread: J, K, N Class Destroyer
27/04/2020 16:02:25

Hi Ray

Only allowed out for work until 2nd May. Expect the beaches to be crowded so might give them a miss for a few days until the novelty wears off.

Tim R

27/04/2020 15:29:42

Come on Ray, I am sure you could sort out the logisticswink

I sure you would be excused for this one and anyway you wouldn't be starting a new project, you'd be finishing it off.

Looks right up your street.

Tim R

Thread: Todays Boating
25/04/2020 12:58:34

Hi Ray

Could be an issue for my seaplane wink

Tim R

24/04/2020 21:21:03

Continuing on the Liteply theme it is fine if it is only twisted or curved in one plane as it should be able to built out.

Coming from mainly model aircaft building where lightness is crucial, I do think our boats are mainly overbuilt but I suppose it saves a bit of ballast.

Tim R

24/04/2020 21:15:21

My modelling would come to a grinding halt without Liteply (SLEC Stuff) and Aliphatic.

In fact my modelling is coming to a grinding halt as I am running out of Aliphatic cryingcrying

My favourite is Deluxe and I can't find it on the Island Boo Hoo

Tim R

Thread: Osprey - Trip Boat 28'
23/04/2020 21:21:08

Hi Ray

All of a sudden I feel a lot better. You have more projects on the go than me!

I fancy doing an Everglades type air-boat sometime. I have a 3 cylinder Saito radial and a 7 cylinder Siedel looking for a home.

I have also got a Donzi type powerboat about 48" together with surface prop gear, Silly Ebay purchase. Not sure whether to go gas or big electric

Tim R

23/04/2020 19:27:23

Hi Ray

I think you nailed the picture on the jigsaw puzzle.

No chance of you taking my advice (which I don't heed myself) but haven't you got stuff to finish off?!!

I am building a SIG Sealane flying boat which is a bit of fun. Sort of qualifies on here for a few pictures and notes I suppose.

Tim R

Thread: Zulu
23/04/2020 19:22:07

Very nice Boxkite Eddie,

As you know I am a big IOM fan. Mine has stalled a bit because my winch failed when testing, just as I was putting everything back together. I can't make up my mind what to replace it with because I can't find the Graupner Regatta anywhere in stock. It would be nice to do a direct replacement as everything inside is already lined up.

What winch are you using?

Looking forward to seeing the reveal of the keel and seeing you zooming around on the water.

Chris reminds me I should post some stuff on my Huntsman 31 build (Precedent Kit with die cut parts)

Tim R

Thread: Smit Clyde
21/04/2020 21:31:36

Nice subject Alan

Someone will be along soon with some good technical information but be warned. Lead acid batteries do not find favour here and for good reasons.

Welcome to the forum.

Tim R

Thread: Osprey - Trip Boat 28'
14/04/2020 17:06:17

Hi Ray

The Fairey boats were hot moulded and that is what made them so special. The strip veneers, rather than planks were laid up with thermosetting adhesives, compressed and cured in autoclaves.

It was a freak high tide that flooded to workshops to a higher level than frequently experienced before and the water destroyed the autoclaves.

That was effectively the end of wooden Fairey construction. A tragedy really.

Planking generally is good for achieving compound curves.

Great pace as usual.

Tim R

Thread: Sweet Sue II
13/04/2020 11:23:29

Hi Banjoman

In reverse order.

Your battery charger is fine. I have the same one myself and find it great for all the battery chemistries and easy to use.

I have some electric model aircraft and the batteries get little use or treat due to lack of time and opportunity. Recently I tested some and found they worked OK. I would anticipate some loss of capacity and I would be cautious about using them in a high value model or a precious one. I wouldn't have the same concern in a boat. And no, so far none of them have exploded!

Your list looks fine but I have ditched my LiPo charging bags and used the material for other purposes having seen some Youtube footage of their effectiveness.

I am not an expert - just my experiences.

Following because I really like your work and I am a Fairey Fan. Born and bred on the Hamble River.

Tim R

Thread: Fairey Huntsman 31
13/04/2020 11:04:07

Hi Chris

Great to see the hull coming together.

Ray asked you whether you were going to clad with glass and epoxy and I couldn't find an answer. I don't think there is any way you need it from a strength point of view but I would suggest you do so at least over the joins in the ply panel. You have very concentrated stresses at these joins especially if you have been working some twist and curves in the panels. I worry these will cause cracks in your filler if you don't glass them.

In general and stressing this as a personal view, I hate plywood in all areas except were it is strictly necessary such as hard points, engine bearers and very few others. I much prefer Ray's methods of planking with balsa and sheathing with glass epoxy. This is quite likely due to our background in model aircraft where lightness is critical. You can only approximate compound shapes by using conic sections and in general the material is very unforgiving. Thin ply is difficult to join on its edges requiring a backing or a stringer. Besides which it rapidly blunts my tools and sandpaper blocks. Here it is horrendously expensive especially decent quality thin stuff. Nuff said!

If I require stiffness in two planes I often make my own plywood with two balsa layers with a 45 degree or 90 degree orientation.

Great builds, great subjects and great postings.

Tim r

Thread: Advice Needed
09/04/2020 19:25:01


Welcome to the forum. That's some sized motor! and a quality unit too by the looks of things. Not the average modelling motor.

What size is the boat?

Tim R

Thread: Comanche 32
08/04/2020 21:14:41

Hi Ray

No outside walking for exercise here and no travel to work unless essential services. Whole of Spain is on the motto "quedate en casa" (Stay at home). Yes , cloudy in Palma with a general high overcast so we are not missing too much good weather.

Have just started a flying boat kit for a bit of light relief and in the early stages of a Precedent Huntsman 31 (Don't tell Chris) My excuse is there is a lot of paint drying time on Galileo but really I like starting projects better than finishing them. I suspect I am not totally alone.

Looking forward to seeing the cat taking shape and especially how it sails.


Tim R

08/04/2020 20:04:09

Hi Ray

I have seen your album photos and have been following.

Tell us some more. Is the rig scale? Will you be having internal or external ballast? Are you adding fins as well as the keel that look like they are scale?

Can't get blue foam or Depron very easily here in Spain otherwise I would like to try these materials.

I think you are having a lockdown-light compared with what we have here.

Tim R

Thread: Some help with sails
08/04/2020 19:22:27


I think Malcolm has it.

Hope you can get it on the water soon.

Tim R

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