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Thread: Three Island Tramp Steamer
07/12/2021 22:42:57

Thanks Bob. If that was along the sides I have always referred to it as "Tumble Home" so would the same term apply around the stern?

Interesting thoughts on steering gear. When I first went to sea most steering gears were of a four ram Hastie type, which was usually quite a substantial piece of kit and took up the whole beam of the ship. For probably about the last 30 years though I have always sailed with rotary vane steering gears, which are infinitely more compact for the same torque so required much smaller steering gear compartments.

As an example the rudders shown here in the first picture were each operated by the rotary vane steering gear in the second and third pictures.  That's actually the top of the rudder stock in the second picture.




Edited By Richard Simpson on 07/12/2021 22:44:04

07/12/2021 19:45:32

From my own background I've always known rounded sterns as a cruiser stern and always thought they were there for additional buoyancy in heavy weather. From what I gather eventually the additional cost of producing the curved plates outweighed the advantages and so transom sterns started to be more normal.

Ship design is always an interesting subject though, whatever bit you are looking at.

Edited By Richard Simpson on 07/12/2021 19:46:14

Thread: What Problem ???
07/12/2021 08:59:16

Lovely job, clean and tidy without loosing all the original patina of the woodwork. She looks absolutely spot on.

Thread: Three Island Tramp Steamer
06/12/2021 22:30:16

That would make a lovely model. Did you build that one Bob?

Thread: San Feilpe project
04/12/2021 22:53:46

David firstly welcome to the forum.

I underwent extensive heart surgery twice in March this year and the initial convalescence period of doing very little was a couple of months. Despite me being into model railways and steam powered model RC boats I knew I would not be able to move around and go in the workshop so I wanted a project that I knew would be stimulating and challenging but would be convenient enough to be able to do on the dining room table with the minimum of tools and without needing to move. I decided to build a Tamiya RC car, which is basically only an assembly process but it does include two differential gearboxes and independent suspension so quite a bit of intricate assembly.

While I am not suggesting anything similar I would recommend that you build something that is very much along the lines of an assembly process that requires the minimum number of tools and the minimum amount of movement. I suspect that you may even be limited to the amount of time you will be able to sit upright so it could be that you are very limited to start with.

I would definitely look for a kit that is much more of a simple assembly process to get you through this period, which may well be well outside your normal areas of familiarity and expertise. To start with I could not even walk to the workshop so can you imagine the conversations trying to explain to my wife the difference between normal grease, Rocol Anti Seize compound and graphite grease, all of which were on the same shelf in the garage!

I left the body to the end so I could do it when I was able to get into the workshop again.  Apart from a few times around the drive I will probably hardly ever use it but it served it's purpose perfectly.





Edited By Richard Simpson on 04/12/2021 22:56:39

Thread: Liverpool class Lifeboat, a Metcalf models kit.
04/12/2021 14:04:05

I didn't want to push the idea but I think Colin is spot on. I'm really not a great fan of tealights unless they are firmly secured in a suitable housing. Naked flames always seem to be far too risky in the home for me!

I think that is a far better idea Neil.

03/12/2021 13:29:56

What a fantastic idea, I have no doubt she will love it.

02/12/2021 19:03:34

????? is where the Chief Engineer gets to insert a little good old English colloquial emphasis!

Thread: Comtesse Sailing Yacht by Krick Ro-Marin.
02/12/2021 08:04:58

As Stuart mentioned the spot of thin cyanoacrylate before cutting with a scalpel works very effectively. You only have to wait a few seconds to cut so it doesn't even slow you down.

Thread: Returning modeller
30/11/2021 19:24:41

James, This model has four LEDs fitted in each cabin, in the four corners. It gives a much more even light with far less shadows. They are powered by a separate battery and switched from the transmitter.




Edited By Richard Simpson on 30/11/2021 19:25:15

Thread: Liverpool class Lifeboat, a Metcalf models kit.
30/11/2021 13:09:53

As we used to say in the Engine Room, when all else fails, RTFM!

29/11/2021 22:55:26

I must admit I've never heard of mounting motors in Blu Tac! You learn something new every day.

Black Tac, a bit stronger, is used a lot in model railways and I use it for holding electronics components in place in boats.

Nice progress Neil, and nice to see we all make c*ck ups at some point!

Thread: What Problem ???
29/11/2021 10:34:43

Nice condition for a freebie, can't complain at that!

27/11/2021 19:17:45

When we had the place built the builders complained that they had never put a skirting board in a garage before. I said you've never made a garage for me before.

26/11/2021 16:55:44

I usually try to have currently used models on display and ready to use. It always seems a shame to me to have them hidden away in boxes after so much has gone into building them. Having said that I am lucky to have plenty of space in the garage to have them on display and, even then, I still have a couple stashed away in boxes!





Thread: TEV Wahine 1/35 Build
24/11/2021 22:19:51

This is turning into quite a stunning build. The joints are looking superb and the sheer perfection of the incredibly complex frames and structures are incredible.

Mind you the next purchase is going to be a large van to carry it around in!

Thread: Model Railways
24/11/2021 16:39:14

Brilliant, I don't know why your missus doesn't want it all year round!

Thread: Moonbeam - a novice's attempt
24/11/2021 09:37:35

Absolutely stunning. That is just my type of model yacht, elegant and graceful with a scale look and a realistic performance.

Fantastic job.

Thread: Kathleen Motor Yacht
23/11/2021 12:18:05

I don't know what it is but there is something pleasing to the eye about a clinker built hull. Maybe it is the fact that you can study each plank and see what has gone into the build which is so much more interesting than a carvel construction covered in filler and smoothed over.

Yours looks superb and I think the decision to leave the clinker construction on view is the right thing to do.

Thread: Brushless ESC no Reverse
23/11/2021 12:13:37

Are you sure you haven't got a speed controller designed for a model car? There are a number of brushless speed controllers designed for cars that do not go immediately into reverse. The first time you pull the lever back to go into reverse the controller applies a brake effect, useful for car racing when you want to slow for a corner without having to go in reverse. This would not be noticeable on a bench test but you can prove this by going in reverse twice, without going forward again, when reverse is then applied.

If this is the case then I'm afraid you are stuck with it and would have to buy an alternative speed controller to operate a model boat normally.

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