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Thread: Colin Archer 1:15 scale
11/08/2022 07:46:13

That interior is absolutely stunning. I have seen a number of builds of this kit over the years but nothing has come anywhere near the standard of this one. As you say, its not built for racing, nor do you have to send it out in a gale, this model is for sedate peaceful Sunday morning cruising showing off the superb quality of the build.

Don't stop posting pictures just yet we want to see her on the water!

Thread: Sea Urchin 28
10/08/2022 12:28:29

As always Ray lovely bit of woodwork. Lovely Hurricane as well that rear ribbing will look spot on when covered.

Thread: Up dating an old MTB
09/08/2022 15:10:15

That was what I meant by identifying the 40A one.  It's not much bigger than the others anyway so well worth going for.

And make sure you fit a fuse, that current can do a lot of damage!


Edited By Richard Simpson on 09/08/2022 15:12:18

Thread: 61' Barnett class lifeboat
08/08/2022 19:28:58

I must admit Neil I've never seen such a method of hull construction. It looks to me like it is going to be as solid as a brick "Out House" by the time you will have it to shape.

Thread: Up dating an old MTB
08/08/2022 17:11:23

Hi Ian and welcome to the forum. I assume we are talking about a model boat here and you want radio control of the motor?

If that is the case I usually go for an Mtroniks ESC. They do a wide range going up to 40 A so there will be one to suit your needs. Have a look through here:

Mtronics Boat Speed Controllers

Thread: Go-Pro
08/08/2022 08:47:10

And another one, this time taken from the Corvette mainly of the HMCC Badger.

Blue Bell Video

07/08/2022 22:20:41

I had another couple of goes at making a video clip this morning. This is the first one with the camera sat on the front of a HMCC Badger model, built from a Greenwich Maritime Models kit.

The Graupner Corvette could probably do with going a little slower to get a better view but it was actually quite windy and I had to keep it moving to maintain steerage!

Badger Video

Thread: Humbrol Paints
07/08/2022 14:51:14

It keeps H&S employed!

Thread: Returning modeller
07/08/2022 14:49:57

If you look at the servo arm only, ignore the rudder, the arm should move approximately 45 degrees either side of the neutral position, i.e. a full travel side to side of approximately 90 degrees. if you haven't got that then the movement is limited in the transmitter and needs adjusting. If you have got the full 90 degrees of movement in the servo arm then it is up to you which hole in the servo arm you connect the linkage to. Closer to the servo spindle will give you less movement of the rudder and further towards the end of the servo arm will give you more movement at the rudder.

You may also have a number of holes in the tiller arm on the rudder so, again, movement is determined by which hole the linkage is connected to. This time though, closer to the rudder stock will give you more movement of the rudder and further towards the end of the tiller arm will give you less movement. A good starting point is to have the connecting linkage around the same distance from the spindle at either end so, if you have the 45 degrees movement either side at the servo, you should have round about 45 degrees either side at the rudder.

If you only have 5 degrees either side at the servo arm then, as Ray says you need to adjust the throw in your transmitter.

Thread: Humbrol Paints
05/08/2022 17:58:25

Just to clarify, the point I was making Colin, to avoid confusion, is that we are talking about MEKO here, not MEK.

05/08/2022 13:25:49

I'm not sure if we are getting confused now. As far as I was always aware 'MEK' is Methyl Ethyl Ketone and is a readily used and available solvent used for gluing plastics, particularly the ABS types.

The stuff we are talking about here is an anti-skinning agent and is called Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime or 'MEKO'. We'll have everyone screaming that plastic glue is carcinogenic next!

05/08/2022 09:05:58

Too many people without a proper job getting in the way of those who have one.

Thread: Adhesives for an ABS hull
01/08/2022 10:42:23

Hi Suzy and welcome to the forum. A couple of possible glues, first up would be a two part epoxy such as Araldite. Use the original slow setting one not the rapid type or the crystal type as they are not as waterproof.

Another possible popular choice would be Stabilit Express, which is a little on the expensive side but is a very strong glue capable of bonding different materials.

Then, of course, there is the specific ABS glues, such as MEK, (Something like Methyl Ethyl Ketone). This comes in either a cement form or a very thin watery solvent form. These have the advantage of dissolving the surface of the material and creating a very strong bond. There is a danger though, when the material gets very thin that the glue can dissolve the material so much it softens right the way through and creates a deformed finished joint. The solvent type is not good with wood as it soaks right in and leaves nothing at the surface to bond. The cement type is a much better bet for cementing ABS to wood.

Everyone has their preferences but, if it was me, I would probably go for Araldite.

Thread: Returning modeller
30/07/2022 11:27:51

Mtroniks are known for their superb after sales service.

Thread: Motor ESC setup?
29/07/2022 19:10:24

Lovely job. Bread and butter construction nowadays seems to be getting less and less popular. There's nothing sturdier though!

Thread: Wishes Coming True
29/07/2022 09:52:04

Well Ray, I have to say how disappointed I am that after all these months of repeated remonstrations regarding the lack of a Marketplace section in the magazine, when it is finally announced that it is returning it remains noticeably quiet!

If, of course, the reasoning for this would happen to be you not reading this month's editorial because you do not have a copy then surely that supports the argument that you should read every magazine cover to cover to ensure you are up to date with the latest news?

Seriously though, I thought you might like to know it is returning in the September issue. Enjoy!


Thread: Motor ESC setup?
28/07/2022 08:56:16

Beautiful job Ray. I've got all the CV Waine books and enjoy just flicking through them occasionally. There is one in the same series but not by CV Waine, which is a factual description of life aboard these ships at this time. It is incredibly interesting to see how they lived on such vessels as coastal cargo ships, plying their trade around the likes of the Irish Sea. I'll look up the title later.

Here we go:

"Old Time Steam Coasting" by O G Spargo & T H Thomason with illustrations by C V Waine 1982

A beautiful book and an absolutely fascinating read.

Edited By Richard Simpson on 28/07/2022 09:04:36

27/07/2022 22:25:15

One of the superb C V Waine books

Thread: For sale 1:32 TID tug
27/07/2022 13:11:53

Lovely model Gareth, I hope it goes to a deserving home where someone will look after it end enjoy it.

Thread: Hello from Bury Lancashire
27/07/2022 11:05:17

Hi and welcome to the forum. I don't know what the instructions advise as regards motor/prop/speed controller/battery etc but I would have all those decided before you start building. This will greatly help with component layouts internally as well as initial ballasting tests. For that you should put the completed hull in the bath and then add weights until it is down to the correct waterline. You then take it out, remove the weights and weigh them so you know exactly how much weight you are playing with. The rest of the model will obviously take a good chunk of that and the battery is probably the biggest single item. You might also want to consider some fixed ballast, preferably at either end and leave yourself enough of a safety margin so you can add or remove some removable ballast for trimming.

Have a look through the links in this thread for potential suppliers:


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