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Thread: Off to a good start?
17/01/2008 21:33:00

Hi Mick,

Firstly apologies for the delay in replying and thanks for the info.  Don't use ebay at all, simply don't trust it.

Hi EJ,

I don't have speciific plans for the LC, just the kit build instructions.  However, you might find this site useful, at least it wil give you some basic measurements of the real thing.

Look down the list and it gives you ship type etc, hope this helsp a bit.


24/06/2007 07:50:00
Hi Jon,

Update. I was having a look over on Netmerchants.

Warriors have a US LCVP crew and their DUKW crew could easily be converted into US sailors wearing wet gear.

There are also the first 2 USN Figures out for the ELCO Boat with I imagine more to follow.

For your US boats you should be able to crew them up nicely. Don't forget guys like mechanics that might be useful also, again possibly with just a change of head.



22/06/2007 17:39:00
Here's another very useful site on Combined Ops who were responsible for the beaches:

I'l love the AA LST but it just too big lol, lol. One day when I win the lottery and can afford a shed to put it in!!!

Have fun.

22/06/2007 17:32:00
Hi Jon,

The LCA is a dog to build but the Italeri kits very neat.

On figures what can I say there aren't that many around.

U Models have 4

I've used 2 the captain whos legs I filled out a bit and added sea boots to and the chap with the pole who is very good.

Pete from Jakeri Minitures has a relaxed sailor with a duffel. He is available through Ian at Friendship Models.

Keep you eye on Jakeri as there is an interesting development in the pipe line.

Warriors haev a SAS figure with a duffel who converts easily to a seaman.

For heads see Hornets as they are the only sailor heads around.

If you have any beach landing parties then they can be in DB with sailors cap.

For the rest I choose bodies that will convert easily. I'm not a great sculpter in fact very poor, Use Milliput or Magic Sculpt to extend trousers and make wooly jumpers and duffels as you need.

On the USN side things are a bit better. Trumpter have the LCM Crew and Warriors also have a couple of LCM Figures. Verlinden do a beach landing party althouh one of them is so tall I cut part out of his legs lol, lol. You might be able to use some of the Warrriors DUKW/LVT crews and there might well be some crew coming out for the ELCO Boat, in fact I think there are a couple of figures from Warriors already.

U Models also have USN Sailors which don't look too bad at all.

Mike at Netmerchants should have the Trumpter and Warrior/Verlinden Figures if you can stand the new page layout.

Here's an excellent reference for the LCs if you haven't already found it:

Skill in the Surf

Hope that helps


21/06/2007 18:16:00
Hi Jon,

The revelle LCP (R) I got through a friend in America, after a long search, as it's OOP at the moment although there are still some kits around I believe..

Not sure which figures you mean. A couple of the crew for the LCP(R) are from Verlinden and the others are home made from US infantry troops from the old Tammiya kits with new jeans and coats and some Hornet Heads.

Glad you enjoyed the boats.

If you let me know which figures, I can be more specific.

21/04/2007 14:31:00
Most if the technical stuff will be way out of my league but it will be fun to see it. With many floating boats being scratch built there will be a lot to enjoy and learn from.

21/04/2007 14:27:00
Hi Vinnie,

I didn't realise your were also starting a model boat site. Good move.

direct link to the pics

There should be some really interesting 'engineering' coming up on this site.


21/04/2007 13:35:00
Hi Guys,

to make a contribution to the site and hopefully get the Gallery off to a good start I've posted a host of pics of the builds I've worked on so far. These are all 1/35 Landing Craft including Trumpeter LCM 3, Italeri LCM 3, Italeri LCVP and the old Revell kit LCP (R).

Have a look in ALs Place, enjoy the pics or have a good laugh and post a comment or an idea if you have one.

Don't we just love pictures lol, lol.


Thread: Hello
21/04/2007 11:39:00
Greeting all.

Not purely a boat person but I do like em!!! I'll look forward to the development of the site and seeing all the excellent builds and work.


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