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Thread: Crane on ferry
17/05/2019 23:59:50

Hi all, I'm about 3/4 of the way through building a model of the Bardic ferry, and have a problem with the crane. My plans aren't clear about how its arranged and although I've made plenty of ships and boats I'm a bit stumped by this. The problem is that I don't even know what to Google to get some decent pictures or drawings,so if anyone can help or even direct me toward some pictures etc it will be a huge help.


bardic crane.jpg

Thread: Ace Nautical Commander
10/05/2019 12:11:44

I've no experience with this myself, but I remembered seeing this thread , I think you'll find it helpful.

Or Google ace nautical commander 2.4 conversion rcgroups


Thread: Plank on frame
08/05/2019 23:38:44

I use an aliphatic resin, and love it. Titebond is one such and it's also known as yellow glue.

You will get different opinions about glues, but I would avoid ordinary PVA, balsa glue and contact glue.


Thread: early diving model submarine
28/04/2019 13:28:11

Hi all, I was looking at some old models donated to our club with my friend Pedro. He showed me a slightly batted submarine, and took off the top. I got quite a surprise, as being an old git, I recognised the relays and control gear from the 1960s reed radio control gear.

As I've been modeling for 55 years I can remember that achieving a model with ballast tank, functioning hydrovanes and motor control etc was considered next to impossible in the 1960s with even the best 12 channel reed gear. ( thats just 6 functions, on or off for those who are too young to remember). In fact I remember that most people didn't believe that the signal would go through the water ( 27 mhz)


The model is around 4 feet long and well made

sub 2.jpg

A home made ballast tank, with what looks like a preasure valven and a limit switch


Gear drive for the ballast tank


Control relays, wireing done in a manner typical of the time, all neat and very complicated


I think thats an ex wd motor, and a home made gearbox for the props.


Now the biggest mystery, What in the name of all thats Holy is this mechanism, 35 mm film going over the rollers. I have no idea but it's impressive.


Lastly something I do recognise, an old Kako motor driving a beautifully made gearbox for progressive rudder control.

It's an amazing piece of work, I wish I could have met it's builder.

Does anyone have any ideas about the mystery mechanism? Any and all ideas and observations are welcome, and I really wanted to share this neglected masterpiece.


Thread: New Online Buying Rules
24/04/2019 08:53:06

Speaking for myself, I have no problem with added security for online buying and banking, in fact I welcome it. It's also worth noting that this EU regulation is part of a worldwide drive to improve the safety of consumers.

Although I love my smartphone, ( which wasn't expensive), I completely understand that some others don't feel the same way. Most financial institutions also understand this and are taking measures to assist them. For example, the Halifax will be offering a phone call to a landline as a substitute for the texted pass code. A little bit of a nuisance? Maybe it is but as long as there are fraudsters out there It's worth it.


Thread: exhibition in Spain
21/04/2019 10:12:07

Hi again Tim, we only hold 2 regattas a year, the next is in September, an evening sailing with all lights on the models. Also plenty of beer, wine and tapas, a lovely relaxing regatta.

We have our normal sailing sessions on the second Sunday of each month so that will be May 12, then June 9th, let me know if you can visit, you will be very welcome.

This being a Spanish club, they are a smashing bunch of people, organisation is very Spanish too... I'm sure you are familiar with that.


20/04/2019 17:25:20

Hi Tim, I'm glad you're ok, weather like this always seems to surprise a lot of people who don't live out here. It's a rare thing but can be quite extreme. We are ok, like you our home is in a sheltered area not on low ground and we have decent drainage. Unfortunatly a lot of people aren't as lucky and there will be some awful stories in the next week.

Our regatta was cancelled as you would expect but we'll make up for it later. Out here we only have to wait a few days for the warmth to return.

An Oyster 58, wow, I'm a bit jealous of that.


18/04/2019 10:47:11

Hi Tim, thanks for the good wishes, the exhibition is going well. Yes it's my local club, I live a few kilometers away so getting to the lake is easy. I haven't much hope for the regatta, the forecast is awful, not typical at all. It's not always sunny on the Med is it? ....... Just mostly.


11/04/2019 15:18:02

If anyone should find themselves in the Torrevieja area over Easter, our club is holding an exhibition and a modest regatta.

Their are around 100 boats in the exhibition and it's open 4 pm to 8 pm daily except Sunday from the 13th to the 27 of April. It's in the rooms at the top of the Park of Nations.

The regatta is at 10.30 on Saturday the 20th at 10.30 am.


exhibition poster 2019010.jpg

Edited By Charles Oates on 11/04/2019 15:18:38

Thread: Motor servo battery pack control
09/04/2019 10:21:28

Everything Ashley says, plus whether you want to use 1,2,or 4 motors. For the radio control, broadly choose whether you want simple, I.e rudder and motor control or if you want to have extra controls for gadgets in the boat.

To give you some idea, a basic set costs less than 30 quid, foir transmitter and receiver, and will allow steering and speed control via at least one ESC, ( electronic speed controller) ( 25 to 30 quid each for decent ones) the same set would allow you to have basic gun movement later with an extra servo. You'll need a servo for steering, about a tenner is a common price.

The permutations are endless, but that's a starting point.

I think everyone would recommend that you plan the motor and running gear very early in the build.


Thread: Meths spirit burner
06/04/2019 13:51:49

If you want to consider a gas burner, have a look at Tony Green steam models. They have a range of burners, and they know all about Mamod, so can advise you well.


06/04/2019 13:02:08

Wow, that takes me back a long time. I had the same problem back in the day, I changed over to the solid fuel tablets, and protected the burner area from the wind. It worked for me, I wish I still had the boat, very simple fun.


Thread: R.T.F.M.
22/03/2019 23:17:08

Dusting off the models? We never stop sailing out here, just put a sweater on.

I have to agree about the instructions, they were all that saved me when I was a kid, and now.

Colin, like you I started with brush less last year, it was Dave's article, and a basic knowledge of numbers that helped me get it right. It also made me wonder at some advice given by a few people elsewhere.


22/03/2019 16:22:11

Whilst I totally agree with well that's been said about ignoring manuals etc, many of us on here aren't typical of the general population, we're enthusiasts. The older ones among us probably built projects from old RCM&EE magazines, and possibly built our first radio control from kits. We had to learn a lot as kids just to make stuff work. In the early 1970s when my wife took a job in a hi fi shop, (Greens) she was the only one who could wire a plug correctly, not one of the blokes could do it, her dad brought her up very well. I was the only person among my mates who knew a resistor from a transistor. Not everything was rosy in the past.

I suspect what has changed most is that nowadays people are more used to things just working out of the box, but when technicalities arise, they don't have the habit of working a problem through. Think of the people we all know who shout at a computer.

Newcomers to the hobby will quite naturally want to change and improve their models, and need help to do that, all forum members can do is offer that help. If its ignored that's not our problem.


Thread: Two motors and one ESC
24/02/2019 11:57:39

Hi Jim, you could try 2 things. Firstly try shorting out the fuses just in case there is a resistance problem with them.

If that doesn't work, disconnect one motor leaving just the two wires free. Then set the other motor running as normal and touch the two free motor wires to the running motor terminals. If that works yo have a wireing problem, if it doesn't, I have no idea.


Thread: Geared motors
17/02/2019 13:52:18

Yes, it's very easy, just 3 screws holding the gearbox to the motor. However, you don't need to remove the gearbox to clean and oil it, the plastic cover just slips off and you have complete access to all the gears.

If you do decide to remove the box, watch out for the tiny spacers that will fall out when the screws are withdrawn, I do it over a box just in case.


Thread: Wanted HMS Dido WW2 Cruiser
03/02/2019 14:20:42

Hi Ron, it might be worth asking the same question on the surface model warship site.

Thread: Water cooling brushless motor
02/02/2019 23:10:20

Unless you are going to load the motor to near its limits, no you won't need cooling. However, pay heed to what Ashley said, that's a lot of revs and will need some careful setting up of the boat to work properly.

Thread: lifepop4 batterys
30/01/2019 12:34:56

I'm certain Dave was considering the 12 volt motor option mentioned in the first post, but another factor has crossed my mind. Both mine and my mates paddlers are very sensitive to ballast weight and positioning. In my 38 inch model this meant using NiMH battery and a little bit of sheet lead to get the weight as low as possible. A lead acid battery in my mates larger model raised the vertical centre of gravity more than desirable, but just manageable. The upshot of this is that it is usually best to have sufficient battery weight as low as possible, and that's why I chose NiMH of a decent ah rating to give a good run.


Thread: Whistle
07/01/2019 00:06:53

I should have added that although I've played with the above method, my current build ( Bardic Ferry) will have a much better syren and possibly other sounds from a properly sorted system, almost certainly using action electronics gear. Contolability is really important when several boats are in a small area



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