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Thread: Model Figures for Aeronaut Classic
14/12/2018 18:47:05

As Huxley might have written, everythng is double-plus good then! thumbs up


14/12/2018 12:12:17


Please forgive NH-P. He is a bit of a curmudgeon at times but he does have a point.
In the model trade, which is a very small place, rumours spread quickly and, like Chinese Whispers, one man's "are they on holiday?" can quickly turn in to "they've gone bust!". If you're the subject of such rumours - and I speak from personal experience - then it's often wearing and very difficult to scotch them. For some inexplicable reason folk are inclined more to spreading and believing bad news than good. A quick "can anyone confirm I've got the right contact details?" might be less incendiary!
BTW Adam is a decent bloke and their range of kits has had an enviable reputation since it was started by the late Frank Hinchcliffe many years ago.

Dave M

13/12/2018 10:15:20


According to their latest advert in MB they are very much in business. Address is Rock House, Bank Road, Womersley, Doncaster DN6 9AX Tel: 01977 620386 Website and E-Mail

Dave M

Thread: Fairey huntress
10/12/2018 16:59:11


It's on the plan and/or in the article. I buy my props from Protean Designs and my running gear from Model Boat Bits. PM me for any further info required.


Thread: Pre prior to painting tips
06/12/2018 13:01:23

There's an article on this website here **LINK** and an extended version in the recent Model Boats Winter Special.


Thread: Fascinating stuff from the Far East
06/12/2018 09:36:53


Thread: Deleon models
05/12/2018 17:23:32

but will recommence next year under SLEC's Vintage Model Boat brand.

Or possibly Jotika.


Thread: Splicing a Battery Lead
05/12/2018 10:41:33


There are a couple of articles here about RC switches - just scroll down to the title and click on it. **LINK**

BTW if your speed controller has battery eliminator circuitry, or BEC, which means that the receiver works from the main battery and not a separate 4-cell pack then you shouldn't use the 5v red-and-black flylead on the P92. Just leave it unplugged.


05/12/2018 09:22:59


Your best bet would be to use a power distribution board such as the ACTion P92 or P112. The battery is connected directly to the two input terminals and the board provides for a number of fused output terminals at the same voltage as the battery from which you can run auxilliary functions.
To switch such functions from the transmitter you need an approriately-rated RC switch. This is connected to a spare receiver channel.
You can find any number of circuits involving DBs and switches on this website
and ACTion units can be bought on-line here **LINK**

Dave M

Edited By Dave Milbourn on 05/12/2018 09:23:51

Thread: Deleon models
05/12/2018 08:53:48


Did you actually read any of this thread?
The subject is a Swordsman made to 1/24 scale from Depron. The Precedent kits were of a different prototype; to scales of 1/11 and 1/8, and not made of depron. The option of GRP hulls was also offered by Precedent and latterly Anglian Models. Production ceased a few years ago but will recommence next year under SLEC's Vintage Model Boat brand.


Thread: Superstructure constructing on Brave Borderer
05/12/2018 08:37:27


I'm apparently inexperienced and/or lacking in skills then. Notwithstanding that, the 1/16" ply side skins on the 46" Precedent Hunstsman 31 - which I designed and built in 1972 - would not adopt the double curve required. Perhaps you could enlighten us by showing examples of your own successful plywood compound curves - achieved with basic tools and wedges?


Edited By Dave Milbourn on 05/12/2018 08:43:35

Thread: HMS Belfast
04/12/2018 18:04:46

I'd heard it's Scratchwood Services - or is that the same place? If so then they should be redirected towards Watford Gap SS - and fired!


Thread: Waverley
04/12/2018 14:03:57

You could try contacting Mike Mayhew here **LINK**

His obsessiion with PS Waverley is equally as strong as mine with Fairey Marine powerboats, and he's been at it a lot longer. He's also one the nicest blokes you could wish to meet - a real gentleman.

Dave M

Thread: Fairey 23 River Cruiser
03/12/2018 19:36:31

2mm Liteply is a lot easier on a two foot hull, m'duck - that's why I use it. My next model is half as big again so I'll probably use 1.6mm birch ply for the skins on that one..... or maybe not....


Thread: brushless/esc's
03/12/2018 19:31:18


I doubt that there's such a thing as a "catch-all" programming card - although I'd be quite content to be proved wrong. If such a beast did exist then the Google Spiders would have found it for me - and they didn't.
As you suspected, your bargain buy may have turned out to be anything but. I've found that the motors you have bought are generally sold for drones i.e a "forward only" application, and there's no detectable programming card for the corresponding speed controller. I've also been unable to find any programming instructions on the web for those ESC's which you could do from the transmitter, using the "beeps".
I have cards for Fusion and Leopard speed controllers and both are available from UK suppliers, so if you can't obtain reliable results from your set-up then you might consider one of those options. HobbyKing might turn up some others but you won't, however, get a compatible motor and speed controller for a tenner.
Having said all of that, if the damn thing is working then just go with it!

Dave M

Thread: Superstructure constructing on Brave Borderer
03/12/2018 19:08:16

Yes, Paul - but such examples are possible only with something like an industrial autoclave and/or a very powerful press. I don't have one of those and I suspect neither does Gary - hence my rather dismal and depressing reply.
We can but dream.


03/12/2018 17:19:11

Amlodipine and Jack Daniels works for me...


03/12/2018 15:22:55


You'll never obtain a compound curve in plywood - it'll only bend in one direction or the other, not both at once. For easing a simple bend, hold the part in the steam from a kettle for a few minutes while gently applying pressure from your hands to bend it. Remove it from the steam and continue to to hold it until it cools and retains the bend.

Dave M

Thread: brushless/esc's
01/12/2018 12:09:01


There's some expertise building up on the forum about the operation of brushless motors - as you've found out - so there's no need to panic.
The programming card typically plugs into the main battery pack and the ESC - you don't need to connect the receiver. You can then set the speed controller for various parameters such as direction (forward or F+R), cut-off voltage, timing etc. I have two different types and both came with comprehensive instructions. There's also a wealth of videos etc on You Tube. Here's just one of the better ones **LINK**
If you buy the correct items for your model and follow the instructions then there's no reason why you shouldn't have total success. I did!

Dave M

Thread: Resin or not to resin, that is the question?
01/12/2018 09:49:14


The Z-Poxy Finishing Resin which I always use isn't at all difficult to sand, unlike polyester resins and earlier brands of epoxy. Those all seemed to retain a slight degree of stickiness and clogged the abrasive paper very quickly whereas the Z-Poxy has some sort of filler medium which sands off as a white powder. The advent of silicon-carbide abrasive papers has also made the task a lot easier.
As you say, though, this isn't the right sort of weather for any type of painting.

Dave M

Edited By Dave Milbourn on 01/12/2018 09:49:42

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