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Thread: Veron Veronica and Radio Control
09/01/2021 12:38:39

A stick ratchet set is available via Perkins' outlets Planet TS 2+2 ratchet set. Fitting one should therefore be within the terms of the warranty. I bought a TS2+2 for a SLEC Police Launch - it's a nice little radio for a model boat and the two additional controls would be useful for say lights and a winch servo or davits. One is proportional via a rotary knob and the other is a 3-position switch.

I remember once having a used car warranty described to me as "concrete". The salesman then said "that means it's valid as long as it stays on our forecourt..."

Dave M

08/01/2021 17:02:47


By "letting go of the gimbal" do you mean that the Tx stick is spring-loaded to its centre point? If so then the solution is easy - remove the back of the Tx case and change the self-centring spring to a ratchet. Only 'continuous rotation' servos will carry on moving when the stick is stationary. Net cost is nothing.

Dave M

Thread: New RC modeller
19/12/2020 23:07:45

MFA show a speed of over 14000 RPM at 12v, which is way too fast for a narrowboat. It doesn't show a stall current for that voltage but it does for 6v (8.4A). I'd suggest using a 540LN instead. MFA's website is here MFA Como Drills

The tab you need is Miniature DC Motors.

Dave M

Thread: NEW LIFEBOAT KIT from David Metcalf Models
16/12/2020 14:26:07

Oops! Legs well and truly smacked....

DM (The Other One)

16/12/2020 11:11:21

That's a lovely model, Neil. It's nice to see another Old Master who hasn't lost his touch.

Maybe not a good idea to put his E-Mail on the forum, however. There be nasty trolls and bots out there.

Dave M

Thread: Modelboats Dec/Jan
15/12/2020 23:08:28


It was my birthday on Sunday but I didn't receive my cards. I'm thinking of cancelling all my family and friends...


Thread: polarity of servo wires
30/11/2020 16:24:18


NEVER EVER try to change the rotation of a servo by swapping the red and black wires. Inside that gizmo is an amplifier and logic circuit which depends on the correct polarity for its operation. Get that wrong and you will kill it. Colin and Ashley have the answer for less than a fiver.

Dave M

Thread: Tempted by a big Fairey
15/11/2020 09:52:18


You certainly didn't offend either Doc Thomason or myself - any excuse for some throwaway persiflage and we're in there!

Dave M

Thread: S H G Model Supplies
14/11/2020 12:24:40


I thnk you can discount that possibility ["we will miss the interaction we have with you over the phone and at shows"]. Jerome has struggled with his health for a long time and now I understand that Sue is none too well either. I hope they can overcome these problems and enjoy a well-deserved semi-retirement. As one who knows, you never really get to retire fully from the model trade!

Dave M

Edited By Dave Milbourn on 14/11/2020 12:25:05

Thread: Tempted by a big Fairey
14/11/2020 09:32:33

I think we may be approaching the limits of innuendo here, chaps. surprise


13/11/2020 12:09:30

I would avoid any and all kits which were produced after the Precedent brand was taken over by Anglian Models. They were terrible. In particular the ply parts were die-crunched from worn-out tooling and consequently nothing fitted - gaps of 6mm were not uncommon. If that example you've seen was smothered in filler then I'm not surprised. Naturally your sailing waters would be a bit too much for a 24" model so I would suggest you either buy a new 1/8 scale SLEC kit or wait until a better example comes onto the market. Frankly I wouldn't pay £100 for an old and shabby model unless it had at least £100-worth of useable radio/running gear in it which I could use elsewhere.

Dave M

12/11/2020 13:41:07


There's always the SLEC 1/16 scale Huntsman 31...Huntsman 31 1/16 scale

Kit details

Dave M

Thread: MOD police launch
25/10/2020 22:47:46

280/5 motor is rated to 6v.

2S LiPo pack is 7.4v. Your choice.

As our US colleagues might say, you do the math.


25/10/2020 11:31:17


The voltage of the pack required depends primarily on the rating of the motor rather than the size of the model. Of the three 280-sized motors which MFA supply only one will take 11.1v (i.e. a 3S LiPo pack) - the others are maxed at 3v and 6v respectively. This one draws 0.3A at maximum efficiency so you wouldn't need a very high capacity (and therefore physically large) battery pack for a decent morning's running with a 25mm 2-blade prop.

MFA 280/1 motor

If you apply excessive voltage then a brushed motor will run faster than intended, wear out the bearings quickly and likely burn out the brushes. Not expensive to replace at £2.50 each but potentially dangerous if it catches fire.

The SLEC Swordsman was designed for a larger brushless motor and prop - being a third as big again as the model you've chosen. Ask me how I know... wink

Dave M

Thread: Model Slipway
20/10/2020 11:52:46

We had much the same thing after we sold ACTion. I soon found that you can't erase your phone number from every single website on which it may have appeared, although I tried my best to do so on any site we had some control or influence over. In the end we had to change our phone number, and I fitted a call-blocker at the same time - just to be on the safe side. It's only considerate to allow Jackie and Laurie time to deal with queries in their own time now they've formally retired.

Dave M

Edited By Dave Milbourn on 20/10/2020 11:54:00

Thread: Guidance
19/10/2020 18:56:21

That's it, Chris. I saw one of their planers once when I was collecting a kit and it looked very nicley made indeed.


19/10/2020 13:49:14

As far as I remember SLEC use a circular saw-bench to square up the rough sawn logs of balsa. Sheet cutting is done on a big industrial bandsaw with a wide blade. The squared block is fed in and held down on the bed and up against the fence with two powered rollers. The rough-cut sheets are then put through a planer/thicknesser before finally being sanded to exact thickness. I assume that their other woods are machined in a similar way.

There is a US company which specialises in model-size woodworking machinery, including a planer and a saw-bench which would be ideal for the job. 'Banjoman' (aka Matt Halin), who has posted on here, could tell you the name and address of that company. I'm afraid I've lost it somewhere in the outer reaches of my PC.

Dave M

Thread: Fairey Huntsman 31
17/10/2020 12:20:29

It's a question of cutting straight lines vs sharp curves. The bandsaw excels at the former while the scroll saw is vital for the latter. I decided long ago that to have both types was the best option and so it's proved. Mind you, mine were both second-hand when I bought them and just needed a good clean down, oiling and new blades. The Rexon 3-wheel 10" bandsaw is 25 years old and has a pressed steel case and machined bed with large threaded securing knobs, whereas the newer 'Power' it replaced was largely plastic.

Incidentally you can buy blades with different numbers of teeth from any reputable woodworking machine supplier. ALDI and LIDL might make good offers initilally but you'll not get the spares and service backup like you would from, say, Axminster.


17/10/2020 09:59:21


There's a marked difference between a scroll saw and a band saw, but I'm sure you know that.

Dave M

Thread: Robbe S-130 shafts
05/10/2020 11:24:24

Give SHG a ring. Their on-line catalogue is woefully out of date (it's the 2013 edition) but they much prefer the phone to E-Mails. SHG Model Supplies

Dave M

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