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Thread: ESC Problem
22/05/2019 13:58:28

I would say that there are several things which your friend needs to do. First I agree with Malcom that 12v is too much for any Speed 600 motor and that 7.2v should be seen as the norm. The nominal voltage rating of Speed motors is usually prominent on the label. I also share his preference for using anything but lead-acid batteries! Next, the props are a bit too small to have much significance. I used a 32mm 3-blade bronze prop on my old 540 motors and they were very happy together.

I'd not advise using one ESC for two motors unless they were of much lower power than the ones he has, and the Tornado ESC is not top of my "best buy" list anyway. Better to use a separate ESC for each motor, even if they are connected via a Y-lead to the same Rx channel. It halves the current through the speed controllers and leaves you with the means to get the model back if one goes pop. If the ESCs have BEC then you need to disconnect the red lead from the Rx plug of one of them.


Thread: New site layout
21/05/2019 18:00:12

Too much time on your hands, Dr T? Get a hobby.


21/05/2019 14:13:02

I Googled the least likely thing I could imagine a robot doing.....and, believe it or not, here it is!! **LINK**

Now I wonder if we get one to open the England innings in the Ashes series.....


Thread: Magazine and Website Contacts
21/05/2019 10:36:51

Mr John Wilson 18

Please tick here if you are not a robot [ ]


Thread: Electric motor temperature sensor
21/05/2019 10:34:40

Mr John Wilson 18

Please tick here if you are not a robot [ ]


Thread: Running lights wiring
21/05/2019 10:31:59

Mr John Wilson 18

Please tick here if you are not a robot [ ]


Thread: New site layout
21/05/2019 10:31:07

Mr John Wilson 18

Please tick here if you are not a robot [ ]


Thread: help needed on transmitter set, please
17/05/2019 09:22:57

I have some wiring diagrams for various different installations for Aziz. These diagrams used to be available on a separate website but that is undergoing a fundamental upgrade and isn't working at the moment. If you send me your regular E-Mail address via the "Message member" link at the bottom of this reply then I can forward a selection of PDF files for you to look at.

Dave M

16/05/2019 19:39:47


What functions do you wish to operate in addition to motors and steering?

Dave M

Thread: Cheap cordless drill
16/05/2019 19:36:26

Ah yes - of course! A time to spend money you don't have to buy things they don't need for people you don't like.


BTW Any Christmas presents which don't come bottled are given to charity.


16/05/2019 14:01:49

I shall be using the drills as birthday / christmas gifts

Cheapskate... Still, that means that four other people will be having a boring Christmas as well as me.


Thread: Increasing model top speed
08/05/2019 19:27:48



08/05/2019 17:43:10


No need to feel sheepish, old dear. There are almost as many different Johnson motors as there are different hatchbacks. Some wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding and others would pull your arm off - and you couldn't easily tell because they're all in more or less identical cans.

Even the much-missed and well-documented Graupner series could be very confusing. For example, there were five or six different 700-sized motors from the relatively slow but very powerful Speed 720 Torque to the viciously fast 9.6v Speed 700BB Turbo. Only the label would provide a clue without a careful look down the vent holes at the windings and armature.

I'll admit that this one-time critic of the rush to brushless motors is now a total convert. It's a lot easier to identify the likely performance of one just from the name, and there are hundreds of different sizes and specifications.

As for SLA batteries, Malcolm and I are "on all fours". They have their place, but it's not anywhere near a model of mine except maybe as a weight to hold parts down flat while the glue dries.

Dave M

Edited By Dave Milbourn on 08/05/2019 17:44:36

08/05/2019 08:29:43

Like the 700BB Turbo, this motor is too fast on 12v (11000RPM). It's a pity they don't stock the slower version any longer. If you were to decrease the voltage, maybe as low as 6v, then it would do the job.


Thread: Fairey Huntsman 28
07/05/2019 16:46:03

I'm just a sucker for the tricky jobs, Chris. That and the fact that the fingers of my left hand have had all the tips neatly removed with a razor-plane.....

These days I use square-section for the spray rails and sand them to a D section once the glue's dried. It doesn't seem to make any difference to the performance and it's a lot easier to do!

Dave M

06/05/2019 19:29:40


Just think - the next job is those lovely chine rails and then the spray rails!! I've been doing both today on my new model and I can confirm that it's a labour of love.That is I'll love it when it's done!

Dave M

Thread: Balsa hull and tissue paper problems
05/05/2019 20:09:45


Shame you resorted to paint stripper. My experience says that when in doubt just leave it to set hard for a week and then sand the beggar until there ain't no more gunk left - then start again. There's an article written by some boring old geezer about finishing wooden hulls somewhere....ah, yes! Here it is! **LINK**

I'd recommend you now sand the whole thing down to bare wood as far as you can. Then use a layer of 34gsm glass-fibre cloth with Eze-Kote, as Ashley suggests. If you allow the stuff to dry hard first then any overlaps should be easily sanded out. The worst enemies of a decent finish include impatience.

Dave M

Thread: Action P44 Twinlatch switcher
04/05/2019 23:05:49


ACTion and Component Shop are one and the same. I have sent you a PM.

Dave M

04/05/2019 19:23:07


Your kit was produced before we took over ACTion in 2007 i.e. a very long while ago. We didn't inherit the instructions for any earlier version than the current one - P44A - which has remained unchanged since then. There might be someone out there who has a set of instructions [try Stan Reffin on Mayhem] but Component Shop will be unable to help, as am I.

Dave M

Thread: Galileo - A resurrection
04/05/2019 15:39:41


Just a light dusting, mind. I spray it from about a foot above the hull and let it settle onto the surface.


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