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Thread: New to rc boats
02/02/2013 12:11:57

First you need to know what current the motor wants under load, either by measuring using an ammeter, or getting an assortment box of fuses and incrementing the value until it doesn't blow, settling on that value. Normally the fuse should be between battery and ESC, the ESC should take care of problems on the moitor side, the battery fuse is there to protect the model against any ill effects of an ESC fault.

You were right to not use the Taycol. For all their vitues of solid built, being field wound rather than permanent magnet, they do need a few extra components to work from an ESC. A bridge rectifier to keep the magnetism of either the coil or com in one direction, and a lot of suppression to let the radio work at all.

Thread: New sea queen build
18/01/2013 12:15:03
Posted by Paul T on 18/01/2013 09:50:36:

I should add a caveat to my last posting:

In as much as I regard this particular PVA as being suitable for the construction of model (wooden) boats I do not advocate its use in permanent immersion or continually wet conditions.

This PVA should be regarded as splash proof and perfectly adequate for the occasional sailing that most model boats are usually subjected to.


.And of course it will have a good set of layers of something waterproof between it and any water. Sanding sealer, varnish, paint, resin all spring to mind.

Thread: battery&charger
06/01/2013 16:31:49

Although SLA batteries are quite robust, they are not car size batteries. The max safe charge rate for any lead acid is the 10 hour rate, this is a great many more amps for a car battery than one of ours, and that is the rate that a car charger will try to shove in. A car battery, with a liquid electrolyte, can often be topped up if any is bubbled off because of excess charging. A sealed gel cell does not allow for this, being a) sealed and b) gel.

The right charger is usually cheaper than the replacement battery.

Thread: radio chatter
05/01/2013 12:28:08

Like ashley says, a few mates and a microphone in which case a script is vital. You could use a marine band radio as a source.

Either way, plug the source (mic or radio) into the appropriate input on your PC, run something like "Audacity" (a freebie sound processor), and click the red button to record. When satisfied/bored, stop recording, edit out the bits you don't want, play with the levels, export the result as an mp3 file to save it somewhere convenient. Its a lot easier to get a good result than fiddling with tape, if only because you can see where the bits that you want to edit are.

02/01/2013 11:01:06

What it does need is a mate with another one........

Thread: HMS Hood powering the gun turrets
17/12/2012 10:42:04

The original displaced about 45,000 tons. Its a scale model about 1:150.

Multiply 45000 by 2240 to get the weight in pounds, divide by 150*150*150 you get abot 32 pounds. Weigh the model without ballast, subtract from 32, thats how much ballast you need. I'll let you do the conversion to Kg.

Thread: new starter, leicester
12/12/2012 11:46:36

The steam plant, boiler in particular, should really have a current certificate. You might need to speak to a club afilliated to one of the regional model engineering societies. Boiling water under pressure is not friendly. Properly set up and used, live steam is wonderful stuff, but can be dangerous to the unwary.

Thread: wiring 2 esc,s to one switch
05/12/2012 12:32:13

If it is an extra switch for the main power lead between battery and ESCs, yes. Just make sure it can carry the total current. Many ESCs have a small slider switch to switch the ESC control circuitry on and off. There isn't a universal safe way to common these, as different manufacturers have their own ideas on just how they are wired into the circuit.

Thread: Nelson/Rodney
04/12/2012 10:22:20

OK next questiion , as the plonker in my model shop was as useful as a chocolate tea pot , I have an ON/OFF switch with 3 leads 1 =Reciver ,Speed contrler socket

2= Reciver battery

3= ???????

The first two are 3 pin type , one plug in and the other socket , the 3rd lead is a 2 prong plug in . I have no idea where it came from but i guess i can make up a standard on/off toggle switch .Any advice on this pls .

I would expect that the switch harness you describe would be intended to allow you to either operate the gear or charge the battery.

1 supplies power to the RX/ESC

2 connects to the battery (assuming its an RX battery rather than a big knobbly power battery)

3 gives you somewhere to connect a charger

You dont say what size of switch it is - if its one of those small sliders, it will not carry much current, and shouldn't be used for the main power.

Thread: tights employed as an aid to build
24/11/2012 13:03:16

Presumably the hull can be shoved down the inside of one leg of an unoccupied pair of tights. The elastic nature of the tights should pull the hull in. Applying resin, you get a reinforced coating. When its all cured, the unwanted bits can be cut away.

Thread: 3" model figures of people sitting need help locating
15/11/2012 16:53:02

They would be about 1:24 or 25 scale.

turned up as the top hit on a google for " model figures 1/25 "

Thread: Sea Scout - What battery pack?
14/11/2012 10:04:29

NiCad pack of voltage to suit the motor. Capacity, generally, as much as you pocket will allow, based on C" size cells.

Thread: prop making noise??
11/11/2012 11:54:22

With the motor not coupled, does the scraping sound still happen when the shaft is turned by hand? Does it only happen with the shaft pushed one way or the other? I usually try to arrange a couple of brass washers between the face of the prop boss and the tube end bearing to act as both lubricant retaineers and thrust washers. Others have spoken well of nylon washers, having the merit of being self lubricating in water.

If its just a rough bearing surface, be it end thrust or otherwise, an old trick was to do a "running in lube", using metal polish as the "lube" until it quietened, then cleaning away every last bit of polish before relubing. Knocking the bearings in with a hammer could have resulted in the bearings getting reshaped a bit.

10/11/2012 17:39:04

If the shaft is straight, hope that the tube is straight as well.

What noise are you getting? Scrape, knock, buzz?

Thread: ESC
10/11/2012 11:44:56

It might also be the case that NiMH batteries might not be able to deliver the same current as lithium. Under heavy load, the voltage might dip below the cut-off voltage and cause spluttery running.

Thread: battery sale SLA types
02/11/2012 11:27:36
Posted by david the newbe on 01/11/2012 10:40:15:

hi all

i have got a 6v 4.5 ahr sla from maplins can thay be charged with a car charger that has a 6v setting


In a word, no. The car chargers are intended for liquid batteries rather than gel cells (which most SLA are) and are nothing like well mannered enough for the SLA to survive. The chemical changes that happen need to do so in a calm and orderly manner, this just does not happen with a car charger. A "proper" charger will more that pay for itself in the first couple of weeks - you dont have to buy replacement batteries after overcharging. The "S" is for "Sealed". This means "sealed for life", which also means "when it has vented through being overcharged, you can't replace the lost fluid, and its a deader".

Having said that, some smart chargers are too smart for their own good, and fail to recognise a heavily discharged battery, which might benefit from a FEW minutes blast from a rough and ready car charger under close observation of your voltmeter just the restart the forming process.

Thread: ACTion R/C Electronics
30/10/2012 20:06:07

Lets hope they both have a long and happy retirement. Well deserved.

Thread: Capacitors..
26/10/2012 20:33:13

On Graupner motors that I have, the instructions do mention that even if the motor is internally suppressed, adding extra capacitors never does any harm.

Since the advent of 2.4GHz radio, there has been a school of thought that claims that suppression is a requirement of the past. It is not - fit them anyway.

25/10/2012 20:24:16

{looking to converting to rc , by connecting the rudder to main sail}

That kind of arrangement involved the main boom having two lines that had a cross-over on their way to the tiller quadrant (an arm each side of the tiller), and a centering spring on the tiller as a form of self steering (look up "Braine gear". It would try to keep a set heading to the wind. If the boat headed nearer the wind, sail pressure relaxed, the tiller would steer away from the wind and vice versa. An entertaing black art to set up.

This is an alernative to radio control, and they would probably work against each other.

You could always set the sail at half out, great for running across wind, passable for heading into wind and workable downwind, with the radio just working the rudder.

Thread: Looking for a designer
25/10/2012 12:40:23

Are you new to model boats as well?

Working model submarines are arguably the most difficult subject in model boating. Any drawings you get are likely to tell you what the outside looks like and what shape it is, and it should be remembered that the main purpose of most models is to make the paint (which is what you see) be the right shape and stay that way. What makes it work is up to the individual modeller, and there are a great many variations.

Generally, a model submarine will be a free flooding shell to hold the paint in place, with a watertight compartment (WTC) being the part that holds the important stuff like radio, controls, motors, batteries and probably the ballasting system.

Have a look at **LINK** scroll down the page, click on the U-boat picture and enjoy a good read. Since it was written, there have been several commercial products appear on the market to ease the problems outlined, but it is still not an easy path.

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