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Thread: Which prop shaft
14/06/2021 12:21:42

Thanks for your advice I have decided thanks

Thread: Which prop shaft?
11/06/2021 11:26:16

I am building a 30 inch Cobra 21 from Rc Modeler plans for a 2000kv Brushless motor. What would be the best brand of prop shaft for this boat? Would a ball bearing shaft be best?

Thread: which plywood?
07/04/2021 05:45:25

which plywood is best in 1.5 mm to use as the hull? have heard of birch ply which is best please.

Thread: Astra 2404 torque rolls
29/10/2017 02:30:39

If I fit larger trim tabs and use a s45 prop will that help

27/10/2017 02:15:41

I have built 2 astra 2404 boats both 30 inches long. Both used the same electric motor,trim tabs etc the first had a x40 prop while the second is using a x45. Maiden run of the second hull with the x45 prop torque rolls up on its side to nearly 90 degrees to the water.if I shut it down it goes back to normal attitude. Would bigger trim tabs solve this or alter the prop size?

Thread: Maiden voyage
10/01/2016 23:48:38

Boat lifts up to plane easily and runs perfectly balance point is about 1 inch forward of the plan, I thought I would try and see how it slow speed the rudder seems sluggish but a high speed its better.I will give it more movement for next time. Its my first electric boat with all new technology including the 2.4 ghz radio.It was all worth it.what a blast after glow and diesel boats when I was a teenager in 1974. Its hard to try all new ways at age 59. Sorry I cant figure how to upload a photo on my tablet. Thanks for your help in the past.

10/01/2016 08:10:56

Had first outing of astra mm 2404 30 inch offshore racer.used a dynamite 3835 brushless with 120 amp hobbywing esc x40 prop 4 cell 4000ma lipo.rudder is good at speed but a bit slow off the plane.lots of nerves because of the cost of all the items but I loved seeing my boat perform

Thread: All up weight
28/12/2015 00:09:40

I have built an astra mm2404 30 offshore boat its weight is 5lb 10 ounces ready to that overweight for a 30 inch boat. I am happy with my boat and will run it as it is , thanks

Thread: Esc
01/12/2015 20:45:22

Nsw, australia

01/12/2015 05:31:26

What is a good reliable brand esc to own in 120 amp size that I can buy

Thread: Prop size
24/11/2015 07:14:41

I have built an astra mm 2404 wooden offshore racer.It is fitted with a 36x50 800 watt dynamite brushless motor. I am going to use a 4000 ma 4 cell lipo battery.not sure yet what size esc but my main worry is , is a 40 mm prop too big or should I go smaller? All advice welcome, new to electric boats and i am unsure but slowly making progress

Thread: Seal and paint hull
16/10/2015 07:01:38

I have built an astra 30 inch offshore racer (mm 2404) and I was thinking of coating the plywood hull with a coat of fiberglass resin then painting over that.any opinions or better ideas for a finish

Thread: Water outlet position
12/10/2015 10:39:27

Thank you so it will be a rear exit

12/10/2015 07:46:52

Is it ok to have the water outlet coming out through the transom rather than one side

Thread: What size ESC
03/10/2015 03:13:53

I have built an astra 2404 30 inch offshore racer.I will be using an 800 watt dynamite 3835 motor, and I will be using a 4 cell lipo battery with a 40 mm prop.What marine esc should I use for this setup . Any advice appreciated wayne

Thread: Rudder advice
17/09/2015 05:28:08

Thanks all you helped me see that the best is to follow the original method as on the plan. Thanks again for your advice

16/09/2015 08:22:14

Would my boat run alright if I fitted a rear mounted rudder with built in water pickup instead of the original rudder 2 inches in front of the transom.I will use which ever one is better

Thread: Electric motor size required
15/09/2015 09:31:15

For the astra mm2404 it shows a rudder under the hull about 2 inches from the transom. How would a transom mounted rudder with water pickup work on this boat instead

Thread: Electric motor size required
23/07/2015 03:54:00

I am considering building a blue streak enlarged to 24 inches. What size brushless motor, speed controller and prop would be a good starting point. I built one of these in 1975 with a 30 glow motor but now would prefer electric. Was thinking of building a 30 inch astra but will do it later. Thankyou wayne in australia

Thread: Electric motor size required
05/07/2015 07:53:22

I am going to build an ASTRA, mm 2404 30 inch offshore racer. It is shown with an irvine 21 but I want to use a brushless electric setup.any help on the size electric motor and controller and battery would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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