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Thread: wanted
22/11/2020 10:31:16

Hi captainslog

The plan I have is boat number 2574 with formers.

Harry Smith

18/11/2020 10:09:22


I have a PDF full plan of Vic Smeed's Vosper 68' RTTL if that's of help.

Harry Smith

PM with your email address if you require it.

Thread: SG&K Gentlemans Runabout Mk2
18/10/2020 09:06:06

Hi All

The boat required a repaint, so I added 3mm chine rails which cut down the water spray and improved the turning!!!


A video from Saturday 17Oct 2020 with other boats.

Harry Smith

Thread: Turnigy radio
26/09/2020 07:16:40

OOPS !!!

Now bind your receiver into your transmitter and you should be setup.

Label the receiver as Model 2 and boats name .

Harry Smith

PS the Flysky I6 is the same unit and receivers are the same !!!

Banggood have a self center kit as well as coloured knobs, switch nuts and switch covers.

26/09/2020 07:10:18

Hi Bruce

Start on the menu screen.

Press OK.(Model Select)Press OK.

Should show your first model 01.

Press up to move to model 02.

Press Cancel (hold down for a few seconds).

Goes back to model select.

Press Model name and OK.

Name your model and press cancel.

You can go down to Sticks mode to change from mode1 to mode 2.

Press Cancel for a few seconds.

Takes you back to the Menu.

To change servo setup and throttle max end points.

Move across to the spanner and screwdriver icon.

Harry Smith

Thread: Outside the box thinking - 1970's Sea Commander
26/09/2020 05:46:43

HI Andy

I have a PDF copy of the Aerokits plan which I can send you.

Message your email address.

Harry Smith

Thread: ESC ratings for brushed motors.
11/09/2020 13:14:15

Graupner and MFA have charts you can download.

540 rock Crawler motors have specs, but mainly on 7.2 volts(2S Lipo batteries).

Harry Smith

Thread: Aeronaut Spitfire
11/09/2020 05:44:31

Hi Peter

The hydro prop may work, but add power on slowly at low speed.

I had the old Hobbyking outboard of the F1 tunnel hull.

The outboard was on a deep vee and set as above.

Once set right to boat sat up on the prop in a straight line !!!


10/09/2020 14:06:24

Hi Peter

Try lowering the outboard, so the prop can catch more water.

Also check U Tube, you may see something that they have setup.

Which Hobbyking outboard is it ???

Harry Smith

Thread: ESC ratings for brushed motors.
10/09/2020 14:01:06

Hi Martin

I use the Quicrun 60 Amp car/boat (with reverse) for 2 and 3S Lipo with link setup.

Simple,cheap and easy to use.

The 540 brush motors 35turn 13000 rpm on 7.2 volts(2s), 45turn 9500 , 55turn 7700, 65 turn 7000 and 80turn 5500 rpm( rpm is unloaded).

If your require rpm on 3S divide the rpm by 7.2 , then times that by 11.1 for the rpm on 3S.

The same if you require the kv rating on changing to brushless.

Rpm divide by volts equals kv !!!

Harry Smith

Thread: Huntress 23 Long Cabin Version
31/08/2020 00:55:35

Hi Chris

20 people turned up with 3 more jointing the club !!!

The boat hull was OK, lost all the wheelhouse.

Just one big gust of wind caused all the mayhem.

My rescue add on to the barge saved a few bits.

But one of the members is a diver, so we hope we find it on Wednesday if the weather is OK.

We have had sunny weather but we a lot of wind.


30/08/2020 13:31:31

Hi Chris
This may help get a boat in the water.
Watch for the Spearfish !!!!
NO, I was not driving !!!!
Thread: PERKASA 49
27/08/2020 13:20:36

Hi Kevan

Files on the way via We Transfer.

Plus a few others!!!!


26/08/2020 10:34:12

Hi Kevan

I have the build and info booklet on PDF, but it's a large size !!!

I can send it via free We Transfer, no problem !!!

As Empire said the build booklet is not much cop.

Message me your email address, so I can send them.

I have two of the smaller ones which I rebuilt.

I had the wooden kit(unstarted) but sold it to a club member.

Harry Smith

Thread: Todays Boating
17/08/2020 13:02:24

Hi Richard

That's knot wet that's liquid sun shine !!!!


Thread: Outside the box thinking - 1970's Sea Commander
17/08/2020 12:57:18

Hi All

Totally agree with Chris E !!!

A good example is the banggood hobby surpass brushless motor, standard 540 motor mount.

Weight 132grams, 5mm shaft , a pick of three kv types.

Size 35mm diameter ,42mm long and handle 7-15volts(2-4S Lipo batteries).

The 1000kv 750Watts 55Amps.

The 1250kv 850Watts 65Amps

The 1450kv 1050Watts 76 Amps.

All Watt ratings are on 4S batteries.

I have a 30" Huntsman with a 1250kv on 3S and a good turn of speed.

Tested on 4S which turns it a bit of a speed boat!!!


As for brush motors the rock crawler ones are the only ones I found good specs on !!!

All on 7.2 volts(2S).

35 turn 13000 rpm, 45 turn 9500, 55 turn 7700 , 65 turn 7000 and 80 turn 5500.

The 80 turn I use in my fishing boats and handles up to a 3 blade 60mm prop.

Boat size about 860mm long( 2 Helens,1 Eileen and a French fishing boat).

Harry Smith



Edited By harry smith 1 on 17/08/2020 12:57:46

16/08/2020 13:08:26

Hi Paul T

What about a Swordsman or Sea Rover.

I have both plans as PDF which I can send to you.

Harry Smith

Thread: Todays Boating
16/08/2020 02:12:17

Hi Ashley

I see the model boats and knew it was of your interesting floatily things !!!!

Top job again, will make interesting reading when it arrives.


14/08/2020 05:13:25

Hi Richard

I think he will be using a car trailer with ramps and a four launch trolley!!!

His four wheel drive has a upgraded from a V6 to a V8 5.7 litre !!!


13/08/2020 09:12:46

p1010040.jpgHi Ashley

Two pics of the THOR !!!


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