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Thread: Eileen
24/02/2020 08:02:30
Only on 60% forward speed, will have to trim it back a bit !!!
Thread: Huntsman 30"
24/02/2020 07:47:34

p1010158.jpgp1010157.jpgp1010156.jpgp1010155.jpgp1010154.jpgp1010153.jpgHi All

Finally finish the boat, the wet stuff next.


Thread: Eileen
21/02/2020 11:34:24

Hi Ashley

Captain is at the wheel with his bird on lookout at the stern.

Running the boat in the sea of course.


Thread: Huntsman 30"
21/02/2020 06:12:47

p1010140.jpgp1010139.jpgHi Chris

Lucky the pulpit rail came with the boat.

Quick respray for the sides and revarnished the deck.

Also the interior was bare wood, so a good coat of vanish as well.

Replace the hatch plastic and added a strengthen frame to the roof.

Glue it all back on, fill and painted the roof.


Thread: Eileen
21/02/2020 06:00:17

56.jpg55.jpgHi redpmg

I have two Precedent Perkasa's with the original booklets and the plan of the Brave Border.

So I will pass on your offer, thanks.

But I do have PDF plans of other boats and well as access to our club archives.

So back to the Eileen fishing boat.

Had a ballast test this morning in the sheltered inlet at the canal.

As from the pics it was not good idea to test the boat out it the rough stuff.

Call into another more sheltered spot for the test voyage.

Will have to cut the throttle back to 70-75% as it's speed would out run a flower corvette !!!

The brakes (reverse) works very well and pulls the boat up very quickly.

Handy with some of club steerers!!!!


Thread: Huntsman 30"
20/02/2020 06:14:17

p1010137.jpgp1010136.jpgHi All

Added support piece between the hull and the drive tube.

Mounted the motor and rudder servo.

Spray painted the hull bottom in dark blue.

Repaired the stern cabin roof and painted that in white.p1010135.jpg


Thread: Eileen
19/02/2020 10:24:26

Hi redpmg

Thank you for compliment .

It's has been a big push the last few weeks to get the boat finish of a surprise for one our club members.

With another four boats on the go, it's been all full on.

Finished a Wave master which was an easy restoration project.

Working a on a wooden Huntsman which is 90% finished.

An old speed boat (ex IC) but as an old cool look.

An Ex Perkasa wooden hull which was heading to tip.

A club member said it's fire wood !!!

I said I will get it back in the water!!!

A case of beer is on the line !!


Thread: MB articles
19/02/2020 10:02:46

Hi All

I have no complains about the mag, but we are still waiting for the Winter Special and all the ones after to get to Tasmania !!!!

I think a Tea Clipper or a convict ship would be faster !!!!


Harry Smith

Thread: Huntsman 30"
19/02/2020 09:52:38

Hi Fellows

This one was too good and not used a lot.

Very clean on the inside.

Did not have to remove prop tube because my bearings fitted !!!

Add a support under the tube on the underside.

The rudder tube was only screw in, so an easy fix for a rudder.

Fill in the water cooling inlet and outlet as well as the stern exhaust pipe.

Fill and sand the spray rails, also lightly sanded back the bottom.

Mask up ready to spray the bottom, tomorrow.

Made a new rudder.

Onto the cabin which has both roofs with problems.

The stern one is only balsa, so I added more balsa under the damage area, glue and clamp it.

Fill and sand that tomorrow.

The forward one has missing edges and the hatch is a dog's breakfast (a mess).

Tomorrow is another day, so more work.


18/02/2020 09:42:05

p1010129.jpgp1010128.jpgHi Guys

My next project is a plywood 30 and 3/4" ex IC motor cabin cruiser.

In good order for it's age.

Requires spray rails repaired, new drive line, rudder, both roofs and new forward hatch.

The exhaust hole covered over.

Repaint bottom and sides.

Revarnish the deck.

Motor 28mm 1800kv brushless, 45Amp ESC and 3S Lipo battery

Harry Smithp1010127.jpg

Thread: wiring question for newbie
18/02/2020 09:14:49

HI Neil

This will work.

Harryswitch with led001.jpg

Thread: Eileen
17/02/2020 09:16:14

53.jpg52.jpg51.jpgOOPS I did it again !!!!

Add pics into the album first !!!


17/02/2020 09:12:32

Hi All

The boat is finally finished with the radio tested and ballast added.

Final ballasting and maiden voyage on Saturday.

Also hoping to get a DM boat into the water for it's maiden voyage as well.

Harry Smith

Thread: Huntress 1/8 scale kit - Motor, ESC, LiPo etc for sale
12/02/2020 08:14:11

MY LORD !!!!

DM not building a Fairey!!!

The world is coming to the end !!!!

Harry Smith

Thread: Eileen
28/01/2020 11:23:40

49.jpg48.jpgHi All

Ray I am staying in the warm weather !!!!

More work on the boat with the hull fully painted.

Started on the masts, added the wheelhouse windows.

Still more bits to addon.

Oh, I must connect the shaft to the motor and added the brass water stirrer !!!


Thread: todays boating
18/01/2020 08:09:05

Hi Ashley

I Hope to inspire you all !!!

The Hobbyking site with they motors gives a thrust for motors/battery/ prop.

This may give you some idea into your requirements.

The main weight will be the battery.

On setting up the boat only change one thing at a time and test.

Small changes make a difference.


17/01/2020 08:50:26

Hi Ashley

I like the Bushy motto, I think I would fit right in !!!!


12/01/2020 11:10:18

Hi Men

Our first club run of the new year in the canal.


No, I was not driving the Spearfish !!!!!!

I was just running my Hellen Fishing boat.

May all your boating this year be good ones.


Harry Smith

Thread: Eileen
03/01/2020 11:34:57

Hi Ashley

Try the black biro(look too kit like for a fishing boat) and a marking pen bleeds over the edge which looks crappy.

The darker Jarrah wood gives it a nice contrast on the roof(see fast planking post).

I used blackwood for a contrast on the wheelhouse sides.


Thread: Fast Veneer Planking
03/01/2020 08:53:18

Hi All

Finished with only one little hiccup !!!

Ready for the outer trim and matt vanish.

Nice afternoon's work.


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