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Thread: Fairey Huntsman
23/07/2021 08:25:41

Hi Ray

Yes I had a few debates with DM about prop shaft angles !!!

I totally dislike trim tabs.

I think it is more about the forward/stern balance point of the boat.

I have change my Huntsman CG a few times to get what I feel is right.

The last time out with the boat I had it level with the water, but not much of the hull in the water at full speed.


19/07/2021 12:17:59

Hi Tim

My Precedent Huntsman sits bow down, but on powering up comes up no problem.


Thread: Todays Boating
14/07/2021 08:58:43

Hi All

As soon as I see the cover of August mag, it's Ashley again !!!

Ashley maybe looking for a very long wheelbase van as a mobile workshop and boat storage with auto pilot/driver to get to the pond.

Air ride suspension for comfort ride for his models, please !!!

Mainly because it takes up design/build time for the next totally out of the box build !!!

Fort Knox security is a main requirement as you all would understand !!!

It has been a good price as he is on the pension .


Thread: Wanted Billings Smit Nederland Plans
14/07/2021 08:35:24

Hi Paul

If it's a PDF file a printshop can do it in full size, no problem!!

I have lots done at our local printshop, plus resizing and save onto a memory stick for safe keeping.


Thread: Todays Boating
10/07/2021 08:33:44

Well lads, Ashley has done it again with two out of the box models !!!

My hat is off to you for the Grand Design's of Model Boats.


PS It's WINTER down in Tasmania, just cold and frosty !!!

04/07/2021 09:14:14

Well Ashley retired !!!

A SIR !!!!


Ashley ,I am always behaved (well) !!!


29/06/2021 09:43:28

Hi All

Blades from an old food processor mounted vertical would work !!!


Thread: Vosper RTTL restoration advice requested.
10/06/2021 09:00:43

Hi Philip

I have a PDF copy of the plans if you require, PM with you Email Address and I can send it.

Harry Smith

Thread: Todays Boating
06/06/2021 12:44:38

Hi Ashley

We stroked the into the relay contacts and bend them down/up for the correct contact pressure.

Them were the days !!!

I still have some of the required tools.

Ye old telephone technician


01/06/2021 12:19:41

Hi All

I think we all wait to see Ashley's next build and still get a surprise !!!

A Commodore Challenge is easy, but a Ashley Challenge would be a real challenge !!!!!!!

Keep up the GRAND WORK, Ashley.

Harry Smithwink

Thread: Eileen
04/05/2021 14:10:25

Hi Calvin

I have not weight to boat ,just added lead blocks until I got it to the water lines as per the plan.

It cuts thru the water very well !!!


Thread: May 2021 Model Boats Mag
04/05/2021 14:05:26


Yes, received my digital copy today !!!

Another great model by Ray.

Harry Smith

30/04/2021 11:51:45

Hi Colin

Logged on again, but still no May Issue !!!

Harry Smith

30/04/2021 04:40:37

Hi All

I still waiting for my May digital copy ???

Harry Smith

20/04/2021 12:43:43

dscn1113.jpgdscn1112.jpgdscn1111.jpgdscn1110.jpgdscn1109.jpgdscn1108.jpgdscn1107.jpgdscn1106.jpgdscn1105.jpgdscn1104.jpgdscn1103.jpgdscn1102.jpgdscn1101.jpgdscn1100.jpgdscn1099.jpgdscn1098.jpgdscn1097.jpgdscn1096.jpgdscn1095.jpgHi All

See on Gumtree and my mate said he can get free freight for the job lot.

10 kits.

12 boats.

14 sets of plans.

Plastic box of bits.

3 radios which later found dead or leaking old batteries.

The little Police River Launch is back in the water already.

The tin boat with no roof and the metal roof launch I have not track down the names.

I got at lot at a super cheap, cheap price because the guy had no idea !!!


Thread: Our First Model Boat show 2021
20/04/2021 12:26:03

Hi All

A quick show at our local sailing club which provided their club house for free !!

It workout well as the whole weekend was cold and wet.

We are plan more shows in the future with model boat sailing out in the Derwent River.

Added a walk around video below.

Harry Smith


Thread: Smit Nederland Billings Kit NR528
13/03/2021 10:43:40

Hi All

On my second outing with the boat after a leak in the prop tubes were only glue on the tops inside the hull .

Ye I missed that one !!!

All leaks fix up and Oh boy this tank steering is a total blast, donuts around a mooring post and turning in it's own length !!!
PS For Ashley 29C on Friday !!!
24/02/2021 08:33:58

Hi Ashley

I think it would make a difference, mainly blade area.

Yes a full scale boat ramp to launch cabin cruisers/ tinnies, etc.

Fully installed the drive systems with silicon grease in the shafts and thread lock on the proips.

Mounted the two 4000mah Lipo batteries.

Removed the red wire from the second ESC/ mounted the ESCs and receiver.

After mounting the batteries the lead blocks would not fit each side !!!

I cut one down( it had more weight than the other) and fits OK.

The bow weights are round, so change them to recut bits.

A little hit or two with the 2 pound hammer and a touch with the file, nice fit.

So I have mess up my ballast test a bit !!!!


Thread: Todays Boating
23/02/2021 10:38:17

Hi Ashley

The LED lights are a big saving on the power bill and a better light.

I replaced all the halogen ones in the house two years ago.

The workshop/garage I have not done as yet.

I do not plan working at night as it's still day light until 8pm in summer.


Thread: Smit Nederland Billings Kit NR528
23/02/2021 10:29:56

Hi All

First dip in the water today to add the ballast.

Also added servo mount and setup the radio system for tank steering.


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