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Thread: Unknown Tug Boat.
16/08/2019 13:22:38

p1010116.jpgp1010115a.jpgp1010114a.jpgp1010113 a.jpgp1010111.jpgp1010110.jpgHi All

Installed the radio and drive line.

Modified the ESC with 3.5mm gold bullet connectors and a XT60 connector for power.

I did lengthen the lead for the on/off switch.

Ballast tested today and added more lead.

Gave the boat a quick run and it preforms very well.

Harry Smithp1010109.jpg

Thread: Precedent Perkasa torpedo boat kit 49 inch wooden.
16/08/2019 13:06:23

Another one on EBAY


Thread: Drills
11/08/2019 13:45:33

Hi Paul

A dremel on slow speed is too fast, go manual or a slow speed cordless drill.

Harry Smith

11/08/2019 12:50:32

Hi Paul

For the 1mm a standard drill bit on slow speed and very little pressure.

For the others use the 1mm for a pilot drill and step up in sizes to the 4mm and 6mm.

I used a set of step drills for 4mm and 6mm.

A very cheap set from Banggood( 3 piece set).

Harry Smith

Thread: Help - 48 inch Fairey Huntsman 31
09/08/2019 12:23:07

Hi Andrew

DM is spot on with the G60 motor has one of our members had one in his Fantome which is about the same size boat.

Very quick and he uses it for a video camera boat to post on you tube.

See under sgsteveg search.

Harry Smith

Thread: Unknown Tug Boat.
05/08/2019 07:05:00

p1010102.jpgp1010101.jpgp1010100.jpgp1010090.jpgHi All

Well my ship load of parts arrived as well as another 21th birthday(plus).

As my handbrake(wife) who keeps semi control over me has been very sick for the last 4 months.

I have not been doing much building.

By the time running to the hospital, doctors and house bitching.

Had to learn cooking !!!

Amazing we still a life !!!

She is slowly recovering, so I am getting a bit done.

Winter also is a problem, but the workshop has an infra red heat lamp from an old IXL Tastic bathroom light.

Nice instant heat and helps the paint dry quicker.

So the hull and deck is painted, but still require Matt Vanish over the Matt Black.

The wheelhouse deck is painted.

Have to make a brass piece for the bottom of the rudder which will unbolt to service it.

Hopefully drop the drive line and motor is this week, finish the rudder and water test the hull.


Thread: Motor /Controller /Prop upgrade
05/08/2019 06:21:58

Hi Dave

What size, type, voltage and mah is the glider's battery.

You maybe to use that !!!

On motor is a 28mm brushless T2836-1200kv, 340watts on 4S,shaft 4mm.

Unloaded rpm on 3S 13320 and on 4S 177760.

ESC with reverse Hobbyking car HK-60A (2-4S) weight 91grams.

Program card required(HK Prog-Card).

The larger Amp ESC will handle both 3 and 4S, so only upgrade you battery.

Hobbyking have some small lipo batteries in 3and 4S.

eg Turnigy 3S 1500mah 25C(73x33x27mm) and Zippy Compact 4S 1300mah 40C,

This will increase you power and loss a lot of weight.

ESC settings

1 Cutoff Voltage for 3S=10.2 and 4S=13.6
2 Start Power Percent=5%
3 Advance Timing=4
4 Run Mode=2
5 Brake Force=1
6 Drag Brake Force=1
7 Neutral Range=1
8 Initial Brake Force=1
9 Reverse Force=1

Harry Smith

Thread: Motor and Prop Survey
21/07/2019 11:46:05

brush motor specs.jpgprop specs001.jpgprop specs002.jpgprop specs003.jpgprop specs004.jpgprop specs005.jpgprop specs006.jpgHi All

This is a very grey area for us model boaters, but in the planes with brushless motor you get all the data !!!

Prop size, pitch, thrust, Amps, voltage and required ESC.

I found a good start is with the Raboesch Prop Chart which gives you all the specs including vessel type and mainly the maximum RPM for each prop.

Brushless motors are easy to work out, divide maximum prop speed by the voltage (7.2volts(2S Lipo)11.1volts(3S Lipo)).

EG 11,000 rpm divide by 7.2 equals 1500kv and 11.1 is 1000kv.

A bit of rounding out to get to a motor kv which is available.

Motor size, the first two numbers are the diameter and the second two are the can length.

EG 3639-750KV is 36mm diameter(about the same as a 540 brush motor) and the second two 39mm is the can length, note the larger the length the more powerful the motor.

Onto 540 rock crawler brush motors which I was talk into buying for my Hellen Fishing Boat (all 14 pounds of it).

I found at least some info on these at 7.2 volts from websites.

Maximum rpm for a 20 Turn(18400), 27Turn(15,000), 35turn(12,500), 45Turn(9,500), 55Turn(7,700), 65Turn(7000), 80Turn(4450).

So using my brushless motor maths a 80Turn equals a 600kv brushless!!!


As for the other brush motor specs the best chart I found I added below.

Some of the other motor spec charts are a dog's breakfast and totally poor.

So checkout the pics below and post ideas !!!

Harry Smithprop specs007.jpg

Thread: GoPro on boat
21/07/2019 10:42:18

Hi John

One of our members uses a MFA Fantome(about 46" with Go Pro and FPV to drive the boat.

Checkout his you tube videos under BGSTEVEG.

Also a few from his drone.


Harry Smith

Thread: Longest build?
16/07/2019 13:41:03

Hi Lads

I think we all have one boats we should have not bought !!!

Harry Smith

Thread: Unknown Tug Boat.
16/07/2019 13:37:09

Hi All and Ashley

After a mornings discussion with my mate Robbie, it was decided the forward hatch filled in and a hand winch in it's place would look better.

So I did that this afternoon, only a bit of filling and sanding to do.

Cut up a lead block and fitted four pieces in the middle of the tug which added 11 pound of weight.

No idea of what weight is required, but at present total weight with bits and pieces(no Lipo battery) around the 21 pound mark.

Ship load of parts this week hopefully!!!

Harry Smith

15/07/2019 10:44:46

p1010080.jpgp1010079.jpgp1010085.jpgp1010084.jpgp1010083.jpgp1010082.jpgHi All

Finally back with a few pic updates on the tug.

Work has been slow as my handbrake(WIFE) has been sick for the last few months.

So I have been driver, career and house bitch.

Also cooking, it's a wonder she is knot dead!!!

Me cooking, I burn water !!!

So back to the tug, bulwarks on, rudder and servo in, a lot more sanding and filling with a few coats of White Knight red oxide and matt black on the hull.

Ordered a big 60mm 4 blade A Type Raboesch brass prop with a maximum rpm of 5800 which will be connected to a 80 Turn 540 rock crawler brush motor(rpm 5500 @ 7.2 volts( 2S 4000mah Lipo battery).

If that motor does not preform I can change to a Durafly Excalibur Aerostar SK3 3542-900kv brushless from Hobbyking and trim back the throttle for the props max rpm.

Also order a ship load of other bits for the tug from Float-A-Boat.

Harry Smithp1010081.jpg

Thread: Experimenting with Props,Motors and Batteries
13/07/2019 10:01:56

Hi Chaps

As the weather is not the best down south in Tasmania, that's the heart shape island south of Australia.

I found the Float-a-Boat website had a very good PDF on Raboesch Props which give you the maximum rpm for each prop.

A lot of the other hobby shop websites do not !!!

I also found some other websites which gave the rpm for rock crawler 540 brush motors, but only for 7.2 volt.

As well I used the prop max rpm and divide that by 7.2 to get a ball park kv for brushless 35-36mm motors which fit the 540 motor mount.

Note too brushless motor may have different shaft size to the brush 540.

Also the brushless motors can poke out a lot more power than the brush motors.

This a rough list which may help ewe !!!

Brush motor 20Turn 18400rpm about 2500kv.

27Turn 15000rpm about 2000kv.

35Turn 12500rpm about 1800kv.

45Turn 9500rpm about 1250kv.

55turn 7700rpm about 1000kv.

65Turn 7000rpm about 950kv.

80Turn 5500rpm about 750kv.

Harry Smith

07/07/2019 13:10:45

Hi All

Yes crash stops look bad, but at best no damage to the boat.

The Graupner 3 blade plastic prop in reverse is like steel brake shoes on a car!!!

The brass ones are a better balance between forward and reverse.

I can easily limit the forward and reverse with the 6 channel Flysky or the Turnigy transmitter.

As for my brushless motors I use the Hobbyking car ESCs which you can program 25% reverse into.

This limits it to a good slower speed without sinking the boat!!!

If you are playing around with 300 to 1600 Watt motors you have to have limits in reverse.

Harry Smith

06/07/2019 07:24:28

Hi Ray

A geared Decaperm cost a arm and leg in Tassie !!

The boat came with a geared MFA, but the gears and bearings are all shot.

The motors are a high torque with more turns the slower rpm for crawling trucks.

The 80 Turn on 12 volts puts the fishing boat a bit over scale speed, but, I can use throttle stop setup in the transmitter to cut back on the top end speed.

One of the members has a 49" coaster cruiser/freighter(20KG) with the 50mm 5 blade prop on 3S Lipo with a brushless motor which is total over the top.

A few new you tube posts under the search name bgsteveg.

You will see the coaster cruiser in one of them.



06/07/2019 06:14:45

Hi All

Decided to use one of my Hellen fishing boats as a base for this project.

At 860mm long, beam 250mm and 14 pounds it requires of power get the old girl moving!!!

I first used the original plastic 60mm 3 blade on a rock crawler(540) 55 turn with a 7.2 volt Lipo battery.

Good forward speed, but reverse was total rubbish.

Change to a 3 blade brass 50mm with a bit of increase in forward speed, but reverse was far better.

Change to a 60 turn crawler motor, no great difference.

Change the 50mm to a 60mm 3 blade brass prop with a small increase in forward and reverse speed.

Change to a 50mm 5 blade brass prop which decrease the boat speed, so I change the battery to 12V Lipo to get the boat backup to speed.

Not a lot of difference in the setups, mainly that plastic props are rubbish.

I do not have cooling on the motor and all motors handled to prop well with only warm to touch after some long hard runs.

ESC was a Quickrun 60Amp(red top) from Hobbyking or Banggood, these require no program card and are setup by links on the unit.

One link is forward/brake/reverse which you change to forward/reverse.

This is the only ESC which I have found which goes straight from forward into reverse!!!

Harry Smith

Thread: Precedent Perkasa 2 37".
06/06/2019 12:38:56

Hi Will


You tube with the Perkasa about 2 and 1/2 minutes into the video clip.


Thread: Perkasa
05/06/2019 11:03:13

Hi John

Ditching the SLA battery and changing the motor, prop and speed controller is a big upgrade !!

So getting the right info will save you money.

The original Perkasa's would do 50 knots plus !!!

I have two 1/35 scale Perkasa's both with 37mm 3 blade props, 60 Amp ESC"s, 5800 mah Lipo batteries.

One has a 35mm brushless motor 3639-1100 Kv and the other a D3548/4-1100Kv.

Both get up on the plane and perform over scale speed.

Good run time of over 1/2 an hour.

Turning is not great as they like a long turning circle, but, can be help by raking the rudder forward by 6 to 8 degrees.

The balance point forward and aft is very important ,but, with access hopefully to under the forward gun you can move stuff around to get it right.

As the battery is the main weight problem.

As for moving guns you can use small servos, but, I am it to that.

Harry Smith

Thread: Aerokits pt boat plan wanted
20/05/2019 13:40:09

Hi Roo

Sent plans via We Transfer.

Harry Smith

12/05/2019 13:06:33

Hi Roo

I can send the file via We Transfer when I get you email address.

Check you message in your inbox for my email address.

Harry Smith

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