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Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
19/01/2022 15:59:30

Hi All,

Well we have"lift off" in a manner of speaking ! not the the most fun I've ever had planking with 1/16" ply but does make a strong job in the end, even if I have to go and buy some polyester resin to reinforce the bows and stern. I didn't fancy my chances of making a neat job planking on the the stem, so block balsa will do the job

Off topic slightly I'm obtaining some drawings for a Victoria Frances 26 yacht if anybody has one or photo's ? nice looking design as a double ended yacht. I like the idea of a point at each end

Regards Rayver 7 190122.jpg

Thread: Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter
17/01/2022 14:54:45

Hi Dave,

Slightly brutal answer I'm afraid, but the real work boats would have been painted below the waterline with black pitch or tar, paint it ??

Regards Ray

Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
16/01/2022 19:32:18

Hi Chris,

Yes dig the diesel out and get it running, I love the smell of the Ether based fuel, It takes me right back

Well to round off the weekend I have been planking with 1/16th ply cut into 1/2" strips, not pretty but once filled with P38 and glassed inside we are getting near to having a barge hull

Regards Stay Safe , Rayver 6 160122.jpg

16/01/2022 15:35:25

Hi Chris,

Plenty of clubs down this way where you can fly IC models, I was a member of a model flying club for 25 years, then electric flight became available so there was no need to drive 20 miles to the club to make a noise. Around this time I was dinghy sailing at the coast and could keep my hand in flying electric at a field 5 minutes walk from home, still a member of the BMFA for insurance.

I've been RC flying for 50 years and I'm still flying the same model Acrowot for the last 10 years, so no crashing is not the reason for the cost, more servo's, extension leads, covering, wheels retracts, covering material it goes on and on .............

We also have some pretty good beaches down here in Kent were my grandchildren live which are great for flying.

Where does your neighbour fly ??

Regards Ray

16/01/2022 10:21:28

Hi George,

Yes your right about the flying, I've had 6 years of regular model boat sailing/racing with the AMBO barge boys through the summerspoppet 160122.jpg, but with the demise of the organised racing and Covid, I feel a change of direction is required this year. This was my Christmas project Vic Smeed's Poppet at 36" span and a .5cc PAW Diesel should be a bit of fun

My dear wife bought me the new Airfix 1/48th scale Chipmunk kit for Christmas which is my way of planning ahead for 1/4 scale version in 2023 for a 30cc four stroke I have tucked away somewhere

Building model boats from scratch is still a much cheap pastime than RC flying !!

Regards Ray

Thread: Todays Boating
16/01/2022 09:56:38

Hi Ash,

My first 2 jabs being Astra-Zeneca were fine except the sore arm, but the Pfizer booster knock me out for a day !!

Regards Ray

Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
14/01/2022 13:55:51

ver 5 140122.jpgHi James,

You maybe right, the woodwork to build the hull is is the easy part, the rig is something else !!

Well the first ply bottom panel is straight forward as with many clamps it's easy to hold in place but the second panel needed to be tacked along the keel with brass pins while the glue sets, the holes pre-drilled no. 70 drill helps the tacks not to bend as they don't like being driven through 1/16" ply

Pictures in the wrong order !!

Regards Rayver 4 140122.jpg

Thread: Todays Boating
13/01/2022 10:06:15

It must be a confusing business not being told what the next dance is going to be ?? Rather like Ashley's build threads

I can't actually imagine dancing whilst sober !!

Regards Ray

Thread: Fairey Swordsman 33
12/01/2022 18:41:34

Hi Chris,

When I see the high standard of your work, It makes me realise how rough & ready mine is

Yes the Proxxon hand drill is a must for getting out of trouble, wouldn't be without mine although expensive !!

You may want to put an O ring round your rudder stock inside the hull as it looks like it maybe below the static waterline, I had the same issue with the Cigarette filling up in the rear compartment after a run !!

Regards Ray

Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
11/01/2022 20:40:06

Hi All,

Happy New Year Tom from the UKver 3 110122.jpg

Well some progress with Veronica, all the bulkheads in place fixed down to the cross pieces on the building board, The chines and gunwhales are laminated from 1/8" X 1/2" balsa and take the curve at the bow better than I expected the central section will be 1/16" plywood sides and bottom panels, the bow and stern planked with strips of 1/16" ply, maybe on the water by 2023 If I'm lucky !

Regards Ray

Thread: Hello all, newbie here and looking for help.
10/01/2022 19:04:00

Hi Danny,

I think the reference to 3 volts is only in your original post referring to a small motor as the manufacturers recommendation, I'm sure the 280 motor will take 7.2 volts ok , as you say no spec on the web

The big issue here is it's a very small boat to put all this expensive gear into.

Regards Ray

09/01/2022 20:12:19

sunny.jpgHi Danny,

Yes your on the right track with your choices that just leaves the battery I'd go for a 2 cell 7.4volt Lipo 1200mah capacity, or rechargeable AA Pencells in a holder.

The main issue with a small displacement hull is to get the weight as low down as possible, you can have a trial run once you have all the gear on board to see how much ballast you will need.

Polystyrene cement should be suitable for the plastic to plastic joints, I would use a 5 minute epoxy for the stern tube, balsa is fine for a motor mount with a couple of pegs and an elastic band to hold the motor in place.

You will also need a small commercial rudder/tiller which you can cut to shape to suit your tug.

Here is one I made a couple of years ago,sunxxi 1.jpg about the size of your tug 15" long

PS, you don't need the separate motor mount, the motor has one already  

PPS, just noticed the radio you have noted comes with a Sub C  battery pack which is far to heavy for you tug, hence my comments.

The Carson radio & servo is excellent choice I have several should cost about £40.00

Regards Ray

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09/01/2022 12:49:11

Hi Danny,

If you have a look at the Cornwall Model Boats website under Hardware & accessories you will find the Radio Active propshaft & propellor set for £4.22

For a small tug like this there is no need for an expensive coupling some silicone tube will be ok and a brushed 280 size motor will be fine.

Radio is cheap these days, let us know if you need more guidance on speed controllers & batteries.

Regards Ray

Thread: Vic smeed plans for ic speed boats
09/01/2022 12:35:29

Hi Wayne,

Welcome to the forum,

I have the Remora plan as a pdf PM your email address & I will ping it over.

Regards Ray

Thread: Esc for motors
08/01/2022 12:03:08

Hi Dave,

Does your tug have a conventional receiver you can plug a speed controller into ? many of the RTR boats have a PC boards you mentioned to do all the clever stuff are directly wired, If so I would suggest you are snookered without a new radio !

The twin 280 size brushed motors would run fine from an Mtronics 15amp speed controller.

This tug is also marketed under the name Southampton and there are many conversions and pictures on Youtube to reference. The smaller than usual battery capacity is I imagine down the the weight of the plastic used in the superstructure, the video clips show the model rolling around quite a lot.

Regards Ray

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 08/01/2022 12:04:06

Thread: Huntress 23 Long Cabin Version
06/01/2022 19:07:42

Hello All,

Well looks like DM sent me these drawings some time ago pre-construction, now found on my portable drive, I also have his 2 sheet plans for his model version as pdf's If anybody wants them. PM your email address to me.huntress ga.jpg

Gone but not ever forgotten

Regards Rayhuntress section.jpg

06/01/2022 15:36:57

Hi Derek,

Not sure where he gleaned that information but it's wrong

The strips that run along the chine maybe described that way ?h31 rudders & props.jpg

Regards Ray

05/01/2022 22:04:21

sr before.jpgsr after 1.jpgHi Chaps,

Sorry to be late to this spray rails party I've built both the Precedent/Avionics H 31's at 46" & 34" they both used to be suppled with 1/8" X 1/4" obeche stock for the spray rails. All that is needed to make the triangular section is what I'd call a shooting block with a fence and a David razor planesr after 2.jpg, the thing to remember is they provide a flat surface to lift the boat up onto the plane, so the section is not constant along the hull length. The Boss DM told us he just used to  use square section so it's a personnel choice at the end of the day

Regards Ray

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 05/01/2022 22:05:48

Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
05/01/2022 15:23:08

Hi All,

I have found a good building board from a piece of old furniture I dismantled recently 4 feet long, with the centre line marked and the bulkhead positions marked. The Laser burnt ply parts for the keel in the kit are 1/8" thick and jointed and laminated to form the keel/stem, a fair amount of alteration needed to the bulkheads because the original drawing and subsequent cut parts were the wrong shape but this is making the build much more interesting

(Note the errors were corrected in the more recent drawings & parts by SARIK)ver 2 050122.jpg

Regards Ray

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 05/01/2022 15:24:23

Thread: Propshaft query
04/01/2022 10:18:53


Welcome to the forum, I should say the propeller goes on the threaded end with the washer, If the other end of the shaft is plain rod you must have a coupling with a grub screw ?

A picture of what you have would help with further advice

Regards Ray

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