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Member postings for Ray Wood 2

Here is a list of all the postings Ray Wood 2 has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: todays boating
12/12/2019 12:25:29

Hi Brian,

Good luck with Sparrow, only read Tim's post, forget my last comment please 😢

Regards Ray

12/12/2019 09:16:42

Hi Brian,

I would second that idea of Tim's for a new thread 😀 just be careful what you name the thread !! Nuf said 😯

Regards Ray

Thread: online shopping cheap,postage not
11/12/2019 20:21:35

Hi Keith,

Glad you had a good result, reminded me of buying my Burgess band saw second hand at a club bring and buy 25 years ago for £15 now that's good value 😀

Regards Ray

Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
11/12/2019 16:54:34

Hi Eddie,

Well done 😀 so many fitting to make, still nice to see her on the water, I've been doing some work on the jet Provost !! But will be ready for some Naval action with you in the spring , PM me your address for your Christmas card 😀I

Happy Christmas to all our HMS Cossack thread followers, Eddie's choice for next year's build ?? 😀

Regards Ray

Thread: Fairly new to boats.
09/12/2019 20:11:22

Hi Dave,

It depends if your sailing On your own I suppose, our club has a rescue dinghy for anybody who gets stuck in the reeds!

Wild Duck is a Yachting Monthly design for home building with a long ballast keel but I have built her with a removable fin keel & bulb for better performance, she would be quite a size at 44" long 😀

PM me your email address and I'll ping you my draft drawing.

Regards Raywd34.jpg

08/12/2019 09:06:07

Hello Dave,

You maybe aware of the 16 ft Silhouette sailing cruiser very popular in the 1960's there is a plan called Chez When for a 34" model published by Sarik, I will build one eventually, not a massive rig which could easily be made to fold down if space were an issue.

Or my small cruiser Wild Duck at 22" long, and would easily fit on your back seat 😀 Also from Sarik.

regards Raywd48.jpg

07/12/2019 18:48:30

Hi All

This is quite an old post in relative terms after the first one, there was no response from Mark, which is sadly the case these days, still it gets everybody going in odd directions 😀

Just returned from the Maidstone pantomime, really marvellous even took our youngest granddaughter to make up the numbers.

Regards Ray

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Thread: todays boating
06/12/2019 22:09:12

Hi Ashley,

How about a Supermarine Sea Eagle? It looks like a cabin cruiser, I love it !!

Regards Ray

Thread: Fletcher Arrowflyte
06/12/2019 21:58:06

Hi Dean,

Maybe worth considering a prototype which has a plan available such as Surfury or Screwdriver from Sarik?

Regards Ray

06/12/2019 21:32:00

Hi Dean,

Find one for sale and go and measure it for a drawing 😀

That's what I did with this one !! It's really fast 😁

Regards Rayinvictus of allington sept 15 002.jpg

Thread: Avenger Too
06/12/2019 15:52:51

Hi Dean,

Have a look at photo s of the Fletcher Arrowflyte speedboats looks similar lines and 14ft long so just double it up by 100%, also has the drooped foredeck which is the big feature, so you can see better ahead on the plane or flying as in the photo 😀

Regards Ray

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 06/12/2019 15:54:23

05/12/2019 20:01:01

Hi Dean,

My guess would be 28 feet?? Can you find a picture with somebody standing on her as a scale reference?

I'm just starting the drawing for a 36 ft Cigarette around 26" for an old brushed 600

Regards Ray

Thread: Maiden Voyage
05/12/2019 19:52:22

Hi Stephen,

Well done a good looking ship, it has been great to follow the build 😀 what's next on the building board ??

Regards Ray

Thread: todays boating
04/12/2019 18:00:11


That's a grand job 😀 are you sure you weren't an aeromodeller in previous life ?? Out of interest where does it balance? 30% back from the leading of the wings it will fly ok 😯

Regards Ray

Thread: Avenger Too
03/12/2019 19:19:44

Hi Dean,

Certainly a classic boat ,best of luck with your search, the model could have dummy outboards which move and have rudder blades on for steering and a conventional single propellor, this is the approach I'm thinking about for a Cigarette power boat with twin Mercruiser outdrives for scale effect, model outboards are comparatively expensive.

Looks like 3 - 150hp  Mercury's on the back of Avenger Too !!!

Regards Ray

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Thread: Sea Breeze - Vintage Model Boat Company
02/12/2019 20:59:55

Hi all,

Thankfully we have access to Mr Google now I know wot that means 😀

Regards Ray

01/12/2019 16:59:53

Hi Dave,

Any chance of a few build pictures of the Police Boat?

On my list to build 😀

Regards Ray

Thread: Model yacht stand
01/12/2019 09:37:32

Hi Brian,

The most original device I've seen this year 😀 you better patent it quick. Engineering solution.

Regards Ray

Thread: Sea Breeze - Vintage Model Boat Company
30/11/2019 20:44:14

I knew somebody else had the Winter Special 😊

Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
30/11/2019 11:45:55

Hi all,

Really pleased with the Cossack builds, I'm trying to keep the cost down by making the fittings I would normally cheat on and buy, was some super anchors at my local boat shop at Chatham Dockyardimg_20191130_112904.jpg £7.99 each !! Sure we can knock some up out of the scrap box, and spend the money at Weatherspoons 😀

The bilge keels are added to the original Vic Smeed design, as I have them on HMS Diamond.

Regards Ray

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