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Thread: What's the foresail on a cutter-rigged ketch called?
14/06/2021 14:47:46

Hi All,

How about Headsail ?? I think you can have more than one ??

The Colin Archer I had for a while had a self tacking Foresail/Jib on a horse

Regards Ray

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 14/06/2021 14:50:29

Thread: Which prop shaft?
14/06/2021 11:39:15

Hi Ashley,

Yes my serious IC boat has a flexible shaft and a 26cc Zenoah engine , I havn't run it yet it still scare's me just looking at it sitting on the stand

Regards Rayimg_20200607_085623.jpg

14/06/2021 10:21:50

Hi All,

If nothing else we may have scared Wayne off asking a question

Regards Ray

Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
11/06/2021 17:02:18

Hi Eddie,

I'm fairly sure I have the 30" Giralda general arrangement, plan & sections somewhere, and I used a scaled down Veronica rig I think, I have asked Peter Simmonds if he drafted any drawings for Tiny Mite, which I think he helped build the original barge yacht when he was an apprentice shipwright


Yes what's the hold up? I thought you would be planking by now

Regards Ray

Thread: Which prop shaft?
11/06/2021 14:23:19

Hi Richard,

I thought Wayne asked which brand would we recommend ? I did

Where is Ashley when we Needham ??

Regards Ray

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 11/06/2021 14:26:51

11/06/2021 12:52:19

Hi Wayne,

J Perkins do a range of different length Brass Stern tubes 6mm diameter O/D with a 4mm threaded stainless steel shaft running in bushes which work fine for me from Cornwall Model Boats, SLEC or similar retailers.

Ball raced bearings probably better suited to the larger ic power models and larger diameter.

Regards Ray

Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
11/06/2021 11:45:20

Hi Eddie,

Saw her first in 2015, Peter managed to win with her all the time, so I built my Gertrude on a 30" Giralda grp hull, which is lighter and faster

Good to see you and your friends the other weekend at Bluewater

Regards Ray010318 006.jpg

10/06/2021 20:07:37

Hi All,

I'm very pleased to let you know Tiny Mite a 30" Barge Yacht built, owned and raced for many seasons by Peter Simmonds has joined my fleet after a long journey from the Isle of Wight involving Road > Solent crossing > Road to Maidstone, made worse and longer by the current situation, but she is here now, and will be on the water soon.

She joins Peter's Veronica, my Gertrude and the soon to be finished Portlight. SWMBOtm 100621.jpg is not seeing the funny side !! but she will come round

Regards Ray

Thread: TEV Wahine 1/35 Build
10/06/2021 11:20:03

Hi Richard S,

Oh yes this is industrial scale modelling size !! even bigger than the test tank models I would imagine, Richards precision is amazing to watch, I'm glad I don't have that much space in my garage

If you read from the beginning of the thread it's just incredible !!

Regards Ray

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 10/06/2021 11:20:48

Thread: Todays Boating
08/06/2021 15:30:43

Hi Peter,

I don't think it's a Fairy Swordfish (String bag)

Regards Ray

Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
08/06/2021 08:18:48

Hi Chris/Tim,

Yes only a self tacking jib on a horse, she hasn't have much sail area really, and yes a standard good quality AVOX servo with a 3" brass extension lever lets the main out enough for reaching & running.

Yes lets see on of the Faireys finished and the Fisherman started

Regards Ray

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 08/06/2021 08:19:20

07/06/2021 12:17:57

eventide bw 1.jpgHi All,

Just to let you see Eventide finally on the water this weekend for her first proper voyage, I think she will need some heavier crew in the cockpit to lift her nose slightly, All in all pleased with the bigger sister to Wild Duck, who by the way I met one of our new members Phillip AKA ( Philby on here) at Bluewater Chantry Club eventide bw2.jpgwho is building WD, good luck

Regards Ray

Thread: Commodores Challenge
04/06/2021 15:57:30

Hi Bob,

Coded message, I think I learned more from LBSC's writing than I did at school Keep up the good work !!

Kind Regards Ray (raining down here )

03/06/2021 08:45:35

Hi Bob,

The last lockdown has given quite few RC flyers that I know the chance to try round the pole flying in the garden with just throttle & elevator, not as large as your stunter !! loving the coupled elevator and wing flaps takes me back

Regards Ray

02/06/2021 09:11:15

Hi Bob,

I have never had much luck with those speed controllers, I have thrown 3 away !!

Mtronics I find are far better

Regards Ray

Thread: Names of paint colours...?
01/06/2021 16:45:10

Hi All,

I like white boats with green tarpaulin covers, they look the part and quite jolly

Regards Ray

Thread: Todays Boating
01/06/2021 16:00:46

Hi All,

Yes I'd agree with Harry, I think Ashley must have been an Aeromodeller in a previous life

The old MAP plans handbook always had a category for un-orthodox models !!

Regards Ray

Thread: RAF rescue launch ASR HSL
01/06/2021 15:51:26

Hi Phillip,

It looks like the sides could continue in ply with the grain vertical to allow it to take the curve to the stem/bow, to use laminations of say 1/2" balsa sheet will be an expensive business with the recent shortage prices have almost doubled

Looking at the position of the waterline on the drawing, it looks like it's an old design for heavy SLA batteries ?? do you have the magazine article describing the build which could help you??

Regards Ray

Thread: Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter
30/05/2021 19:34:53

Hi Dave,

Wow that's put it in context !! She's going to be BIG

Good luck & keep us posted.

Regards Ray

Thread: Expression of interest in Cutty Sark Plans taken from actual ship
30/05/2021 19:28:42

Hi Richard,

I'd agree with the foregoing comments on copyright etc, SARIK plans service market a plan by Edward Bowness for Cutty Sark but at quite small scale, and they also do Aerial plans by FW Boyd for a similar ship 46" long, I also think the day of the large numbers scale sailing ship modellers has gone really leading to the demise of Model Shipwright magazine excellent for so many years ago. Our Bob Wilson has always tried to whip up some comments from forum followers on sailing ships to not much avail !!

Plus Cutty Sark & HMS Victory have been modelled to death and lots of kits produced over the years.

Just as a matter of interest Model Boats no longer markets new feature plans to buy from/via Sarik, this also includes many of the free plans contained within the MB magazine recent issues.

Sorry it's a negative response for me !!

Regards Ray

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