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Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
28/09/2020 17:02:58

Hi All,

Having completed Eventide to painting stage, Will get back into finishing Portlight, found cheap grey primer in Aldi £2.99 I have given her the first coats of paint, looking better already 😀👍⛵,

6 months to get her rigged & on the water😲img_20200928_164512.jpg

Regards Ray

Thread: MFA385 - A Story of Confusion
28/09/2020 11:24:13

Hi Richard,

I doubt if any of the motors are designed with model boats of any type in mind. Lots of mine come from the grandchildren broken toys, they must be sold by the million ?

Regards Ray

Thread: Cruise Ships - Dawlish Devon
28/09/2020 09:25:55

Hi Paul,

Thanks for that link 👍 it also has all the airfields 😎


Yes I will have to trade in the old Box Brownie, but I could do better if I read the instructions 😲,

I had my first over 65 flu jab yesterday it certainly works I feel rubbish today !!


Thread: Need hull cast from my plug
27/09/2020 21:22:56

Hi Paul,

Have you found a drawing of your ship ?? 40" is in reality not very long, what will the scale beam be ?

regards Ray

Thread: Balsa Shortage
27/09/2020 11:16:47

It's Lighter 😀 the clue is in the name 😎

Regards Ray

Thread: Need hull cast from my plug
27/09/2020 09:15:20

Hi Paul,

Let's have a picture of your intended ship, I thought an iron clad was a dreadnought type battleship ? If it does have masts and sails working you will need a keel.

Regards Ray

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
26/09/2020 15:56:19

Hi Bob ,

What ever it does it won't be good to be On the other end of !!

Regards Ray

Thread: Balsa Shortage
25/09/2020 19:42:39

Hi Dave,

As long as the breweries & distilleries keep functioning we will get through 😀👍👍👍

If they stopped we are doomed 😲,

I've planted a few sheets of 1/16" X 3" should be 3 /32 X 4" by next year 😉

Regards Ray

25/09/2020 16:10:59

Hi All,

Not sure how many of us still use balsa wood??, I do and there will be world wide shortage as the Chinese have bought all current stocks to manufacture wind turbine blades, SLEC are unlikely to receive any more this year.

Sad but true 😯

Regards Ray

Thread: todays boating
25/09/2020 09:22:19

Just Brilliant 😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍

Regards Ray

Thread: Osprey - Trip Boat 28'
25/09/2020 09:19:11

Hi Peter,

Yes GRP boats are currently putting chain saw sales through the roof 😮 the full-size boat owners are now giving away their craft to a good home to save marina & storage costs, I've been there and have the tee shirt 😀 happy with models these day.

I'm rather wary of telling you the power train for Osprey 😮 because the technical crew on this forum will shoot me me down 😀 I have a box of 30 - 40 motors under the bench form my early brushed electric flight days, I pick one and in it goes, in this case a 600 size driving a 25mm 3 blade brass prop from the scrap box, nice new Mtronics 20A speed controller, running off the smaller size 7 cell battery pack up the front mainly because I want to keep the cockpit clear this will require lead ballast at the stern under the floor boards. Not aiming for a planing performance, but we will see 😀

Regards Ray

24/09/2020 21:13:12

Hi All,

And thanks Chris for your kind comments about Osprey, here's an update,splashed out on a speed controller and started recruiting the crew which consists of Harry Potter & a Doctor Who chap, we are going to need more 😀👍

Regards Rayimg_20200924_131114.jpg

Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
24/09/2020 16:37:35

Hi All,

Still some more mahogany to be fitted with rubbing strakes etc,

Here is my top tip for making the cabin roof insitu, make the subframe fit the opening and clingfilm the joint before the top sheet is glued in place, only an old aeromodelling trick for building wing root fillets, still works hopefully

Regards Rayimg_20200924_125950.jpg

Thread: Osprey - Trip Boat 28'
24/09/2020 10:38:48

Hi Chris,

Yes the first month of lockdown being furloughed I was busy,and yes I hope she will be published in Model Boats at some stage, but Lindsey must have a back log of designs to publish. Osprey is just getting some more details added currently, I have PM'd you about the drawings

Regards Ray

Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
22/09/2020 18:36:19

Hi All,

Eventides coming together fast now, mahogany cabin sides & front in place with a coat of varnish to protect the brightwork from the painting, I'm going to make the whole cabin roof removable for Access to the lever servo winch and the pin to retain the fin keel. I didn't make Wild Duck with enough access so we do live & learn 😀

Regards Rayimg_20200922_150620.jpg

Thread: todays boating
21/09/2020 21:03:30

Hi Ashley,

You would have missed the Dockyard model shop as Rob only opens Weds -Sunday and is the only boat shop in the South East these days !! 3000 models in storage at Chatham which is a shame !

Let me know when your going again 😀 it was Cavalier which got me back into boat building 👍⚓

Regards Ray

Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
19/09/2020 21:19:05

Hi All,

Fair progress with the cockpit, rear cabin bulkhead and brass chain plates fixed with 10ba bolts & nuts and half the foredeck glued and pinned, I'd better order some sails from Frankimg_20200919_210116.jpg soon 😀

Regards Ray

Thread: Cruise Ships - Dawlish Devon
19/09/2020 10:32:23

Hi Bob,

Your right, let's hope the photo is not indicative !!

How I miss the view finder & 35mm, at least in those days you had to wait and see how bad your photos were! And the eager anticipation of maybe 1 or 2 shots from the 24 or 36 exposure film ! never worth the wait 😀

Regards Ray

18/09/2020 21:19:39

Hi Colin,

Yes I'm sure they would have a set of builders drawings on board, but I didn't have the nerve to ask the crew, but I may contact the owners to ask the question? And take it from there, I'm sure there will be some similar designs by Jim Pottinger in Model Shipwright from the hull lines 😀

Regards Ray

18/09/2020 06:52:50

Hi Paul,

Thanks for that update, just such an unusual sight !! Your cruising and our Spanish holiday all put back to next year God willing ! Glad they have future plans to get up and running 👍

The West Country is really busy at the moment with everybody staying at home for holidays, another project on the horizon is the MV Oldenburg the ship which runs trips to Lundy Island from Ilfracombe, many photos taken so I can produce a drawing to build from 😀⚓⚓⚓

Verity in the background the 25t bronze statue by Damien Hirst

Regards Rayoldenburg 1.jpg

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Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 18/09/2020 06:59:02

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