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Here is a list of all the postings Ray Wood 2 has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: Boating lake / pond near North London
09/08/2022 19:23:06

Hi Sinking,

You maybe interested in the Broomfield Model Yacht Club near Enfield ??

I think they are looking for members.

Regards Ray

Thread: 61' Barnett class lifeboat
09/08/2022 08:14:39

Hi Richard,

Neil is not making a boat hull, he's making a plug to take a mould from.

Judging by the amount of timber he's using he must think it grows on trees

Regards Ray

Thread: Sea Urchin 28
07/08/2022 21:03:08

Hi All.

The Urchin is coming along now with the side decks in place and just framing for the cabin roof, I have gone for the radiused transom as it's much prettier, I'm now looking forward to the rudder which will be hinged on some pintels & gudgeon's on the transom, a nice different feature on this design, I splashed out on the running gear with the stern tube 10" 4mm fitted with a 35 mm 3 blade brass prop & Huco type coupling, we will go with the 600 brushed at this stage The cockpit floor will have bench/locker seats both sides for the batteries.

Regards Raysu 5 070822.jpg

Thread: Returning modeller
07/08/2022 14:18:33

Hi Jim,

The rudder servo will have a maximum deflection relative to the full movement of the transmitter stick, but the movement of the rudder can be increased or decreased by using the holes on the tiller arm nearer it's centre.

So the extra travel is a mechanical thing not limited by the servo, but check if your radio has rate switches to reduce control throws, mainly for aeroplane use which radio set are you using ? If it's a computer radio the travel will be in the set up.

Regards Ray

Thread: Sea Urchin 28
05/08/2022 10:31:24

Hi Harry,

Yes all the go faster features, I had thought to make her into a Wolf in sheep's clothing with a decent brushless

Most of the old Aerokit's boats at my club are brushless powered and go like stink !!!

Regards Ray

05/08/2022 09:47:08

Hi All,

The Urchin is still progressing, a very enjoyable build, I will be buying some bits & bobs soon 600 brushed from the motor pool should do

Regards Raysu 4 050822.jpg

Thread: Humbrol Paints
05/08/2022 09:44:34

Hi All,

I just hope the new formula is still oil based, I'm not keen on water based stuff as it seems to have very little covering power .

My 500 tins from the last 50 years may become collectors items ??

Regards Ray

Thread: Sea Urchin 28
01/08/2022 16:20:34

Hi All,

The Urchin has jumped off the board into it's stand so the upper works can begin

The block section below the chine at the bow will be Styrofoam carved and sanded to shape then just that part glass clothed for strength and make it ding proof. All the internal joints have been filleted with Gorilla glue, gone for the radius'd transom as nice feature onto which the rudder will be hung on pintels of some sort.

The Swiss cheese look is to keep the bow light in weight as she was designed strong for IC power not required so much now, I was tempted to put a glo motor in her but it would cut down where she could be run these days.

Regards Raysu 3 010822.jpg

Thread: Adhesives for an ABS hull
01/08/2022 16:10:43

Hi Suzy,

If you gluing wooden bulkheads inside you ABS hull, I find if you de-grease and rough up the plastic with abrasive paper to give a key it works with epoxy resin such as Devcon or the cheaper stuff from Poundland.

Stablit Express is still available made by Pattex, and is sold in ALDI or LIDL occasionally, a 2 part resin and white powder as the photo, It also comes with dire warnings was always good for plastic to aluminium joints on helicopter kits etc

As David says UHU have a glue for most things

Regards Raystab express 010822.jpg

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 01/08/2022 16:11:34

Thread: Sea Queen 46" Cruiser
31/07/2022 11:11:06

hh cul june16 019.jpgHi George,

You have made 3 exceptionally nice boats, where as knock them out a an alarming rate then wonder why, but I long ago stopped questioning why I wanted to build the latest one

Yes the Sea Queen looks a bit to posh for your average wooden Broads Cruiser, my first design for Model Boats was Margoletta, much more in the style of the Broads boats.

Regards Ray

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 31/07/2022 11:12:20

Thread: Wishes Coming True
31/07/2022 09:36:28

Hi Colin,

Do you think the online advert application would lead to it being published in the hard copy magazine ?

I never thought the forum classified ads reached many active boat modellers ?

Would we know how many hits the forum gets daily??

Sorry it's all questions

Regards Ray

Thread: Returning modeller
30/07/2022 19:18:52

Hi Jim,

Yes it does close in on me at times I have to have a major clear up and hoover if I want to run any trains !!

And I'm trying to arrange a mini bar / beer fridge

I thought it looked pretty tidy ! you should see my shed

Glad you sorted the speed controller

Regards Rayworkshop 270722.jpg

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 30/07/2022 19:19:50

Thread: Sea Queen 46" Cruiser
30/07/2022 19:13:28

Hello George,

Yes he is only a little chap, but swopped him for Doctor Who for the sea trials, well it crept round the lake at almost scale speed to shouts of put a big brushless motor in it !! well yes it was sedate on 6 volts for the 850, but next time we will try 12volts for a bit of Time Travel

Good morning with friends putting the world to rights and sailing my Micro Magic.

Regards Raysq bw 300722.jpg

29/07/2022 19:13:44

Hi All,

Jumping back onto the Sea Queen for some finishing touches, here Harry P wonders if he will get a helmsman seat to sit on ?? I seem to remember the old broads cruisers having a big lever from the gearbox for forward & reverse

Regards Raysq harry helm.jpg

Thread: Motor ESC setup?
29/07/2022 16:31:39

Hi Jonny,

Yes a super job, and you won't need much ballast with that lovely timber hull

Regards Ray

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 29/07/2022 16:31:58

Thread: Wishes Coming True
29/07/2022 10:00:20

Hi Richard,

Unfortunately or fortunately I do buy the magazine both MB's & RCM&E

The Market place will be charged for administration costs, so no more free adds !

No such news on the free adds in RCM&E

Models are worth so little anyway they may go in the skip, logistics of delivering a model has always made it difficult.

So maybe not a dream come true after all ? 

Regards Ray

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 29/07/2022 10:01:11

Thread: Sea Urchin 28
29/07/2022 08:02:13

Hi All,

Well the Urchin is progressing with 1/32" ply bottom panels, templated on a sheet of cartridge paper, I'm moving away from brass pins these days to steel veneer pins to hold things in place then taken out & P38 filled, I will be usingse 2 280722.jpg 1/16" for the side skins to make her tough as this one is destined for a grandson at some stage

Regards Ray

Thread: Old Age
29/07/2022 07:55:08

Hi Bob,

He wasn't a very cheerful Charlie was he ??

Regards Ray

Thread: Wild Duck
28/07/2022 08:32:25

Hi Peter,

Good to hear your progressing with Wild Duck, she's actually being prepared for some summer sailing at the moment, keep us posted on your progress

Regards Rayworkshop 270722.jpg

Thread: Motor ESC setup?
28/07/2022 08:22:06

The C V Waine books are brilliant for model making, this is my version of Briarfield blown up from the book

Rubbish photo

Regards Raybriarfield oct 16 001.jpg

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