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Thread: Brushless ESC no Reverse
23/11/2021 12:42:37

If it says TSKY 120A on the fan, take a look at this Utube video video

Thread: Model Boats - Classified Adverts
12/10/2021 23:10:25

My take on this is, If I buy or sell a boat, I always look 'in house' first.

If I have a boat that I have no further interest in, I usually put it up with my club, at a price that will help another club member to move forward.

If I am looking for another boat to move into another class, I will ask my fellow club members if they have one they would sell.

I find that there are always boats to be had within club, rather than a risky eBay purchase & you save all those packing & postage charges.

I'm not saying that I distrust my fellow readers, just that I prefer to stand face to face with my buyer or seller when making a deal.

Edited By Kev.W on 12/10/2021 23:11:29

Thread: Model Boats - Current Issue
30/09/2021 09:40:04

I always found my local Sainsburys store to be a reliable source before I took a subscription.

Thread: Missing thread
21/09/2021 23:17:49

Post contents deleted. Asserting that Covid is imaginary is not appropriate material for this forum.





Edited By Colin Bishop on 22/09/2021 07:02:11

Thread: Motor advice
17/09/2021 10:50:06

Dragos, I built a tug of very similar dimentions, it had two 60mm props in fixed korts, driven by a pair of 555 motors on 12v, it was easy to run at scale speeds, with just that bit more if you needed it to get out of trouble.

I used tank steering combined with twin rudders & the boat would spin in it's own length like a ballerina. smiley

As for ESC's, I used a pair of Mtronics 15amp, with a pair of batteries, I kept each Batt. esc motor combination as 2 separate systems, so if I lost drive on one side, I could get home on the other one.

8 looking for salvage.jpg

Edited By Kev.W on 17/09/2021 10:54:40

Thread: Help desperately needed.
31/08/2021 23:39:24

Matt, would be willing to have a look, but sadly, I'm up in remote Lincolnshire, there are a lot of clubs in your area, with a lot of experienced members, I suggest contacting one of those, they don.t normally require you to be a member to help you out

Edited By Kev.W on 31/08/2021 23:42:03

Thread: Radio Equipment
31/08/2021 17:03:38

Dave, you have a 'personal' message, pic's of the Futaba can be found in my albums.

Not sure what the postage will be, but looking for £70 plus post for it.

Thread: Wide-A-Wake
24/08/2021 23:18:26

Richard, looking at your photo's, am I right in saying that you are using scale versions of proper copper roves to secure the planking to the frames?

Thread: 2021 Builds during lockdowns
02/08/2021 23:13:46

You lot put me to shame, blush

All I have built is a plastic kit called a 'Club 500', but I am having a lot of fun with it, to me that is keeping me having fun, while the serious stuff that I'm trying to build, takes shape on the building board.

I get bored or "distracted" too easily. so projects take longer than they should, but I do get there in the end.

One member of a club I belong to, knocks out a 1 meter yacht in a week, that's a balsa plank on frame job, how he does it I don't know, it must be pure dedication.

Thread: Toggle switches for RC sets
02/08/2021 16:35:26

Rich has a a valid point, sometimes (but not often), the origin can be the cheaper option.

What I've found, (especially since the "Covid" thing,) is there can be a big difference in Postage or Delivery times, that have to be considered.


Edited By Kev.W on 02/08/2021 16:36:11

Thread: Todays Boating
26/07/2021 22:47:08

We are but human Ashley, we cannot get it right all the time.

To quote a well known phrase, "To err, is to be human"

What you do might not be to every ones taste, but even if it isn't to my taste of 'Model boating', I still find it entertaining, & hope it is fun enough to entice the younger members of our society to take up the hobby, us old farts have a limited lifespan, we need to entice youngsters away from their electronic boxes & tv screens.

You carry on mate, if you get 6 or more young'uns a year, to take up the hobby, it's more than worthwhile.

Thread: decaperm motor
24/07/2021 23:32:47

I actually run a pusher tug with a 6v Hectoperm motor, but have never had to do any maintenance to it, so I cannot help, the darn thing just keeps going, it's a solid motor


Edited By Kev.W on 24/07/2021 23:33:28

Thread: Motor+prop advice
24/07/2021 23:19:24

The advise to me,was provided by the late Dave Milbourn, , I am not a man to question his word.

I would state, that the above advise was for a 49 inch Perkasa with 'Submerged' drive, I don't know if this is correct for a boat running a 'surface cutter' system.

Edited By Kev.W on 24/07/2021 23:26:18

23/07/2021 16:41:21

I was advised by a revered member of the model boat world for a similar sized wooden craft, that in their opinion, I should use an 'Overlander Thumper' 42/50 800kv brushless with a 55x prop on 6s lipo.

I have every confidence in the advice I was given, so purchased the above, ready for my next project.

Thread: Fairey Huntsman
19/07/2021 23:08:21

Busy sanding down my huntsman hull now, Dave told me what motor to put in, will follow his instructions to the letter, the man knew his business, I'm not someone to question his knowledge.

In my mind, he is a legend in the model boat world. Long may he be remembered.

Thread: Glueing wood to polystyrene ?
14/07/2021 22:25:10

Iuse "Super Phatic' from Deluxe materials (other suppliers are available)

Thread: Triple Screw Boat
26/06/2021 00:09:55

Nearly finished 1I have a 'triple screw boat' it's approx 1070mm long & 175mm wide, it came with 3 'Jumbo 2000' brushed motors, driving 3, 3 bladed 45mm props.

It was rubbish performance, so swapped the motors out for 3 brushless motors,

Using 3, 3cell lipos these proved to be too much , so removed the centre motor & prop (leaving the shaft in, but sealed), now run it on the 2 outer shafts, contra rotating & it does really well as regards scale speed (thumb control helps) and gives scale speed without rolling in the turns.

The boat in question is an old 'Graupner Weisel'

Edited By Kev.W on 26/06/2021 00:12:28

Thread: Todays Boating
18/06/2021 23:21:52

You can never have 'TOO' many boats, the empty room you have Ashley, just means more innovative designs are coming our way, thinking 'outside of the box' is your thing, it inspires others to make something different, we need that in this hobby.

Thread: Which prop shaft?
13/06/2021 23:16:34

Trevor, with all due respect, Mobile Marine deal with tugs, they are not the best to consult when it comes to revolutions over 5-6k , brushless are not within their remit.

For high reving brushless motors, the better firm to talk to would be Prestwich model boats.

Thread: Todays Boating
31/05/2021 23:28:42

The last 12 months have taught us one thing Ashley, the pond is going nowhere, it is there when we need it, if anything, it has given you more time to to bring together your (to some) weird & wonderful takes on the hobby of model boating, take no notice of those who think a flying boat in not a boat & should be classed as an aircraft, I think that your "out of the box" thinking, is what makes this hobby, what it is. smiley

sorry about the edits, down to spelling sad

Edited By Kev.W on 31/05/2021 23:29:09

Edited By Kev.W on 31/05/2021 23:30:48

Edited By Kev.W on 31/05/2021 23:31:57

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