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Thread: Aronaut Caribic - What Adhesive?
30/08/2020 23:36:38

I know I'm old & not Quite as "compus mentus" as most, but I have in my spares box, an Mtroniks 25 amp , I'm sure I saw it the other day, but I could be wrong, will have to check.

As for paint on ABS, I use nothing else than Humbrol tinlets & a good brush


Edited By Kip Woods on 30/08/2020 23:38:39

Thread: Corona & the Hot Weather
01/08/2020 00:28:57

I just hope that my friends on this forum, are abiding by the rules, it is

so hard to continue with the rules when you have boats that need dunkin' in

some water to make sure they sit on the waterline, building is the largest part of this hobby, testing is the second part, actually getting the boat on the water & seeing it perform anywhere near what you want, is only the start of "Getting it right", there in lies another few months of getting it as near as perfect as you can, good luck on that one.

Hopefully we will all be sailing as normal before the year is out.

Here's to a 2021 when we can show the Chinese, that British boaters will

(to coin a phrase) CARRY ON REGARDLESS, (RIP Sid James)

Thread: Boat decking
22/07/2020 08:53:32

Deck planking runs fore & aft on all the boats I've ever seen.

Thread: 3 Motors RC Boat
14/07/2020 23:18:46

I'm not a "speed freak" but I do like my boats to have the performance of the life size versions.

When it comes to my tugs, then speed is not important, pulling power is, but I do own an original 'Ripmax Interceptor 650' speed boat, this was fitted with a 540 brushed motor as standard, now this was to be my "Fun" boat, so knowing nothing but what I have read on here, I stuck a Turnigy 2200kv outrunner in it, with a 35mm sports prop, using 2200mah 3S lipos, ............. it goes like a bat out of hell, doesn't compete with the proper sports gear, but come on, for the price, it's a bundle of hooliganistic fun on a Sunday morning. Who said 'plastic fantastic' is just Chinese rubbish. cheeky

14/07/2020 15:47:13

Component Shop do a 3 way splitter lead.

Thread: Graupner Wiesel RC setup
11/07/2020 18:17:43

Around the tube, I hadn't got the body filler crammed in hard enough, must have left a pocket.

This time I mixed up a gill of resin , angled the hull in the correct plane & poured it in.

Water ain't gonna get passed that in a hurry. laugh

11/07/2020 00:24:59

Maiden sail last Wednesday on the boating lake at Cleethorpes.

Had a minor hiccup, she took on about half a litre of water, due to my dodgy sealing of

the centre prop tube, getting things sorted out this weekend.


Edited By Kip Woods on 11/07/2020 00:25:22

Thread: Mintanic
16/06/2020 22:27:56

Ashley, may I draw your attention to the site of the foremost authority on flags etc. .....

College of Arms

..... they use the term "must", so somebody somewhere, at sometime, must have made a ruling.

Your guess is as good as mine. wink

Thread: todays boating
12/06/2020 11:08:21

Portholes, sticky back plastic & a hole punch gives you 5mm ones wink

Thread: Duplex 575
03/06/2020 00:14:29

These are a nice boat to sail in light wind on a small pond, I still sail mine once or twice a year.

Bought it back in 1979-80, now modified with aluminium mast & booms, with the lead ballast mounted externally on the bottom of the keel & flared in with body filler. smiley

duplex 575.jpg

after repaint.jpg

Edited By Kip Woods on 03/06/2020 00:18:03

Thread: Help needed
28/05/2020 22:29:09

That's the fella Colin, my link via google wasn't checked (wrist now slapped.) blush

27/05/2020 21:50:43

Clive, I found this in google images, it looks as if the guy is in Maidstone, might be worth trying to get in contact by leaving a comment or 'following', (not sure how that may work though).


Thread: sailwinch mounting
16/05/2020 18:31:36

Non at all, they work just as well either way smiley

Thread: Mystery Boat
14/05/2020 23:18:58

Looks like an 'Anchor Handler', but the towing arrangement says it's something else.

The builder gave it a Grimsby location, that's making me think it could be a vessel specifically designed for working on the North Sea wind farm construction.

Sorry but that's as near as I can get.

Nice boat though, whatever it is.

Thread: Recycling
06/05/2020 22:24:01

Don't you listen to all these 'nay sayers' Ray wink, I built a drum winch for my marblehead out of a cut down Bosch Ixo. On 4.8v, it lifted a 2lb bag of suger off the floor, sorted out my yacht until I got a proper winch for it. smiley

Thread: Smit Clyde
24/04/2020 16:39:56

I didn't gear them, they are direct drive to the 60mm 3 bladed props.

21/04/2020 21:54:03

Hi Alan,

I do a bit of tug towing with my club, I have a 35" 'Dutch' tug with twin 60mm props in fixed korts with twin rudders linked to 1 servo for back-up steering incase one motor should fail.

The power is provided by 2x 12v sla batts. & a pair of 555 motors. She has ample power & using 'Tank' steering, she will spin in her own length

.6 Dutch rebuild.jpgdutch rebalanced 9.4.17.jpg

Edited By Kip Woods on 21/04/2020 21:56:54

Thread: finding plans
05/03/2020 00:24:28

I have the original Model Boats free plan, along with the write-up,taken from the magazine vol 49.

Contact me with your requirements

These are not photocopies, they are the actual magazine pages.

Edited By Kip Woods on 05/03/2020 00:26:29

Thread: What is this boat?
27/02/2020 00:04:43

Looks a very nice shape, could be an early 1980's boat, looks like it's ABS so be careful that the plastic has not gone brittle, I have an original 1980's 'Duplex 575', it looks good, but it is a bit fragile today.smiley

Thread: todays boating
10/02/2020 17:02:05
Posted by ashley needham on 10/02/2020 10:14:31:

...or lady Godiva riding a water stallion???

Surely, not in front of the children surprise

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