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Thread: Go-Pro
25/07/2022 18:02:39

Your video shows that you really have a nice location, but having a concrete wall to dock at, worries me.

Paint is not a good buffer medium, at Boston & Cleethorpes, we have rubber mats to dock against, whilst at HEMBC in Lincoln, we have a wooden edging to the lake, all of which are 'kinder' to your hull.

Is it possible, that you might convince your club committee to invest in some foam or rubber fenders, so that contact with the pond edge, might be kinder to the models?

Thread: What paint??
13/07/2022 18:22:02

about colour

I will not be following the "it must be this colour " because everyone paints their Huntsman Blue & White

You will know when my Huntsman is on the pond, because, MY Huntsman will be a deep maroon & white.

Get 5 Fairy's on the pond, all in Blue & White, which is yours?

My boat is a different colour, so that I know which is mine.

Just because it is a different colour, does not mean it's wrong, it just means that Fairey may have

had a few cans of different coulered paint laying about & decided to give a boat or two, a different look. cheeky

Edited By Kev.W on 13/07/2022 18:22:41

Thread: Open Weekend
25/06/2022 18:09:32

Thank you for the invite, it would have been nice to visit a club that I have read so much about, however, with the price of fuel at the moment, I just can't justify the expense of the trip from Lincoln for a day out.

Maybe in the future when things settle down, the wife & I can visit & have a "long weekend" and bring a boat to sail whilst down there.

We, like a lot of others, are well overdue a holiday, Kent is one of the places we have yet to experience.



Edited By Kev.W on 25/06/2022 18:11:20

Thread: Danson Park Lake - is it still open to model boats
20/06/2022 18:20:27

Most venues that are run by local councils, or are designated as 'wildlife environments', have banned the use of I.C. powered boats.

Boston Model Boat Club however, own their own pond, and are one of the few locations, where I.C. racing is allowed.

We are open for visits on Wednesdays for anyone looking for a venue to use an I.C. boat.

Please see our website at, I.C. Boats welcome.

Thread: Another paint question
15/06/2022 23:03:48

If you use a matt colour as your base, then lay a satin laquer over the top as a final coat, the finish will be a satin finish.

Look at todays motor cars, they lay a colour coat on them, that gives them a 'matt' finish, the shiny finish is then achieved by spraying on two or three coats of gloss laquer, thats why you see cars with patchy bonnets, that look like someone who has laid in the sun for too long & started peeling.

It's the laquer that gives the shine.



Edited By Kev.W on 15/06/2022 23:07:50

Thread: Beginner advice on using old RC plane kit on an RC boat
29/05/2022 00:21:53

I cannot understand this devotion to a 540 motor, for something of 25 - 35 inches in length, that needs thrust & slow scale speed, the 555 motor from Component Shop, is more suited. to this application, whereas the 540 is more suited to a 24" cabin cruiser that needs a bit of speed.

Edited By Kev.W on 29/05/2022 00:23:47

Thread: Which Brushless Motor for Aeronaut Classic
24/05/2022 20:46:47

If The boat is too "lunatic" on a 3s, then calm it down by using a 2s instead.

To quote a well respected & sadly missed contributor to our hobby, "the speed of your boat, can be directly related to the movement of your 'proportional' throttle stick", i.e. if the boat is moving to fast, back your throttle off.

Modern radio's are not 2 position, otherwise you would have a switch, not a variable stick.

17/05/2022 10:33:21

Take a look at this UTube video, it gives motor spec in the description.

Aeronaut classic

Thread: Club 500
24/03/2022 00:22:20

The next few posts have been transferred from the Rudder Query thread after it became focussed on Club 500.



Richard, we meet on a Wednesday, which should not interfere with your stints on a Kirklees

It's just a few races between 6 or 8

of us, just bit of fun. the more the merrier.

Just come down. There are one or two of our members who are into steam, read your articles in the mag,and would like to know more.

I have met you before,you came down to the Hartsholme club, with Jerry from Timberland, when I was Secretary of said club.

I am now with the Boston MBC, You would be very welcome.



Edited By Colin Bishop on 25/03/2022 13:06:07

Thread: Rudder query
22/03/2022 20:47:06

I travel from Lincoln to Boston.

Boston MBC Website

22/03/2022 17:40:48


I had the same problem with my Club 500, it's just about the fastest at my club (Boston MBC).

I found I had to limit rudder movement to approx 30 degrees, then smooth out the cornering at the buoys to keep the speed optimal. It must be working, as I currently lead the points table. smiley

Thread: Aircraft Lifts on Aircraft Carrier
21/03/2022 18:22:36

I think Stephen is falling into the old trap, "cheap & cheerful" is the old motto of those who think, the more you pay, the better it is, Flysky may be cheap, but they have a better user interface, are easier to set up & a quarter the price of my Futaba T6EX, plus the only Spectrum I have owned, failed after 15 months 0f use, for a more expensive lay out, my Flysky i6x is now 2 years old, and has given me not 1 concern, it also has a stated range of 2 kilometers, which I have no reason to doubt.

Go and spend your money on more expensive gear if you like, but in my experience, you're just getting ripped off.

19/03/2022 17:03:42

A Flysky i6x has ten channels & has adjustable end stops to handle a sailwinch, plus a host of other features.

I use one myself for my yachts & powered boats. If an i6x cannot handle what you want to do, nothing else will.

Edited By Kev.W on 19/03/2022 17:04:13

Thread: Bow prop control using Flysky FSi 16 X
12/02/2022 17:04:18

Alfred, have you now sorted your problem?

Was my post of any help?

Please let us know, without any follow up, how are we to know if our help was useful.frown

31/01/2022 17:58:49

As a person who runs a pusher tug in steering competitions, with a FlySky i6, I can state that what you want to do is very easy.

You have 2 sticks:-

Left controls left motor (up & down).

Right controls right motor (up & down)

Left controls (via esc) bow thruster (left & right)

Right controls rudder (left & right)

Above is for a 'mode 2' setting, all your manouvers are controlled by the 2 sticks, no need to use any channel other than the 4 controlled by the sticks.

Old saying:- " KEEP IT SIMPLE".

This is easy, I know, because I do it myself with the same radio that you have.

No need for 'Mixing', you can do that with your 2 thumbs on the sticks. wink

Edited By Kev.W on 31/01/2022 18:01:23

Thread: Todays Boating
16/01/2022 16:45:32

Ashley, like Ray, my first 2 were AZ with a Phizer booster + flu jab (wife the same) knocked us both out for 2 days ( wife was actually vomiting), neither of us had any symptoms prior to that since the start of this whole so called "PANDEMIC".

However, my brother in law, despite being "double jabbed", nearly died from it, so my take is, ---------- even the "so called" EXPERTS have not got a bloody clue.

Edited By Kev.W on 16/01/2022 16:46:23

Thread: Brushless ESC no Reverse
23/11/2021 12:42:37

If it says TSKY 120A on the fan, take a look at this Utube video video

Thread: Model Boats - Classified Adverts
12/10/2021 23:10:25

My take on this is, If I buy or sell a boat, I always look 'in house' first.

If I have a boat that I have no further interest in, I usually put it up with my club, at a price that will help another club member to move forward.

If I am looking for another boat to move into another class, I will ask my fellow club members if they have one they would sell.

I find that there are always boats to be had within club, rather than a risky eBay purchase & you save all those packing & postage charges.

I'm not saying that I distrust my fellow readers, just that I prefer to stand face to face with my buyer or seller when making a deal.

Edited By Kev.W on 12/10/2021 23:11:29

Thread: Model Boats - Current Issue
30/09/2021 09:40:04

I always found my local Sainsburys store to be a reliable source before I took a subscription.

Thread: Missing thread
21/09/2021 23:17:49

Post contents deleted. Asserting that Covid is imaginary is not appropriate material for this forum.





Edited By Colin Bishop on 22/09/2021 07:02:11

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