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Thread: Diesel fuel
20/06/2020 12:27:15


I have a Taplin Twin which I have not used for a number of years, and I would like to make my own fuel.

Can anyone help please.

Thread: R/C Tri-ang British Adventurer
07/11/2019 15:32:38

Hello again Charles. All is understood.

You have been more than helpful, cannot thank you enough,


04/11/2019 08:22:14

Hello Charles,

Yes I did grow up around that period. Did my boating at Southchurch Park, about halfway between Southend and Thorpe Bay. Had my first RC boat around 1960. I was using my father's six channel ED radio, built from plans. First duty on arriving at the pondside was to do a range ceck anf if necessary tune the rx with a plastic handled srewdriver !! also remember on one occasion seeing a RC Tri-ang liner on the water.

Your info has been most helpful, thank you. One other question:- Would you know the purpose of the various knobs/switches on the TX box?

01/11/2019 15:50:26

My brother has purchased an as new 1956 Tri-ang British Adventurer. No instructions came with the boat.

Problem is he has no idea as to the battery requirements.

Can anyone help please.

Thread: Amps outdrive
03/07/2017 07:38:30

I have managed to secure a little used AMPS outdrive. So my dilema is now solved.

Many thanks to those who proffered advice.


Thread: Amps outdrive
24/06/2017 08:32:57

WANTED: Amps outrive. preferably in working condition. 01473 611716. Or email:

Thread: Amps outdrive
22/06/2017 03:21:57

Wanted: Amps outdrive, preferably in working condition. 01473 611716

Thread: Help wanted
06/06/2017 03:32:09

Many thanks Dave,

Shall give all your ideas a shot.


05/06/2017 14:29:45

Hello Dave, Thank you very much for response. Have phoned both of your suggestions. No reply today. I shall try again tomorrow.

05/06/2017 10:14:03

I have a pair of amps outdrives. One used, but recently damaged. The other unused, but needs a new prop shaft.

Is anyone able ot offer assistance please?

Thread: Amps outdrive
15/05/2017 07:15:27

Wanted: Amps outdrive. working or for spares. Anything considered.

Thread: AMPS out drive.
13/05/2017 07:15:25

Ahh... Was using my ipad. Should have checked before sending the post.

Should have read..BA thread.

I live overseas now, so I would appreciate any suggestions as to where I could purchase these keys.

11/05/2017 18:31:49

Do you think that would be a BANDIT size Ashley?

11/05/2017 17:25:35

I have a problem with my AMPS out drive. However, I also have a new and unused one. One problem, the old has flat blade screws for the two oiling points. The replacement has Allen screws, and I do not have an Allen key to fit.

Would anyone have an idea ofthe correct size Allen key? This is not mentioned in the instructions.

Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
13/07/2016 16:09:36

Thank you Tony, shall probably commence the build come the winter months.

With regard to the Snapper, the reason I thought I would build that is to use the bullet that I kept unused all these years, haven given away a rather fine fiberglass racing hull I'd bought together with the bullet some time ago.

Yesterday, I removed the bullet from it's box and was somewhat taken aback by its size and weight compared to todays offerings. Sooo....I agree with you!!

Well, I shall probably put the Snapper idea on the back burner, and should I later decide to go ahead with the idea, it will be to fit it out with a moder set up.

13/07/2016 07:05:16

Funny old world. Emailed the pic of the Flatso to my brother, which he immediately recognised!

Turns out he recently purchased a load of early RCM&E's, one of which has the free plans for the Flatso!

12/07/2016 08:34:51

Many thanks for that. Shall place an order for both as soon as I return from my holiday.

These will be winter projects.

Thank you again

11/07/2016 21:10:46

Hello Tony,

The Flatso would be the model.

I would also would be interested in the Sniper MK ll, as I have a Bullet I purchase decades ago and is still unused.

11/07/2016 08:26:33

I read Tony Hadley's piece on thr XQQME race boat with interest, as it reminded me of another of Vic Smeed's designs.

This was a very similat design, but I would guess about two thirds of the size, and elecric motor powered. My brother and I built one each, using Deac 4.8v 500mah button cells, this was before Nicads came on the mkt.

It would be great if anyone knows the name of this model, and if plans are avilable as I should love to build another.

Thread: My Triton Build
18/06/2016 03:26:30

True Ashley, true😊

Problem is.... I think my controller is out of order, just doesn't work!!😊😊

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