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Thread: Miss Britain 3 information
09/09/2017 19:37:15
Posted by ashley needham on 09/09/2017 17:32:50:

With fast craft such as this my limited experience is that it is the dynamic c of g that's important. I have unfortunately several craft that sit very oddly in the water at rest, are even more odd at low throttle openings, but suddenly assume the correct attitude at their full speed, and this is where you want to be.


The CG should not be dynamic- unless you don't tie the batteries down inside the boat! It's going to be the centre of pressure and the various force lines that are going to be dynamic.

At rest the boat floats because of upward pressure from the displaced water all around the hull. On the plane, and particularly with a skimming craft like a hydroplane, the boat sits on a few points which are reacting with the water surface...

Thread: Brushed Speed Controller getting Hot
09/09/2017 07:44:15
Posted by Peter Brown 15 on 08/09/2017 21:45:58:
Thanks Dodgy can you suggest a better ESU that would do the trick. My motor isn't large (R280) for Aeronaut trawler.

Edited By Peter Brown 15 on 08/09/2017 21:46:41


As DM says, if you want reliability, go for a home-grown ESC. If you want low cost, go for a cheap Chinese. Though I have had no problems with the cheap Chinese ESCs I have used, if one does fail you may get a replacement or your money back, but that is usually at Ebay's discretion, and is only likely to happen if the ESC fails immediately it is used. And, as DM often says, one ESC at a higher initial cost can be cheaper than spending more money on several cheap ESCs each time they fail...

Chinese electrical equipment may be cheap because:

1 - they have rarely done the design work themselves, with its associated expense

2 - they may use low quality components and assemble with low-skilled labour

3 - they may skimp on quality control

This does not mean that all Chinese equipment is poor, of course, Much Western 'name brand' equipment is made in China nowadays. And with cheap unbranded kit, even if all three of the above issues apply the item may be perfectly useable. A replacement ESC of the type you already have MAY be fine. However, if you buy an item from any of the manufacturers DM mentioned it WILL be fine....  that is what you are paying the extra for.


Edited By Dodgy Geezer on 09/09/2017 07:50:30

08/09/2017 21:38:53

Looks like one of DM's classic Awful Warnings (tm), where Chinese Amps are subtly considerably different to our Western Amps. I don't suppose that you have a meter to check that actual current draw, do you?

While the item is heating up, does it operate properly? It might be worth running it on a test rig with some load to see if it will burn out.

Looking at the seller, they do respond to complaints. If the esc has a solid fail, (ideally a burnt out unit you can photograph) you can raise a case through Ebay. Chinese sellers will often refund your money to avoid getting a negative feedback. I would agree that it is not a good candidate for your model - unless you are doing one of Drake's fireships...

Thread: Vintage Gentleman's Cruiser
08/09/2017 15:14:41

Does look very like a Triton, doesn't it...? **LINK**

Thread: Miss Britain 3 information
08/09/2017 11:11:37

I would expect to find it slightly behind the step - but note that model boats often require a different balance to the full-size article. Unless you want to do calculation on Froude numbers, you would be better off making the boat and experimenting! These links might help:





Thread: HMS Belfast
04/09/2017 19:30:50

Graupner will recommend their own equipment, but other equipment should do just as well.

This site specialises in ship radio control electronics, and can certainly provide any control system you might want. **LINK**

Contact them on +44 (0)1248 719353 and explain what you are looking for. They are very friendly!

Thread: 27 or 40 or 2.4
04/09/2017 19:25:09
Posted by Dave Melville on 04/09/2017 19:11:42:

There are many 35Mhx sets about and some will work with 40Mhz crystals. May not be full range but I suspect most submarines are sailed at relatively close quarters so this may not be a problem.


Alas, the distance between ship and controller may be short, but punching radio waves through water is a whole different kettle of fish, and demands quite a bit of poke...

Thread: Name of Vessel
04/09/2017 19:22:06
Posted by Paul Freshney Editor of Model Boats on 04/09/2017 17:48:48:

With regard to this website - the platform is one that is set-up by MyTimeMedia and is pretty much standard across its titles. No doubt in due course the MTM board will appoint someone to rework the websites, but there is little that Colin and I can do about it as this is what is supplied.

Let us hope that you can make MTM staff aware of the issue....

04/09/2017 17:07:31

...I think some aspects of this web site could be improved if we want attract new entrants to the hobby... crying

Thread: Hot motor
04/09/2017 15:08:00
Posted by Noel on 04/09/2017 11:51:06:

Brushless for under £6!!! do you think that'll be ok turning a 30mm two blade prop in an unvented hull?
Will keep that in mind for future project.

Brushless PLUS a speed controller for under £6. You can probably get things cheaper if you try... It has no problems turning a 40mm 3 blade in my unvented hulls. There are several KVs for you to choose from. And brushless motors, according to another thread on here, use about a third of the electricity for the same or better performance.

Just don't expect any back-up service from China.

04/09/2017 11:22:14
Posted by Noel on 04/09/2017 10:46:05:


I'm not going brushless though as this whole boat has been a project in getting something that was otherwise scrap into a useable machine at low cost.




Motor - £3.09 - **LINK**

ESC - £ 2.85 - **LINK**

Total £5.94. That price includes postage delivered to your door.  I'm running this in an 18" Marinecraft model, and it goes like a rocket (though the balsa boat IS very light,,,

Edited By Dodgy Geezer on 04/09/2017 11:26:14

04/09/2017 05:30:21
Presumably the bearing has melted because the armature has heated up and conducted heat along the shaft.

Several points spring to mind. The motor brushgear could be badly damaged as well, so I expect it will need replacing. Was the motor stalled, or might the water cooling be blocked?

If you replace the motor, consider going brushless. They are more powerful and at the same time more efficient, so you would run faster and cooler with a longer b?ttery life...
Thread: Identity of model boat
04/09/2017 05:17:42
Not only that, but it looks like the water pick-up is on back-to-front. It may just be loose, of course...
03/09/2017 20:00:03

This site seems to be doing a lot of identification of old model boats recently - probably worth posting on there **LINK**

To help identification it helps to know:

The boat dimensions - at least length

The material the boat is made from

Where in the world you are (different countries have different manufacturers)

Some pictures of the inside of the boat - especially motors or any other gear that may help to date it

Thread: 27 or 40 or 2.4
01/09/2017 18:20:30

...submariners will have a problem eventually, they may have the transmitter but receivers will dry up eventually...

Er... everything I said about home kits applies to both transmitters AND receivers. A home made receiver is likely to be larger than the commercial ones, but not by much...

01/09/2017 15:27:17

Much as I loved putting them together I can't see kit radios coming back....... As for any commercial involvement, forget it!

If the 27/35/40 commercial scene really dries up, submariners will effectively be forced to create their own low-frequency kit. And what happened before will happen again - one enthusiast will put a circuit together with some sourceable components, and then make the items available to his fellow-hobbyists for cost plus a little.. That's what I meant by 'commercial', and that's what's happening at the moment in the single-channel world. Look at Phil_G's components.

So I am sure that, if push comes to shove, submariners will find a way to keep transmitting at the low frequencies. Of course a 'donor' transmitter will be used - that would give you sticks and a box much cheaper than buying individual items.  Oh, and it looks like CE marking/type approval may not be needed for home-built equipment... **LINK**


Edited By Dodgy Geezer on 01/09/2017 15:32:35

01/09/2017 12:00:29

If the lack of 27/35/40Mhz sets continues, the submariners will be left with no obvious radio to use. They are too small a group to justify the commercial world providing a 'special'. 27Mhz will probably still be available for toys, but those sets will be too low-power and limited in functionality to use for models.

What will probably happen is a return to the 1970s, when building your own proportional radio from kit parts or a plan was not unusual. Such kits can be commercially produced in short runs by small manufacturers - do you remember Micron? This might remind you... **LINK**

31/08/2017 22:24:30

When I wanted a 40Mhz set for a sub, I went to Ebay Germany. There's often some good stuff there at cheap prices - I think they're holding onto 40Mhz longer than we are...


The German for 'Transmitter' is 'Sender'...

31/08/2017 20:42:29

If you do use ebay, be sure to check the description well. Sometimes they are only selling a transmitter - and it is common to sell a transmitter/receiver combo with no crystals...

Thread: what props
30/08/2017 19:21:56
Posted by BRYAN ASTON on 30/08/2017 16:24:00:

Greeting Dodgy

Thank you for your reply, I take your suggestion, by the way a graupner eight bladed is only £7.50 on eBay .



...and £3.30 from Cornwall Model Boats - though you have to pay postage on top of that....

I quite like the prices here - **LINK**

Edited By Dodgy Geezer on 30/08/2017 22:52:29

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