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Thread: Can you guess what it is yet?
16/09/2017 12:39:10

Dead right! That didn't take long!  Bamboo is:

  • cheaper than dowel
  • stronger than dowel
  • comes in a wide variety of diameters on the same stick


I'll have to think up a harder one for tomorrow - or perhaps someone else will have a go...?


Edited By Dodgy Geezer on 16/09/2017 12:41:43

16/09/2017 10:20:25

Good Morning, campers!


Here is today's puzzle. Soluble aspirin and some bamboo from the garden. Again, the scale is 1/48th, but this time it's not a weapon. Any takers?



Edited By Dodgy Geezer on 16/09/2017 10:21:00

15/09/2017 21:02:18

Incidentally, the AK-230 system comprised one or more automated turrets with twin 30mm cannon, all centrally controlled by a quite distinctive radar - NATO code name 'Drum Tilt'. For reasons that you can see:

drum tilt.jpg

And we find that Kinder Egg containers are quite useful here too, once they are shortened a bit:


More guesswork tomorrow - unless anyone else has some contributions?

15/09/2017 18:46:00

Paul has it! Though you would not usually call it a Nudelman-Nemenov NN30 - that's just the gun designation. The complete system - fitted to lots of Warsaw Pact boats as a CIWS - is an AK-230.

See - **LINK**

And here it is assembled (though not yet complete): ak-230.jpg

15/09/2017 16:25:17
Posted by Colin Bishop, Website Editor on 15/09/2017 15:51:40:

I thought it was the Mk 1 eyeball.


At 1/48th ??! That would make a human figure approximately 300 ft high....

15/09/2017 16:17:40

Yes - you ARE getting warm - but think of the other side of the Iron Curtain...

P.S. - I'd love to see how a deodorant bottle turns into a Bofors...

15/09/2017 15:10:31

Ok, Dave - seeing as it's you...

As I said earlier, it's a weapon at 1:48 scale - and here are the bits I'm using...


Thread: Car esc' in huntsman 31
15/09/2017 14:30:12

It would help to provide a link to the ESCs you are wondering about. I did a search on HobbyKing and found 9 60A ESCs - 3 of them with 'car' in the title.

Of those three, one is a TrackStar model, the other two are HobbyKings. One of those uses an X-Car programming card, the other does not. There are also differences in the BEC output - they are different prices - and one weighs 60g while the other weighs 84g. What kind of difference is important to you?

Thread: Can you guess what it is yet?
15/09/2017 09:44:02

I was struck by a recent comment by DM, in a discussion about where to purchase mounting brackets, who pointed out that these were things a modeller from 50 years ago would naturally think of making for himself. Nowadays, modellers are much more likely to assemble a box of parts or buy a fitting rather than create it themselves.

Model boats seem to require the most 'fittings' of any type of model, and there are regular requests for sourcing things like a 1/88 scale winch or a 2mm fender. 'Back in the day' we had to make our own, and this skill (and attitude) seems to be dying.

The EeZeBilt range of boats that I have a particular affection for were cheap starter kits, and there was no way that a young kid's pocket money would stretch to expensive fittings for them - so fittings on an EeZeBilt were invariably made from straws, wire, cotton reels, drawing pins and other household impedimenta. Here I present a simple thread where I show a selection of raw materials and ask what you might think of making from them. The first one comprises a Kinder Egg container and a plastic bottle - and, yes, as Diede suggested a little while ago, it will be a weapon - at 1:48 scale. May I encourage readers not only to guess, but to contribute their own puzzles for our consideration...!


Thread: Vintage Gentleman's Cruiser
15/09/2017 09:02:00
Posted by Diede van Abs on 13/09/2017 22:37:00:
Posted by Dodgy Geezer on 11/09/2017 11:06:50:used for this- can you guess what they make?

Well, just like Ashley I can imagine all kinds of stuff, ranging from quite innocent (dummy boilers and buoys) to all sorts of mayhem like bombs and submarine sails, intercontinental ballistic missiles (functioning and all, mind you!) and self-destruct-floating-Molotov-cocktails... So yes, I am curious

I don't want to hijack this thread - so I'll start another...

Thread: Vic Smeed's Hydro-Bat
15/09/2017 08:25:58
Posted by ashley needham on 15/09/2017 07:51:04:

One method of sealing the hatch is simply to (once the gear has been turned on and found to be working ok!) stick clear sellotape over the edges of the hatch. As long as the gloss paint is well adhered to the balsa there should be no issues with ripping bits of paint off, and the tape is undetectable once on the water. It is also 100% waterproof and easy to do.


If you are worried about pulling the paint off, run your finger once over the sticky side of the sellotape. This will suppress the strength of the adhesive a bit, but leave it still capable of sticking to a smooth surface....

13/09/2017 18:39:31
Posted by ashley needham on 13/09/2017 17:46:09:

Master. How will you access the inside for battery and equipment fit and so on ?? Will you have a man in the dome? Ashley

Killer bee crankshaft !!!! my word.

Looks like the dome is at the centre of a balsa hatch...

Thread: Pine wood
13/09/2017 13:09:42

Note that you do not have to have the BEC included in the ESC - though it is very convenient to do so. If you want to use an ESC which does not have a BEC, you can buy stand-alone BECs starting at a pound or two. You would just plug the power end of the BEC into the power source you have of whatever voltage, and 4.8v would come out of the other end....

13/09/2017 12:04:05
Posted by Mark Kipling on 13/09/2017 10:42:02:


1. If I use a speed controller with (BEC) then I do not need a separate battery for the receiver.

2. Most 6 cell batteries give 7.2v and most servos run either 4.8 or 6 v therefore should I use 5 cell battery which would give 6v.

If a speed controller has Battery Elimination Circuitry (BEC) then it has some internal circuitry which takes whatever voltage the main battery is at, and pushes out a nominal 4.8 (or 6) volts to the receiver plug. The receiver is therefore powered by the speed controller, and you do not need a separate battery for it.

It does not matter what the main power input is (within reason!). A speed controller might take 24v in, and the BEC circuitry will only push 4.8v out to the receiver. So I would use the standard 7.2v 6 cell main power battery.

Sometimes you might want to have a separate receiver battery - it may help to suppress any interference coming along the power line, for instance. But the whole point of BEC is to allow you to have a high voltage main power source, and run a 4.8/6v receiver and.servo set off this safely.

Thread: Your best tooling?
12/09/2017 12:23:45

For me it's the multi-tool - this sort of thing: **LINK**

12/09/2017 10:38:35

Hoffnung reminds us of the man who was asked what his favourite part of the body was. He replied: "My navel - because I eat celery in bed and it's a very convenient place to keep the salt..."

Thread: Vintage Gentleman's Cruiser
11/09/2017 14:00:25

Well... **LINK**

11/09/2017 11:06:50
Posted by Diede van Abs on 11/09/2017 09:17:46:
Posted by Dodgy Geezer on 08/09/2017 15:14:41:

Does look very like a Triton, doesn't it...? **LINK**



Damn, now you've done it, talked me into building an EeZeBilt.


...ow, wait, that would only be my ? fourth?, no, fifth EeZeBilt....

*Sigh...* Triton is now officially on my bucket list wink


The Eezebilt web site shows a double-size Triton at 34". And the next Eezebilt is slowly progressing - going through the painting and detail stages at the moment. To whet your curiosity, here are some of the objects being used for this- can you guess what they make?





Edited By Dodgy Geezer on 11/09/2017 11:09:54

Thread: 27 or 40 or 2.4
10/09/2017 17:58:00
Posted by Trevor Drabble 1 on 10/09/2017 17:47:52:

Regarding transmitter conversion , as outlined earlier , it is possible to easily convert the Robbe 40mMhz F14 to 2.4Ghz ....

Alas, we are considering the plight of the submariners, who need a low frequency set with at least 3 channels - ideally more. 27 and 40 Mhz sets of this type are in short supply, so a 35mhz conversion might be possible. But 2.4Ghz is no use to them as it does not go through water...

10/09/2017 16:40:42
Posted by Terry Plumridge on 10/09/2017 10:03:08:

Is it actually possible to convert a 35mhz transmitter to 40mhz. I suspect it is not simply a matter of changing crystals.

Cheers, Terry.

It is not only possible, but fairly easy to retune a 35Mhz set to 40Mhz. Fairly easy technically (in most cases) for an electronics specialist who has access to tuning equipment and manuals.

If you do not have this, you will need to find such a person. And that could be hard...

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