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Thread: new build
06/03/2016 03:23:40

It shows eh?

Time to finish the windscreen. I decided to use a bit of 1/4" perspex for the front. The problem being I had to bend it to fit.

Plan 1 was a waste of time....

dscf6943 (640x360).jpg

Plan 2 was marginal, a few more bricks and the heat gun. Got the job done though.

On the trailer, off to the river. Yay!dscf6945 (640x360).jpg

dscf6946 (640x360).jpg

So she floats...

dscf6952 (640x360).jpg

off for a run...

dscf6954 (640x360).jpg

She performs well, given only 8hp.

dscf6955 (640x360).jpg

All the controls worked well, no problems at all, other than having to clear the prop of weed a couple of times... The centre line seating worked out very well. Running cost worked out at $4 per hour, so cheap enough. Building cost around $400.

Yep, I'm happy enough.


27/02/2016 04:55:00

Hi Ian

Thanks for the kind words. There may well be some bubbly stuff, but the boat wont be drinking

Ashley. Did the chocolate smeared around my face give it away?

I've spliced wire rope a couple of times, it is rather fiddly! Yes big springs would work well, I may pay a visit to the neighbour's trampoline tonight....

dscf6443 (640x360).jpg

My little cabin cruiser is an unfinished project on long term hold. She is currently being used as a sleep out, is taking up space in the drive way and hogging a perfectly good trailer. I decided to put her in a more suitable location and lift her off the trailer, and put the new girl on.

so it was off down the lawn

dscf6936 (640x360).jpg

Hitching the trailer to the front of the car is the way to go. I can see what I'm doing, and the weight over the driving wheels gives enough traction to stall the car with out spinning, even on the soft grass.

dscf6937 (640x360).jpg

Getting her off the trailer wasn't easy. Nothing over head to hoist on, soft ground, single handed and only one car excuses though...

dscf6938 (640x360).jpg

...job done

dscf6942 (640x360).jpg

Lowered down to her final resting spot.

The trailer ready for it's new occupant. (BTW I built the trailer as well)

dscf6940 (640x360).jpg


Thread: Sail Plan
27/02/2016 03:51:08

Very nice work Bob.

(Vastly better than anything I put on paper...)

Thread: new build
21/02/2016 23:54:56

Hi Ashley

Compis mentis again.....

The glazing is the perspex cut 1/8" smaller all round than the frame. The sticks are just a temporary means of holding the perspex in, whilst maintaining the gap all round so the plastic dosn't touch the frame any where. The silicon fills the gap and the sticks are removed when dry. This allows the frame to flex slightly with out stressing the perspex.

Not sure what the 'sheathed bits" are. If you mean the convuluted s/s pipe, that is the throttle control, attaches to the

long bamboo pole running down the side of the seat, ending by the helm. Twisting it works the throttle...

The chocolate is no longer an issue.....


21/02/2016 05:22:04

Gee it's been awhile...

Hi Ashley. Of course there is no pleasing me, I'm a woman..... Thanks for your complement about my rear end, my bits up the front aint bad either... Oops.. don't mind me, it's still hot here and I'm having my afternoon tea...


Lets see. hmm... sticks burn, tent pegs are better...Tried the continuous line but couldn't get enough grip...(Didn't work on the steering either BTW)....

Wasn't totally happy with the steering, I freed up the lower motor bearing but couldn't get to the top one with out pulling half the motor apart! A bout then I remembered the S/S yacht haliard I had kicking around, so replaced the steering lines with that. Much better. The lines in three parts. a short one attached to the outboard and around the quarter pulleys, with loops in the ends. One each side, from the wheel doen the side of the boat, also with loops in the end. The ends were lashed to gether with cord to tension the whole thing up. The loops were done with molloy hogans, (much quicker and aesy than eye splices, and plenty strong enough)

dscf6900 (640x360).jpg

Step one

dscf6901 (640x360).jpg

Step two, centre strand cut out, then wound down to the base of the eye and taped.

dscf6902 (640x360).jpg

The seating is in. Doing it this way wasn't my idea, But I think it has alot going for it. The crews weight stay amid ships where it belongs, plent of stoarge space, provides a good bit of floatation if the boat is swamped....

dscf6916 (640x360) (640x360).jpg

dscf6927 (640x360).jpg

Two sections of the squabs will fold up to form back rests for two to sit tandem. Floor boards dun.

I've made a stert on the winsrceam perspex. 2mm thick, finner than i would like but got plentys of its. This is my method of putting it in.. I cut it wif a hak saw blade ground down fit the jig sw.dscf6914 (640x360) (640x360).jpg

bout a1/8" smaller alls round.

i then wedge it in the frame with small sticks and squirt sillycon ruba al round.

dscf6926 (640x360) (640x360).jpg

this holds it firmly, but flexibly. {ive had it crackbyscrewingitinrebatesss{ oh I give uplookatv thepics....




31/01/2016 02:23:53

Happy new years Ian. Thanks for your kind words.

The weather here is cooled just a little, but now it is just pelting down instead! oh well.....

The wind screen frame is all done, ready for the perspex.

dscf6889 (640x360).jpg

and the steering cable set up. Took me a little while to cotton on that I needed two drums on the wheel,one for each side to stop riding terns forming...

dscf6892 (640x360).jpg

This is the steering wheel shaft and bracket.

dscf6887 (640x360).jpg

and the assembled pulleys.

dscf6886 (640x360).jpg

...The plastic sheaves used to be my kitchen chopping board...

dscf6896 (640x360).jpg

Installed fore..

dscf6895 (640x360).jpg


dscf6893 (640x360).jpg

And aft.

I had to lower the attachment point on the motor to get a better lead.

dscf6894 (640x360).jpg

I need to free up the bracket on the motor some, but otherwise works good.


Thread: Louis Heloise MAR 2431
24/01/2016 01:00:02

Hi there Brian

Nice to see her coming along, really starting to look the part! I think that rudder should be fine....

Thread: new build
24/01/2016 00:52:04

Hi Ash

Wanna swap? I guess we are both over our weather......

Yes, A nut. The wheel has a steel pipe for a bush, slid over a threaded rod attached to the deck beam. I will attach a lever to the nut to lock the wheel. Need to be able to get to those vital marine supplies whilst under way.....

Oh did I complain it was hot yesterday? What was I thinking?.......Same place and time today

dscf6885 (640x360).jpg

I'm melting......

23/01/2016 08:26:39

Hi all

About time for an update.

dscf6878 (640x360).jpg

The deck is painted, and I'm back onto the windscreen. Two strips of 1/8" laminated around the back edge of the side frame for strength and neatness. My home made glue through out. (Thanks to careful shopping around, I can now make it for a mere $4 a litre!)

dscf6870 (640x360).jpg

The bow for the top was laminated on the flat....

dscf6871 (640x360).jpg

The tenons cut on an angle.....

dscf6872 (640x360).jpg

To be slotted into the top of the side frames. This gives the required two way bow.

dscf6874 (640x360).jpg

The bits and bobs for the wheel...

dscf6869 (640x360).jpg


dscf6877 (640x360).jpg

The drum for the steering cables built straight onto the wheel for simplicity.

dscf6876 (640x360).jpg

A start on the fairlead pulleys for the steering cables....

dscf6881 (640x360).jpg

Oh did I mention it was hot here..... Thermometer just outside the garage door.....

dscf6880 (640x360).jpg

Hard to get motivated!


03/01/2016 06:42:46

Happy new year!

I have finished the work around the transom and the entire hull is painted

dscf6849 (640x360).jpg

The stem head is complete, and anchor fairleads cut into the buffalo rails.

dscf6851 (640x360).jpg

The deck is sealed and ready for paint

dscf6852 (640x360).jpg

The interior has been painted. (Well the parts you can see anyway. Clear sealer on the rest). Back onto the wind screen next week.


Thread: Happy New Year
03/01/2016 06:32:46

Happy new year all, from the end of the earth!


Thread: Complete Newbie
03/01/2016 06:28:52

Hi Terry

A warm welcome to the forum from me!


Thread: new build
24/12/2015 06:15:38

Hi Mattias

Thank you sir, you are very kind.


Merry Christmas to you all!

Amy jane

20/12/2015 18:01:42

Hi Ash

Yes the little hole on the port side is the drain hole!

The boat is back in the garage. Time to start all over again with all that filling, sanding and painting. sigh...

dscf6834 (640x360) (640x360).jpg

The other side of the windscreen is pieced up.

dscf6821 (640x360) (2).jpg

Lots of fiddly marking and cutting, but windscreens end up being grab rails, so need to be strong! The Timber is recycled Rimu, and will be very pretty varnished up.

20/12/2015 07:24:11

Hi There Kimmo. Good to hear from you

Sounds like thing have been a bit rough weather wise up your way! (we are looking set for drought on the east coast again here, been dry and windy of late.)

Anchor? You'll not be surprised that I make my own...

dscf6823 (640x360) (640x360).jpg

Sorry guys, No outlandish drive system....

dscf6831 (640x360) (640x360).jpg

Weelll.... Had a bit more fun getting on the trailer this time. She's quite a bit heavier..... My luff tackle wouldn't lift her, so I had to improvise a gun tackle and haul that with the luff tackle.....That got her.

dscf6824 (640x360) (640x360).jpg

I'm taking an educated guess I admit, but I'm thinking about 200lb at this point.

Still got her on the trailer!

dscf6829 (640x360) (2).jpg

Kinda cute I'm thinking!

dscf6830 (640x360) (2).jpg

Bit of an art deco feel, with the the fashion piece.

dscf6822 (640x360) (2).jpg

more soon...

Thread: Louis Heloise MAR 2431
13/12/2015 22:18:42

Coming along nicely there, Brain.

She'll be well worth all the work!

Thread: new build
13/12/2015 22:15:40

Hi Andy

Thanks for dropping in, good to hear from you.

A few too many distractions of late, but I'm going to start pushing it along a little more now.

Glad you like the windscreen. Hopefully it'll be worth the work!

Amy j

13/12/2015 08:27:34

Fear not, good sir. The killer jelly fish are scared of me!

The anchor well is shallow, and drains directly over board. No bulkhead under the fore deck, the fore peak is open.

There is enough timber in her structure to float her level, with the outboard head clear of the water, and with enough free board to bail her if swamped.

There will be an ice box to house the vital marine supplies.....

Some more progress.

The deck is on, the cut water and fashion pieces at the bow done.

dscf6810 (640x360).jpg

The buffalo rails were made up from three layers of 1/4" ply screwed to the rail.

dscf6802 (640x360).jpg

Then cut to fit on the deck. Then will be planed to there final shape once installed.

Plenty of filling and sanding.

dscf6812 (640x360).jpg

The side decks were lapped over the outboard well splash back and taken right to the transom.

dscf6808 (640x360).jpg

A start has been made on the windscreen.

dscf6813 (640x360).jpg

One side of the hull has been sanded and is ready for painting. I will pull the boat out next weekend and turn her around for to work on the other side and the transom.

Amy j

22/11/2015 09:24:56

Sssshhhh. Anchor well sounds so much more nautical....(I'm not nautical, just naughty...). Probably just leave it open, what ever water that sloshes in there will wash the mud out.

No polystyrene or jerry cans, she cant sink, she's wood! He he

21/11/2015 15:33:32

Well the weather has been awful here for the last couple of days, so a good excuse to shut myself in the garage!

Had enough fine weather to get the sheer line sorted first though...dscf6766.jpg

Then it was back in the garage, and off the trailer, to get her to a decent working height.

All the deck framing in, and anchor well built.


Foredeck on


The underside of the deck was given a few coats of sealer first, as the underside of the decks is always the first place to go, if a boat is going to rot.

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