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Thread: Help -please- Steam powered vessel 'mystery'
26/11/2019 06:24:55

Hi Steve

Welcome to Model boats forum, Im pretty sure that you will get help from the rest of the crew on Model Boats. there a very helpful bunch of guys.

I can't tell you anything about the boat you have but I may be able to throw some light on the machinery side of things. Firstly the boiler indicates a fairly simple type being a meths burner type for fuel, It looks like to be quite old and has gone through a few tough times in its past. As to the engine, I would think most likely it would have a small wobbler type of engine, something similar to what you might find on a Mamod type road roller or most other things mamod. . As for the base it does look like it could zinc as its an easily malleable material to fit into the hull. I hope this may help,


Thread: HMS Prince of Wales
16/11/2019 20:34:37

Good pic Colin, she looks huge when your close


Thread: SLA Batteries
13/10/2019 23:30:23

Hi Colin, I

Thanks for the tip, I hadn't thought of the weight distribution problem, Ill take your advise and buy a NIMH set of batteries, much easier to handle and they won't affect the stability like the SLA battery would


12/10/2019 22:04:55

Another silly question maybe, I'm running out of space on a new project and wonder if its safe to lay an SLA battery on its side



Thread: gas burner
17/07/2019 20:25:19

Hi Charlie

No Probs, Happy to help if i can. Unlike electricity where we flick a switch and the light always comes on gas can behave differently nearly every time and often does. It pays to have a handy camping gas pin pricker to keep your nozzle clean if you can get hold of one.


16/07/2019 20:06:14

Hi Charlie

Make sure that you have a blue flame, Adjust your airflow to minimise any orange flame showing in the tip of your burner. Sometimes the gas we get is often dirty, Do you have any cotton wool inside your burner to tank fitting as this often helps keep things clean.


Thread: What boat is this?
15/06/2019 19:23:45

Hi Tony

Thanks for your post re the admirals barge, That type of barge is still in use as far as I haven't seen a replacement. I don't know if they have been re- Engined or not but they used to have two Perkins P6M diesels to push them along.


12/06/2019 20:35:40

Hi Roger,

Looks like it could also be an Admirals barge similar in design


Thread: Self starting steam engines
11/06/2019 06:33:11

Hi Michael,

Pretty simple I thought and not real hard to set up.Good luck with either way you try out.


Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
04/06/2019 20:47:23

Hi Ray

You know your on the list to go mate, who will carry all the luggage else ? Have fun !


03/06/2019 20:11:00

Hi Ray,

I am building and have almost completed, apart from sea trials, the Nixie Submarine, A bit wary about sailing it, water is a bit too cold for a dip if things get out of hand, I don't fancy a murky pond this time of year and the big pond at 22c still too cold. Hope your weather is much better.


Thread: Self starting steam engines
02/06/2019 01:33:04

Hi Michael,

They still used Kitchener gear on the workboats and cutters in my Day, diesel engine propelled though.Here is another option as I can't find the photo I was after showing more detail of the home safe motor. A is the Input shaft and B the output shaft, tumblerreverse_zps69d853c3.jpgin between are two rollers which using the lever will give forward or reverse without stopping or reversing the engine.


Edited By Andy Stoneman on 02/06/2019 01:33:50

31/05/2019 20:53:31

Hi Mick not the best pic, i'll see if I can track it down If your interested


31/05/2019 20:51:34


31/05/2019 20:50:00

Hi Mick

I made a get you home safe motor for the very same reason, it sat alongside the flywheel of the engine. Using r/c if needed to engage, This was enough to turn the engine over and self start again.


Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
31/05/2019 20:44:43

Hi Dave,

Its well worth the trip to Maldon, we came from Australia to see it. Nice lot of TSB's the to look at !


30/05/2019 22:11:33

Hi Nick,

Try Spotlite for your rigging, Ive found they have quite a good selection of Yarns, different thickness's of string to make cordage, Plenty of material for sailmaking with as well. I even bought a sowing machine there to make my sails.


Thread: Meths spirit burner
24/05/2019 01:11:40

Hi Ken

Ive used the Aluminium Tops from the large 500grm Yoghurt containers, cut to shape and glued inside the hull, prevents fires and flame licking out from the side of your boiler if a tight fit in the hull. If you cut off too much air the burner will go out as you said earlier A gas poker burner would suit a mamod boiler if you've room for a gas tank.I like the Bio-Ethanol gel Idea of your Ashley. No chance of a spill unlike Meths.


Thread: nixie
16/05/2019 21:20:47

Hi Colin,

I think Im going to use the bullet connector, touch simpler and the much better option I think, I had thought earlier about the stability problem with too much arial weight. Its always a modelling problem which I'll have to bear in mind. the longer the arial the more chance of stability problems. Thanks for your help Colin.


15/05/2019 21:07:45

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your help, I didn't think of a bullet connector, I had a look at the 40MHZ Receiver and measured the arial length, Its 36" long, The longest i have seen for awhile, I was intending to use my 27MHZ set but it had only two channels. Lucking I got hold of a 40MHZ set which is 4 channel. I wondered if In this instance should I just buy a hollow tube and thread the arial wire up through it, and seal the end or Try the way you suggested, Either way I have two choices. I'll keep you posted when I get closer to the arial stage in my build.



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