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Thread: M.V. Sea Nass
25/02/2021 10:34:06

Hi Ray

Yes indeed, I have been thinking about how the rudders can be mounted in a removable fashion. Did you screw the brass shoes down to the hull ? I have seen a build somewhere online where the brass was cut from a door hinge ?

As for drawings, while I find the computer helps me identify potential problems fitting components together and makes everything very easy to produce with the aid of a CNC router ( which I am lucky to have use of ). I still think for a one off model its hard to beat a 2b pencil and hand drawing. I was working in Southampton before Christmas, for lunch we went to a Cafe in a boat yard and there were the most beautiful hand drawn yacht plans decorating the walls.

24/02/2021 13:20:25

Hi George, yes I'm going for independent motor control but the sea nass doesn't have a bow thruster. I have looked at stock rudders but my problem is these need to be bottom hinged ( if that's the right terminology )

For the past two weeks I have been attempting to learn fusion360 (a free to use 3d cad software ) so all of my model work has been on a screen rather than in the workshop. I decided to do this after making a few silly mistakes with the build. I also want to use CAD to work out the chine hull panels so I can machine them. First they are modelled in 3d at full size then the software will flatten them and give me the correct shapes to cut in 2d

Below are a couple of images of my first efforts at 3d modelling.


Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
23/02/2021 13:15:50

What a fantastic looking model George, you've really done it justice. I can't wait to see some pictures of her afloat and underway thumbs up

Thread: Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter
10/02/2021 05:53:03

Hi Dave

One of my favourite sailing vessels, go for it ! I'm sure I have seen fibreglass hulls for Bristol Channel Pilot cutters if you didn't fancy going down the plank on frame route. ( although in my opinion it would be worth the extra effort to build the hull from scratch on such a model )

p.s I'm not an expert !

regards Dave.

Thread: M.V. Sea Nass
09/02/2021 13:30:19


09/02/2021 13:30:02

Hi George, your full size fisher looks beautiful. Bosham is a very pretty part of the world. One of my favourite walks is on the other side of the water, from Dell Quay along the banks to the Witterings.

I love the idea of furling sails on a model so you can motor bare poles or sail in the right conditions.


A quick update from the tinkering over the weekend. I carved a funnel from scrap balsa and added a bit more to the bridge. I also realised in my haste to cut parts that i have forgotten to cut the holes for the stairs / ladders up to the bridge. This has added a couple of hours of drilling, cutting, sanding and filling. I'm quite annoyed with myself ! Oh well, its a learning project. I'm happy with my progress so far. She's starting to look like a merchant ship from the stern.

This week I will start to work on the twin skegs and mounting prop shafts and motors. I also need to ask a few questions about rudders. Comments and suggestions most welcome.

Cheers Dave. img_9901.jpgimg_9902.jpg

Edited By Dave Harrison on 09/02/2021 13:33:19

Edited By Dave Harrison on 09/02/2021 13:33:36

06/02/2021 11:02:46


06/02/2021 11:00:16

Hi George.

Thanks, I had been admiring the mast and rigging on your fisher 34. I was wondering how well the full size fishers go under sail ? They are such pretty little boats.

These little gems came through my letterbox this morning. Thanks to the prop-shop, they are beautiful !
The kort nozzle and 3 blade prop are for my next projects.. mv Miranda Guinness and the s.s Earl Sigurd.

05/02/2021 21:57:46

Crane body.jpeg

05/02/2021 21:40:43

Hi Tim.

Thanks for the advice, I have found some 0.8mm ply and am surprised at how more flexible it is. Tonight’s efforts included giving the wheelhouse and superstructure a couple of coats of vintage sanding sealer and making a start on the crane body. I need to think about what I can use for crane pulleys over the weekend !

04/02/2021 22:54:21

663959.jpgHere is a good shot of the bow, The bottom plate / chine is sharper than the one shown in the plan. I am thinking if I were to go down the foam route I would be able to easily add some hull damage / battle scars as per full size.

04/02/2021 05:54:43

Thanks Ray, I’m a few weeks away from sheeting the hull. I know it’s probably a bit back to front but I decided to get all the prop shafts motors, rudder posts in first as it will be easier to get everything straight.

As the hull is hard chine I had planned on sheeting the hull in a mixture of 1-1.5mm birch ply. I’m sure there will be a bit of steaming involved to achieve the curves around the bow. The bow really is the only difficult bit, and I can break the panels down into smaller sections (plates) if need be ( in fact this would better replicate the full size ). A back up plan is to insert polystyrene between each bulkhead at the bow and us a hot wire to shape. Then sand and full as required.
I plan to glass the hull in light cloth and epoxy. 🤞

02/02/2021 22:26:02

Another couple of hours tonight cutting out the last of the crane cab parts. I have also found some sanding sealer.. I wonder what the shelf life is of this stuff, the price on the tin is £2.99 so it must be quite old ? It still smells like cellulose. I might have to test a bit ! img_9881.jpg

02/02/2021 14:04:16

Thanks for the information Richard, I've just spent an enjoyable hour on the engel website and then looking at home built versions of the same idea. It could be a possible solution to the ballast problem, my only concern would be could i make a big enough piston ?

My plan will be to finish the hull with running gear, get the superstructure built and then weigh what i have, add a token amount for fittings etc, do a bath test, play around with some heavy batteries and see where i'm at before the decks get glued down.

I have just had a delivery of essentials from Cornwall model boats, including my motors. After speaking with the guys at the prop-shop I went for a pair of geared 2.5 to 1 385s.

A good few years ago i donated all of my modelmaking tools, stocks of materials and RC gear to my father-in-law who is an avid aeromodeller. I really took for granted having a fully stocked model making workshop full of all the bits and bobs one acquires over time. It is only now when starting from scratch again I realise what a gave away. It is such a pain to have to buy every servo horn, every pushrod ! ! As soon as we are allowed to visit relatives I'm off to raid his shed ! laugh

Over the last few days I have managed to spend a few hours making a start of the superstructure. I had planned to construct this out of plasticard but had a 4x4 sheet of 1.5mm birch ply in the off cut rack so decided to use this and save some money. I will use plasticard for the detailing. Just out of interest are 8x4 sheets of plasticard available is it the same as HIPs ?

I have noticed a few differences from the plan to the photos of the full size ship with regards to the superstructure, this maybe because the full size has been modified over the years. While i have many photos of the stern of other vessels in the mini series. I don't have any of the Sea Nass so I am going to use a little modellers / artistic license therefore she will not be a true scale model. ( unless i can convince the crew in Bahrain to walk around with a camera ! )

Thanks everyone Stay Safe.



28/01/2021 16:18:26

Not a lot to report this week.

Following on from Rays wise words I have cut notches into the bottom bulkheads and added stringers, I have also added support on the sides between the wider spaced bulkheads to give the ply skin a little more support as i soon realised this was quite a big area to span with 1mm ply. Then also more support at deck level.

So now need to spend some time profiling and shaping the edges of the bulkheads before the prop shafts arrive, once I have the shafts I can work on the skegs and rudders !

She's looking quite big and bulky next to my 1:72 river class hull.


21/01/2021 21:53:50

Hi Ashley I can't seem to find a 555 are they in the 540 family, do you know what rpm they run at ?

I managed to get a little bit more done this evening after work. I cut the decks and tried a new glue out which was recommended by a friend ( RhinoBond - I hope its not made of rhino's dont know . I have also made a note to invest in some more clamps.

Being flat bottomed i might not even have to make a stand for it !


20/01/2021 19:19:03

What do you think of these.... mfa como 385LN they are advertised as low noise 385's ( 5 pole ) with a slightly higher torque and lower RPM per volt than the standard standard 385s. on 12v they produce nearly as much as the 540/1 on 6volts. The other option I have is gearing the motors to drop the RPM and gain more torque. I only really need to achieve a hull speed of no more than a slow walk.

19/01/2021 15:46:43

Hi Ray.

Thanks for your kind words, to be honest with you in my enthusiastic haste I have made a few school boy errors. The top of the bulkheads are notched to take stringers to support the deck, however I stupidly didn’t cut these into the base board. So can’t put them on until the hull is skinned. My initial thoughts were that the 6mm bulkheads on a hard chine hull would give enough support for the ply skin, and the ply skin once covered with light cloth and epoxy give support to the bulkheads. I’m starting to realise that stringers to the underside of the hull would have greatly increased strength and as you say make my life easier. I’m fairly confident it’ll be ok, I really don’t want to notch all those bulkheads by hand.

The skegs are just full size spacers / blanks for the time being. These will need to be cut formed and laminated with the prop-shaft tubes running through them.

Can I ask where you got your propellers and propeller shafts for the Oldenburg ?

I need to think about what motors to use. There is scale space for 1.5 inch / 38mm four 4 blade props. The model will be quite heavy so I’m thinking reduction gears or belts to keep the amps down and the torque up. I’d really welcome some help in this area as motors and speed controllers are worlds away from the rs540s and bobs boards that I knew in the 90's.

Cheers Dave

16/01/2021 22:15:30

Thanks for the comments guys.

I've made a right old mess tonight, dust everywhere a few four letter words but now I have a building board and the start of a hull ! woohoo ! laugh

It's only dry fitted together at the moment because the ply was a little warped but I'll fix that over night.

dry fit 4dry fit3

14/01/2021 12:32:24

Ray, I might have to invest in another.  I think I'm going to need a lathe for this model boat building lark !

Not much progress to report today. The project has been re-named the "S.S. Timewaster" by the misses !

The cutting file for the hull components is ready and I've just realised I've got no small cutters (silly boy). 2mm cutting bits on order and should be good to start work over the weekend.

Time to think about running gear, props, rudders and a good source of plasticard.



Edited By Dave Harrison on 14/01/2021 12:50:58

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